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I haven't tried it yet, but according to theSlayer, you can't soft reset using the button combination while the game is saving.

That's interesting. I've just confirmed it on the VC version as well, but after further testing on my English Gold cartridge on a Game Boy Advance SP it seems you can't use the button combination to reset the game either.

The same also applies to Red/Blue (both VC and cartridge) with the buttons disabled until the first character of your name in "(PLAYER) saved the game!" is printed. As for Yellow something similar applies for VC and cartridge; you may just have to wait until the "S" in "Saving..." is printed before you can reset during the saving session but (at least) most of the actual saving is done before that.
Does time capsule trading work?

I haven't tried it myself but I'm 99.9% sure it does, and it's officially advertised as so.

Quote from: Nintendo UK
In addition, these titles are compatible with the Time Capsule function, allowing players to Link Trade Pokémon between the Virtual Console versions of Pokémon Gold Version or Pokémon Silver Version and the Virtual Console versions of Pokémon Red Version, Pokémon Blue Version, or Pokémon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition in Pokémon Centres within the games.
yes it does i tested it coincase and cloning do work. when you press print or try to print your pokemon team with that guy in that house it doesn't let you use yes. mystery gift also does work to.

Awesome. Thanks for testing it on VC! Did you test just the Glitch Dimension? Hopefully arbitrary code execution works as well.
ace,Glitch Dimension and *which move?PP of all work have not tried out the other ones yet. not surprising because they did not fix any of the glitches in rby vc.

Yay! Thanks. I know what I'll be doing tomorrow (in the UK) morning then. :)

Edit: Now it's past midnight the games are out here. As expected ACE worked perfectly without a problem.

Do note if you want to import your save files with JK's save manager then depending on your emulator you exported the save from you'll have to either delete bytes to fix the file size and fix the checksums (see or if the save file is exactly $8000 bytes, append the following data to make it end at $800F in a hex editor: 05 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 7B 72 6B 86 1F 00 00 00
Quote from: DMGAAUP0.J56
;-----111111111111111144444444444444----0xc902 no ..............Mem Write: pc32 = 0xcc46a addr = 0xc902 value = 0xd                             
;PC:51-4461=FA 000CC461  LY:006 AF:0080 BC:E401 DE:0001 HL:C900 SP:DFAB                                                                         
;PC:51-4464=FE 000CC464  LY:006 AF:0080 BC:E401 DE:0001 HL:C900 SP:DFAB                                                                         
;PC:51-4466=D0 000CC466  LY:006 AF:0070 BC:E401 DE:0001 HL:C900 SP:DFAB                                                                         
;PC:51-4467=CD 000CC467  LY:006 AF:0070 BC:E401 DE:0001 HL:C900 SP:DFAB -----  happend only once while the explosive animation begin.           
;000cc471h: FA 19 CA FE                                   
 ; ******0xcccccccccffffffff8***********---------------   Mem Write: pc32 = 0x3180 addr = 0xcf7e value = 0x8f
 ; ******0xcccccccccffffffff8***********---------------   Mem Write: pc32 = 0x3180 addr = 0xcf7f value = 0x91
 ; ******0xcccccccccffffffff8***********---------------   Mem Write: pc32 = 0x3180 addr = 0xcf80 value = 0x84
 ; ******0xcccccccccffffffff8***********---------------   Mem Write: pc32 = 0x3180 addr = 0xcf81 value = 0x92
 ; ******0xcccccccccffffffff8***********---------------   Mem Write: pc32 = 0x3180 addr = 0xcf82 value = 0x84
 ; ******0xcccccccccffffffff8***********---------------   Mem Write: pc32 = 0x3180 addr = 0xcf83 value = 0x8d
 ; ******0xcccccccccffffffff8***********---------------   Mem Write: pc32 = 0x3180 addr = 0xcf84 value = 0x93
 ; ******0xcccccccccffffffff8***********---------------   Mem Write: pc32 = 0x3180 addr = 0xcf85 value = 0x50

DMGAAUP0 seems to be one of the English Golds. Interestingly CF7E-CF85 is a string buffer and this appears to be to do with the string "PRESENT" (8F 91 84 92 84 8D 93 50).

The only Present oddities I know are the Present damage glitch and this little text glitch:

Edit: But also, it seems you can use Present when the foe is at full HP and not get the above overlapping message (this happens during the explosive animation as well).
SatoMew, would you mind releasing a mirror of the patches on a website like Mega please, as I can't access Wack0's link for some reason. Thanks!

I'll also mirror the patch notes here:

The string "MURIYARI" also appears as a comment immediately before some link-related modifications. I initially thought it was a staff member's name (full list) but the word 「無理やり」refers to doing something against someone's will so I wonder what exactly is the meaning here.

