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Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: Japanese Glitch Pokemon Research
« Last post by Torchickens on Yesterday at 04:55:09 pm »
Good luck and have fun with your research! :)

I don't know much about these glitch Pokémon either, though I remember this website had a list of glitch Pokémon names and I have a vague memory of someone documenting アネ゛デパミ (hex:FF)'s moves.
I know there are glitch Pokemon with movesets and evolutions read from writable memory, but what do all the other ones do?

Is there a Pokemon that takes its stats or TM moves from writable memory? That could be fun to tinker with...

Technically, Fossil and Ghost MissingNo. can be manipulated to have different base stats and/or a different TM/HM learnset but it has to be taken from an existing Pokémon or glitch Pokémon.

Otherwise I don't think so as all data (except for pointers within the data) for Pokédex numbers (where the TM/HM data is stored) end up in ROM, and the TM/HM data is just a series of eight bytes wherever in the ROM the game ends up (TM/HM flags).

However, there is the possibility of a glitch Pokémon with a sprite from RAM. If so there is a slim chance we might even be able to assign a custom sprite without OAM hacking, but it would also have to have the dimensions data (not manipulable and from the ROM) assigned to that glitch Pokémon. In other words it seems there could be a size limit for that sprite, and for glitch Pokémon with a x0 dimension their sprites could still freeze the game.
I know there are glitch Pokemon with movesets and evolutions read from writable memory, but what do all the other ones do?

Is there a Pokemon that takes its stats or TM moves from writable memory? That could be fun to tinker with...
The data for glitch Pokémon Pokédex is retrieved from a specific location in the Game Boy address BUS. In Pokémon Red, this address should be the value of register de when a breakpoint is set to 10:436D and the Pokémon's Pokédex entry is loaded.

A good number of glitch Pokémon take their data from writable memory, including:

BF: 9183
C0: 8B88
C6: 8F50
C7: 9180
C8: 8D84
CE: 8F50
CF: 888E
D0: 8E92
D2: 888F
D6: B417*
D8: 8550
D9: 8880
DA: 9891
DC: AA00*
E0: 8893
E1: 988D
E2: 817F
E3: 9188
E9: 8150
EA: 8B80
EE: CB17*
EF: 8350
F1: 8891
F2: 8B8B
F8: 8487
F9: 8C91
FA: 9388
FB: 9182
FC: 8180
FE: C203*

(You must have not set the glitch Pokémon's capture flag to see its Pokédex entry)

Thanks to the Pokémon Red disassembly, we know the data is formatted like this.

*(Species string terminated by 50).
*Four bytes apparently affecting height and weight.
*Text code.

While the text code (usually?) begins with 17, which is apparently the "text far" command we could replace it with 08, which allows us to execute arbitrary code following the 08.

The addresses marked with an asterisk probably have the most potential to be abused. In particular D6 (B417) and DC (AA00), which is somewhere in the Hall of Fame data for SRAM bank 0.

When I caught a glitch Pokémon it appears that the SRAM was left open, so hopefully we may be able to add a bootstrap code here to items or a different location to execute arbitrary code, provided that we catch a 0xD6 or 0xDC with the LOL glitch.

Chances are if you are able to catch these glitch Pokémon using the LOL glitch you already have access to the expanded items pack, which sadly makes this glitch unnecessary as you could modify the map script in the expanded items pack or bring up an 8F for arbitrary code execution but it's still a nice glitch.
Project "Gotta Document 'Em All" / Re: Project "Gotta Document 'Em All!"
« Last post by Torchickens on Yesterday at 02:15:12 pm »
I am going to invest some more time into the GlitchDex to add Pokédex entries, experience groups and catch rates in addition to the remaining "move" categories.

Does anybody know if there is a way to view GlitchDex/Y:208's Pokédex entry? Whenever I try it via capture at the beginning of the game or the code 01D01DD1 the screen turns white and the music fades out.

However, apparently rsrdaman was able to get the Pokédex data.

I won't be adding this one though unless there is a way to get it to work and the screen happens to be the same. I have noticed some entries differ to the ones on Bulbapedia likely due to there being data from writable memory.

Next time I get on the computer, I'll see if I can get it to work in Debug Yellow, or try wrestling with normal Yellow if that doesn't count.
By the way, the list of TMs the Pokemon can learn is VERY hard to read without line breaks. If that's not on your list of improvements, I'd appreciate if it was. :)

Thanks! I think (but may be wrong) that line breaks should be there but the custom formatting apparently ignores it. This could possibly be worked around by using bullet points, so will add that to the list of tasks to do.
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: R/G Glitch Pokemon Cries
« Last post by Torchickens on Yesterday at 02:14:01 pm »
This is wonderful. Thanks for sharing this with us Caveat! :)
In yellow, morph second item gives adds 1 to the quantity of item 2. If you have 255 and you use it, you get 0. Is there a way to convert that from ws[glitch]m to 8F?

This is wat I use to get 0 of a certain item.

- 8F
- Item you want 0 of x1
- Pokéball x43
- Revive x201

More convinient to turn 1 item into 0 then turning 255 into 0. Its also worth noting that 0 is actually 256, so you can toss them to get any quantity you need.
Generation I Glitch Discussion / R/G Glitch Pokemon Cries
« Last post by Caveat on Yesterday at 09:53:43 am »
This is related to my Japanese Glitchdex project, but I have put it in its own thread since it's only somewhat related...

My good friend recorded every single glitch cry in Red and Green and uploaded it on YouTube!

While this will be a nice help for my research, I will post it here in case anybody else wants to hear them.

All Glitch Pokemon Cries in Red and Green

(if this is too similar to my research thread, feel free to merge them)

Edit: Edited post for clarification... My apologies!
With save checksumming, you'd have to be lucky to be able to load a save. Then again, I've saved and successfully reloaded a game while under Super Glitch effects multiple times on hardware, so who knows?
SRAM chips tend to wear out over time, which IIRC can be influenced by how much data is read/written, just like HDDs.

Are there any interesting glitches that could arise from a worn down SRAM chip? Or would it simply result in save corruption/deletion?
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