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Many glitches are JP-only, but even between close localizations, there are differences.

Many glitches only works in english games (Coin Case, Brock Through Walls, No Guard Glitch, Hooked Dragonite Glitch, Battle tower eon glitch... and so much more!) and some others need to be adapted to work on other games. This is because there is a shift in WRAM addresses between english and european non-english games, and that obviously affects the way glitches work.

However, european localizations are almost the same. I only know one subglitch working only in french games (cavern glitch) and there is two events of glitches working only in Italian and Spanish games (Missigning glitch in 2G and Walk on Water Glitch in 1G, the latter being adaptable to other localizations).
Marv123, your code seems to be the most efficient that I've seen so far for european games. Can I publish it on PRAMA?

Good that you have your solution The Piaf. About your first try, the code you used probably just crashed the game with no particular effect, so don't worry about it :)
You can read this post by TZG on the behavior of Super Glitch corruptions.

As you will see, one super glitch move is guaranteed to corrupt (hex:A6) while one never does, but in old versions of VBA only (hex:A7).
TM Code Execution works fine in G/S, although you need TM25, not TM33. But it's a pain in the ass, just like Crystal.

Bad Clone ACE and Move-0 Type ACE probably also?
Very interesting Torchickens, nice findings! I can't wait for VC release so we can unleash the dogs on it  ;D
Do you have any obvious side effects in your game? Has your code provoked something bad? And most importantly, do you still know what WAS this code? Also did you use a code for french games or english games, since it isn't the same?

Also, since you are french, I'd like to inform you of the existance of a french Pokémon glitch community: PRAMA Initiative. We have a website in completion, a forum, and a discord server so don't hesitate to come!
Not sure what your code is supposed to be, but it doesn't seem to be what you think.

You can use the standard Single-addresse value changing code to trigger the encounter of a Mew in the grass, but the level is variable.

Modified code for european games is:

Lemonade x21
X Accuracy x221 (x220 if yellow)
Carbos x207
Poké Ball x119
Cool Water x201

Another solution is the fake Ditto Trick:

ThunderStone x45
TM05 x4
Max Revive x21
Awakening x8
Max Ether x4
Repel x254 (253 if Yellow)
Poké Ball x25
Lemonade x1
Antidote x119
TM01 xany

Then you'll encounter mew by going on Route 16 from Celadon and closing the START Menu. There's a way to modify it to change the level, I'll try to do that later.
Completed Projects/Dexes / Re: Crystal PhoneDex (Complete)
« on: August 04, 2017, 02:29:06 pm »
After posting here, I remembered an old glitch documented on PRAMA. It's not much of a glitch though, but the game seems to be programed to check for available contacts and make the player receive a phone call, if possible, every 20 minutes. That means you have very good chances to receive a call every time you ask your Mom to change the time.

Using this, I'm currently testing the glitch contacts and interestingly, contact 5A triggers an instawin in french games. I wonder if it can be used in speedrunning routes.

Thanks anyway Torchickens! :)
Completed Projects/Dexes / Re: Crystal PhoneDex (Complete)
« on: August 04, 2017, 10:39:04 am »
I'm doing a super necrobump over here, my apologies. But I'm trying to repeat this project in French Crystal, but I don't know where to find a force call gameshark code for Crystal.

Does someone know which was used here?
It is D322 because of the boostrap code.

Remember the execution is done IN YOUR TEAM and you reroot it to item 3 (which is $D322)
To get the Pokémon of your choice in G/S/C, you have 5 solutions:

- Bad Clone Trick, as you mentioned. This glitch also allows you to equip a Pokémon with any move (using the item of corresponding hex ID) so that may help.
- One of the 4 methods of Code Execution: Coin Case (only in english games), TM Code Execution, Bad Clone Code Execution, and Move 00 Type Code Execution. You'll find thread about all of those in GCLF, but don't hesitate to ask if needed :)

I have no extensive knowledge about the method with friendship but I'm not sure you can corrupt an egg with it

Here are other useful ressources:
- The v3 of ISSOtm's GBZ80 to Items can convert opcodes to item lists. If you really need a code to hex conversion, you can use the v2 of this tool available on PRAMA Initiative, but in French:
- A list of GBZ80 opcodes:
- A summary on how to use them:
Hello Morgana and welcome to GCLF.

First of all no one is calling you a liar. You seem pretty convinced of what you say and we understand that.
However, the glitch as you described seems to be... impossible.

I don't think the devs have implemented this on purpose either. If you try it in all the sort of ways that could match what you remember, it probably won't work. As hard as it may be to hear, I also have a tendency to say that your brain is mixing elements and gets you confused.

However, if you manage to make this work legitly at some point, we will be very interested :)
All english version are identical. ACE is different in non-english games, but works indeed the same way in every english game :)
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