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Pokémon Discussion / Re: Shiny hunting
« on: Today at 06:41:27 pm »
Nice :)

I like the Cotton Candy name. I don't have any Shiny legendaries other than a few event ones.

May as well share my collection. It's nowhere near as many as a lot of Shiny hunters but one moment.

Edit: Have the Crown Beast Raikou too but forgot to put it in the Shiny boxes.
Edit 2: Does anyone have a spare legit event Shiny Palkia or Giratina? I would happily trade Shiny Entei, Suicune or Tapu Koko for one. I missed out on those and only got the Shiny Dialga. Thanks!

*plays music reverberating across the halls and into mathematics~*

Some glitches get like that.

You also reminded me I listened to a few music videos about how you can turn certain mathematical constants into melodic music.
Pokémon Discussion / Re: Shiny hunting
« on: Today at 03:42:21 pm »
I've only really played the first 3 generations where it's harder to find shinies. In my time, I've had a few dozen shinies in Gen II, I've played countless Crystal files over the years, out of all the odd egg Pokemon the only one I've never had shiny is Pichu. The odds seem to be the lowest to get a Pichu as well so to get one shiny is even lower, I think it's 1%. The most common Pokemon from the odd egg seems to be Cleffa and Igglybuff, so it shouldn't be hard for you to get a shiny Cleffa Torchickens, I've had several over the years. :)

That's neat, congratulations on your Crystal shinies Nostalgia. :) Hmm, I remember reading about the odds being different for different Odd Egg Shinies as well. Shame that the odds to get Shiny Pichu are among the lowest.

Awesome, will keep that in mind then when hunting for Cleffa. Thanks for the information Nostalgia. ^^

As for gen 3 I've only had two shinies. I have a Shiny Aerodactyl in my Fire Red which I soft reset for, I wanted a aerodactyl for my playthrough anyway so this was the only shiny I spent a decent amount of time soft resetting for.  My only other gen 3 shiny was a random Graveler in my Emerald file that I found post game after a ton of hours played, ending up ev training it and evolving it into a Golem and training it to level 50 for the Battle Frontier.

I'm thinking of playing Leaf Green soon, and it would be interesting if I could find my first wild shiny in those games, seeing as the only one I got from FR/LG was the soft resetted Aerodactyl.

Congratulations on both Shinies! :)

The first Shiny I encountered in Generation III was a Shiny Aron in one of the Hoenn games, which I remembered for having red eyes. Unfortunately I didn't have enough Poké Balls to catch it. Later I encountered a Shiny Gastly in FireRed but again didn't catch it for some reason.

The first Shiny I actually caught was a Shiny Yanma in FireRed in the Sevii Islands. I later evolved it into a Shiny Yanmega when Diamond/Pearl came out. I cloned it and traded away clones of it on GTS, but I regret what I did a lot and released the Yanmega because there are copies of it that aren't strictly legit anymore.

I've come across various other Shinies since, very recently got my own OT Ultra Wormhole Shiny Yanmega which fortunately has a great nature (Timid) and IVs (max Speed and Sp. Atk). Named it "FRLG Days ❤" and very happy to have caught it.

I remember encountering a Shiny in Pokémon Battle Revolution once. I think it was Mysterial's Snorlax.

The only low odds Shiny I've actively hunted for is for a Shiny Torchic that was bred with Masuda Method, which I have now.
Wow, if this leads to something else that's awesome! But we should hurry testing it before it gets patched.

Yeah. :)

I may be able to test this as I have both a Pokémon Bank subscription and custom firmware with JK's save manager on my other 3DS to restore my save file if I get trapped.
Yes, it has :).

Cool, hope you enjoy them!

I've never tried running it, no but I've watched a few of Shenanagens speedruns.

I remember thinking it was amazing how he would navigate the Glitch Cities so smoothly, setting up Cooltrainers, or how he would execute later glitches such as LGFly and oobLG.

The closest I've done to a speedrun was a Japanese Crystal TAS (but not optimised) and a 5かい catch 'em all run for Red/Green (which is really obsolete now). Both are on my channel if you haven't watched them.

