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It looks awesome !
Oh, but, this strangely reminds me of a certain Pikablu cheat code... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
General Discussion / Re: So i read this thread
« on: May 25, 2017, 07:36:17 am »
It's more computers and programming. Since I'm really into that.
General Discussion / Re: So i read this thread
« on: May 24, 2017, 03:10:48 pm »
Nah np, I also tend to only speak of one thing. Only here it's in-topic so it works fine. But don't worry about me :)
General Discussion / Re: So i read this thread
« on: May 24, 2017, 09:34:42 am »
I understand, but that Korrina thing is in almost all of her posts. I say thing because I start to find it irrelevant to the topics said posts are in... but as I said, it just annoys me. I didn't say it's against the forum rules - tbh I don't know them off by heart, I just follow "be nice and polite and kick trolls in the ass".

If you're only thinking about Korrina always, that's okay (but I find it rather strange, don't mind me)
General Discussion / Re: So i read this thread
« on: May 24, 2017, 07:33:23 am »
Well I bear no grudge against you, maybe what annoys me the most in your posts are your smileys (but that's just my taste :D).
You're not a bad person. I think we've met way worse (like the Prism Discord, anyone ?). It's cool to be what you are.

Also, we know you love Korrina x9000001019911909191, you can stop saying it now. I'm starting to find it creepy. It's fine if you do, but please, stop spamming ^^'
Introductions / Re: Anyone remember me?
« on: May 23, 2017, 03:25:52 pm »
No, I don't remember you. Probably because I'm too new to the forums ? :3
But welcome back, then ! Glitchiness has evolved a whole lot recently. Like, beating SMB3 in two seconds, streaming Skype live on a SNES, playing any game on Pokémon Yellow...
We're going places, and oh boy is it good. We're inventing viruses, creating exploits that'd have spawned legendary craziness in schoolyards 20 years ago, creating ACE on games that lack it, you want it you got it ! Except patching ROM on-the-fly.
If you got any questions you'll get them answered, the forums are active yet again !

Also Torchickens is a really nice admin. Logs in at least once a day. And Abwayax shows up regularly.

Credits in order of apparition :
Whoever made SMB3 in 2:00, TASVideos in general
The AGDQ 2017 TAS team
Torchickens (again)
Well, like everything, the hardware decays, and produces some read errors, write fails, etc.
You can always 1. take care of it, and 2. repair the components. I prefer the former ^^
Pokémon Glitch Discussion / Re: List of Japan only tricks
« on: May 23, 2017, 03:05:50 pm »
The Old Man Glitch comes from the localization devs changing which tile determines random encounters but failing to apply the change to which tile determines the encounter type.

Still, seeing what masses of bugs they patched (the JP versions were a bunch of bugs held together by some non-lethal ones plus a few non-glitchy bytes :P), I can forgive them for that.
(For example, they had to re-write the entire text engine just so they could fit the localized strings. GG, Game Freak.)
You can't use all of bank 0. Right before HoF are sprite decompression buffers.
And they take a fair share of that SRAM bank.
Maybe you can store some extra code, IIRC there are unused memory segments in banks 1 to 3.

Your solution might be a pain to implement. But since I'm not going to try - I've got other things on my schedule lately - I can't tell for sure.
I just took the time to read the first post - it was 4am yesterday, don't blame me - and I'll share my thoughts.

First, modifying code would be hugely difficult, namely because of all the branching that would have to be patched. Doing this would be very time-consuming, and even double-speed mode would make it very difficult. Imagine, you'd have to turn all branching operations into something else, BUT you can't just look for the corresponding bytes, because they could be operands.

Second problem is, the game may spend most of its time doing nothing - that's actually good programming practice, it saves battery - it's not always the case. Watch the CPU activity meter in BGB, and you'll see sometimes it's full.

Third : the GB's memory is too small to be able to run code like that. Patching data reads is possibly feasible, but not code. "But the GBC has much more memory !" Yes, but it's banked. Meaning, if the code we run is in WRAM bank, say, 2, the data is in bank 1. And while there is unused memory in bank 1 (DEE2-DFA0~B0   <- DF00-DFFE is stack space, but the stack never goes past DFA0 unless using 9F) it's small. 128 bytes isn't enough in my opinion.

Fourth : interrupts. The VBlank interrupt uses WRAM bank 1, so we would have to disable the VBlank interrupt, eventually switch to bank 1 and wait for it.
This does imply patching all functions that wait for VBlank.

Here's my idea, which is somewhat a lighter version of this :
- Copy the modified versions of the routines at start-up in WRAM, including the overworld loop
- Have a loader in SRAM (probably bank 0) that provides functions to read and write to WRAM bank 1 (since code isn't in bank 1)
To know what to copy, we'd need an external storage, right ? Here are my solutions :
- Have a table transferred by serial cable from a cartridge whose SRAM is dedicated to that
- Save such a table in our own SRAM ; I'm not sure if that is really feasible, but for example we could remove the Hall of Fame functionalities to benefit from the whole SRAM bank 0.
   Of course, this also means no glitchmon sprites. But we could patch the sprite decompression routine to never overflow.
- Cartswap !

That's what I think of it. Main problem with this is that unlike the Wii, the GB has no "disc read" handlers, no threaded processing, nothing. We are much more limited, so I think your concept isn't possible, but by restricting ourselves it possibly could.
If we can wield this thing and use it to execute arbitrary code IN OTHER GAMES, I think this just might be possible!
And then this comes into play ! :D
If you want to get into big ACE things, I recommend you use the BGB emulator. Once you get used to its not very intuitive UI, you'll love its powerful debugger, memory watcher, etc.

And if you already got it, then you made a very good choice :D
Pokémon Discussion / Re: Debug menus in Japanese Crystal
« on: May 19, 2017, 03:20:20 pm »
It also depends on the ROM's localization AFAIK, but I'd need Wakc0 to confirm that.
I've been trying to bootstrap to DA80 with pokemon for a while but I'm not very good with asm so it involves a pokemon with 128218 defence
I'm not even kidding...
Once GBA4IOS comes back I'll be able to test this and post it as a proof of concept.
It's not possible for a Pokémon to have 128218 DEF stat. (Hardware) maximum is 65535.

Also, this has been PoC'd already on GB, GBC and GBA, and it works fine. You can still get such a save for your personal use, though.
Well, VBA is a pretty bad emulator (even more for the GB than the GBA), so first of all I think you should switch to either BGB, Gambatte, or at the very least VBA-M.
I'm not sure this will fix the error, though.
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