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General Discussion / Re: Net Neutrality
« on: Yesterday at 05:14:07 pm »
If there are at least 8 bytes free in HRAM, you can fit this code there, and greatly reduce the chances of said code steamrolling itself. Unless you corrupt h with $FF.
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: Pokemon Yellow "Save Abuse" Glitch
« on: December 12, 2017, 07:07:26 pm »
YOU... YOU...

Sorry, that was mean. How's it going ?

Say that to my face fucker not online and see what happens.

Let's see what happens

Actually, it's doable, but differently. Again, DMA hijacking is king.

Concept : (I don't feel like working out the exact details)
VBlank saves registers (push af at beginning, pop af before returning, for example).

Thus, their values are written on the stack.
Code: [Select]
ld hl, sp+X
ld [hl], Y
ld a, $C3
ld c, $46
The effect of swapping Pokémon past slot 6 is already possible using Bad Clones, so I'm more interested in the other effects.

Maybe they could be doable "legit" (I'm not really interested in memory edit-only glitches, but that's probably me being too much of a purist) using DMA hijacking, and half-resetting the game by jumping in the middle of its init (past the point where it copies the DMA routine, maybe setting a few values beforehand to avoid crashes).

If a modified init is required, the Mail buffer could lend a helpful hand here, by providing a large enough buffer to store the modified init in.

Here's a "guide" that would allow doing that :

1. Run this code (it's inexact because I don't know the labels and lengths)
Code: [Select]
ld hl, Init ; 0150, IIRC ?
ld de, wMailBuffer
ld bc, MailBufLen
jp CopyMemory ; Copy the "base" init to the buffer
This sets up the code buffer for later.

2. Edit all addresses that have to be patched. You can use the "box names as a memory editor" setup.

3. Write the DMA hijacking routine, which I'll call "SetCEE0ToValue".

4. Run this code.
Code: [Select]
; Set up DMA hijacking
ld hl, PiggybackSnippet ; Must point to "call SetCEE0ToValue" followed by "ld [c], a"
ld bc, 4 << 8 | LOW(DMARoutine)

ld a, [hli]
ld [c], a
inc c
dec b
jr nz, .copyDMA

jp wMailBuffer ; Run our modified game init (which should have been tailed with a jp to ROM)
It's required to set DMA hijacking at the same time as "rebooting", since otherwise you can't do ACE due to the cursor being locked.
General Discussion / Re: This place feels dead
« on: December 09, 2017, 09:12:07 pm »
You should get a new computer, then. XP has been EOL'd for long, you shouldn't stay with it.
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: Pokemon Yellow "Save Abuse" Glitch
« on: December 09, 2017, 05:26:39 am »
YOU... YOU...

Sorry, that was mean. How's it going ?
General Discussion / Re: This place feels dead
« on: December 09, 2017, 05:25:53 am »
But then why do you stay on Win XP ?
Multimedia Discussion / Re: What song are you listening to right now?
« on: December 08, 2017, 02:57:17 pm »
I updated it.
Here's a direct copy-paste from my review/rant (this was in several Discord messages, so the format may seem a little weird for a forum post)

Quote from: ISSOtm
Time to rant a bit : here's my review of Odyssey so far (I haven't finished the game yet, but I have enough major spoilers to know what's ahead of me)
To begin with, it's a Mario platformer. Obviously the controls have to be right, and oh boy does the game play well.
There are all the movesets from all the previous games, besides Galaxy maybe ? (sideflip and backflip from SM64, spinjump from SMS [not Galaxy's])
They also re-inserted the triple jump which was (WTF ??!?!!?!??) removed from 3D World
Plus there's a new move, which is a Ground Pound into a jump, which gives you slightly more height than a backflip, for example, but is MUCH easier to use, and can be followed by much more moves (you can't do much when you're in a backflip state, plus you're going backwards)
Cappy also serves as a movement extension, and in two ways.
You can throw Cappy mid-jump, which resets your velocity and lets you turn around mid-jump
ALSO, you can bounce on Cappy if you hold the Throw button (so you choose whether you bounce or not, and that does come in handy)
And finally, the dive has been changed ; instead of being on a single button, when you GP, if you press the Throw button, then you begin diving.
And here's the killer combo : Jump, Throw, Dive, Bounce, Throw, Dive.

Jump (A/B) or Long Jump (Run -> ZL/ZR -> A/B) // Going far, but not enough ?
Throw Cappy (X or Y) // Reset velocity, preferably right after beginning to fall
Dive (ZL/ZR +> X/Y) // Forwards but down
Bounce off Cappy (Hold X/Y) // Fowards AND up
Throw again (Release ZL/ZR, then press X or Y) // Same thing
Dive (ZL/ZR +> X/Y)  // You can't bounce off twice, though

