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The shift only applies to WRAM (starting at $CF00). Everything before that point is just the same in all non-japanese Red, Blue and Yellow :)
A lot more new ACE insight have come up on Discord, thanks to luckytyphlosion. I will update the whole thread tomorrow if possible :)
Wow, if this leads to something else that's awesome! But we should hurry testing it before it gets patched.
Yep, that's true for the Celebi event.

But anyway, we can make a box code allowing to encounter any Pokémon with OAM DMA Hijacking, as we do in G/S :)

EDIT: Modified the Glitch Pokédex process a bit
Hello there,

Since Pokémon Crystal gets released on Virtual Console in a few days, I thought it was the right time to write a guide for newcomers who wants to perform Arbitrary Code Execution in this version. This somehow follows my previous guide to G/S ACE, and I think at some point I could merge both together in one big G/S/C ACE guide. I just didn't wanna do that at this point since this is an early work in which I hope you could contribute. Any comments are welcomed!

I. What are the three ACE methods in Crystal?

If you are familiar with ACE in G/S, you probably have heard of Coin Case Glitch, which is an english-only ACE method available in G/S. This doesn't work in Crystal games. You also probably know that it is not the mostly used method in G/S, because Wrong Pocket TM ACE is more permissive. Well, Wrong Pocket TM ACE can also be performed in Crystal, but it's really the worst method as you will see later in this guide.

Another method is Bad Clone ACE. This somehow can be considered the best method, because it's easier to setup than other ACE methods and can be performed early in the game. However, the code execution can only be done from a PC, and this may limit your possibilities with the glitch.

The last method is the Glitch Pokédex ACE which I prefer, because the code is executed by opening the Pokédex and therefore, it can be done anywhere. However, the setup I present here for this is hard to get early in the game, and this can be a problem for you...

Note that EVERY METHOD uses a Bad Clone. Before freaking out, two things should be pointed here:
- The Bad Clone ACE can use any type of Bad Clone, including Pseudo-Bad Clones (Bad Clone without names but everything else is normal) and False Bad Clones (Bad Clones without names and with every data at 0 but still keeping their original Pokédex ID)
- The two other methods won't, but it's no big deal because in Crystal, you can convert Pseudo and False Bad Clones into Bad Clones that can be used for any method. To do this, store the Bad Clone in a PC Box and store 5 other Pokémon in that same box. Then, use the withdraw option to display that box. Leave it and use the withdraw option again. All Pokémon are now Kingdra. Withdraw the Bad Clone and you can now use it (in case of trouble with getting the Kingdra, please read this).

What is important here is that unlike in G/S, and regardless of the method, I have not figured out a way to directly redirect the code to box names, so you HAVE to execute code from stored items in the PC. If you want to execute code from box names (and it's pretty obvious you will) then you have to use a stored item setup that redirects to box names! My take as writing this redirecting code with easy-to-get items is below. I'd like to thank Crystal_ for its assistance and the idea to do this :)

I. Wrong Pocket TM ACE adapted for Crystal version

Much like in G/S, Wrong Pocket TM ACE relies on a TM obtained in the Balls Pocket using luckytyphlosion's Item Shifting Glitch. This glitch works in Crystal games, however in this case, the TM you would need is TM33, not 17. Therefore, you would need to keep 225 Ultra Ball instead of 208.

Now comes the catch: once used, this TM executes code from... the nickname of the fifth Pokémon from the last enemy team you faced. That's as lame as it seems because to perform this method, you will need another R/B/Y/G/S/C game in which you already have an active method of ACE. Then, you must:
  • Place a random Pokémon in fifth position of your team in this other game.
  • Execute code on that game so that $D2E3, $D2E4 and $D2E5 (English R/B), $D2E8, $D2E9 and $D2EA (European non-english R/B), $D2E2, $D2E3 and $D2E4 (English Y), $D2E7, $D2E8 and $D2E9 (European non-english Y), $DBBA, $DBBB, $DBBC (any G/S) or $DE6F, $DE70 and $DE71 (any Crystal) gets the values C3, F6 and F8, respectively. The nickname of the random Pokémon will be changed
  • Now link both games and do a battle. If the code was executed in a 1G game, you will have to transfer the nicknamed Pokémon in yet another 2G game because 1G and 2G games can't fight each other (keep it at position 5!).
  • You can lose or win the fight with any game, it doesn't matter. After this, anytime you use TM33, code will be executed from the third item in your stored items.

