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Rebattle Mewtwo

Code: [Select]
ld a,01 ; a = 1
dec a ; a = 0, necessary because you can't have 0 of an item
inc b ; useless filler
ld hl,$d85f ; hl = d85f
ld (hl),a ; d85f = 0
ld ($d5c0),a ; d5c0 = 0
ret ; return

You can have 0 of an item actually.

- 8F
- Item you want 0 of x1
- Pokéball x43
- Revive x201

Code: [Select]
inc b ;junk
dec hl ;hl is now D321, thats item 2 quantity identifier.
dec (hl) ; decrease the quantity of (hl) by 1.
about that code for 0 quantity of item 2- you assume hl contains D322 before the execution, how can you know that?
more general question- what are the states of the registers before using 8f, and do I have to return them to that state for the game to work properly?
sorry I'm new in glitching, and I did a few codes already including one that changes item-1 quantity to 0, and it took me 3 items instead of 2 because I didn't know the values of the registers and had to insert the values manually...
Are you using R/B or Yellow ?
trying to change a Pokemon's item address with w sm i'm using this by Torchickens  I have the bootstrap and items correct but the Pokemon's item is still a berry when I see it on the trade.
Item 3: Lemonade x 217
Item 4: Carbos x 209
Item 5: X Accuracy x 113
Item 6: Water Stone x 201

-  TM Code Execution, Bad Clone Code Execution, and Move 00 Type Code Execution. You'll find thread about all of those in GCLF, but don't hesitate to ask if needed :)

As far as I know you need to trade with other  pokemon games in order to perform Move 00 Type Code Execution and TM Code Execution.
I know about  the Bad Clone Code Execution that Werster performed in his speedrun, but I couldn't find more information about that.

The problem here is that I can't equip an Egg with any of the 7 moves I mentioned before so it will have a Pokemon that hatches with the same moves, that's the main reason why I can't perform the celebi egg glitch in order to get any of those 7 pokemon. Even If I could equip any pokemon with any move, that doesn't mean the parents will pass the moves to the resultant egg by breeding.

I have no extensive knowledge about the method with friendship but I'm not sure you can corrupt an egg with it

Then you will find this glitch interesting

In this glitch he is using as many friendship points as the pokedex number of the pokemon he wants. But as the Celebi trick he can get the Pokemon, but he can't register it, so this would be very interesting if it had an egg variant like the main celebi glitch.
forsyz, are you using the US versions ?
tried the code but the pokemons just holding a berry have checked the bootstrap and the items and they are all correct
To get the Pokémon of your choice in G/S/C, you have 5 solutions:

- Bad Clone Trick, as you mentioned. This glitch also allows you to equip a Pokémon with any move (using the item of corresponding hex ID) so that may help.
- One of the 4 methods of Code Execution: Coin Case (only in english games), TM Code Execution, Bad Clone Code Execution, and Move 00 Type Code Execution. You'll find thread about all of those in GCLF, but don't hesitate to ask if needed :)

I have no extensive knowledge about the method with friendship but I'm not sure you can corrupt an egg with it
I am not sure if this should be posted here or in another thread, so if this is the wrong thread would somebody please move it to the correct one.

It is getting harder and harder to find Pokemon roms on the internet, so this guide should help anyone who has
the 2 in 1 rom.

How to extract Pokemon Red/Blue roms from Pokemon-Red-Blue-2-in-1 rom

0. Tools:

   Hex editor (I use HxD hex editor)
   Pokemon Red/Blue 2-in-1 rom (Google search)

1. Open the hex editor and click file new 2 times

2. Open the rom in the hex editor

3. In the hex editor search for offset 8000

3a. Or ctrl F and search for POKEMON BLUE

4. Copy everything from 8000 to 107FFF

5. Paste into one of the blank tabs and rename it to Pokemon and save it

6. Do the same steps to get pokemon red at offset 108000 to 1FFFFF

6a. Or use ctrl F for POKEMON RED

Note: Apparently Pokemon Red data ends at F7FF instead of FFFF like Blue,
but the game should still work properly.  Filling the end with 00s up to FFFF
will also work.

There are 2 versions of the Pokemon Red Blue 2 in 1

Pokemon Red-Blue 2-in-1 (Unl) [h1].gb and Pokemon Red-Blue 2-in-1 (Unl) [h1][a1].gb
this guide uses Red-Blue 2-in-1 (Unl) [h1][a1], but I have tested both of them for this guide.
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