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Yeah, I did something like that once, but I'm not sure to remember the exact swap either. I could possibly find it again, though :)
Generation VII Glitch Discussion / Re: Curious about cloning
« on: Today at 05:44:25 am »
Is it possible through local trade?
First of all, if your game is not english, an english code won't work. Adresses in European non-english Yellow are +4 from the English R/B (+5 from English Y). Everything must be adapted accordingly.

Very interesting! I'll work on this asap. There should be a way to use it smoothly. Ways to get the expanded item packs without MissingNo. are game changers for all those games who can't do it :)
General Discussion / Re: This place feels dead
« on: September 12, 2017, 03:58:03 am »
You could say it's dying but it's certainly not dead. There is a lot of glitch discussion here, it's still the place to be and the place where you will find help.

However, remaining people are probably not much interested in off-topic discussions or board games.
If I understand correctly, you might be able to change the species of the roamer using the Attack Stat of another Pokémon? That would be a truely nice finding!
I truely don't understand what the problem in this topic is and what you are trying to do. The European setup for wslm is usually Tangela 233 HP, Nidoking, Metapod, Spectrum, Flareon, Parasect, Kadabra, Tentacool, Grimer, Another Pokémon and that's it. But I always prefer to use the 2-Pokémon setup with the item 4F.

I'm not sure what I say here is useful because I don't understand well what your problem is. Maybe you can tell me in Italian.
Pokémon Glitch Discussion / Re: Total newbie here
« on: September 09, 2017, 05:24:56 am »
Faster hatching is super easy, you just need to reduce the egg's happiness to 1. It will then hatch right after a few steps. If your Egg is in the first position of your Party, you then just need to use a code setting $DA45 to 01.
In my Gold game in which no roamer has been caught, I have indeed this structure.

F3 28 (Raikou lvl40) followed by localization and the three bytes. Then, F4 28, localization, three bytes, F5 28, localization, three bytes. No clue about what they are (obviously not the moves), they are different for all three roamers.

Things are however different in Crystal, and as of now we can only try to guess things. Indeed, in my Crystal, Entei and Suicune are caught but not Raikou. Thus, the structure is F3 28, localization, three bytes (which are 00 00 00 - it may be related to previous encounters?). Then, it says 00 28 FF FF instead of Entei (F4). It is possible than once caught, the Pokémon's species goes to 00 and the localization goes to FF.
Interestingly enough, Suicune's structure is 00 00 FF FF ; the level also does not appear. Suicune is not a roamer in Crystal, suggesting that this data is unused. It is however worth noting that it has values on the three unknown bytes.

Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: Change your trainer ID and name
« on: September 06, 2017, 05:03:31 am »
First of all, I think it's actually item 30 quantity and item 31. To explain this, you should know that when an expanded item pack is available, every item beyond the 20th in your item pack controls a specific game value.

By changing the quantity of item 30 and the nature of item 31, you can manipulate your Trainer ID. Say that you want your trainer ID to be 22796 (hexadecimal:590C). That means you want the quantity of item 30 must be hex:59 (dec:89) and item 31 must be hex:0C (Burn Heal). By just switching a Burn Heal with item 31, and tossing/adding some of whatever item 30 is, you can easily have this Trainer ID.

To trigger an expanded item pack, the easiest solution during a game is to perform the 'dry variant' of the item underflow glitch, that can be performed with a x255 item, available either through MissingNo. or through RAM Glitch City tree-cutting. Obviously, if you start a new game, using Save Abuse (that gives you 255 Pokémon) will allow you to switch Pokémon 1-9 with Pokémon 10 and this also triggers the expanded item pack.
Hey, I have one of those GBA Movie Player! Good times playing NES on my DS Fat.
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: Memory Corruption Hack.
« on: September 04, 2017, 03:43:50 am »
If I can add something about this.

I've learned GB emulation through VBA and for long, I had difficulties in dropping it because it is, by far, the most accessible and easy to use emulator for newbies. In a certain way, people with knowledge in programming often don't realize how it is for newbies to deal with complex functions. BGB's debugger is powerful in so many ways, but it's clearly not appealing for people who don't know what an opcode is, and let's be frank - you don't need those functions if you just want to change or follow the value of a RAM address in order to perform whatever you want.

Because of this, while ISSOtm and Haxel told me repeatedly not to, I always wanted to keep VBA for download at PRAMA. However, I now feel that this was a mistake, for several reasons. The 'original' version of VBA has indeed a terrible emulation and, research-wise, some behaviour that you think is the discovery of an in-game glitch will just be related to it. Thus, regardless of how BGB is useful for code execution, the problem with Echo RAM in VBA makes it unable to perform thorough ACE tests.

But the main issue is that VBA has a major flaw which can allow someone to execute code ON YOUR PC. I feel bad that people could get screwed with a software that they downloaded on my website. As far as I know, this flaw cannot be used in VBA-M.

I'm just saying this but, if you don't want to jump to a complicated emulator like BGB (even now that I've learned how to use it, it has things that still makes me mad) you may want to use VBA-M which is very similar and just requires a bit of adaptation to find your usual functions. But, on a much larger scale, you should experiment using BGB and make a (slow) transition to it. The faster the better in fact, because VBA's savestates are not compatible with BGB so it's best if you don't have many yet :)
Sorry, I did not understand that this was an interrogation.

I've been doing trades with my Italian cousins when I was young so indeed it works :)
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: Change your trainer ID and name
« on: September 03, 2017, 12:07:50 pm »
For the record, Yecho's game is French. We assisted him on PRAMA's Discord during the process of getting its GF Mew by changing its Trainer ID and then catching a Mew using the single-address value changing ACE code :)
While we were discussing Marv231's code on PRAMA's Discord, we noticed there was no asm. So here it is!

Note: Yellow uses the same code with D32C=7B (123 X Accuracy)

Code: [Select]
WRAM1:D327 3A LD A,(HL-) A=?? HL=D326
WRAM1:D328 3A LD A,(HL-) A=59 HL=D325
WRAM1:D329 25 DEC H H=D2
WRAM1:D32A 25 DEC H H=D1
WRAM1:D32B 2E 7C LD L,7C L=7C
WRAM1:D32D 22 LD (HL+),A (D17C)=59 HL=D17D
WRAM1:D32E 3E 0C LD A,0C A=0C
WRAM1:D32F 32 LD (HL-),A (D17D)=0C HL=D17C
WRAM1:D330 04 INC B
WRAM1:D334 24 INC HL H=D2
WRAM1:D335 3E 4F LD A,4F A=4F
WRAM1:D337 3C INC A A=50
WRAM1:D339 32 LD (HL-),A (D27A)=50 ; HL=D279
WRAM1:D33A 3E 85 LD A,85 A=85
WRAM1:D33D 32 LD (HL-),A (D279)=85 ; HL=D278
WRAM1:D33E 3C INC A A=86
WRAM1:D33F 22 LD (HL+),A (D278)=86 ; HL=D279
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