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I've actually made a thread about 4F, right in this board. You can find it here:  ;D

And yeah, I think it's always a better shot and always recommend people to use this item instead, at least in yellow :)
Congratulations on making your own code! It's a very nice one  ;D
Encounter table addresses are well-known, so using the generic one-value changing allows you to use the quantity of item 3 (Lemonade) as the level of one Pokémon.

In this case, if you want to modify all the addresses that controls the available Pokémon, you could use this code 10 times with a quantity of X Accuracy being 154, 152, 150, 148, 146, 144, 142, 140, 138 and 136 and the same quantity of Lemonade.

Creating a code that changes all Pokémon in one take would be rather hard to make, though. However, I was able to make one that changes all common battles level, thanks to ISSOtm's GBZ80toItems.

Any item xAny
Lemonade x(level)
Carbos x216
X Accuracy x136
Water Stone x44
Poké Ball x34
HP Up x34
Awakening x142
Potion x105
Burn Heal x119
TM01 xAny

It is worth noting that this can be seen as a code 'changing one value each two addresses on a 8-address total to (level) starting at $(hex quantity of Carbos)(hex quantity of X Accuracy)'. Thus, having a quantity of X Accuracy of 144 instead will change the uncommon battles.
Pokémon Discussion / Re: How do we get event Pokemon for Platinum
« on: November 30, 2017, 08:56:36 am »
As often with glitches, if a glitch is performed the exact right way, it's safe. Done without being careful, it could lead to catastrophies :)
Generation IV Glitch Discussion / Re: Obtaining Arceus via the Void Glitch
« on: November 30, 2017, 08:55:18 am »
Btw can anyone get a hold of Cryo? He hasn't been online in forever and since he was the one who figured all this out as far as the technical part I was hoping if I could ask him if he could help me find Platinum glitches.
Thank for all the help!

BTW, note that you can edit your posts if you have something to add, instead of making a new one :)
Pokémon Discussion / Re: How do we get event Pokemon for Platinum
« on: November 30, 2017, 06:20:52 am »
None as of now, sorry
Generation IV Glitch Discussion / Re: Obtaining Arceus via the Void Glitch
« on: November 30, 2017, 04:49:43 am »
Can you stop multiposting like that, please?

There is no way to explore the void in Platinum because of walls, but if you cheat with a walk through walls code, you could theorically do it. Otherwise this glitch, as well as catching Shaymin or Darkrai, are D/P exclusive.
Forum Announcements / Re: Name Changes
« on: November 28, 2017, 10:24:41 am »
So it seems you finally thought of a name  ;D
Really? That's so lame  :-\
Hmm, that's a very interesting idea...

I guess we could use OAM DMA Hijacking? OAM DMA routine is FF80-FF89. Using the item setup to modify this routine to jump, at each frame, to other items, and writing a code with these items that affect DA40 to DA45 may work. I could try that to be sure...
Arbitrary Code Execution Discussion / Re: Verifying 8F code
« on: November 28, 2017, 01:35:24 am »
Happy that your problem was solved :)

To be able to solve alone this kind of issues without having to wait for an answer, you can read this, starting at paragraph 2:

Maybe we need a newcomer's guide to 1G ACE too!
That's very nice, we could add that to the newcomers guide!
Ah, all right, I get it. The code starts from the third item. I'll give it a shot, thanks a ton.

It's not irrelevant to question the position of 8F in a given code. The code indeed starts at third item, but the identity and quantity of items 1 and 2 can actually be important, if the code uses their value to do something. The most common case of this is a code that uses a specific quantity of any item in position 2 and then stores this quantity into A for some utility later in the code (for example by starting the code with the opcode 'dec l' followed by 'ld a,(hl)', or by starting with 'ld a,(hld)' a.k.a. 'ld a,(hl-)' or 'ldd a,(hl)' which loads (HL) into A then decrement HL, then any opcode to load (HL) into A again).
Many tricks involving the second item exists, including codes to actually change what the second item is. None of this is the case in what Couldntthinkofaname gave you, but it's a good reaction to actually pay attention to the availability of item 2.

