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Generation III Glitch Discussion / Re: Hints in Gen III Trade Cloning
« on: October 16, 2017, 04:13:32 am »
There's a new report on this, this time with a video proof.

It's not using the GB Player, but two GBA SP, and it's been done between an english game and a french game.

However the internal battery was not working anymore in one game, which also was the case of the first person claming to success this trick. Apparently when he tried to clone the other way, it didn't work.
Thanks Torchickens, I was suspecting there was a way to smuggle out a Mew from a Select glitch but I wasn't sure, and didn't know about this other glitch. This made me realize the Yami Shop glitch works in our games, for some reason I believed it to be a jp-exclusive. Cool!
Interesting, because it is considered that the discovery of how to get Mew using instant encounter (aka "Mew Glitch") was made on 2ch by fifth in 2003, hence the first name given to the Ditto Trick, "fifth's method". This would mean the glitch was actually known among players and developers as soon as 1997?
For the record, I've checked this section of WRAM.

Bit 6 of $D72E ($D72D in Yellow, $D733 in european R/B, $D732 in european Yellow) must be full. You can put hex:40 as a value in this address for instance. :)
I see!

Do you have some elements about what I've been saying about TM17 in the first of my two recent posts? I may miss something as I'm still new to this.

Anyway, there's a lot of very useful informations, methods, regarding different ACE techniques with different setups and different vectors for codes in a lot of different thread in this sub-board so far. It may be a bit messy for newcomers, so I feel, if it's fine to everyone, that it could help to compile all data in a 'guide thread' asap. I can work on it and you guys could complete it if something's missing :)
As far as I know, addresses are the same in english and other european games, but you're right, the differences in characters could be a problem that would require some adaptation.

That being said, the easiest way to jump to box names using TM25 is through box 9, so I'm guessing using the code starting from this box should do the trick. I have no clue about the call issue in french games, maybe ISSOtm can answer that because he's more into game functions than I am.

EDIT: According to ISSOtm, pointers are indeed very different in other languages (315E in french, 313F in italian, 313E in spanish, 3179 in german). So, that means these codes have to be remade for each european games?
Hey Torchickens, nice codes!

I was wondering: technically, if we use TM25/17 to execute code from box names in european games, these codes would work exactly the same way, right?
On a side note, if you're not in a hurry to do this trick early in the game, you can use instead of Bellsprout a setup based on a Pokémon with Seismic Toss (Machop for example, the move must be in slot 1) which would be really easier to perform.

Just put the glitch Pokémon 000 in front of 5 other useless Pokémon (or clones) in your team, move the Pokémon with Seismic Toss at first slot, give the glitch Pokémon to the Daycare lady and store/withdraw the Pokémon with Seismic Toss which now has Mystery Egg attached. Then clone this Pokémon and take both eggs.
So, I've been digging a bit more today. I didn't do the full method, but tested the trick to get TMs in Balls Pocket, and it works very well! Once again, Kudos for that because it's a real improvement from the standard method, if we use box names.

If you use this to get TM25 and have your second Pokémon beat the following Pokémon:
Then using TM25 executes from Box name 9. I picked 9 because it's the box that requires the less Pokémon to fight, but another box can be used if you're willing to train more.

I have to say I'm a bit less hyped about TM17. $FA47 and $FA48 are indeed not a problem, but then, I couldn't find any way to use the first Pokémon to jump to box names directly, or relative jump to the standard Quagsire in slot 2. Level cannot be used because of status, status cannot be used because it's too complicated, HP cannot be used because if would required too much max HP, max HP and stat values cannot be used because of their first byte being hard to control. Therefore the only way to use this TM is indeed catch a low-level Pokémon and pray for it slides to Pokémon 2 without messing anything.

It's everyone choice to make, but to be honest I'm not a huge fan of setups in which 'everything will go right except something goes wrong'. In my opinion, the use of the "gifvex-luckytyphlosion method", but with TM25 (and a trained Pokémon), is currently the best method to perform ACE in european G/S.
Hmm, I see, thanks. I may try to figure out a couple of Pokémon (or a single Pokémon) to ensure that using TM17 ends up in a guaranteed good jump to box names these next days. As well as attempt to reroot TM25 to box names instead of PC items, so both TMs would be equivalent.

