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Author Topic: Re: Is there a way to make a pokebank transferable mew using pokemon Yellow?  (Read 91 times)

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[quote author=ScorelessPine link=topic=7809.msg203967#msg203967 date=1485412388]
I am looking if anyone knows of a way to do what they did [url=]here[/url] in pokemon Yellow instead of pokemon red/blue? I have heard that there is a similar arbitrary code execution glitch item in yellow besides 8F, but I do not know how to do it by myself. If at all possible, I would also like to know how to edit the pokemon's DV's to make it 10/15/10/10 so that when it transfers it will become shiny. Thank you if you are able to help me.

Hi, the glitch item is known as "ws m" (hex:63). This runs on stored Pokémon first instead of party Pokémon, so you need [url=]specific Pokémon in the storage system[/url] for it to work.

The fastest way to set it up is probably via unstable stable Missingno. from a save file erased with Up+Select+B (if the sixth item was a Potion, you use two of them after getting 129 and then catch unstable stable Missingno. which should have 100% catch rate due to the corruption). It's wise to pick up as many items as possible to fill the items pack.

Then you can use [url=]dry underflow[/url] to get the expanded items pack. From here consult [url=]luckytyphlosion's guide[/url] for what the items beyond slot 20 pertain to.

Video tutorial:

Or if you want to do it later you can encounter a Fossil/Ghost MissingNo. with Trainer-Fly, either via the [url=]Ditto trick[/url] with a Special stat between 182-184 or a [url=]double Trainer-Fly; you talk to a Cubone trade girl to encounter a level 80 Starmie and use it's Special for a low chance of stable MissingNo.[/url] (I think the latter option is better personally).

Then you can warp to Celadon and use [url=]Celadon looping map trick[/url] to dig up items like "ws m" and the other items you need from your x-coordinate (and if x-block or the quantity is 0 you can toss from 0 to get any quantity as it is essentially a x256), teleporting back to Celadon for every item you obtain.

Then you can use [url= LOL glitch]Rival LOL glitch[/url] to get the stored Pokémon you need (you will still need to dig up Rare Candies from Celadon to adjust Tangela's HP to 233), or just trade them over from another Red/Blue/Yellow.

I will try to port over the Red/Blue codes for event Mew and Shiny Mew in the Reddit, one moment..

[color=#ff1493]Edit: The only adjustment you need for the Mew OT and ID change code is to have X Accuracy x118 instead of X Accuracy x119.

Here is a code dump from D31D as it's useful for fast editing with a memory viewer:

For the Shiny Mew code you'd need to deposit Mew as the first stored Pokémon, and use X Accuracy x177/ x176 where you must use ws m twice, tossing from the X Accuracy before the second time. The only problem is that ws m runs from stored Pokémon and you need a specific set up, not Mew there. So will rewrite this to work for party Pokémon.
I haven't tested this myself yet but there should be a significantly easier way. If you name yourself "GF", save the Slowpoke Trainer for later, set up dry underflow glitch, change item 30 quantity to 89 and item 31 to Burn Heal when you catch Mew it should have the same details as the event Mew (ID 22796) and be valid. Not sure if giving it a nickname will make it invalid but it's best not to to be safe. This works because 22796 in hexadecimal is 590C. hex:59 as an item quantity is x89 and hex:0C as an item is Burn Heal.
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