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Just use the "Gameshark code" with arbitrary values. Fuzz with them a bit !

You could do that.

You could also do this:

Any item xany
Poke ball x33
TM11 x255
Ice Heal x42
TM45 x42
X Attack x111
TM41 x103
TM40 x212
Max ether x119
TM01 xany

This writes an entirely random byte to an entirely random location. Be very careful, there is nothing stopping this thing from writing into SRAM and invalidating checksums.
Back up your save before using
Messing around with gameshark codes is fun too, you never know what you might find! :)
Just use the "Gameshark code" with arbitrary values. Fuzz with them a bit !
Quite interesting indeed. I'll take a look at the disassembly for any difference.

Also, if this could be moved to Gen I Glitch Discussion, please.
woah, this is actually pretty cool! i never realized why some people saw different sprites, and i always saw just one. i think maybe the game is hardcoded to choose from the bank Pikachu (Oak) or Weedle (Old Man) is in.

interestingly enough, for h poke i see a different sprite than you do for regular battles, what is the crc32 of your rom? maybe i've just been playing a different one for all these years. :p
you could see five or six sprites, or just one. *pose*

EDIT: on further investigation, the game chooses the bank for the sprite based on $d058, but the data for the pokemon based on $cfd7, which would explain this. if you walk into the grass, the pokemon will always be pikachu, therefore it will talke the sprite data from the bank of wherever pikachu is. if you watch the old man, the sprite will take from the bank of wherever weedle is. this also works with normal battles, if you walk into pallet town with the code 01c6d7cf on, it will sometimes show the normal sprite, and sometimes show slowpoke's, due to having pokemon in different banks show up. this works with any pokemon whose sprite is sourced from $4000-$8000.
Polls / Re: Which starters are your favorites?
« Last post by 44HyXpert on Today at 09:42:05 am »
I chose the Gen V starters because they're the only ones I had a hard time choosing from! Even though Bulbasaur will always be my favorite starter, I love all 3 of the Gen V starters (but Snivy is my fave!).
Hi  :)

So i was just re-documenting some Gen1 Pokémon on all different Inernational Versions. And today when i was gonna go encounter all Glitch Pokémon in Japanese Yellow I thought just for fun that it would be funny to try encounter them with Prof.Oak in the "cutscene" when Pikachu attacks you at edge of Pallet Town with the Wild Pokémon Encounter modifyer game shark code

So i Encountered a couple of Glitch Pokémon, did my usual thing and just took screenshots of them and took notes and moved on to the next one and so on...

Then i realized midway that it was kind of dumb to use Oak in the first place since then i could actually get the Pokédex entries for all glitch pokémons which i also wanted to document. So i switched back to not using Oak and just encountering them on my own like usuall with the Wild Pokémon Encounter modifyer game shark code.

But then; I realized all of the Sprites for Every Glitch Pokémon turned out different from when i encountered them with Prof.Oak.

I thought at first that this alone was quite intresting, so i tried it with English Pokémon Yellow too and it worked there aswell; Different Sprites for each Glitch Pokémon when encountering them normally and with Prof.Oak.

But then i thought, "Wait, There's the Old Man i Viridian City, too. I wonder if the Sprites will turn out different with the Old Man too?". And yep, they did. And i also tried it with English Red/Blue & Japanese Red/green, the Old Man also made Glitch Pokémon appear with different sprites than if you'd encounter them regulary.

I attached a comparison between different sprites that i compiled in one .png-image just as example, so the HEX index i used for the examples doesn't really matter, i just picked a glitch pokémons HEX without choosing a specific one, it does work with almost all of them.

Also Worth noting is that this must most likely happend in all other versions of Gen1 such as Red/Blue & Yellow in German, Spanish, Italian & French Versions too, i just tried with English & Japanese so far...

Pls tell me if you have any input, ideas or explanations. Because I'm not 100% sure yet why all this is the case.

That's all, thanks

//coloradohugge ;D
Want an ace way of making the game glitch itself how would you run code that changes a random byte in the wram.
A somewhat similar cause. In Dokashira door, the end terminator is placed before the game's expectations, causing a very large Pokémon menu. Since one of the "Pokémon" are considered poisoned, an address somewhere is constantly being decremented upon taking 4 steps.

This is probably what's happening here, an address is being decremented somewhere. Q is considered an end terminator due to it being Hex $FF.

I think it's probably something similar, although I don't think it's from poison, as I've never seen the poison flashing effect from it. It seems like two areas of the game are conflicting somehow. Sort of like the game's reaction to Q in a fusion / hybridization: In battle, a Q is completely useable and shows up as active on the party list; but when viewed by the PC, it is registered as just a stopping point.
It's not duplicated from the "real Q", it's the game interpreting unrelated data as a Pokémon.
In which slot was the Q prior to swapping ?

Anyways, independently of the answer to the above question (which is still important), what happened is that you corrupted the tile block pointer, and probably your coordinates also. As for the four-step corruption, I don't know.

The Q was in the second slot.
You were right, I looked at the list again, and it gave effects similar to Dokokashira. **changing $D162 does give similar effects to Dokokashira, but in this case, there was no poisoning, lag, long party list, or anything else to suggest the party was in an unstable state, which really confused me. The team is in a stable state when this happens (because of the second Q which always forms under the first Q).
There's also a few other things, like the party list in battle only showing two active Pokemon- the fainted Q and my second Pokemon- and the fact that the game restored my coordinates to normal after I exited the battle.
Ah, all right, I get it. The code starts from the third item. I'll give it a shot, thanks a ton.
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