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want a ws m code to change the ot and trainer id of a pokemon so pikachu will still exit its ball when i change the name and trainer id
Thought I would update this thread with some info on Italian MissingNo.

Torchickens has already researched it slightly, but for those who don't know, Italian MissingNo simply freezes the game when attempting to view its sprite due to the sound bank being changed. Getting a clear cut of its sprite even when fixing the sound bank is hard because so much garble gets in the way due to a buffer overflow. I had an idea with Photon-Phoenix last night which involved altering the Pewter Museum fossils to show MissingNo instead.

It worked, and there was a clear image, but everything was garbled around MissingNo. The music also became a cacophony of decibels.

I got a video of it (TURN DOWN YOUR VOLUME)

Here's the sprite cut out of the display box:

More interestingly, MissingNo appears different in Italian Blue than Red, the difference being subtle but enough:

You can do this yourself using Torchicken's sound bank fix, codes 0102EFC0 & 0102F0C0. The Fossil modifier for the display case is 01xx96CF.
Yep, the bootstrap code in your party is basically
- set hl to D322
- jump to hl

So in your items code you can always assume hl is D322.
It is D322 because of the boostrap code.

Remember the execution is done IN YOUR TEAM and you reroot it to item 3 (which is $D322)
lol imagine somebody who wants to hack their n64 asks an expert to do the job, the expert comes with 4 pokemon carts and controllers and starts doing funny busyness... (I know it isnt really helpful for piracy/hacking)

great news! if its possible to write data from gen1 carts to the n64 ram, and then run the code why cant we just pass a small loop that instructs the n64 to write from controller or at least from the gb ram, which can be connected to a tas to write data super fast?
Rebattle Mewtwo

Code: [Select]
ld a,01 ; a = 1
dec a ; a = 0, necessary because you can't have 0 of an item
inc b ; useless filler
ld hl,$d85f ; hl = d85f
ld (hl),a ; d85f = 0
ld ($d5c0),a ; d5c0 = 0
ret ; return

You can have 0 of an item actually.

- 8F
- Item you want 0 of x1
- Pokéball x43
- Revive x201

Code: [Select]
inc b ;junk
dec hl ;hl is now D321, thats item 2 quantity identifier.
dec (hl) ; decrease the quantity of (hl) by 1.
about that code for 0 quantity of item 2- you assume hl contains D322 before the execution, how can you know that?
more general question- what are the states of the registers before using 8f, and do I have to return them to that state for the game to work properly?
sorry I'm new in glitching, and I did a few codes already including one that changes item-1 quantity to 0, and it took me 3 items instead of 2 because I didn't know the values of the registers and had to insert the values manually...
Are you using R/B or Yellow ?
trying to change a Pokemon's item address with w sm i'm using this by Torchickens  I have the bootstrap and items correct but the Pokemon's item is still a berry when I see it on the trade.
Item 3: Lemonade x 217
Item 4: Carbos x 209
Item 5: X Accuracy x 113
Item 6: Water Stone x 201
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