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I guess it'd be possible to edit a Pokémon to be valid for GS purposes, if caught data has to be added that'd require ACEing Crystal. Complicated matters.
how would you do a memory editor in crystal like gs coin case one with a bad clone?
only crystal has caught data
i used this with the coin case memory editor to test but the ot of the Pokemon in first box will not change 9rAD?a can edit pokemon in party but its not working with Pokemon in current box and i can't get the id i want on a pokemon in my party its wrong i write the first byte then the second but the numbers not what i want i did  !/XZSZ and !/YZs9 but the id is not 
 11219 guess somethings wrong with this list then because i tried doing other ids and they worked. Seems s9 is turning it to b1 and not d3 idk why edit forgot to use the one with the comma but im still having a problem editing mons ot in pc box with B00286- 9rAC?a
bad clone ace only works on crystal right?
but if they do a Celebi event just like mew there won't be a way to change its id and ot so it transfers on non english versions
You're dealing with Coin Case ACE here. You either did something wrong... or you need to switch to BGB. ;)
i did do something wrong the first time i tried it with 8 great balls the Pokemon in first party slot was holding no item idk if that will affect it or you can only raise the index by 1 or 2 with 2 or 4 great balls I've tried 2 and 4 great balls and they work. edit: found out you have to use multiple stacks of great balls if you want to increase the index by more then 2
Item cloning is possible with Pokemon cloning. Now we need to find a way to do item mutation.

I've been playing around with this glitch for a while now and recently found a way to produce any item.  The process is almost the same as what TheZZAZZGlitch laid out in his video where he explained how to get Celebi.

Basically, you place 43 Fresh Water in your PC instead of 42, and you'll jump to the item of the first Pokemon in your party instead of the ID number.  Given the normal set up that would yield HM09 I think which can be sold for about 19000 Pokebucks...

This happens because the stack of 4 Great balls increases the index number of the item where TheZZAZZGlitch placed HM07 in the video, so you don't just get back the same item that you put in the PC.  Also, using only 2 Great Balls increases the index number by 1 and using multiple stacks of Great Balls will increase the index number in the same manner.

This can be helpful for getting stray items by finding base items that have an index number before theirs as you can swap out HM07 with other base items to mutate.  This way you don't even lose the item you were initially working with.

I don't know much assembly, but I know enough to understand the concepts behind how the glitch works.  Given that 42 Fresh Water correspond to changing the ID number of the first Pokemon in your party, subsequently adding Fresh Water with move you one byte further into the Pokemon's data allowing you to overwrite things like moves by having 44 to 47 Fresh Waters or EXP by having 50 to 52. 

There's a simple list of the data structure here:

An interesting way to use this is getting a level 100 by changing the EXP of a Pokemon and simply knocking out one wild Pokemon.  I'm pretty sure this takes 50 Fresh Water.

So there's a rudimentary form of item mutation and also access to all the Pokemon's stats and their Attacks, EXP, Friendship etc.

Oh, and a nice list of Pokemon, Moves, and Items by index number courtesy of TheZZAZZGlitch's video:
tried to do it with 8 great balls but it just cases game to white screen looks like it only works with 2 or 4 great balls which mean you have you do the glitch twice if swap the items out in the pc if you want to change the item into one that's more then 2 index numbers away
you can inject them into the vc if you have cfw and they just reuse the same emulator for all the games they changed a few things with the gen 1 vc emulator but it emulates just like the older one. edit tried it on the vc emulator and it does work so coin case stuff should work on the vc versions of gs as long as the terminator is not changed
has any one tried coin case ace on the gold sliver vc injects because i've heard coincase ace does not work on vba or the gb tower because of inaccurate emulation this may cause it not to work on gold sliver vc
want a ws m code to change the ot and trainer id of a pokemon so pikachu will still exit its ball when i change the name and trainer id
trying to change a Pokemon's item address with w sm i'm using this by Torchickens  I have the bootstrap and items correct but the Pokemon's item is still a berry when I see it on the trade.
Item 3: Lemonade x 217
Item 4: Carbos x 209
Item 5: X Accuracy x 113
Item 6: Water Stone x 201
tried the code but the pokemons just holding a berry have checked the bootstrap and the items and they are all correct
you can only get one earthquake tm in the  game is there a way to get any item with coin case ace

Probably not, but you really should of cloned any important TM's seeing as it's so easy to do in Generation II games. Changing the ID is definitely possible, Crystal_ showed me how to do it when I was playing through Crystal. I doubt a Celebi event will happen, but it's easy enough to get a Celebi through the coin case glitch, then if it's discovered a certain one will get through with the right trainer ID and player name, simply change it to that with ACE.

Yeah, sometimes the item requirements are an issue. Theoretically you could use a different code but it depends on whether you can create it without those one-off items. One solution to get TM26 Earthquake without clearing your game's save file if you're able to use 8F or ws m is to modify the held item address of a Pokémon to be transferred over to Generation II (DA9D for stored Pokémon 1 in Red/Blue or D171 for PC box Pokémon 1 in Yellow) to D9, which is the ID of TM26 (Earthquake).

Red/Blue stored Pokémon 1 method:

Item 3: Lemonade x 217
Item 4: Carbos x 218
Item 5: X Accuracy x 157
Item 6: Water Stone x 201

Yellow stored Pokémon 1 method:

Item 3: Lemonade x 217
Item 4: Carbos x 209
Item 5: X Accuracy x 113
Item 6: Water Stone x 201

Hope that helps.

How do i change what item it makes the pokemon hold?
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