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Just posting this here in case it does have an effect.

Wrong pocket TM23 executes 03:01FE. Outside of Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console, it results in an unknown opcode freezing the game. But within Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console the game doesn't freeze and returns back to the game with seemingly no problems.

Does anyone know if this glitch item has a use?
If you somehow register glitch contact 0xAF (01AFC6D9) and call them in the morning (not during the day or at night), it's possible to contact them without getting a message that they are out of the area, and will give you a Master Ball.

In the past it was reported that you'd get a Glitch Dimension after the message. However the game will actually execute F7CD (D7CD; somewhere in the event flags). This may actually be reachable from the expanded Balls pack. If there is a 0xC9 around here (I placed mine at D7CE) then you can actually get a Master Ball with no freeze. A whopping 52 in fact!

It's a shame glitch contacts are arbitrary code execution only for now, but maybe in the future we can put this to use without arbitrary code execution (even though Balls pocket corruption allows for those many Master Balls already).

Wiki Discussion / How to work around the loss of session data error
« on: February 12, 2018, 11:52:27 am »

Sometimes when you try to upload a file on our wiki, it will say "Sorry! We could not process your edit due to a loss of session data."

There is a simple solution to this. Edit any non-file page to get the error message once. Try to submit the page a second time and it should work.

Then the next time you upload a file it should upload properly.

Note: This has only been tested by me on Chrome. Since I'm a sysop it's possible that it doesn't work for non-sysops. Could anyone without sysop or QC rights test this please? Thanks.
(Edit: I overlooked that you can stabilize the glitch Pokémon from Pokémon Bank hex:FF glitch into a 3TrainerPoké, so rather this is a way to get 3TrainerPoké with moves specific to it)

This makes use of Yellow 'Pokédex' glitch item move 0x00 corruption. While technically possible with expanded party encounter table manipulation (a glitch I put together mainly just for the purpose of finding 3TrainerPoké in the wild), it is easier and less complicated.

If you're like me (and Abwayax if I remember correctly) 3TrainerPoké is one of my favourite glitch Pokémon and it's a bit of a shame it could only be obtained without trading with arbitrary code execution.

Do note this glitch may suffer the same issues as Red/Blue move 0x00, where eventually due to how its internal name is found (0x50 bytes into RAM) the glitch may stop working with no definite way to fix it other than maybe adjusting the 0x50 bytes in memory.

Getting 3TrainerPoké is normally not possible with Rival LOL glitch because 0x00 double serves as a control character there.

Initial requirements:

You will need a Pokémon with move 0x00 as move 1.

This is possible without arbitrary code execution with one of at least three glitches:

1. Level up a glitch Pokémon (refer to In order for it to learn move 0x00 as move 1, it must already have four moves.

One of these glitch Pokémon (♀ . (C1)) learns it at Level 16 and Level 22. Note it does have a solid black glitch screen, so in order to see what's happening on the items and Pokémon menu better you may play the game in Super Game Boy mode (or DMG mode?).

1i) Before you raise it (such as with Rare Candies) it's best to use the items pack in the safe spot to avoid any potential move 0x00 corruption that could freeze the game (and possibly destroy the save file).

2. The Pokémon Bank hex:FF glitch will give you a Q (FF) with no moves. If I remember rightly Struggle can be avoided by giving the glitch move PP. I'm not sure if it has since been patched however.

3. Trade a Ditto from the swapping Transform moves glitch from Red/Blue to Yellow (as this glitch does not work in Yellow).

4. Byte shift glitches (unconfirmed, I tried the large storage box data shift glitch but there was an issue; possibly problematic experience points?)

5. Expanded party from Super Glitch or the SRAM glitch at the beginning of the game (unconfirmed but should be possible)

You will also need to have set up the expanded items pack and obtained the Pokédex (hex:09) glitch item.


1. Prepare a box with at least 17 Pokémon. Pokémon slot 16 must be 0x91 (Marowak), because 0x91 is an 'empty' map building block in the TileBlockDex. Pokémon slot 17 must be Magmar (0x33), which is not normally available but can be obtained with Trainer escape glitch or Rival LOL glitch (you will need to have obtained the expanded items pack for the Pokédex glitch item by this point).

