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Video Games/Glitches Discussion / Re: Awesome Mario Maker Level Codes!
« Last post by Pokedude on January 16, 2018, 10:28:17 pm »
Also does anyone have a good idea on what the secret is to making music in Neil Maker other than just hearing it out on every note until your FINALLY done?
News! It turns out artificial trainer classes aren't so hard to access after all (at least partially). Address D031 (Red/Blue)/D030 (Yellow) controls the actual Trainer class ID in battle according to the game. Code 01FF30D0 won't change the picture and name of the trainer, nor parties but does seem to change the AI to match the relevant trainer.

Still haven't been able to replicate this effect without Game Genie (perhaps it's very specific) but now we have a way of replicating the escape battle and warp to Victory Road effect without having to run part of the battle script. This may even be possible with Super Glitch (however normally in Red/Blue and not Yellow due to screen data updating when you enter battle) without the need for arbitrary code execution.

Edit: I did it!!! :DD

You can just force 01FF30D0 on the Lorelei battle to get the brown Glitch Dimension. Now it's time to test that with OAM DMA hijacking.

Edit 2: Setting it to FF each time will also suffice, so you can use this item code with an item 3 bootstrap.

Item 3: Lemonade x255
Item 4: Carbos x208
Item 5: X Accuracy x48
Item 6: Poké Ball x119

Edit 3:

01FD30D0 on Lorelei. It's luck dependent and I don't know if it works for every save.

Update: This is the closest I've got so far.


ld b,3D
ld hl,DA87
call 3E84
ld a,2E
ld (D63F),a
ld a,FF
call 6030

;After selecting a move, we warp to map 0xC6 (a Victory Road map), which uses the meta-map script represented by a byte at D63F. 0x2E is an out of bounds value that executes F3CD (D3CD).

@D3CD: jp DA7F

This causes the battle to restart immediately, like keeping the Game Genie codes on but with the glitch meta-map script instead. Sadly this resulted in a freeze after 5 battles or so.
Something similar happened to me once. After using 8F to activate walk through walls I walked out of bounds on accident. Somehow the game ended up resetting rather than crashing and everything was blue (I was in the indigo plateau if that could have affected it). I unfortunately didn't record it and this occurred quite a while ago. So this glitch or at least a variation of it is possible on console but I'm convinced it was luck that it ever happened in the first place.

Interesting. Good to know. Thanks for this Flandre Scarlet. :)

Yeah, other colours are possible. With cheats once I got "Pokémon White", which isn't very useful but still interesting.

I have found out how to encounter TM55 (Trainer FF) with ws m.

ld b,3d
ld hl,(another address in RAM goes here)
call 3e84

@hl address (unbanked RAM?):
ld a,ff
call 6030

I tried using the bank switch function (3e84) as it is meant to be used intentionally (load ROM address hl at bank b) but the value for the 'a' register was changed during this routine. This workaround means you're still on bank 3D, but the game has a chance to call 3D:6030 with a modified a register by executing code in RAM where the bank is irrelevant.

Unfortunately I can't replicate the effect this way yet. D058 is normally 0 outside of battle, and if you change it to another value you'll just encounter a regular trainer after attempting to attack. Trying to work around this with things like forcing the map 0xFE and having code in its script to redirect back to itself (maybe still wouldn't give a Glitch Dimension however, and likely not a brown one as the cave is brown).
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: 'Pokémon Brown Mode' (Pokémon Yellow)
« Last post by Flandre Scarlet on January 16, 2018, 04:12:23 pm »
Something similar happened to me once. After using 8F to activate walk through walls I walked out of bounds on accident. Somehow the game ended up resetting rather than crashing and everything was blue (I was in the indigo plateau if that could have affected it). I unfortunately didn't record it and this occurred quite a while ago. So this glitch or at least a variation of it is possible on console but I'm convinced it was luck that it ever happened in the first place.
Generation I Glitch Discussion / 'Pokémon Brown Mode' (Pokémon Yellow)
« Last post by Princess Torchic ❤ on January 16, 2018, 03:27:33 pm »
This is a 'glitch' in Yellow I may have discovered that allows you to start a Glitch Dimension with brown colours, possibly derived from unused Trainer 0xFF ("TM55")'s AI. Currently it is Game Genie only, but may be possible with ws m with the help of modified Trainer battle routine.

