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i don't know if this is the right place to ask, but since this page was created, quite recently too, is it okay if i create some more glitchdexjp pages? i'd love to contribute.
It's not duplicated from the "real Q", it's the game interpreting unrelated data as a Pokémon.
In which slot was the Q prior to swapping ?

Anyways, independently of the answer to the above question (which is still important), what happened is that you corrupted the tile block pointer, and probably your coordinates also. As for the four-step corruption, I don't know.
I was messing with TheZZAZZGlitch's Debug Yellow ( when I discovered an odd effect from moving a Q to the front of the party.

The Q in question is actually rather specific, obtained by changing $D162 to be larger than your current team. The result is a Q with a species identifier of FF and everything else at 00. Changing $D162 also does not cause memory corruption on its own, as the "real Q" that keeps the party stable moves down and duplicates / stays in its previous spot.

I wanted to see the game's reaction to having an empty Q duplicated from the "real Q" in the front of the party, with another Pokemon behind it. I thought the only possibilities were blacking out or continuing on, but it actually did neither (and didn't crash, either!).

When I moved the Q to the front of the team, I was able to move around, but the game acted almost as if a map corruption had taken place. Any area off-screen was loaded as glitchy tiles and text, and it filled the background when the start menu was opened, but remained the same underneath. (Upon trying this again, I noticed the game would, at this point, turn off all colliders) Eventually, after 4 steps, the game locked me in a closed tile, not allowing me to move any further, but I was able to collide with the walls around me and I could open the menu, allowing me to enter a battle (by $D058). In the battle, the game showed Q as fainted and I sent out the second Pokemon. After exiting the battle, the game returned to normal, with this effect happening again if I moved 4 steps.
Why does this happen?
I would like to mention that if you are on emulator, you can guarantee the success of this glitch by breakpointing address $77DA (That's the address in Red/Blue, i'm unsure about Yellow), saving the game, and restarting when the emulator hits that breakpoint.

In fact, I have not found definitive proof that your name affects the the success of this glitch at all. Whether or not this glitch succeeds seems to be entirely dependent on whether or not the game fixes the checksum.

Edit: I have also confirmed the glitch to be functional on Japanese Blue and Pikachu versions. As it stands, it is impossible to pull this off on Japanese Red/Green due to the way the games initialize SRAM. However, you can still transfer Pokemon from an older save file.
Yes it would. According to one of MAP's sources on PRAMA's Discord server, all Celebi from G/S are indeed blocked.

Why didn't they do that with Mew in Gen I, though?

Gen 1 VC apparently had a Mew as a special gift. Due to this, they needed to allow Mews into Pokébank, allowing for illegitimate Mews to be produced with ACE
Yes it would. According to one of MAP's sources on PRAMA's Discord server, all Celebi from G/S are indeed blocked.

Why didn't they do that with Mew in Gen I, though?
It would make sense for all Celebis to be blocked, since you could have leveled up your Celebi and taught it new moves.
This was a Gen II distribution, no? No way it passes since you couldn't pass Pokémon from Gen II to Gen III.

However starting from the HG/SS event Celebi WIN2011 that unlocks the battle with Giovanni, there has been at least 4 distributed Celebi: this one, the one from the Bank in 2014, the GF one in 2016, and the Ilex one.

Among them, the one from the Bank is the only that has your OT and ID. Therefore I'm not sure it is important to have a specific OT/ID. However, the lvl (10), moves (Recover Heal Bell Safeguard Hold Back) and ability (Natural Cure) may be important.

Unless they blocked every Celebi coming from G/S.
Epsilon just checked, and there has been a Celebi distribution in Europe, with OT "FRANCO". OT ID may not matter.
I'm far from having the tools to research these, but I just am wondering about USUM glitchmons. I don't think anyone has researched these yet, but it would be cool to see.
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