What have you been up to? You been playing any of the more recent Pokémon games like Sun/Moon, Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon?
Pokémon Discussion / Re: Shiny hunting
« on: Today at 10:12:21 am »
Eh, my "hunting" essentially consists of RNG abuse. I used to have the patience for shiny hunting, but nowadays I seem to have lost this patience.

Though, I heard it was somewhat easier for shiny hunting in USUM.

That's still cool though. I don't do RNG abuse and prefer not doing it for shinies, but I imagine it's still fun hunting that way. :)

It's very easy in comparison to soft-resetting or repeated encounter (max of about 36% Shiny chance depending on how good you do the minigame, and type 2 and 3 wormholes max out at 10%, 19% Shiny). While hunting for legendaries there's a good chance you may encounter one or two shinies without even hunting for them.

There are only a few shinies you can get this way though. Additionally they are extremely common on GTS. If you collect extra legendaries like me, at the time of posting you can easily get every possible wormhole Shiny by trading legendaries for them.
Pokémon Discussion / Shiny hunting
« on: Today at 09:59:41 am »
Talk about Shiny hunting here.

Who else is going to collect Shinies from the Odd Egg in non-Japanese Crystal when it comes out for 3DS Virtual Console? The chance of getting a Shiny from it is only 14%! (Similar to how it's relatively easy to get an Ultra Wormhole Shiny in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon now).

You can get Shiny Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Tyrogue, Smoochum, Elekid and Magby. I would like the Cleffa.
Hi Sherkel! :) Long time no speak.

If the amount of attention Chickasaurus' and Shenanagans' videos are getting is any indication, there's still tons of interest in both Gen I glitches and further research into them, possibly more than there has been in years. The speedrunning community in general seems to have revitalized interest in glitches from all generations.

This makes me happy, but don't forget TheZZAZZGlitch. His videos are a lot more popular than mine nowadays.

Then we also have Crystal_ (who goes really deep into his explanations) and Metarkrai for Generation III videos.

Yeah definitely re:speedrunning, I really enjoyed the techniques that were put together for 151 speedruns (mainly by luckytyphlosion).
General Discussion / Re: The Glitchy Thread of Topiclessness (#3)
« on: January 20, 2018, 04:21:28 am »
Um. 2017 was a horrible year for me. Otherwise, fantastic.

Sorry to hear that.
That's good though.
A user named DaWoblefet (who also has an account on these forums if I remember correctly) recorded this glitch previously documented by DragonWhale93. It has been known for quite a while now since July 2017, but I haven't noticed many people talking about it.

Apparently in Pokémon Sun/Moon if you save at the exact position in a Pokémon Center that the delivery man would appear, obtain a new Mystery Gift (you could possibly do it with a Pokémon Bank subscription) it is then possible to walk out of bounds into the void. However it's not known if there is anything extra you can do with this glitch.
General Discussion / Re: The Glitchy Thread of Topiclessness (#3)
« on: January 19, 2018, 04:05:17 pm »
It's nice to see you back Sasara. :)

How have things been going with you?

(I used to be the user called Torchickens)
For me Ultra Sun/Moon seemed a little too similar to Sun/Moon at first for the first few hours, and it was only until later in the game the new features/plot-line started coming in with the exception of the Ultra Recon Squad appearing (but not doing much). This disappointed me a little as I was expecting the game, being pairs to feel more like Black 2/White 2 (which were more different from the start).

I felt similar about the rental part in the post-game, but not as much after learning it was only for a short time, the battle isn't that hard and it doesn't matter if you lose it. I feel they still should have allowed you to save (and/or not sure.. cancel to get out and get your Pokémon back even though that could mess with the plot) though.
Amazing :)

So, a couple of questions as I've never done much cartswapping before.

If you were to modify an SRAM address other than B0C1 or B0D3 (stored Pokémon), would you need to modify the code in any other way for Red/Blue (I notice you have to adjust the B523 checksum)? How would you do this for Yellow and Crystal?

