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It is D322 because of the boostrap code.

Remember the execution is done IN YOUR TEAM and you reroot it to item 3 (which is $D322)
To get the Pokémon of your choice in G/S/C, you have 5 solutions:

- Bad Clone Trick, as you mentioned. This glitch also allows you to equip a Pokémon with any move (using the item of corresponding hex ID) so that may help.
- One of the 4 methods of Code Execution: Coin Case (only in english games), TM Code Execution, Bad Clone Code Execution, and Move 00 Type Code Execution. You'll find thread about all of those in GCLF, but don't hesitate to ask if needed :)

I have no extensive knowledge about the method with friendship but I'm not sure you can corrupt an egg with it

Here are other useful ressources:
- The v3 of ISSOtm's GBZ80 to Items can convert opcodes to item lists. If you really need a code to hex conversion, you can use the v2 of this tool available on PRAMA Initiative, but in French:
- A list of GBZ80 opcodes:
- A summary on how to use them:
Hello Morgana and welcome to GCLF.

First of all no one is calling you a liar. You seem pretty convinced of what you say and we understand that.
However, the glitch as you described seems to be... impossible.

I don't think the devs have implemented this on purpose either. If you try it in all the sort of ways that could match what you remember, it probably won't work. As hard as it may be to hear, I also have a tendency to say that your brain is mixing elements and gets you confused.

However, if you manage to make this work legitly at some point, we will be very interested :)
All english version are identical. ACE is different in non-english games, but works indeed the same way in every english game :)
I may be wrong but I suppose the AUS version is a GER version? Or do you have a specific game?

In any way, ACE works the same way in all european non-english games, as far as I know. In this board, you will easily find setups for any european games :)
What is your goal exactly? If you want to perform ACE but can't use a Bad Clone, you can still perform the other ACE methods. Since you seem to have a Gen I game, why don't you use TM Code Execution as Torchickens suggested?
In my opinion, GF knows the Elite 4 Glitch and knows that it allows to catch Darkrai and Shaymin in D/P (but not Arceus). It is possible that they know the Tweaking Trick as well, but it couldn't be used to catch Arceus back then.

Thus, while conceiving the bank, they blocked every Shaymin and Darkrai caught on D/P. It is possible that the bank allows the distributed ones (Darkrai ALMIA and Shaymin TRU) to pass. I don't know anyone that has them to test it.

However, they didn't secured D/P's Arceus, since there was no way to get one.
Ok, thanks for the reply!

It may work with Arceus indeed, and might just not work with Darkrai with these conditions. At least we don't know how to make it work yet. If someone knows, don't hesitate!
I've received another report saying that transfering Darkrai is impossible. Even if it matches the exact conditions of the Darkrai caught in Platinum with the Member Card: same level, same moves, same ability. Is it really something that has been tested before?
Very good idea ISSOtm, it was about time a clear guide was started, because we usually see always the same questions here  :P
The guy now says he clones everytime, even by shutting down the game manually.

It may be related only to the GB Player. Someone has a way to test it ?
Generation III Glitch Discussion / Hints in Gen III Trade Cloning
« on: May 29, 2017, 04:13:17 pm »
Hello everyone,

As you know, cloning by shutting down the console during a trade, which can be done in games from Generation I, II, IV, V and VI (still to be confirmed in VII, as far as I know) is largely considered to be not functional in Gen III, because of two reasons:
- GBA link cable can send and receive simultanously
- Data from unfinished trades are deleted

However, someone named Gary6318 now claims on PRAMA having successfully cloned by trade cloning under these conditions:
- Ruby and Firered
- Using the Game Boy Player (the GameCube thing)
- He didn't actually shut the game but the FR game froze for unknown reason right after the trade started, when you see the GBA on screen.

He has no video/picture proof as of now. Assuming he's not lying, could there be a frame where the trade is actually possible? Could this be related to the use of the Player, or the fact that it froze?

What do you think?
You don't seem to have understood the way 8F Code Execution executes code.

Maybe you can find what you need by reading this:

Hope this helps, but don't hesitate to ask more specific questions if needed :)
Generation VII Glitch Discussion / Re: Spiky Shield Sky Drop glitch
« on: May 19, 2017, 09:51:01 am »
Before this glitch is patched to everyone with the latest update, do we know what happens when you finish by winning a battle with only a zombie Pokémon?

Do you black out or just hang around with a team of fainted Pokémon?
Doing this in a link battle just skips you but we should try this with rocky helmet. Glitzer Popping Part 2 Anyone?
O... You can't hit that slot.
GOD, would this be easier in BW2

Yes it skips you, but if you're invincible and can't play, the opponent will Struggle to death. And if it's your only Pokémon, and if the game don't understand that your team is fainted, yeah it could lead to Pomeg glitch-related stuff.
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