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It should be (iirc)
ws m
Some item you give 0 shits about x whatever
Item to duplicate
<rest of code>

You need the items you want more of to be in slot 3... I think.

waht u mean with "Some item you give 0 shits about x whatever", i understand to put 1 crap item, and i try but it don t work.. if i understand wrong can u write bettere settings?thanks
anyway can someone help? Torchickens or issotm u here?
General Discussion / Re: Beginner's Guide to the Community
« Last post by Charmy on Yesterday at 06:34:58 am »
Charmy - Corruption and malware specialist.
oh, you forgot to mention that I also like to look at betas of stuff
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: Gym badges with 8F and making my own codes
« Last post by ISSOtm on Yesterday at 06:11:49 am »
Third slot, otherwise you're correct.
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Change your trainer ID and name
« Last post by likebeingawesome on Yesterday at 05:18:59 am »
I was wondering if there is an 8F to change your trainer ID as opposed to one of your Pokemon's trainer ID.

Additionally is there a way to change your name to have glitch letters that would correspond to Pokemon and levels of Pokemon that are normally unobtainable with the old man glitch. Such as a Level 84 Mew.

Thank you  ;)
To get all the Gym badges with 8F you can use this code made by Wack0

Item 3: Lemonade x255
Item 4: X Accuracy x86
Item 5: Carbos x211
Item 6: Poké Ball x119
Item 7: Fresh Water x201
What items should I have in slots 1 and 2
Doesn't matter. The bootstrap redirects to item 3
The bootstrap is the party setup leading to the second slot correct?
It should be (iirc)
ws m
Some item you give 0 shits about x whatever
Item to duplicate
<rest of code>

You need the items you want more of to be in slot 3... I think.
What happens when you try to execute a code? Nothing or does the game crash?

Anything else I can advise is to double check your box to see if the Pokémon are all in the correct order. And to make sure the first Slowpoke has 233 hp left, its max hp does not matter.

Also, I just compared the euro Bootstrap code with the english and i think Scyter may be incorrect there. Replacing Scyter with Kadabra could fix it. Cuz Scyter is dec 26 on the big list, but we need hex 26 <--- Thus Kadabra.

- 8F
- Item to morph x(any)
- X accuracy x36
- Carbos x211
- Max Revive x(decimal index nr of item the you want)<---------- i don t understand what u mean with this... how many i should have?
- TM01 x(any)

First, look at the big hex list here:
See the R/B/Y Item column? Say you want to change item 2 into Rare Candy, look in that column for Rare Candy. Now Look in the "Decimal" column on the same row as Rare Candy. As you see its 40, so you need 40 Max Revive to turn item 2 into Rare Candy.
thanks for last explain i understand all.
anyway about real big problem i tryed right now to change kadabra with shyter and i try
-ws m
-item you want 256 of x1
-pokeball x43
-revive x201
and don t work...

ws# #m#
Item you want to change x any
Burn heal x 43
Ice heal x 43
Revive x 201

ws# #m#
Item you want to increase x 1
Burn or ice heal x 43
Revive x 201

well or box party for italian version is wrong or setting items are wrong
About question if my game crash or nothing happen when i try execute a code the answer is NOTHING HAPPEN.
thansk for future helps.

Darn, yes. Like Skeef said we need to replace Scyther with Kadabra. This will make the execution start at item 3. It looks like Wack0 confused decimal:26 (Scyther) with hexadecimal:26 (Kadabra). Sorry for the inconvenience.

You shouldn't have to change the codes in your previous post as they don't specify an absolute memory address.
Sorry mate what u mean with "start at item 3", i need change slot of items? If yes can u say me how? I chnaged shyter woth kadabra but stil not work... issotm say me to ask you... any idea?
You press 1 time A on ws m and then B? Try pressing A and then again A. O_o

If i press 2 times A on ws m it block game and i need restart console ... and i see in the video they press one time only A than B...
You press 1 time A on ws m and then B? Try pressing A and then again A. O_o
General Discussion / Re: Beginner's Guide to the Community
« Last post by Parzival on June 25, 2017, 09:06:25 pm »
(Post broken up for readability.)

Question 4: What's the fastest way to get ahead here?
Answer: Dunno. Tell me when you find out.

Question 5: Fun s**t?
Answer: Hit up the Discord server. After 50 posts, the Forum Games board will magically appear, which also satisfies the requirement.

Question 6: Roms?
Answer: Don't ask here. EVER. AGAIN.

Question 7: Anything else?
Answer: ...not really.

When you think you're ready, go ahead and hit up the Introduction board and make your first thread. Not required, but do it anyway.

May your code be correct and your evasiveness high.
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