Well, did this against Champion Blue in Yellow and oh boy...
Every turn the game plays a drum and faded to black before either continuing the battle, exiting it, or crashing all together, (I once got a "4 4's true cry"-like effect but that never happened again.
If the game doesn't crash then the screen stays black if I don't use a move that modifies the pallete. And if I don't KO the foe then it exists the battle or freezes. I once got the game to jump to the Pikachu sequence before the title screen, freezing shortly after.
And once the music just glitched our a bit.
Could this be useful and manipulated in some way?
Also I couldn't get past his Jolteon in any way with the code active, I needed to change his class to something valid before finishing the battle then change it back once I knocked out his Jolteon...
And lastly, I managed to trigger the unused text for losing against him.
And yes I did use Debug Yellow for this but I didn't have any other Yellow ROM on hand...

And then I tried d058-ing a random trainer (a Sailor in this case) and I got an occurrence of the battle restarting and my Pokémon 2-6 having their names be corrupted.

Wow, that's interesting. Nice and cool you got the unused text. Which name did you use, is it the 0x77 one?

I may play around with this re: losing the fight too. Thanks for sharing Charmy. :)

By the way I finished a B1F code (which you have in the inventory from RB 0x32) for escaping the Glitch City and making the game still playable, and I managed to get the fossil 'M (FF). This code runs the Hall of Fame script, fixes your name, leaves you in Cinnabar Island after, fixes some event addresses and possibly all the meta-map scripts:

(B1F executes A7D0)

ld a,50
ld (d158),a
ld a,41
ld (d36e),a
ld a,12
ld (d36f),a
ld a,08
ld (d35e),a
xor a
ld (d639),a
ld (d72e),a
ld (d72c),a
ld (d736),a
ld (d732),a
ld (d733),a
ld (d5a0),a
ld hl,d5f0
ld bc,011b
xor a
call 36e0
ld hl,d35f
ld a,5e
ld (hli),a
ld a,c7
ld (hli),a
ld a,0c
ld (hli),a
ld a,0b
ld (hli),a
xor a
ld (hli),a
inc a
ld (hli),a
ld c,$16
ld h,$64
ld l,$bb
ld b,c
ld b,b
call $35d6

Still, if this can be set up without arbitrary code execution, I feel using arbitrary code execution with B1F could take away some of the charm. I do wonder if there is a way to escape the Glitch City with no arbitrary code or cheats (I remember a walk through walls route that worked, I entered a building in Saffron but that would require the 0xFF from inaccessible VRAM and no freeze or theoretically VRAM data that's wrong for a battle). The bad map script for Cinnabar Island could possibly be removed with the expanded stored PC items.

Actually if you can jump off a ledge, that should activate walk through walls, but you'd have to find a way to fix the map.
>Hopefully we can escape the trashed-RAM Glitch City
change coordinates to somewhere normal with expanded pack
change map id with expanded pack and expanded party
use 9F
hope and pray

9F only works that way in Yellow sadly, thanks though.

If you want to do the same thing as 9F in Red/Blue you may place an X Attack x18 (41 12) in the map script pointer at D36E-D36F after setting your map and coordinates right.

A problem with getting glitch items is (at least some) seem to fall in the 9800 region of the BG map, which is full of 0x7F. However in actuality the items menu doesn't become full of 0x7F or 0xFF, and other items are available.

The menu is also likely invisible, though I found a weird way to get it visible again by using "7 6" (hex:7F) with a 0x50 sub-tile in the screen data, twice. (D35F must be a quantity x127 and Master Ball 01 and you've got to flash the Trainer card) Maybe it's taking 8 8 (hex:7C)'s effect.

(Believe it or not the game is still running and you can still scroll the menu)

I tested writing to D059 (instant encounter) out of interest and it froze the game, so you can't try anything in battle.

I did find B1F in the expanded items pack (which executes SRAM A7D0) so you could in theory use that, because the SRAM is untouched. Beforehand you could use 8F to write to the SRAM, or use many many SRAM corruptions like TheZZAZZGlitch did.

Another idea may be to manipulate D163 as 0xFF from the VRAM inaccessibility, swap Pokémon 62 with 63 to walk through walls, then load a map connection to fix the map, where you may be able to go into the PC to fix meta-map scripts in the expanded PC items.

Unfortunately the only time this has happened the game would freeze after battle.
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