2. Prepare Rare Candy x127 and TM18 (this will spell out your map pointer as DA7F).

3. Get a wild Pokémon encounter here (you may need to open up the Pokémon menu here too):

4. Open the items pack and swap the Rare Candy x127 into item 33 and TM18 into item 34. It's easiest to do item 34 first because you can press Select on item 33 on the way back up and save a bit of time/navigate the menu better. Item 34 should initially be a HM04, so if you spot one you've probably found it.

5. Open the Pokédex and close it. The battle should now look something like this. Depending on your Pokémon count and the Pokémon up to slot 17/18, as well as data after those addresses the screen will look different. However the essential part is in the rectangle in the image below. If it doesn't have those tiles in that position (from BGB coordinates x=01, y=06; note greater y values are further down here), something must have gone wrong.

6. Open the items menu again (really important) and keep scrolling the Fight menu until (possibly) the music fades out. Exit the fight menu (but don't run away) and throw a Master Ball.

Congratulations! 3TrainerPoké is yours. :)

Escaping the Glitch City:

After the battle finishes, we will be placed in a Professor Oak's Lab Glitch City.

Using the expanded items pack however, we can change the map type to allow us to Fly away.

All you need to do is access item 37 and then swap it with any item x0, with a Pokémon with Fly already prepared.
TheZZAZZGlitch, do you know how we can port your memory editor for use on Pokémon Yellow?

Does anybody know what ways might be possible for writing save files to Game Boy Advance cartridges?

So say you memory edited a Pokémon in an Emerald ROM to have the stats for Pomeg data corruption instead of EV training, could you then apply the changes to a cartridge?

I think there is an obscure Game Boy Advance save backup tool in Japan called Save Data Bank, but I'm not aware of any others.

I suppose one could try disassembling the cartridge and physically replacing the save but not sure how that would work.

Or maybe you could use an elaborate cheating device-GameCube Game Boy Advance Link exploit to write a save.

Thanks.  :)
VaeporSage/VaePomegGlitch's thread about the Pokémon XD floating platforms reminded me at around the time (May 2017) I tried to replicate it, I also used my GameCube's Action Replay to get a Bonsly in the party (normally unique to the Battle Bingo minigame) and Munchlax (normally an NPC's Pokémon).

What surprised me is that the Bonsly could be traded to Ruby with no errors whatsoever (although it became a Decamark hex:019D; the same as Bonsly in XD) with a freezing summary, the party loaded though). So maybe if we use Pomeg data corruption glitch to obtain 0x19D in Emerald we can do all that without a cheating device. Munchlax would in theory also require the 0x19E Decamark. If those glitch Pokémon don't want to hatch or freeze after viewing them (from double corruption) though that could be a problem.
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Pokémon Yellow Pokédex CoolTrainer?
« on: February 01, 2018, 01:40:28 pm »
This trick which makes use of both move 0x00 and the Pokédex glitch item might be an alternative to LOL glitch.

TheZZAZZGlitch has stated you can't bring screen data from outside of battle into battle with CoolTrainer in Yellow in the same way as Red/Blue, but if you use the Pokédex and exit it the game will bring up tiles in battle (where we can proceed to flash the items menu) based on where you are (you may need to flash a menu before battle to update it first).

In theory then having the Pokédex glitch item print a 0x15 at BGB coordinates x=01 y=06 may allow you to get a Mew using a Yellow CoolTrainer.

I'm unsure how it brings up the tiles at the moment though as they aren't arranged in the same way as before battle.  Hmm.

Edit: I confirmed it worked (but with Hitmonchan and a Route 1 setup). This means Yellow CoolTrainers are a thing now, yay! :)

Pokémon Discussion / Shiny hunting
« on: January 22, 2018, 09:59:41 am »
Talk about Shiny hunting here.

Who else is going to collect Shinies from the Odd Egg in non-Japanese Crystal when it comes out for 3DS Virtual Console? The chance of getting a Shiny from it is only 14%! (Similar to how it's relatively easy to get an Ultra Wormhole Shiny in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon now).

