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I know about some glitches that are different from cartridge to cartridge, but i don't know about glitches affected by the localization
Wait, what? Which ones are you talking about?
For example Female Symbol
Sadly there may not be a way to do this in Generation I linked with Generation II, except possibly with remote arbitrary code execution or OAM DMA hijacking, which I'm unsure how you'd go about doing with these games.
OAM DMA hijacking?
...OH YEAH... ISSOtm had to do that for the Pokemon Red: Stryder7x edition save file.
That was hilarious to watch go down. Not for him, but the rage was real
Anyway, that code could be reused for this.
And we could do to Gen 2 what we did to Gen 1 and Stadium: Buffer overflow ACE (if exists)
Pokémon Glitch Discussion / Re: Does the localization affect some glitches?
« Last post by Parzival on July 14, 2017, 06:35:36 am »
I know about some glitches that are different from cartridge to cartridge, but i don't know about glitches affected by the localization
Wait, what? Which ones are you talking about?
Arbitrary Code Execution Discussion / Re: ace on aus version of the game
« Last post by Parzival on July 14, 2017, 06:33:44 am »
All the regions have different memory setups. What language is yours in?
Pokémon Glitch Discussion / Re: Does the localization affect some glitches?
« Last post by Caveat on July 14, 2017, 04:58:56 am »
There are some glitches that were fixed in European localizations (Old Man glitch, and some others I can't remember) but there is actually one glitch known to be exclusive to Spanish and Italian localizations!

If you encounter a Trainer, then use a glitch to surf into grass, you can encounter unusual Pokemon depending on the data of said trainer.

Here is its wiki page!
Pokémon Glitch Discussion / Does the localization affect some glitches?
« Last post by BrockPetersSDD on July 14, 2017, 04:33:24 am »
First post here, so I don't know much about this
But does the localization of the game affect glitches?
I know about some glitches that are different from cartridge to cartridge, but i don't know about glitches affected by the localization
Are there any? Because i want to try them on italian versions, both on console and emulator
Problem is, interacting with NPCs has no influence over the game's RAM whatsoever (besides turning the NPC and displaying the textbox) so this isn't possible. Also the text "Myuuu..." is NOT present anywhere in the ROM as far as I know. So, I deem this impossible.

Perhaps. I mean you could be right, that makes sense, and I could be totally wrong or remembering something wrong but I just have this strong feeling that I am not as I vividly recall doing these steps and doing it myself in game successfully.

I still have this strong memory of doing it years ago successfully and getting a Mew. It was like one of those hidden things that Nintendo programmed into the game. Kind of like how they programmed Mew in Red/blue with the fly, trainer, nugget bridge, glitch to get Mew. It was in the game somehow so I think they put it there whether by accident through mistakes in code due to the Missingno. glitch or on purpose.

Like a top secret thing that most people weren't supposed to know about. Some game creators have done this over the years programming secret characters, bosses, levels, and text within their games, mostly for testing purposes or just mainly for fun to see if anyone finds it or figures it out. I think that was what I remember the kid telling me years ago about the Mew glitch in Emerald when he showed me the steps to do it.

He said the mew was a glitch but programmed in and that not many people, besides Nintendo's game programmers and coders knew about it. He even showed me on his physical Emerald copy of the game in his GBA doing it and showing it to me. I wrote the steps down on paper, went home tried it, got the Mew and was super excited. I even remember dancing around the room with my GBA all hyper because it worked and enjoying battling in the game with my glitch Mew.

I mean memories are not normally something that can be wrong as its a persons personal experience stored in their head untouched and if you guys only knew me in person you would know just how good my memory is when it comes to games, books, movies, and all kinds of stuff I have stored in my brain when it comes to info and entertainment.

My mind is a steel trap for video game and movie knowledge and books or comics. Its not like me to have false memories, incorrect memories, or misquote something. I know tons of movie and game dialogue by heart because of the many years spent watching and playing them so I am like a walking wiki when it comes to games, movies, and books.

This is why this feels so odd to me that this trick no longer works or that I can no longer recall the steps exactly as I had done them before. I remember doing it and having it be successful, but just not the steps taken in order to get there. And its not like me to forget or misremember something like that.

Ive been glitching and playing games like this for YEARS.
I would know in my own head whether or not something like this was done and possible or not based on my own experiences. I cant explain why this suddenly has been erased from me or why its seemingly missing from the game now and no longer works when I KNOW for sure it used to. I dunno. Im stumped. D:
Arbitrary Code Execution Discussion / ace on aus version of the game
« Last post by forsyz on July 13, 2017, 09:59:23 pm »
I have the aus version of the game and im not sure if you have to code stuff differently
Generation I Glitch Discussion / making game memory hack itself with 8f
« Last post by forsyz on July 13, 2017, 09:08:19 pm »
want to do this with 8f/ ws m
Has anyone ever explained why battling 'M (and others) causes the infamous "battle graphics are cut into stripes and said stripes flipped and swapped"?

What about permanently making a route laggy/outright crashing if the Trainer-Fly glitch is performed, the game is saved (by changing boxes) and reloaded, then the 2nd trainer is picked from the same route?

1. I believe it's because its sprites are too large. Same reason why it corrupts the Hall of Fame.
2. The glitch occurs because the game advances the map script after the battle, causing it to read invalid flags. This causes it to try and start a battle EVERY. SINGLE. TIME you take a step.
I can't exactly remember why, but sprites large enough will corrupt a flag that's normally only set by the Pokédex. You see, when looking at an entry in the Pokédex, the sprite is facing the opposing direction as in battle. Thus, the game has to both write the tiles flipped, but also it has to flip the order in which tiles are displayed.
However, battle animations assume this flag is reset, and put the tiles back in the "normal" order - though tiles are still flipped, hence the broken graphics.

The game does try to start a battle on every frame (even worse than every step : try opening your START menu... lol), and this makes it try to display a text box (hence disappearing sprites and, I think, random sounds).
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