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General Discussion / Re: Net Neutrality
« Last post by Princess Torchic ❤ on December 08, 2017, 03:24:21 am »
I support this.

I feel what goes on in the Internet and Web should not be controlled by the state.
Accepting net neutrality regulations is literally ceding control of the internet to the state.

I see. Thanks.

Not sure if I understood this correctly but my intentions were that I support Epsilon's reasoning. Do you mean the state will not be in control if net neutrality continues, or is it different to that?

(Sorry, my original wording was unclear. I didn't mean that I accept net neutrality being repealed. Contrarily, from what I gather I believe net neutrality should stay, though I don't understand the subject much)
General Discussion / Re: Net Neutrality
« Last post by IIMarckus on December 07, 2017, 09:45:39 pm »
I support this.

I feel what goes on in the Internet and Web should not be controlled by the state.
Accepting net neutrality regulations is literally ceding control of the internet to the state.
Video Games/Glitches Discussion / Re: Nintendo switch official hype+bashing thread
« Last post by ISSOtm on December 07, 2017, 08:25:51 am »
Here's a direct copy-paste from my review/rant (this was in several Discord messages, so the format may seem a little weird for a forum post)

Quote from: ISSOtm
Time to rant a bit : here's my review of Odyssey so far (I haven't finished the game yet, but I have enough major spoilers to know what's ahead of me)
To begin with, it's a Mario platformer. Obviously the controls have to be right, and oh boy does the game play well.
There are all the movesets from all the previous games, besides Galaxy maybe ? (sideflip and backflip from SM64, spinjump from SMS [not Galaxy's])
They also re-inserted the triple jump which was (WTF ??!?!!?!??) removed from 3D World
Plus there's a new move, which is a Ground Pound into a jump, which gives you slightly more height than a backflip, for example, but is MUCH easier to use, and can be followed by much more moves (you can't do much when you're in a backflip state, plus you're going backwards)
Cappy also serves as a movement extension, and in two ways.
You can throw Cappy mid-jump, which resets your velocity and lets you turn around mid-jump
ALSO, you can bounce on Cappy if you hold the Throw button (so you choose whether you bounce or not, and that does come in handy)
And finally, the dive has been changed ; instead of being on a single button, when you GP, if you press the Throw button, then you begin diving.
And here's the killer combo : Jump, Throw, Dive, Bounce, Throw, Dive.

Jump (A/B) or Long Jump (Run -> ZL/ZR -> A/B) // Going far, but not enough ?
Throw Cappy (X or Y) // Reset velocity, preferably right after beginning to fall
Dive (ZL/ZR +> X/Y) // Forwards but down
Bounce off Cappy (Hold X/Y) // Fowards AND up
Throw again (Release ZL/ZR, then press X or Y) // Same thing
Dive (ZL/ZR +> X/Y)  // You can't bounce off twice, though

This combo lets you go both higher and farther. Plus, between each dive, you can change directions. Imagine how much deaths I avoided like that.
That's the controls.
Now, the game looks reall, REALLY good.
The graphics are generally good, they look crisp and all, that's the Switch for ya. And don't get me started on "bruh the PS4 does better", who cares, this is WAY good enough.
(Seriously, PS4Pro, 4K HDR ? Nobody has a 4K TV and half are playing on 360p phones via remote play, and HDR... barely visible.)
There has been a large amount of work on Mario, which has a wide range of expressions and cute animations (mostly idle animations). That's detail, but still. Looks good.
The game plays good, looks good, but it also sounds really good.
The OST is really nice, mostly three tracks (so far, I have still ~7 yet to hear). Minigame tracks are mostly remixes, such as the SMW minigame tune, but also entirely new pieces. I like them both.
Also, there's at least one entirely orchestral track, for the Galaxy purists. Personally it's not in my top 3.
Cappy's possessing power is really cool, controls are good (except maybe one thing, the motion controls... they require you either to play with separate Joy-Cons, or shake your Switch / controller like you're preparing a soda prank with all your heart), and by "good controls" this time I mean they handle well, and the buttons aren't placed at random.
Plus, all possessions are interesting, and worth it. They are used multiple times, such as the Goomba tower above, but always slightly differently.
Now, the levels... Oh f**k, the levels.
The levels aren't expansive, but not as small as one planet in Galaxy. And the best part in all of this : every single square inch of each level contains something. Be it a coin, a moon, an enemy which you must capture to go to the nearby moon, anything. The game is packed full of little nooks and crannies which aren't obvious unless you take the time to explore - and the game really rewards you for exploring.
There are a FUCKTON of Moons, which are not required to complete the game nor get the "true ending". And each of them is a little puzzle of their own (except a few ones which are basically two platforms away. But these are the easy ones.)
The collectibles are basically the Moons, and the purple coins, which are currency unique to the world you pick them in.
Purple and gold coins let you buy different outfits (as well as one Moon per world, and a heart refill+), which actually can be used to unlock some Moons. Also, to look like A B S O L U TE S W A G
So yeah. For this and other minor reasons, Odyssey is a VERY, VERY good game. 9/10 so far, I might update once I actually beat the game.
Now, I can't fully praise the game. There are two things : one, the game is really easy. No lives, no game over. Every time you die, you simply drop 10 coins which you sometimes can pick back up. And dying with 0 coins is no penalty. Second, I bought it yesterday, and played it for ~20 hours, and I'm already at the third level before the end. The game can be completed quite quickly - though I did run past a lot of Moons, which I'll probably go back to.

