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There is, if you override the map's script and re-set the battle types to "wild". I think. I'm not sure how it's set but I think that's how.
Ooh, this makes me wonder if there's a way to get in the Safari Zone and fight the Pokemon normally.
I know you can just go to Cinnabar, but THAT'S BORING!
I'd say it's almost definitely a dream you had.

I was totally convinced a couple years ago that Irish-language versions of the legendary bird trio had been printed in the Trading Card Game for one specific event in Dublin. I had thought this for a long time, decided one day to try to get my hands on some, only for everyone to tell me they don't exist. I dreamt it.
General Discussion / Re: The Member's Guide to Topiclessness
« Last post by Parzival on Yesterday at 09:27:43 am »
I'm done. This is some raging horseshit.
Tech Help / Re: Perfect opportunity
« Last post by Parzival on Yesterday at 09:26:34 am »
somehow install a9lh or b9 on it, then open devmenu or however this shits is called and the next time an employee looks at it, accuse him of being a filthy pirate
I don't have SD access, nor does it seem Home menu access. Boot-up key combos don't seem to work either, but I'm probably doing those wrong.
Tech Help / Re: Perfect opportunity
« Last post by ISSOtm on Yesterday at 07:57:39 am »
somehow install a9lh or b9 on it, then open devmenu or however this shits is called and the next time an employee looks at it, accuse him of being a filthy pirate
Things that don't require large amounts of alerting-the-employees.
Tech Help / Re: Perfect opportunity
« Last post by natanelho on Yesterday at 07:30:32 am »
somehow install a9lh or b9 on it, then open devmenu or however this shits is called and the next time an employee looks at it, accuse him of being a filthy pirate
this is a sub-glitch, not very easy and only tried it on VC pokemon blue english ver, but I see no reason it wont work elsewhere.
it might be not an original finding, while I did find it by myself, I googled it and no results so I assume it is something new...
step 1- get a glitch item that lets you walk through walls- I used item number 148 (94 hex). might add a tut for this later (basically either with item underflow or ACE, I recommend the letter tho its a little slower to set up)
step 2- enter the safari zone building
step 3- stand in the left lane in the entrance and face right:

step 4- use the glitch item, close the pokemon menu and walk one step to the left. now you are invisible so you should count your steps to know where you stand
step 5- walk a few steps up so you will be one or more tiles north to the line of sight of the safari worker. if you started in the place where I showed in the picture you should walk exactly 3 tiles upward.
step 6- open pokemon menu again to stop walking through walls as you cant enter the saffari without it.
step 7- enter the saffari- you have 0 steps and 0 (safari) balls- do as you please! sad thing is you still need to play with the rocks and safari balls....

if you want to leave the safari zone just walk out of the safari and decline when they offer you to pay 500$ for what you just did for free lol

dont know if it is useful for anybody, hope it is...
also I am not a native englisher, dont try to shame me for using this damn lang wrong
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: Yellow MissingNo.'s faces
« Last post by Zheria on Yesterday at 06:19:28 am »
Something else cool about yellow missingno is that it changes into either rattata or raticate upon entering into to battle with either rattata or raticate. Just something cool to add to that pokemon theory about Gary's Raticate.  I will upload pics later today.
There is a way to start a battle directly, but it's pointless to try nesting battles since the nested battle will overwrite the data for the nesting battle. So you'll end up finishing the nested battle twice.
The 3-Pokémon setup does jump to $D322, but it does so by directly writing the jump instruction, therefore leaving hl pointing at the party count (D1idon'tremember instead of D322)

Actually processing text shouldn't be too hard, you just have to call a proper offset, but figuring out what the hell to do was the hardest thing I ever did in this game.
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