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It is not very surprising if only the Celebi with correct ID and OT passes the bank. After all that's what must be done with Mew. But I guess we should be trying a lvl30 Celebi without modifying OT and ID just to make sure.

And, if the modified Celebi passes, try to make it shiny
Wiki Discussion / Re: Death
« Last post by Parzival on November 20, 2017, 09:04:25 am »
Weird. I've never joined before, so idk how I could've been banned. Also, how do I become authorized to speak in rooms other than #guest?
do "@Moderator" in #guest
When I get free time, I can make a code that generates a (hopefully) legitimate one.

Doesn't look like it.
I didn't create my Celebi using the usual Celebi-Egg glitch, instead using ACE and let one hatch out of an Egg just to verify. Didn't transfer though.
Since all my Celebi had wonky levels maybe that's the reason, though.
Also worth noting that Pokémon musn't hold an item to be transferred. Contrary to B/W transfer item isn't just removed, but the pokémon blocked from transfer instead.

The distributed Celebi for the purchase of VC Gold/Silver has an OT of Ilex with an ID of 040601.
Level: 30
Moves: Heal Bell, Safeguard, Ancient Power, Future Sight
It's worth a try if that helps.

At least level 30 with mentioned moveset, no item, self as OT didn't help.
Here we go! The bank is now available for G/S.

Could anyone try to send a Celebi obtained through Celebi egg trick?
Needed a break from playing Ultra Moon, so here is a new code to actually use Mail data.
So far this code is only able to use one Mail since for fore you'd need to also skip trainer name data.

The code is an item code, so I can also use it on german version. This also enables text based codes, even though they are still complicated (no sub/add instruction).
To execute item codes use a Quagsire holding a HP Up with Sleep talk as its first move after your Slide-Pokémon.

First, here are two short item codes to get the required items:

Box Item 1 quantity changed to 255:
Code: [Select]
Any x Any
Any x 03 INC BC
Full Restore x 01 LD C, 01
Paralyz Heal x 13 DEC C; DEC C
Energypowder x 03 LD A, C; INC BC
TM42 x 24 LD [18d6], A
TM23 x 03 INC BC
TM10 x Any RET

Change Box Item 1 to any item you want:
Code: [Select]
Any x Any
Any x 03 INC BC
PP-Up x {item} LD A, {item}
TM42 x 23 LD [17d6], A
TM23 x 03 INC BC
TM10 x Any RET

And now to the big one:
Copy the message of the first mail in your PC to the end of box names and execute them. If you only want to copy them without execution replace the final TM41 (JP [HL]) with TM10 (RET).
Code: [Select]
Any x Any
Any x 62 LD A, 0a
Burn Heal x 234 LD [1201], A
Potion x 01
Full Restore x 01 LD C, 01
Paralyz Heal x 121 DEC C; LD A, C
TM42 x 01 LD [0140], A
Max Ether x 03 INC BC
X-Accuracy x 60 LD HL, 3cd9
TM26 x 17 LD DE, 55a8
Red Apricorn x 168
Brightpowder x 06 INC BC; LD B, 01
Master Ball x 14 LD C, 10
Hyper Potion x 26 LD A, [DE]
Protein x 50 DEC DE; LD [HLD], A
Paralyz Heal x 32 DEC C; JR NZ, fa
HM08 x 27 DEC DE
Poké Ball x 32 DEC B; JR NZ, f4
HM02 x 01 LD BC, ...
Any x Any
Great Ball x 35 INC B; INC HL
TM41 x Any JP [HL]

Note that box name terminators are also overwritten, so the copied box names probably look glitchy.
All codes from this post are for wrong-pocket-TM execution, since they are mostly meant for non-english games where Coin Case ACE is not possible.

Looked into it some more.
After the mail message there are 10 bytes (including 50h terminator if name is shorter (which it should be)) which appear to be used for the name of the sender.
Afterwards are 4 bytes with info on the type of the mail. A surf mail produces F3 74 F9 B5 while a flower mail gives F3 74 A3 9E.
Afterwards, the next mail starts with its message.
Forum Announcements / Re: Name Changes
« Last post by Couldntthinkofaname on November 19, 2017, 12:49:57 pm »
Old Name: Couldntthinkofaname

New Name: Epsilon
Debate Wars / Re: sonic cartoon fails
« Last post by Missing? NO! on November 18, 2017, 03:21:38 am »
I agree mostly with what Bert said -- Sonic X was too focused around Chris for my liking, and not focused enough around Sonic. Kind of cool how it followed Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2's storylines, though; that's its saving grace for me.

It's not listed, but Sonic Boom is actually kinda funny. Just can't really get past the weird character redesigns, especially for Knuckles.
Wiki Discussion / Re: Death
« Last post by MegaLuxray on November 17, 2017, 02:16:53 pm »
Weird. I've never joined before, so idk how I could've been banned. Also, how do I become authorized to speak in rooms other than #guest?
Wiki Discussion / Re: Death
« Last post by ISSOtm on November 16, 2017, 09:49:21 am »
Abwayax investigated, and apparently you were banned from the server previously. Try again.
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