The best is always to understand codes, so you can be sure of what to do. It doesn't require insane programming skills most of the times. I say a lot that even though this board is made to help people (and we are very happy too) most questions asked about code execution could have been solved by the user if he just tried to understand a bit how it works by reading already available explanations. Your question was of course a bit technical, but if it can help, here is, for your information, how a '8F noob' could have solved this problem on its own:

You already did the whole difficult job by pointing out that:
- A Pokémon is shiny when all of its DV are 10, except for the Attack, which can be several values (but never lower than 2)
- Any Pokémon with an attack DV of 2 is female, except for the very specific class of Pokémon with a 7:1 male:female ratio.
- As a result, these Pokémon will never be shiny AND female, but any other shiny Pokémon with an attack DV of 2 will be female.

As pointed out in dozens of posts in this very thread (the last time was 14 days ago: there is a generic 8F code that changes a game data. Using it, you would have found out that, for example, the Attack and Defense DV of Stored Pokémon 1 is controlled by $DAB1. Problem: it is not explained how to differenciate between Attack and Defense DV... Well, the answer is given two posts after the previous one: DVs are coded in half-bytes, meaning that the value of $DAB1 for both DV to be 10 would be AA (as A is 10 in hexadecimal) and therefore, 2A would give an attack DV of 2 and a defense DV of 10.

With this in mind, you could have figured out this item list for yourself:
Item 1: any item
Item 2: 8F
Item 3: Lemonade x42 (2 Attack, A [10] Defense)
Item 4: X Accuracy x177 (decimal equivalent of B1)
Item 5: Carbos x218 (decimal equivalent of DA)
Item 6: Poké Ball x119
Item 7: Fresh Water x201

Of course, this solves the problem by changing an already shinyfied Pokémon to a female. It doesn't change the Speed/Special DV, unlike the code given by Couldntthinkofaname which makes 2/10/10/10 (and therefore should not be used if you want a male shiny). I used no knowledge AT ALL in opcodes to write this to show that anyone could have done that, but to create a code like the one he did, you would indeed need some basics. Maybe I can advise you to read the relevant informations in section IV.10 of the newcomers guide to 2G ACE since opcodes are exactly the same in the first generation, obviously :)

A last note: in the generic code that changes ONE value, by having 34 Poké Ball and following with a quantity of Max Revive, you can directly change the value of the following address as well.
Item 1: any item
Item 2: 8F
Item 3: Lemonade x(value to give to address)
Item 4: X Accuracy x('last two numbers' of the address)
Item 5: Carbos x('first two numbers' of the address)
Item 6: Poké Ball x34
Item 7: Max Revive x(value to give to the following address)
Item 7: Fresh Water x201

Which in our case can be solved by using 42 Lemonade, 177 X Accuracy, 218 Carbos and 170 Max Revive so that it does the same thing than couldntthinkofaname's code.

Hope it helps. Have fun with ACE!
Yes it would. According to one of MAP's sources on PRAMA's Discord server, all Celebi from G/S are indeed blocked.

Why didn't they do that with Mew in Gen I, though?
This was a Gen II distribution, no? No way it passes since you couldn't pass Pokémon from Gen II to Gen III.

However starting from the HG/SS event Celebi WIN2011 that unlocks the battle with Giovanni, there has been at least 4 distributed Celebi: this one, the one from the Bank in 2014, the GF one in 2016, and the Ilex one.

Among them, the one from the Bank is the only that has your OT and ID. Therefore I'm not sure it is important to have a specific OT/ID. However, the lvl (10), moves (Recover Heal Bell Safeguard Hold Back) and ability (Natural Cure) may be important.

Unless they blocked every Celebi coming from G/S.
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