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Well, I haven't experimented with the Trainer Fly glitch before outside of getting Mew (it's the glitch that's the basis of the famous Mew glitch, right?), so it didn't really occur to me.  Good idea though... perhaps I'll look into it.

Well if you just want a regular Jynx, Trainer-Fly is the way to go. Use this map for a guide: A quick look at the map now shows a swimmer south of Pallet Town yields a Jynx with the Trainer-Fly glitch.
The only issue I see with that is the difficulty in obtaining the Lucky Egg. I managed to get one in my playthrough but that was like my first time ever getting it. In G/S, it's 1% for Chansey to appear and 8% chance for it to be holding a Lucky Egg.

Here's a tip though: On Route 13 in G/S, Chansey comes at level 25, the highest level of Pokemon you can find on this route is 25 (unlike Crystal where the highest is 27). So by putting a Pokemon level 25 at the top of the party and use a Max Repel, you avoid the low level encounters and increase the chances of encountering a Chansey. It's a good tip in general for hunting the annoying 1% encounter rate Pokemon.
I'm curious Misdreavus, why do you want to do that? Just seems the effort to keep changing the ID and player name to attempt to nickname traded Pokemon to make them your own(?) is a bit over the top. When you can just get Jynx for example, with trainer fly with much less effort.
On the topic of disappearing objects, the most common one among players seems to be the police officer outside of the house where you get the Dig TM in Cerulean City.  It's such a common one because many players perform the Mew Glitch with the Slowpoke trainer above the nugget bridge as seen on many Mew Glitch videos and when they teleport/fly back to Cerulean City that officer is removed in the process. However many players don't seem to realise that - you can just use the swimmer in Misty's gym for the Mew Glitch and still get a Mew in Cerulean and avoid having the officer removed.
Congratulations Nostalgia! and I'm glad I helped you on your quest. :)

I've got 251 no glitches (except for Coin Case Mew and Celebi) too, but your play time is a lot faster than mine.

Thanks. It was the VC release and your videos that made me want to play gen II again. :) 251 with only using Coin Case for Mew and Celebi and no other glitches is what I did for my Crystal playthrough on Gameboy, by trading over a Mew and Celebi obtained on a Gold cartridge with Coin Case. However on VC Gold, because I had no one to trade with, I needed all the R/B/Y and Silver exclusives and the only way I could get them was with the Coin Case. I also used other glitches such as your DV code, Master Ball and Rare Candy codes to get through the Pokedex quicker, so that makes up for the time. My Crystal file is probably similar in time to yours, I think it was around 60 or 70 hours iirc, but on that file I trained my Pokemon to level 70 and I did (I think) four Battle Tower runs at level 40, 50, 60, 70.

I don't mind using a few extra glitches to make some of the tedious stuff quicker, for example getting a Larvitar and a Dratini all the way up to a Tyranitar and a Dragonite through training or the daycare takes ages and I've done it before and I wasn't particularly looking forward to doing that again. :P

Nice work!

When I get my cart, i'll probably release a code that grants you any Pokemon you wish with flawless IVs. I don't know the full extent of IVs effect on stats, but it might be of some use to those who are stuck on Red (or Whitney's Miltank lol)

Thanks. Flawless DV's helps, but it still takes awhile to max out the stat experience as well. Though if anyone struggles with Whitney's Miltank or Red, they really are not good players haha, I did struggle when I was like 12, but when you play the games enough you realise the games are really not challenging and it's very easy to sweep through the game, the fact you can beat Red's team of level 70 and 80 Pokemon with a team of level 50's is proof of that.

Even if you had a really awful, low-levelled team going against Whitney, you could still buy X items and set up on the Clefairy and then easily defeat the Miltank, that's provided the RNG doesn't screw you over with Clefairy's Metronome.
Well that's VC Gold 100% completed. Shoutouts to those who helped me with various Coin Case tricks: Torchickens, Dragon Arbock, ISSOtm, SpunkyBandy, spamviech and Couldntthinkofaname.

Red fight was super easy, more easier then usual as my Houndoom hard counters Espeon which is Red's biggest threat. Even though I've had countless gen II files over the years, it was fun to play with Pokemon I have never used in a run before like Houndoom and Scizor. It was also great to use perfect Hidden Powers for the first time ever, helped give my Scizor necessary STAB and helped Jolteon with necessary coverage against Rock/Ground Pokemon with Hidden Power Water. Biggest highlight of the fight was My Level 50, 7HP DV, Jolteon surviving a Rain Dance boosted Surf from Red's Level 77 Blastoise. :L Also my Scizor OHKO'ed Red's Snorlax with a +6 Hidden Power Bug, but it did crit though. Something also nice with this run is when I caught a Chansey it was holding a Lucky Egg and I don't think I've got one of those before, 1% for Chansey to appear and 8% chance for it to be holding a Lucky Egg. Lucky Egg certainly helped with training during those last few levels.