Now that I've actually completed the game *once*, I have to update this a bit.
Indeed, I completed the game very quickly, but once you do that you unlock a new set of Moons in each stage, as well as one new stage and one True Final Stage (tm)
The new Moons are a little bit more difficult to obtain, as expected, but it's okay.
The True Final Stage... it's hard. Really.
General Discussion / Re: This place feels dead
« Last post by SCf3 on December 06, 2017, 11:42:04 pm »
GCLF has been inactive for the past few years, but I wouldn't call it dead. There's still a small community around here. I do miss the old times though when it was super active, not gonna lie.
General Discussion / Re: Net Neutrality
« Last post by ISSOtm on December 06, 2017, 08:09:55 pm »
I would do something if I was able to do anything. Fortunately for me, I'm in a country where net neutrality is an actual thing.
I do, however, support all of you (except Pai)

@xparasite9 : uh, you do understand that the repeals essentially targets the only thing that warrants net neutrality ?
General Discussion / Re: Net Neutrality
« Last post by xparasite9 on December 06, 2017, 08:08:34 pm »
eh, we had net neutrality before 2015. we'll still have it after the repeal.
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: Pokemon Yellow "Save Abuse" Glitch
« Last post by danny on December 06, 2017, 05:36:20 pm »
1. Name yourself 'AAAS' and Save Abuse.
2. Scroll up in the PkMn menu 26 times.
3. Exit the PkMn menu

If you don't get the infinite name, open the PkMn screen again and close after waiting a little. If you're lucky, the game will return without collapsing, and you'll have a save file full of overflowed stack. :p

There may be a way to get a PkMn-menu-viewing item, and an itemfinder, potentially allowing exiting of the menu without inf-name corruption.

This sounds awesome. ^^ How does it work, may I ask?
(f**k, i forgot to mention that version only works in pokemon eng yellow. for redblue it's the same but replace the name with 'AAS' instead)
This route uses the way the game handles drawing sprites for Pok`emon, which, when invalid, can reach far beyond normal limits. it reaches into WRAM, as far as address $D2EE for PkMn #255. By scrolling up, we are making the address $D15A change. It adds $40 every time a sprite's frame changes. The hex of capital letter S is $92, and $92+$40*3=$52, which is the byte for the player name. And a variable referencing itself is...bad news, to say the least.

So basically this setup uses a slightly unorthodox method of making the player name repeat itself. I'm working on finding a setup that allows a quick way to save the game in the infinite name state.

EDIT: Getting pikachu is necessary, but if you set the cursor at pokemon 255 right before , you can still scroll through your later pokemon, so long as you don't press down
General Discussion / Re: Net Neutrality
« Last post by danny on December 06, 2017, 04:16:33 pm »
i already called 5 local senators , the first day i had heard about it
Nice, glad to hear. ^_^ Thanks.

On a first impression it seems the lifespan of this game is long with so many Moons to collect.
Video Games/Glitches Discussion / Re: Nintendo switch official hype+bashing thread
« Last post by Epsilon on December 06, 2017, 11:21:59 am »

Has anybody played Super Mario Odyssey and would like to share their thoughts on the game yet? I've heard it's really good. I'd like to get it for my birthday (due to financial reasons and another big gift I'll not be getting one for Christmas).

ISSOtm played it, and posted his entire reveiw on Discord. Decided not to share pictures of his review for they are too large, but essentially he recommends it.
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