It also doesn't seem to be RAM dependent (other than possibly from what Game Boy mode you're using) as I tested it on two save files and set breakpoints for RAM, but I don't know for sure.

On Pokémon Yellow, enter the following Game Genie codes:


As well as GameShark code 01C958D0 (rosters loaded from other trainers and/or non-roster 00s may not work the same).

Try to fight the glitch Trainer that appears and the battle will restart with you in a cave. Do this six more times and the game may suddenly reset.

It's an amazing coincidence this exists, but I guess with so many things that can happen in the game something like this would eventually happen.

Note: You may have to be on Game Boy Color mode for this to work. This didn't seem to do the reset on Super Game Boy mode (nor Game Boy mode, though I don't know if effects would be visible if it did) for some reason.
Wiki Discussion / Re: Dex status/ideas for the wiki
« Last post by Princess Torchic ❤ on January 16, 2018, 03:07:41 pm »
Kind of unrelated, but is there any RAM address that allows controlling trainer class? (Obviously not $D058/$D059, because those don't allow trainer class trainers above $37)

CD2D stores this according to the disassembly. However from my understanding CD2D stores a lot of things and GameShark code 01xx2DCD won't modify the trainer class (at least not on VBA v24 svn422).

However, if you just want an easy way to modify the Trainer class the following Game Genie codes should do the trick:



These Game Genie codes were created by changing part of how a subroutine works that looks up a value (Trainer class) and subtracts 200 to instead use a constant value represented by XX. As Wack0 pointed out then in theory if you run a modified version of the routine with 8F or ws m you can encounter 'artificial Trainer classes' without a Game Genie or ROM hack.

With a physical Game Genie it probably isn't possible to do this on Yellow though, due to the device working with original Game Boy games rather than Game Boy Color compatible games. I'm not 100% sure though.

Hope this helps. :)
It looks like a Mail glitch was documented recently that meant the Pokémon Ruby any% category was split into any% and any% glitchless, and it allows you to take many Rare Candy hold items from a Pokémon (wondering if its part of the Mail and Trick glitches)

I don't know how this particular glitch works though, would anyone like to elaborate? Thanks.

Edit: Maybe it's not exactly the same glitch, epicdudeguy said the Japanese community thought it was only possible with a move "really hard to obtain" which could be Trick.

Edit 2: They use Twins Amy & Liv (クミとルミ) on Route 103 to start a Double Battle with Harbor Mail attached to Pokémon 1, 3, 5, 6, Abra (Pokémon 2) uses Thief on the first of your Pokémon (holding a Harbor Mail), then Thief on the opposing Minun. The mail is taken off of Abra and into the PC. A Rare Candy is equipped to a Wingull with one-character name (Pokémon 4) like Pokémon 1. Then a Harbor Mail is attached to Pokémon 1 and the phrase Geodude (イシツブテ) is entered. Then another mail is attached to Pokémon 2 (also イシツブテ name). Then you attempt to attach a Mail to the Wingull holding a Rare Candy, causing you to take away one mail in the pack and obtain one Rare Candy each time, and this can be repeated many (how many mails you have) times.

I wonder then whether the length of Pokémon 1 and Pokémon 4's name is important. On our wiki article it says to "repeat steps 2. and 4. five times" but it could be related to Kadabra's five character name (ユンゲラー). In the video Wingull and Marshtomp only have a one character name.
Debate Wars / Re: Star Wars Expanded Universe or Disney Movies
« Last post by Pokedude on January 15, 2018, 10:11:23 am »
I have no idea what that means but I don't really care what it means if its your opinion.
Thanks Parzival! Are the graphics in DS XII Pixel, Bad 3D, or Good 3D?
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