You can get Shiny Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Tyrogue, Smoochum, Elekid and Magby. I would like the Cleffa.
A user named DaWoblefet (who also has an account on these forums if I remember correctly) recorded this glitch previously documented by DragonWhale93. It has been known for quite a while now since July 2017, but I haven't noticed many people talking about it.

Apparently in Pokémon Sun/Moon if you save at the exact position in a Pokémon Center that the delivery man would appear, obtain a new Mystery Gift (you could possibly do it with a Pokémon Bank subscription) it is then possible to walk out of bounds into the void. However it's not known if there is anything extra you can do with this glitch.
The types of already documented buffer overflow techniques that allow memory manipulation from the screen data so far include:

1. Super Glitch: Corruption of data from $CF4B, $D0E1
2. - (move): Corruption of data from $CF4B
3. Unterminated name glitch item: Corruption of data from $CF4B
4. Glitch location names on the Fly menu. This is an obscure one and I'm unsure how it works.
5. Unterminated name glitch Pokémon (when selected from a box): Also corruption of $CF4B onward if I remember rightly. Used in oobLG.

I think I found another one for us to look into, this time with glitch Trainer class names.

D031 (Red/Blue) and D030 (Yellow) partially control the opposing trainer class in battle. I found a Trainer name in Yellow (hex:77) which may have an extremely long trainer name. If you defeat the foe with this value set on D031/D030 (may require avoiding a problematic AI) and they have victory text, their name will be printed on the screen, and it appears that like the other buffer overflows what is corrupted after battle depends on the screen data.

I noticed 9153 in VRAM would control CFD7 (enemy Pokémon), and that this happens to be part of the foe's sprite that is displayed after you beat them. With Lorelei I get FF. Not sure whether this is due to VRAM inaccessibility or if that address is really FF but what's good about this is that the picture pointer of the opposing Trainer can be modified by manipulating the two bytes at D033 (D032 in Yellow). This doesn't have to include valid sprite pointers, hence in theory you can get many more CFD7 values by trying out different pictures and glitch pictures (which could even be in RAM).

The glitch pictures can also be used for their own unique corruption effects (possibly related to things like their dimensions). I tried 99 99 (pointing to VRAM) and it interestingly also corrupted the name you get at the end of the battle, but then I got this lovely corruption:

(I tried this two times and the first time it flew me to a glitch location, but didn't screenshot it, sorry)

Despite the fact that during experimenting the CFD7 value would stay at its corrupted value, it seems D056 (and D058 as well so instant encounter may not be possible either) is reset back to 00 meaning you can't capture Q (or theoretically Charizard 'M if this works similarly in Red/Blue) this way, which is a little sad.

Hopefully we can still exploit this to do useful things though, even though in Yellow the only way I know is through arbitrary code execution (and in Red/Blue possibly with Super Glitch as well).
Generation I Glitch Discussion / 'Pokémon Brown Mode' (Pokémon Yellow)
« on: January 16, 2018, 03:27:33 pm »
This is a 'glitch' in Yellow I may have discovered that allows you to start a Glitch Dimension with brown colours, possibly derived from unused Trainer 0xFF ("TM55")'s AI. Currently it is Game Genie only, but may be possible with ws m with the help of modified Trainer battle routine.

It also doesn't seem to be RAM dependent (other than possibly from what Game Boy mode you're using) as I tested it on two save files and set breakpoints for RAM, but I don't know for sure.

On Pokémon Yellow, enter the following Game Genie codes:


As well as GameShark code 01C958D0 (rosters loaded from other trainers and/or non-roster 00s may not work the same).

Try to fight the glitch Trainer that appears and the battle will restart with you in a cave. Do this six more times and the game may suddenly reset.

It's an amazing coincidence this exists, but I guess with so many things that can happen in the game something like this would eventually happen.

Note: You may have to be on Game Boy Color mode for this to work. This didn't seem to do the reset on Super Game Boy mode (nor Game Boy mode, though I don't know if effects would be visible if it did) for some reason.
It looks like a Mail glitch was documented recently that meant the Pokémon Ruby any% category was split into any% and any% glitchless, and it allows you to take many Rare Candy hold items from a Pokémon (wondering if its part of the Mail and Trick glitches)

I don't know how this particular glitch works though, would anyone like to elaborate? Thanks.