Note that everytime you battle a trainer, it overwrites the data from the setup, so you will have to do the link battle again if you want to execute code. Yeah that's really lame but why would you want to use this method anyway?

II. Bad Clone ACE: easy but limited
This method has been discussed on some threads here, so I thank everyone involved in it, especially luckytyphlosion and once again Crystal_

The setup is this:
  • Have a Bad Clone stored in the PC, the same way you would have obtained one for Item Shifting Glitch or a simple Bad Clone Trick. The best is not having any other Pokémon in the box, so they don't get corrupted.
  • Have a Max Elixer or TM21 (FRUSTRATION, giveaway if your first Pokémon is sad at Goldenrod Store), in the bag.
  • Catch a Quagsire (or evolve any Wooper) and teach him RETURN (TM27, giveaway if your first Pokémon is happy at Goldenrod Store) as first move. Put it in the first slot of your team.
  • Catch a Spearow and make it hold TM50 (NIGHTMARE, obtained on Route 31, after completing the mail quest). This Pokémon must be second in the team.

NOTE: Of course you can get these items by using the Bad Clone Trick, converting the first move of a Pokémon into its held item. If you know how to do this and want to, the corresponding moves are SLAM (for Max Elixer), MEAN LOOK (for TM21), FRUSTRATION (for TM27), and CRUNCH (for TM50).

The code execution is then performed this way:
  • Save and reset in front of a Pokémon Center.
  • Enter the Center, go up until reaching the healing machine, go right until hitting the wall, go up to the PC. These steps are very precise, don't do any other pattern.
  • Open the bag, place the cursor on the Max Elixer or TM21 but DON'T CLICK ON IT. Leave the bag.
  • Use the deposit option on Bill's PC to view Quagsire's profile. Go to its moves page, then exit Quagsire's profile and hit down to display Spearow's sprite. Don't click on it.
  • Exit the deposit menu, and use the withdraw option to view the box containing the Bad Clone. You'll see a bunch of "?" but it will also execute code from the first item of your stored items!

III. Glitch Pokédex ACE: hard but powerful

You will see that this method is not perfect, but once it's setup the first time, it's practical. First, you must perform luckytyphlosion's Item Shifting Glitch in a certain way that I coined 'Double Item Shifting Glitch'. The catch here is that you want to get 255 items (Expanded Balls Pocket) but item 00 ("?") freezes the game when you place the cursor on it, so you need to make sure that there won't be an item 00 before stored items in the Expanded Balls Pocket. In order to avoid this,
  • Have 3 Mystery Egg in the Key Items, instead of 2 (the pocket must still be filled)
  • Have Ultra Ball x1 followed Poké Ball x2 in the Balls Pocket
  • Place 2 Mystery Eggs at the bottom and swap them
  • Go to the Balls Pocket and swap Master Ball x5 with Ultra Ball x255
  • Fill your Balls Pocket by any mean
  • Store the bottom-most Mystery Egg, then take it back
  • Do the trick again with the 2 remaining Mystery Egg
  • Store the remaining Mystery Egg, then take it back

While doing this, you will also need three stored items:
  • TM19 (GIGA DRAIN, obtained at the Radio Tower or at Celadon's store)
  • TM29 (PSYCHIC, given by some NPC in Saffron City or obtained at Celadon's Game Corner)
  • Any item with a quantity of 9

NOTE: Of course you can get these items by using the Bad Clone Trick, converting the first move of a Pokémon into its held item. If you know how to do this and want to, the corresponding moves are FURY CUTTER (for Max TM19) and SACRED FIRE (for TM29).

Then, you need a Quagsire and a 'Slide Pokémon' that exactly matches the ones you would use for box codes in G/S (see the G/S guide) except that Quagsire has to hold TM50, not TM02. The 'Slide Pokémon' has to be placed first in your team, followed by Quagsire.

Open the Balls Pocket and slide down, you will see the PC Items after the CANCEL that follows the last ball (although only the description might show up). Using SELECT, place the x9 item at position 52, the TM19 at position 152, and the TM29 at position 153.

With this done, everytime you use the Pokédex, code gets executed from the first item of your stored items!

Redirect any method's ACE to box names

While executing code with any of the methods, have this as stored items.

