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please guys some one can help me? :(
This is in fact a tremendously good thing  O_o. I dodged a bullet there, thank you ;D. Well okay, so i guess i have to adjust the pokemon stored as well as the items used in the inventory(?). Can you tell me a resource where i could find information about the memory allocation across different localizations?
I find this funny since when I was 5 or 6 I still had Pokemon Red, a Gameshark and my GBC, and I found these while cheating my young ass off. These are what got me into corruptions.

God, the nostalgia...
You should've started with the fact that it's a German copy. This is also gonna shift s**t around in memory, so you'll need to modify your code.

It's a good thing you asked, huh?
Hey guys, I hope some of you can help me. I wanted to get a Gen 1 mew on my Gen 7 game and I ran into a problem:

I followed these instructions
to set up my 2DS' Pokemon Yellow VC to get a legit mew for bringing it to my pokemon moon game.

After gathering all pokemon for my pc and of course the ws# #m# i double checked all my setups and came across the fact, that my item is actually called ws#l'#m# and this frightened me of course.

I went to the big list checking if i have made a mistake with my p'pkmn p' encounter. But this exact item name does not exist. It looks like a mix between Hex 63 and 67.

I am not sure if this is the consequence of using a german game, which maybe shifts some characters due to the additional umlauts on the keyboard or if this is just a wrong item. Fearing to corrupt my savefile, destroying the work I put in I woul'd like to ask you if anyone knows the answer to my problem.

I would really appreciate it since I'm starting to like glitching games and finding techniques to exploit programming errors
and would like to be more active in this community :D

Thank you in advance  :)
Arbitrary Code Execution Discussion / Re: Nothing seem to match
« Last post by drc on Today at 06:07:52 am »
BGB is the bane of my existence. Required due to its accuracy for stable unstable, but it freezes and doesn't let me close a lot, and also there's no way to set the keys as shift+F1 so I can make it more like VBA. Also in order to view the controls you have to click 'set keys' and/or check'set extra keys'. It's just a fucking mess. Someone needs to make a hybrid between BGB (accuracy) and VBA (layout)
Generation VI Glitch Discussion / Re: Gender determination bug
« Last post by drc on Today at 05:21:29 am »
Bulbapedia has it wrong, Pokemon.wikia has it wrong, SERIBII didn't even update all of them... We've got it all wrong... 11.9, not 12.5. It's pretty fucking stupid how we've taken this long to find out just a little bit of shitty coding. We've found so much about the red/blue code but sun/moon? We fucked up big time. There's apparently only one dataminer who even fucking cares about genders and we got this... That's bullshit
dude calm down

you could make this argument about that whole tentacool grass glitch in the spanish version of red and blue.
I decided to research this subject and made some really interesting finds.

When displaying items in a list, the game first has to decide what type of list it is, like is it an item and quantity list or are we just displaying items in sequence?

This is controlled by memory address CF94 (CF93 in Yellow) and these are the menu type IDs:

00: Your Pokémon in the current box with levels. If forced in the inventory the Pokémon will still act like the items you have.
01: Move IDs in sequence. If you had Master Ball x97 this would appear as Pound (dec:01), Agility (dec:97). If forced in the inventory they will act as the items as if entry 1 was item 1 and entry 2 was item 1's quantity but as an item and so on. Curiously entries may act as unterminated name glitch items and thus require that you use them where a 0x50 sub-tile is on the screen.
02: Items in sequence, no quantities. We can thus convert quantities into items you can use if you replace the items pack with it. Used by Poké Marts.
03: Regular items pack. Key items have their quantities hidden. Used by the inventory and item PC.
04(+?): Items in sequence, no quantities (again).

When you talk to the badge man or use a lift (Celadon Department Store, Rocket Hideout, Silph Co.) the game uses list type 04, although these may be interpreted as key items hence not have quantities even if the list type was 03.

List types do not apply to the fossil list if you talk to the scientist in Cinnabar Lab with more than one fossil, so seem to be handled differently.

CF8B (CF8A in Yellow) also controls the pointer to the entries in the list. For inventory items CF8B is 1D D3 (D31D) because that is where our items begin. For stored PC items CF8B is 3A D5 (D53A). For box entries it's 80 DA (DA80), which likewise is where stored Pokémon in the current box begin.

For Poké Marts, the badge man and lifts the pointer is 7B CF (CF7B), and the data here gets written to beforehand depending on which list you opened. Notice that the Poké Mart first item code is 01xx7CCF. This is why using the code will change the badge man's list entries and lift list entries as well.

If you use an invalid entry in a lift list it doesn't matter as only the position counts, so if you replaced entry 2 and it was 2F with a Master Ball it would still take you to the second floor.