This combo lets you go both higher and farther. Plus, between each dive, you can change directions. Imagine how much deaths I avoided like that.
That's the controls.
Now, the game looks reall, REALLY good.
The graphics are generally good, they look crisp and all, that's the Switch for ya. And don't get me started on "bruh the PS4 does better", who cares, this is WAY good enough.
(Seriously, PS4Pro, 4K HDR ? Nobody has a 4K TV and half are playing on 360p phones via remote play, and HDR... barely visible.)
There has been a large amount of work on Mario, which has a wide range of expressions and cute animations (mostly idle animations). That's detail, but still. Looks good.
The game plays good, looks good, but it also sounds really good.
The OST is really nice, mostly three tracks (so far, I have still ~7 yet to hear). Minigame tracks are mostly remixes, such as the SMW minigame tune, but also entirely new pieces. I like them both.
Also, there's at least one entirely orchestral track, for the Galaxy purists. Personally it's not in my top 3.
Cappy's possessing power is really cool, controls are good (except maybe one thing, the motion controls... they require you either to play with separate Joy-Cons, or shake your Switch / controller like you're preparing a soda prank with all your heart), and by "good controls" this time I mean they handle well, and the buttons aren't placed at random.
Plus, all possessions are interesting, and worth it. They are used multiple times, such as the Goomba tower above, but always slightly differently.
Now, the levels... Oh f**k, the levels.
The levels aren't expansive, but not as small as one planet in Galaxy. And the best part in all of this : every single square inch of each level contains something. Be it a coin, a moon, an enemy which you must capture to go to the nearby moon, anything. The game is packed full of little nooks and crannies which aren't obvious unless you take the time to explore - and the game really rewards you for exploring.
There are a FUCKTON of Moons, which are not required to complete the game nor get the "true ending". And each of them is a little puzzle of their own (except a few ones which are basically two platforms away. But these are the easy ones.)
The collectibles are basically the Moons, and the purple coins, which are currency unique to the world you pick them in.
Purple and gold coins let you buy different outfits (as well as one Moon per world, and a heart refill+), which actually can be used to unlock some Moons. Also, to look like A B S O L U TE S W A G
So yeah. For this and other minor reasons, Odyssey is a VERY, VERY good game. 9/10 so far, I might update once I actually beat the game.
Now, I can't fully praise the game. There are two things : one, the game is really easy. No lives, no game over. Every time you die, you simply drop 10 coins which you sometimes can pick back up. And dying with 0 coins is no penalty. Second, I bought it yesterday, and played it for ~20 hours, and I'm already at the third level before the end. The game can be completed quite quickly - though I did run past a lot of Moons, which I'll probably go back to.

Now that I've actually completed the game *once*, I have to update this a bit.
Indeed, I completed the game very quickly, but once you do that you unlock a new set of Moons in each stage, as well as one new stage and one True Final Stage (tm)
The new Moons are a little bit more difficult to obtain, as expected, but it's okay.
The True Final Stage... it's hard. Really.
General Discussion / Re: Net Neutrality
« on: December 06, 2017, 08:09:55 pm »
I would do something if I was able to do anything. Fortunately for me, I'm in a country where net neutrality is an actual thing.
I do, however, support all of you (except Pai)

@xparasite9 : uh, you do understand that the repeals essentially targets the only thing that warrants net neutrality ?
In essemce, this is what the post said.

That's a rather sad conclusion to the purpose of the anime ; the actual less I see there is that nothing you can do is significant if it doesn't yield enough money.
I mean, that's what you said : Ash cannot win, because that would shut down a money fountain.

I would also like to point out that the games have a different yet similar feel : something that makes me cringe HARD is that the game's events are all the same, similar to the anime ; the main difference is that instead of there being one character who never wins, there is one character per game, who wins and then... and then... disappears as the cartridge is put back on the shelf.
I don't like the games either for the same reason you don't like the anime : all too repetitive, and ultimately they feel empty.
Um, no, it doesn't. (We discussed, and it was because his DMA hijacking setup was a little bit dirty. The one I use is 100% clean.)

Anyways ; to do this "setting play time to 0" using DMA hijacking, I have made a setup that almost works.
Almost, because it sets your play time to 0 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds and one frame. This can be fixed, at the cost of an extra

So, we'll be setting up your PC items first.
Code: [Select]
X Accuracy x65
Carbos x218
Poké Ball x175
Repel x5
Water Stone x29
Fire Stone x252
Lemonade x195
Awakening x70
TM01 x1
[any items past here if you want, doesn't matter]

Save, just to be sure.
Then, set up your item pack :
Code: [Select]
[any item] x[any qty]
Lemonade x201
X Accuracy x128
Carbos x255
Water Stone x201
(or Water Stone x3 then TM01 x[any])
Use 8F. Now, sprites on-screen should stop updating. If not, then you didn't use the proper quantities, reset the game.

Otherwise, this means you successfully disabled the OAM DMA routine, which is a key component of updating sprites. Since that function is executed on every frame, and we're going to hijack it to run our own code, we need to disable it.
Now, we're going to set it up to hijack its exec.

Get yourself 131 X Accuracies and 226 Lemonades. (By that I mean, set the quantities of the corresponding stacks to the corresponding value)
Use 8F.
Toss 1 X Accuracy and 13 Lemonades. (You have 213)
Use 8F.
Toss 1 X Accuracy and 154 Lemonades. (You have 59)
Use 8F.
Toss 1 X Accuracy and set your number of Lemonades to 205.
Use 8F, and hopefully you won't crash. If you don't, your play time will now be stuck ! (0 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds 1 frame)

Memory editor alternative, starting after saving after setting up the PC items.
Go to FF80, and write CD 3B D5 E2 in one go (notably, this will NOT work with offgao's memory editor).

Now, if you're reeeeally picky, you can set the play time to 0 frames instead. Just run the following 8F script.
Code: [Select]
Lemonade x2
X Accuracy x50
Carbos x218
Water Stone x201
This will tell the game to stop counting play time, which will freeze the counter to 0 frames instead of 1.

About persistence of the hijack... the hijack is destroyed by saving and resetting. Basically, you should resume from where I recommended to save ; obviously the payload stored using your PC items will have survived, but the final step of the hijack (the five 8F uses, and optionally the sixth one to freeze at 0 frames) must be started over every time you reset the game, even if you saved.
General Discussion / Re: The Member's Guide to Topiclessness
« on: November 27, 2017, 05:34:24 pm »
I just love how my first post was a detailed memory explanation of WTW glitches, and my introduction post was one year later :D
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