Awakening x3 [or "Any item x(any quantity)" if you use Wrong Pocket TM ACE]
Paralyz Heal x3 [or "Any item x(any quantity)" if you use Wrong Pocket TM ACE]
Poké Ball x38
TM28 x3
Ultra Ball x46
Ragecandybar x44
X Attack x35
Great Ball x35
TM41 x(any quantity)

Code will now be executed from character 2 of box name 1.

Can I use a G/S code on my Crystal

Depends. I won't provide box codes translation, but here are translations for some item codes of the the G/S guide.
  • In the INCREASE/DECREASE THE QUANTITY OF AN ITEM CODE, change the quantity of Fresh Water to 7.
  • In the GET ANY ITEM CODE, change the quantity of Fresh Water to 6.
  • The MEMORY EDITOR CODE, A.K.A. GAMESHARK SIMULATOR can be used directly in Crystal.
  • In the MAKE THE SIXTH POKEMON IN PARTY SHINY CODE, change the quantity of X Accuracy to 228, and the TM28 x62 to a TM29 x62.

How to trigger the Celebi Event

Here is the code.

Awakening x3 [or "Any item x(any quantity)" if you use Wrong Pocket TM ACE]
Paralyz Heal x3 [or "Any item x(any quantity)" if you use Wrong Pocket TM ACE]
Great Ball x62
TM02 x38
TM27 x46
Carbos x45
Leaf Stone x04
TM10 x(any quantity)

Then, talk to Kurt to receive the GS Ball. You can now go to Ilex Forest and trigger the event!
Yeah it was unexpected and pissed us off a bit because when MAP wrote the route to unlock the three areas before having NatDex (see here, here and here) we were very excited to get Heatran earlier in the game, only to discover this surprising protection. I think he tried everything he could.

As for now regarding Spear Pillar, I could only find the original video, from which you don't see much unfortunately:
I will look further on PRAMA's archives to see if we have a clean process. I'm not sure if Jordan62 is still around somewhere.

As for the Lake Trio Room and stuff, I really don't know.
The catch is that Heatran appears after you complete the Magma Stone quest, but only if you have the National Dex. Using the Tweaking Trick to go there and complete the quest can be done at any time, but if you don't have NatDex, Heatran just won't show up, so that's not very useful.
Someone (MAP ?) worked a bit on getting to Heatran but it wasn't really conclusive as far as I can remember. I will ask him again.

As for obtaining Palkia/Dialga through Tweaking Trick, it's been done before, I think Jordan62 was the one discovering this one. I think I should be able to find back the method from somewhere on PRAMA's board  :P

EDIT : Checking out with MAP, the route to the Heatran's chamber can indeed be done but it won't be there until you have NatDex
General Discussion / Re: The Member's Guide to Topiclessness
« on: January 08, 2018, 11:51:41 am »
I kinda spend less time on GCL's Discord these days, because of not having the time to :( but it's a very good place to discuss glitches though
You just did, personally I consider all glitches cheating :p
General Discussion / Re: The Member's Guide to Topiclessness
« on: January 06, 2018, 09:33:05 pm »
Geez me too. Had no idea you were Yeniaul, dude :D
General Discussion / Re: The Member's Guide to Topiclessness
« on: January 06, 2018, 12:19:31 pm »
Kinda late for that game but alright, the first of my 637 posts here was more than 10 years ago, and I was a kid.

But that's still funny to see that it was to complain about french versions having less glitches than the US version  ;D

It's also cool that on these first 2-3 posts, I discuss the impossibility to get Charizard 'M without gameshark in french games. 10 years later, we can do that by at least 4 different ways, one of them being ACE, which can be done by several means too!
In fact, I have yet to see a major or otherwise notable glitch from the generation.

Well, at least we can still clone  :P
Thanks a lot to both of you! :)
Generation II Glitch Discussion / Trading Pokémon with impossible items?
« on: January 05, 2018, 01:10:33 am »

I have been recently trying to ACE my french Silver game but unfortunately could only get several pseudo-Bad Clone and also a pseudo-pseudo-Bad Clone (a clone for which everything is $00 except for the species ID). Since you can transform any type of Bad Clone into Pokémon 000 in Crystal, I intend to get that game and perform the trick there.

But since Crystal ACE is a mess, I would like to create the Bellsprout/Machoc with Mystery Egg in Crystal but then send it to G/S where I can perform the luckytyphlosion's Item Shifting Glitch to get TM17.

The question is: Can a Pokémon with a held Key Item be traded, or will it be blocked?

Thanks anyone that can help! :)
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