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Pokémon Discussion / Good DS Emulator
« Last post by Shadow Tyrant on Yesterday at 07:13:09 pm »
Does anyone have any good emulators, preferably one that can show the stats screen or move set screen of the Pokemon ----- with out crashing.
Emulation & ROM Hacking / Pokemon Red - Stryder7x edition
« Last post by ISSOtm on Yesterday at 05:44:58 pm »
If you don't know Stryder7x, he makes videos about Paper Mario glitches. They generated a ton of memes, and this hack is a tribute to him. Now, it's not a ROM hack !

Teaser :
Download the save :
Open with English Pokemon Red or Blue (Should crash otherwise, so... :D)

Tech talk :
It's too long. Really too long.
Project "Gotta Document 'Em All" / Re: GlitchDex errors/omissions
« Last post by Torchickens on Yesterday at 08:39:20 am »
Y:218 is Normal/Flying because it is a Spearow hybrid, not Rock/Ground.
RB:245 apparently has a volatile front sprite, as Bulbapedia has a (low quality) picture of it.

Hmm I already fixed the error on Y:218 so I'm unsure if an error is causing the page not to update.

Thanks. Yeah, at an earlier point I included volatile glitch Pokémon front sprites but later I decided not to add the one for RB:245 as I was never able to confirm it showing up, so it might not get added as it could be an error.
Project "Gotta Document 'Em All" / Re: GlitchDex errors/omissions
« Last post by Caveat on Yesterday at 05:08:21 am »
Y:218 is Normal/Flying because it is a Spearow hybrid, not Rock/Ground.
RB:245 apparently has a volatile front sprite, as Bulbapedia has a (low quality) picture of it.
Also, I don't think CD3D would actually be possible since it gets written to when you select a pokemon, at which point there's no way to change it before the point it is read when you select one of the feild moves. I was originally thinking about super glitch corruption from the unused field move, but the game stores names of field moves separately so this one is just a properly terminated empty string.
Thanks ! These don't look like they can serve our purposes.
Oh well, at least you checked out :)
Arbitrary Code Execution Discussion / Re: Setting all ailments in-battle
« Last post by ISSOtm on April 26, 2017, 05:28:16 pm »
Use the "Joypad" window.

I didn't see you "git grep "jp hl", though ? And I can't do it because lack of Linux etc.

Code: [Select]
pokered$ git grep "jp hl"
engine/menu/naming_screen.asm:  jp hl
home/text.asm:  jp hl
home/text.asm:  jp hl

Arbitrary Code Execution Discussion / Setting all ailments in-battle
« Last post by Parzival on April 26, 2017, 05:04:08 pm »
So, just to get acquainted with 8F, I made a small script to set the CPU Ailment byte to FF, because why not. I don't think anyone will be interested, but just in case, here you go.
Code: [Select]
ld a,$FF;
ld [$CFE9],a;
In items, that'd be
Code: [Select]
Lemonade x255
TM34 x233
TM07 x201
I screwed everything up with one of my earlier tries, which was
Code: [Select]
push af;
ld a,$FF;
ld [$CFE9],a;
pop af;
I landed at 03:0573, which is an invalid opcode. I don't know what happened before that, because I can't find a way to press a button for one frame while in the BGB debugger.
This address should be zero to be non-crashing, as far as a quick look into pokered could tell me. Maybe doable by Glitch Cities.
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