My team and ending stats:

With Yellow, Crystal, Emerald and now VC Gold that's 4 Pokemon playthroughs I've completed this year. Maybe I should play other games now, but Pokemon is just so damn fun. :'D
Finished the Pokedex now but ended up with seen 252, caught 251. I think that might be due to wild encounter code and encountering a wild egg before I encountered Celebi, though that was a error with spamviech's codes at the time. :P Not fussed though, as Torchickens shows you can fill the Pokedex to 256 in G/S if you really want to:

Just need to fight Red now and I'll be finished, but will do a tiny bit of training first, not because I need to but because my Houndoom hasn't even learnt Crunch yet which is annoying, so it seems I'll be getting my team all to level 52, beat Red and I'll be done with under 40 hours of playtime.
That's very odd. Say, did you happen to change Box 7's name anytime after using the code (during the same boot of the game)? If so, it is likely the OAM DMA changed an address somewhere.

I must of done before I got Celebi as I was getting the wrong poke (first Kingdra then a wild egg lol) and having to change BOX7's name and I'm sure I didn't reset.
Edit: very strange, but performing this glitch made the Mystery gift option appear at the title screen when I never spoke to the girl in Goldenrod dept store. It also changed my text speed to medium, when I had it on fast before. o.o

So any idea why this happened when I performed the wild encounter code?

I myself have ordered Pomemon Gold, can't wait to try this stuff on hardware!

Gold is the better choice of the two, better version exclusives (the only version exclusive Silver has better is Skarmory imo, the rest are better in Gold) and Gold has better sprites too.

Tajiri's roles switched from director to executive director and executive producer, and he has alternated between the two ever since Ruby and Sapphire. This may explain the perception that the modern games are "different" and why so many of us are attached to the old games even if we like the new ones, too! :)

Interesting. Though I am fond of the gen 3 games too. I realised this year after replaying Emerald that it is a very good game and the battle Frontier gave the game a lot of life and replay value (wow it makes me realise now I've played a lot of Pokemon this year, Yellow/Crystal/Emerald and now VC gold). I guess for me it's the Pokemon games that have been released on the Gameboy I have the most attachment too and I've played so many times. And now I've finally got a DS after all these years it's been around, I have a lot Pokemon games to catch up on. 
Congratulations.  ;D

I cheated a bit with Happiness evolutions (they are a pain in Gen2; did that enough as a kid) and with Evolution Stones, but aside from that had a blast with glitchless gameplay.

Glitched stuff is great as well, but that's for another copy.  8)

Well to complete the Pokedex you have to use glitches anyway - so you might as well go all out, G/S certainly gives you the options to unlike Crystal where it's much harder. I completed Crystal earlier this year with 251 Pokedex on cartridge, which involved lots of trading between my Red and Gold cartridges to get the exclusives and performing the Celebi glitch on my gold cartridge and trading it over. But in G/S, you can simply use the Coin Case to obtain those annoying version exclusive Pokemon and sell unlimited Rare Candies to buy a load of Vitamins to evolve those Happiness evolution Pokemon faster, also use those Rare Candies to level up those Pokemon needed for the Pokedex faster, but I never use Rare Candies on my in-game team because that's boring. So the Coin Case just makes some of the tedious stuff easier and quicker. So when I'm finished this Gold file, it will probably come in at around 30 hours less then my Crystal file, because as mentioned it's much faster to do stuff in G/S, and in Crystal I did end up training my team to level 70 and did several Battle Tower runs. I'm not trying to finish the game really fast, but after countless gen II files over the years, it's interesting to see how fast I can finish everything now. Gen II is my favourite Pokemon gen easily.

Also finished a 151 Yellow run earlier this year on cartridge, so after I've finished VC Gold I might move on to VC Yellow and do the same thing. I juut love the old Pokemon games. I've only owned a 3DS for a month and all I've played is VC Gold. Will have to get into the newer Pokemon games eventually, but I'm seriously out of the loop on things - as the last newest gen Pokemon game I played was Pokemon White and I have no knowledge on the any of the new Pokemon from gen 6 and gen 7.

So it worked, many thanks. Also wanted to take pictures to show that this is the best method to obtain Celebi now, no need for eggs or a changing another Pokemon into Celebi. This method is quicker, registers in Pokedex and Celebi comes with its start moves. :)

I have almost finished the game now, 16 Badges and 209 Pokedex, but I want to complete the Pokedex before I beat Red and I've obtained every single in-game Pokemon except Entei and Raikou now, so all I need now is them, the R/B/Y and Silver exclusives which I can get from box names.

Edit: very strange, but performing this glitch made the Mystery gift option appear at the title screen when I never spoke to the girl in Goldenrod dept store. It also changed my text speed to medium, when I had it on fast before. o.o
07 gave me a wild egg battle.
Okay it worked but I got wild Kingdra in the grass outside Cherrygrove instead of Celebi hahahaha.

For Coin Case, this adaptation should work:
Code: [Select]
Box 1:  Ap'v8é'm25
Box 2:  p0(male)55555
Box 3:  'vAé52p0'm
Box 4:  éJ9p0(female)55
Box 5:  éK9p0255
Box 6:  éL9p'd555
Box 7:  p0[b]?[/b]yyéA'd
Box 8:  p0éé(female)'dyy
Box 9:  p0ké0'dyy
Box10:  pppppéZ× (× is the multiplication character)
Box11:  .9'l'l'l'lx'd

Couldn't get this to work, getting sent into the glitch dimension. All box names are correct. I just want the wild Celebi code, I'm not interested in Shiny, and I don't know if this was the coin case adaption of the wild and shiny encounter or just the wild encounter.
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