Edit: Maybe it's not exactly the same glitch, epicdudeguy said the Japanese community thought it was only possible with a move "really hard to obtain" which could be Trick.

Edit 2: They use Twins Amy & Liv (クミとルミ) on Route 103 to start a Double Battle with Harbor Mail attached to Pokémon 1, 3, 5, 6, Abra (Pokémon 2) uses Thief on the first of your Pokémon (holding a Harbor Mail), then Thief on the opposing Minun. The mail is taken off of Abra and into the PC. A Rare Candy is equipped to a Wingull with one-character name (Pokémon 4) like Pokémon 1. Then a Harbor Mail is attached to Pokémon 1 and the phrase Geodude (イシツブテ) is entered. Then another mail is attached to Pokémon 2 (also イシツブテ name). Then you attempt to attach a Mail to the Wingull holding a Rare Candy, causing you to take away one mail in the pack and obtain one Rare Candy each time, and this can be repeated many (how many mails you have) times.

I wonder then whether the length of Pokémon 1 and Pokémon 4's name is important. On our wiki article it says to "repeat steps 2. and 4. five times" but it could be related to Kadabra's five character name (ユンゲラー). In the video Wingull and Marshtomp only have a one character name.
Wiki Discussion / Dex status/ideas for the wiki
« on: December 28, 2017, 11:57:44 am »
It's not realistic all of these will get done, but here are some Dex ideas for the wiki. You can post all sorts of ideas here for others to research in case they want to do so.

GlitchDex - Done
AttackDex - In progress
ItemDex - Done (except Generation II glitch items)
TrainerDex - In progress (work completed in non-wiki form by TheZZAZZGlitch for English RBY and Japanese Red/Green)
TypeDex - Done (in terms of all used types on glitch moves)
UnownDex - In progress

PhoneDex (GSC) - Not started but work completed in non-wiki form by Photon-Phoenix/Yuzihax
OptionDex (GS) - Not started but work completed in non-wiki form by Photon-Phoenix/Yuzihax
DexDex (GSC) - I think pokechu22 did work on this. These are glitch Pokédex listing options.
DollDex (GSC) - Photon-Phoenix/Yuzihax
PosterDex (GSC) - Photon-Phoenix/Yuzihax
AreaDex (RBY, GSC, later) - Done in parts but not as a dex project/no prefix for articles yet. Not that viable for GSC (only possibly on a case by case basis for those that don't freeze the game)
SecretBaseDex - Generation III glitch decorations
StatDex (RBY) - Some work by danny. None done for Generation II yet.
TileDex - Done by PRAMA Initiative for French version of Red/Blue.
RibbonDex (RSE upwards) - Zowayix documented one of them.
SpecialEmoteDex (Yellow)
SoundBankDex (RBY)
PredefDex (RBY) - Already done for Yellow, but could possibly go deeper.
FacingDex (RBY) - Based on value of C109. See here.
DayDex (GSC)

All have only been done for English versions (except for the TileDex and TrainerDex) right now.
Generation I Glitch Discussion / 'Tile Chaos': An obscure glitch effect
« on: December 28, 2017, 07:14:13 am »
I like to call this effect "Tile Chaos". This effect has already been known and is caused by some glitch moves (their animation), as well as invalid D057 (Red/Blue) or D056 (Yellow) values greater than 01 and throwing a Master Ball.

Basically from what I gather the game attempts to play a glitch animation, but corrupts the screen causing many glitchy animated sprites to appear. If you have animations disabled you can avoid the ones caused by glitch moves.


...On invalid D057 values:

(This is possible if an unterminated name glitch item corrupts that value to be greater than 02 and you throw a Poké Ball.

...On glitch moves:

I think the Japanese glitch community may already have a name for this, so I may try to see if they have a name for it later. I also don't know whether Glitch City had a name for it when it did the old ItemDex had a name for it, as I've noticed it on one glitch move so far.

I don't know if there's any use for this but it's a nice effect to say the least.
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