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@Skreef That worked; thanks.

What would my pack setup be to modify a Pokémon's DVs to a number of my choice (not necessarily max)?

As for any other thing you may want to do with 8F, you can just use the single-address value memory changing code multiple times, using the addresses that match the DV of the given Pokémon :)

from 2nd link:
DAB1 - Attack/Defense IV
DAB2 - Speed/Special IV

Let's say I want to set my Chansey's DVs to 8/15/15/15.  (That's a legal R/B/Y spread for that Pokémon that doesn't compromise Defense, Speed, or Special.)  My code for the Attack and Defense DVs would be:

Item 1: any item
Item 2: 8F
Item 3: Lemonade x143 (8 Attack, F [15] Defense)
Item 4: X Accuracy x177 (decimal equivalent of B1)
Item 5: Carbos x218 (decimal equivalent of DA)
Item 6: Poké Ball x119
Item 7: Fresh Water x201

Is this correct?  Would I just set this up and use 8F once?

Provided that your game is an english R/B (otherwise, addresses would be $DAB6 and $DAB7 in european non-english R/B, $DAB0 and $DAB1 in english yellow, and $DAB5 and $DAB6 in european non-english yellow) then yes this would be exactly what you have to do. Change the values to 255/178/218 and use 8F a second time for the Speed/Special IVs :) (don't forget your Pokémon setup though)
Ah, I believe I may know what you're referring to. It was probably this ROM hack.

My project was an attempt at making a similar memory writer without manipulating the ROM in any way, using 100% 8f exploits, which allows the program to be written on a real cartridge (provided you have an hour to spare lol). I wasn't necessarily aiming for practicality, I was instead demonstrating for myself (and hopefully others) the limits of 8f.

Thank you for pointing that out, however. I had found ZZAZZ's debug menu a few years back but had forgotten about it since.
VC + SRAM exec = VC freaks the hell out, crashes, then erases your save next boot. Source: ISSOtm's testing.
Not exactly like yours, it's an entire suite of s**t but it includes a memory writer too.
As for the link, I don't have it. Go poke through TheZZAZZGlitch's youtube channel until you find it, it's got its own video in everything.
Just noticed, that you can input a lot more characters when writing a mail.
Since it is stored in SRAM (according to this at least in Crystal and I would assume it's similar in gold/silver) and I remember reading somewhere that there are some problems with in conserning VC I'm not too sure how useful this really is.
At least I found a place where I can input é in german version. I even found an ï character (two dots i for double the fun  8)).
What confuses me here is that it worked before (with the Lucky Egg, but even that version stopped working) and suddenly stopped after beating a bunch of gym leaders, elite 4 and red (iirc).
Also, from what I have seen with my limited knowledge using BGB TMs seem to be in the same location.

Anyway, here is an PC Item code (Quagsire, HP-Up, Sleep Talk) to give you lot's of money. Basically sets the first money byte ($d573) to ff.
Should make aquiring the Carbos a bit easier.
Code: [Select]
Any x Any
Any x 03
Full Restore x 01
Paralyz Heal x 13
Energypowder x 38
TM22 x 01
Any x Any
Poké Ball x 46
Rage Cany Bar x 44
Great Ball x 34
TM10 x Any

ASM representation:
Code: [Select]
LD C, 01
LD H, d5
LD BC, ...
LD L, 72
INC B; LD [HL+], A

Reset my VC savegame (well, one of them) to test a bit more. This one worked on german Silver VC version.

Maximize TM-quantities worked as well.
Guess it's time to beat up Red again and see if VC is weird and it will stop working again. ‾\(-_-)/‾
DebugYellow's would work well. Go copy that. :P
seriously nice job tho

Wait, this was already done?! Welp, there goes my weekend project :P

If you wouldn't mind, would you please link me to the original post?
DebugYellow's would work well. Go copy that. :P
seriously nice job tho
Hey all. Recently, I've been developing a program that allows you to enter in codes at your disposal; similar to that of a gameshark.

Conveying the concept into words is difficult, so instead I have provided a video demonstration as well as some attached photos. Nota bene, the youtube video is inaccurate, as it demonstrates that the volume is muted (this has been changed), and it claims that the program must be written at $D8C5 (this has been fixed, it now can fit into $D901)

Basically, it's a GUI that acts as a memory editor, allowing you to change any byte in memory that you desire.

To use, first write these bytes at $D901 (if you're on hardware, this can be done with this RAM writer)

Then, arrange your bag as the following:
Any Item
Carbos   x217
X Accuracy   x1
TM33     xany

After this, arrange your party in the usual 8f bootstrapping format. Once this has been accomplished, you now have a Pseudo-Gameshark program at your disposal :).

Syntax goes as follows:
First 2 characters = Byte to write
Second 2 characters = Low byte of address
Final 2 characters = High byte of address

Here are some codes for use with this (note that if there are more than one lines of code, this means the program is used once for each line):

x255 Master Balls in slot 2

Encounter any Pokemon

Replace XX with the SpeciesId

Walk through walls

... and many more is possible with this program.

Here are the known drawbacks

-Encountering any trainer overwrites $D901 (unfortuantely there isn't much I can do regarding this :( )
-This program is rather large. If you're planning on writing this on hardware, ensure you have at least an hour to spare
-It's impractical

I understand the impracticality of this, and frankly this was more of "for the lulz" project more than anything. But if you like this idea,feel free to try it out.

Here's the source for anyone who's interested.
No, it's actually very often that Europe releases have a slightly different memory layout than US releases. This is the case for all Pokémon games (at least until Gen IV), as well as other GB titles, which I'm not going to list because :p
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