I'm guessing there's a way to get TM25 the way you generated TM17?
Yeah well, since I don't play english games at all I'm not familiar with that Quagsire stuff that was used mainly with Coin Case so far and always forget about it. I get now that the idea would be to jump to box names then, and not use PC Items. In this case indeed underflowing the Balls pocket is not a necessity and avoiding it is cool :)

Still, wouldn't it be an improvement if we could come up with another set of Pokémon to face for your second Pokémon, in order  that TM25 jumps directly to box names? I understand having a low-level Pokémon makes TM17 reliable in most cases but it is still assuming that everything goes right, where TM25 used with the correct EVs is a direct jump. Unless we can configure the couple "Max HP + Attack stat" of Pokémon 1 for a jump when TM17 is used. In that case, it would be easy for this Pokémon to have a 'good' level, no status and no current HP.
Thanks about unterminated names, I wasn't sure about this.

However, you don't need to run through DVs with TM25 because as far as I know, it starts reading EVs of Pokémon 2. Theoretically, battling 16 Raticate, 60 Tentacool, 1 Nidorina, 2 Rattata and 2 Smeargle gives the Pokémon the correct EV, so it jumps directly to PC items.

So if I understand correctly your method, the reading would slide to Pokémon 2 provided that lvl and stat values are not breaking it? And then what are the addresses that you would use to jump to somewhere else and where to? I don't have fully in mind what Crystal_ ended with while working on stack corruption.

I'm not trying to annoy you lucky, sorry. Your method is truely cool! I'm just, for personal use in my current game, weighing pros and cons regarding the benefits of not getting the expanded balls pocket that would be beneficial if your ace ends up in PC items anyway, and keeping in mind that with the 'getting a bad clone part' you have done the most difficult part of having that expanded pocket :)
Thanks for the guide, it's really interesting! I made a method of my own (although for TM25) recently which involved a Pokémon with Clamp and another with Low Kick, ending up in getting 4 items compatible with getting the expanded balls pocket (2 Machine Part and 2 SecretPotions) but that's an cool alternative that doesn't use it. Good job with this one!

I'm not familiar with TM17, where does it executes from? We usually reroot TM25 into PC items (using a trained Pokémon in party slot 2 as I've setup in another thread), so using the expanded balls pocket make sense then because it allows a quick item cloning.

PS: I also feel like it should be noted that there is a way to convert pseudo-Bad Clones (those who can be male and lvl > 0) into real Bad Clones using the traditional Bad Clone Trick (that relies on unterminated name corruption).
So this is just if someone wish to perform TM-based ACE in G/S without requiring another game to link with.

In G/S, we use TM25 instead of TM33. It has the advantage to execute code from YOUR party and not the enemy's party (which made mandatory to have another game). We already knew that Machine Part and SecretPotions that were mandatory for the expanded balls pocket could be obtained through the Bad Clone Glitch, but because you would need a Pokémon with exactly 195 (modulo 256) Def EV and 6102 Speed EV, most people continued using a 1G game in order to use 8F/4F/wslm to modify a Pokémon this way and send it to 2G.

Someone had to make the calculations, so here it is. Pick an untrained Pokémon and make it win against 16 Raticate, 60 Tentacool, 1 Nidorina, 2 Rattata and 2 Smeargle. Theoretically you would now have the correct EVs and thus, you wouldn't require any trade with a 1G game.
Generation II Glitch Discussion / Re: Friend Ball glitch
« on: October 05, 2017, 03:32:07 am »
Thanks SatoMew! Do you have any idea why do japanese can store 10 more Pokémon per box?

Anyway, maybe someone can correct the disassembly then. Someone probably was under the impression that a caught Pokémon goes in the last slot and thought this function was glitched.
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