However, it turns out invalid badge man entries can bring up glitch text boxes, and this is actually the subject of a glitch in Japanese Red/Green/Blue. In that glitch the badge items are represented in the code as such:

Code: [Select]
15 16 17 18 19 1A 1B 1C FF

グレーバッジ [0x15]
ブルーバッジ [0x16]
オレンジバッジ [0x17]
レインボーバッジ [0x18]
ピンクバッジ [0x19]
ゴールドバッジ [0x1A]
クリムゾンバッジ [0x1B]
グリーンバッジ [0x1C]

What happens when you swap one of these entries with another is similar to how the duplicate key items glitch works in Generation II. The game will 'pretend' that the list was an item+quantity list, like this:

グレーバッジ x 22
オレンジバッジ x 24
ピンクバッジ x 26
クリムゾンバッジ x 28

It's hard to picture how this will affect the actual list, but let's say we pretend the items list has quantities and we swapped グレーバッジ x 22 with オレンジバッジ x 24, we would get

オレンジバッジ x 24
グレーバッジ x 22
ピンクバッジ x 26
クリムゾンバッジ x 28

Back into a list of entries only this would be:

オレンジバッジ [0x17]
レインボーバッジ [0x18]
グレーバッジ [0x15]
ブルーバッジ [0x16]
ピンクバッジ [0x19]
ゴールドバッジ [0x1A]
クリムゾンバッジ [0x1B]
グリーンバッジ [0x1C]

And this is what actually happens in game, explaining why the グレーバッジ [0x15] and ブルーバッジ [0x16] were shifted down two slots instead of just swapping places.

But you can get glitch entries like this too:

The reason why seems to be because the game is pretending that the entries we're swapping have quantities then there are only a limited number of 'item+quantity' pairs until we go past the end of the buffer and corrupt unrelated data. We can bring up glitch entries this way or even corrupt the lower byte of the list pointer, which could bring a lot more glitch entries to select and allow us to access more than eight entries.

This could even theoretically result in the corruption of CFBF, so if you escaped from battle using a partial escape glitch item beforehand then maybe you could catch any(!) Pokémon and glitch Pokémon (except maybe for FF; you can't anything the game would interpret as Cancel and bad/division by 0 growth rate glitch Pokémon) without CoolTrainer/unterminated glitch item with specific screen data, and this could probably be more convenient than Fossil conversion glitch.

Maybe you could corrupt D036 (instant encounter) as well just by swapping entries around.

Something that still stands though is this; what happens when non-badge entries are selected? I'll be researching this as it could allow for arbitrary code execution if it allows for text code, and the text code is in WRAM and you can place an 08 at the beginning of the text code, marking that bytes after it are executed as assembly.

Edit: I put together a way to get Mew but it's ridiculously difficult in practise. Will upload a video soon.
You are more than fairly correct in your assumption. Luckily we were able to secure an alternative way !

Code: [Select]
    8 Pokémon in your current PC box
    Seel as the 1st Pokémon in the current PC box
    Parasect as the 2nd Pokémon in the current PC box
    Pidgey as the 3rd Pokémon in the current PC box
    Magikarp as the 4th Pokémon in the current PC box
    Psyduck as the 5th Pokémon in the current PC box
    Flareon as the 6th Pokémon in the current PC box
    Tentacool as the 7th Pokémon in the current PC box
    Female Nidoran as the 8th Pokémon in the current PC box
    Finally, Seel's HP must be 233

Then you're ready to go !
...Except for a slight complication. You actually need to change the items, too - the new setup's compatibility is limited.
Code: [Select]
Item you want to increase x1
Burn or ice heal x43
Revive x201
ws# #m#

Here ! If it doesn't work or anything... Then tell us here ! I didn't test this out, but it oughta work.

Note for future readers : the bootstrap's code is
Code: [Select]
$DA80 <- 3A || ldd a, (hl) ; a = 08
$DA81 <- 2E ||
$DA82 <- 21 || ld l, 24
$DA83 <- 85 || add l ; a = 2C
$DA84 <- 2F || cpl ; a = D3
$DA85 <- 67 || ld h,a ; hl = D324
$DA86 <- 18 ||
$DA87 <- 0F || jr 0F ; pc = DA97
$DA97 <- E9 || jp (hl) ; pc = D324

Well i have in box the pokemon u wrote from seel 233hp to famale nidoran and 3 but don t work. i tryed again with pokemon in the guide like no pidgly but growlithe and 3 more random pokemon as the guide i posted sayed. i try to move item ws m at the end in my bag as you sayed but without success. So how i can success in duplicate x255 item and crate item? i repeat my game is in italian language... can u help me please? thanks again for ur answer mate.
at last i want show you my screen of the game cuz i notice a bit different between ur item and mine. your is only "ws m" while mine is "ws & m" dunno if this is important or not...i give a pic for you.. thanks for help! ( )
Generation VI Glitch Discussion / Re: Gender determination bug
« Last post by SnorlaxMonster on Yesterday at 08:47:47 am »
Bulbapedia has it wrong, Pokemon.wikia has it wrong, SERIBII didn't even update all of them... We've got it all wrong... 11.9, not 12.5. It's pretty fucking stupid how we've taken this long to find out just a little bit of shitty coding. We've found so much about the red/blue code but sun/moon? We fucked up big time. There's apparently only one dataminer who even fucking cares about genders and we got this... That's bullshit
I don't necessarily think this is a fair complaint. The nominal ratios are the ones worth noting in general, since they apply across generations. The skewing in Gen III-V (that also applies to Gen VI-VII) has been long documented, although noone noticed the new bug introduced in Gen VI.

For example, on Bulbapedia, the Pokemon pages list the nominal ratios (the only sensible thing to list), but the PID page explains how gender is actually calculated.
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