Perhaps it's related to link code where the VC forces something to happen. According to the JWPce dictionary this also means "forcibly".
yes it does i tested it coincase and cloning do work. when you press print or try to print your pokemon team with that guy in that house it doesn't let you use yes. mystery gift also does work to.

Awesome. Thanks for testing it on VC! Did you test just the Glitch Dimension? Hopefully arbitrary code execution works as well.
Pokémon Gold and Silver come out for 3DS Virtual Console on September 22, and as of now in Japan, Australia and New Zealand are already available to download.

Discuss glitches here.

Does the Coin Case glitch work? I'm waiting until the game comes out in Europe and will try it if the answer hasn't been found before.

What is the first glitch Pokemon that can be encountered in the first gen games, Other than level 100 nidoking?

If you use the save corruption glitch you get access to Q (FF)/'M (FF) and other glitch Pokémon from the expanded party. So possibly you might be able to deposit glitch Pokémon that appear there and do a glitchLocke with them.

Otherwise the first Pokémon you can encounter is possibly MissingNo., such as from Misty's Starmie or a trainer in Saffron City's Fighting Dojo (available early with Brock Through Walls) but be warned that in Yellow this MissingNo. (one of the regular MissingNo.) will freeze the game unless it's the first time you encountered a glitch Pokémon and you wiped your save file with Up+Select+B.

Other glitch Pokémon are possible with Special stats 191-199, and it's possible an underflowed Level 100 Pokémon could have the Special stat you need.

This image is also useful for showing the Pokémon you can obtain with trainers in Red/Blue:

Hope this helps. :)
Pokémon Glitch Discussion / Re: Seemingly unprovoked audio glitch
« on: Yesterday at 02:27:39 am »
I'm playing Pokemon Red at the moment, and for some reason when Gary sent out his Abra, Gastly's cry was played. This isn't the first time this has happened I just happened to have the page open. Why does this happen?

If this happened when your Pokémon was on low HP this is a known occurrence. Pokémon cries are stored in the format base, pitch, length, and out of the 151 Pokémon there are a limited number of base cries (only 38).

When the Pokémon is sent out when red bar sound is active it appears that the pitch is set to 0, hence some Pokémon can sound like other Pokémon when you're on low HP.

Exploiting 'redbar' is also a known technique in speedrunning.

I have more information about this here:

Hope this helps :)
Wiki Discussion / Re: The big hex list
« on: September 19, 2017, 05:30:00 am »
I just took a look.

It seems if you're willing to replicate the initial battle initialisation code, put the trainer class index in the a register then jump to the middle of InitBattleCommon, you can set up a trainer battle with any trainer class.

To be more clear, your payload would be doing everything up to the bankswitched call to InitBattleVariables, setting the a register then jumping to ld [wTrainerClass],a.

Awesome. Thanks Wack0! It seems that possibly TrainerClassDex could be yet another project then. :)
Thinking about it we could add TheZZAZZGlitch's trainer data (as a TrainerDex) to the wiki as well.
General Discussion / Re: The Member's Guide to Topiclessness
« on: September 19, 2017, 05:28:22 am »
I remember Paco! I haven't seen him in forever, along with a bunch of old members. Led Zeppelin, Axaj, FiveX, ACE91, Chaos, Yami Mutou, the list goes on...

Yeah. Thinking about the older Glitch City Laboratories days makes me feel nostalgic ha ha.
General Discussion / Re: The Member's Guide to Topiclessness
« on: September 18, 2017, 03:41:59 pm »
I had a dream Paco81 came back to Glitch City Labs and made a contribution on a recently discovered glitch and made a question about another glitch. I miss Paco and I wonder where he's been and if he still lurks these forums from time to time.
Wiki Discussion / Re: The big hex list
« on: September 18, 2017, 03:28:48 pm »
So other things I thought of that should be on the table are type ids and the ids the game uses for trainer battles (If that's how it works)

That's a good idea re: types :). I think the only issue with adding more columns is that it can restrict the space available to view on one page without having to scroll (i.e. with ▷).

With trainer battles all wild Pokémon IDs decimal 200-255 (hexadecimal: C9-FF) automatically become trainers when an encounter is initiated and a Pokémon hasn't already been sent out.

I believe 200 is actually glitch trainer class 0. 201 is Youngster, 202 is Bug Catcher (class 1, 2) and so on with 248-255 also being glitch Trainer classes (this split is on the table but may be hard to notice at first). Perhaps with a Game Genie code you could access otherwise unavailable classes with IDs which -200 are 56+, but I don't know much more about how this works and you might not be able to do it without modifying the ROM (which the Game Genie simulates by essentially making temporary ROM patches).
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