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Author Topic: List of Generation II glitches  (Read 2024 times)

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List of Generation II glitches
« on: October 12, 2013, 05:41:47 am »
Someone on the forums was looking for glitches in Generation II. I made a list and sent it them and thought it would be good to re-post them here.

General glitches:

Celebi glitch/Celebi egg glitch
Change player color (Crystal)
Daylight saving time exploit
Get all three starters
FE corruption glitch (requires Johto guard glitch with Furret, then you have to evolve it to level 60)
Love Ball glitch
Coin Case glitch (general glitches e.g. glitch dimension, another Celebi glitch, Get FF in the contacts, who will load the Hall of Fame, 'Hello World')

Bug-Catching Contest data copy glitch (Japanese Gold/Silver only)

Communication w/ Generation I glitches:

Shiny Ditto glitch
Learn glitch moves through trade evolution

Other applications of ?????:

Crystal: 00's second type map corruption.
Instant victory glitch
27 Pokémon map distortion (see this. Note that I've had trouble getting this to work, though)
Trainer House glitch and activating it by registering glitch Unown (Note the parts of the article describing other causes seem to be speculation)
Johto guard glitch (FF variant only. See this post for details how to get one)

Battle specific glitches:
Horn Drill glitch and Present glitch may be glitches.
Sketch glitch (lets you keep a Sketched move)
Thick Club/Light Ball glitch
Five digit experience glitch (requires a custom Trainer House trainer)
Experience underflow glitch (might be possible through trading)

Pokémon Stadium 2:

Infinite continues glitch
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