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Generation VI Glitch Discussion / Re: Gen VI Glitch Moves
« Last post by Jchu on Today at 12:16:51 am »
Several hundred? Wow, Nintendo.

...any move that's like 'attract' that makes same gender pokemon like you? :P Cuz, haha, that'd be fun to mess with.

The draco meteor one sound's neat too. I wonder why there's a glitch version of that. Were they thinking of making a better draco meteor type move in generation 6, only to ditch the idea?
Generation VI Glitch Discussion / Re: Pokemon XY weird graphics glitch.
« Last post by Jchu on Today at 12:13:56 am »
*poke's it* Look's like we found the generation 6 MissingNo. :P And s/he has token over your entire screen.

EDIT; needed to fix my spelling here.
...No friendship evolution from a transfered pokemon? :( That's just sad. And also an interesting little flaw.
Pokémon Discussion / Re: Favorite Pokémon
« Last post by Jchu on Today at 12:08:04 am »
...I really like Sylveon because of the female one I named after Korrina on my y game XD

I like mega lucario and pikachu a lot too.
Pokémon Glitch Discussion / Re: List of Japan only tricks
« Last post by Jchu on Yesterday at 03:22:03 pm »
...That one old man glitch interests me greatly.

I wonder if it effect's your encounter with MissingNo. and the other glitches on cinnabar at all? I may...wanna look for a japanese r/b/g/y pokemon rom to learn such o.o;
Generation II Glitch Discussion / Re: G/S/C glitch discussion
« Last post by Jchu on Yesterday at 03:18:07 pm »
Back when I used to post on this forum, I was into the g/s/c MissingNo.

I remember battling him (wasn't his name ?????, or something?), he'd be asleep sometimes and the battle would act like a link up battle. It was strange and annoying. I recall poisoned ones had health bars that kept going down too? I think 'paralyzed' ones were the most easy to battle. I don't remember much. Studying this dude again could be fun.

I also used to shark my rom in general and i'd walk through walls. Ended up in a VERY strange place that actually kind of remind's me of kalos in a strange strange way. In fact, i've been to glitched areas that remind me of SHALOUR CITY in layout and general 'feel'....and now I have a crush on the gym leader of that town. Thus, it is, like, my most favorite pokemon town EVER for that reason alone. And now thinking i pretty much visited it in johto may further my love as i also really like pokemon glitches o.o

Also, I used to mess with phone numbers on a crystal rom. They made me lose badges and have black and white maps. I think pokemon battles happened too. I don't remember well; may wanna mess with it again :U

I hope this post was interesting enouth. Sorry for the fangirling elements if they annoyed you at all :U Fangirling is sorta something i'm pretty into, lol. Still...thats interesting....about the glitched towns reminding me of shalour city. In a strange way it makes me think of my one 'missingno.' song I made up from a hoenn tune. Does Satoshi hint at the past and future, much?
Introductions / Anyone remember me?
« Last post by Jchu on Yesterday at 03:06:32 pm »
I'm Jirachu *curtsy* I'm a friend of Abwayax and Izwzyzx (what happened to him, anyways? does anyone know? :<). really strange. Using TVtropes to kind of figure myself out and the like (like i read girly girls can also have female crushes on there and that help's me accept my crush on korrina more 'cuz i'm not giving up being a girly girl for NO ONE. or giving up my love for korrina...she help's me through life. yep.).

I sorta wanna get into glitches again. Maybe posting around here will spark that interest i had back?

I really don't know how 'kind' or 'accepting' the new members are here, but i'm bored, and want to post on a fun forum. I'm a strong girl. I'm sure I can take what this forums dishes out. :)

I'm interested in dreams too. I find them glitch like and strange.

Spelling is still not my strong point but I will try to spell out things the best I can here :)

EDIT: Also, I have autism. It likely makes my brain/hormones/judgement overall very 'different' from other people. So try not to find me TOO 'weird', if you can help it?
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: [Concept]Patching ROM On-The-Fly using ACE
« Last post by ISSOtm on Yesterday at 12:05:10 pm »
You can't use all of bank 0. Right before HoF are sprite decompression buffers.
And they take a fair share of that SRAM bank.
Maybe you can store some extra code, IIRC there are unused memory segments in banks 1 to 3.

Your solution might be a pain to implement. But since I'm not going to try - I've got other things on my schedule lately - I can't tell for sure.
Calendar Events / Noch Da
« Last post by Niklas on Yesterday at 11:50:07 am »
Sollte dies angezeigt werden sind wir schon längst tot
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: [Concept]Patching ROM On-The-Fly using ACE
« Last post by Parzival on May 21, 2017, 07:16:51 am »
While these are all good points, you've missed a few things, probably because I forgot to put them into the above text wall. Prepare for another one. (My bad. :P)

1. I said SRAM, not WRAM. I was intending to use all of bank 1 (or 0, whatever one HoF resides in), so space and VBlank aren't as much of an issue.
2. I know that the game isn't always sitting on its ass doing nothing, but it still does so A LOT. Like, an insane amount for a GBC game. There's still plenty of time for us to s**t out new code.
3. I was thinking about the branching problem, and we could make a modification table somewhere in SRAM that would run as part of the copy routine to make sure we get the right code. For code that isn't modified, we can reuse at least some of it (y'know, anything with a RET at the end) and keep ACE.
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