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Hi, I am fighting the exact same problem with my german version of pokemon yellow (unfortunately I found noone who could help me out with a code or some source to create it on my own yet) and I think your problem is that you put 3 extra pokemon at the end. ISSOtm state that you have to have 8 in your box. Not 8 + 3 randoms. I guess if you would use only these it would work ;D  :)
Well okay... This looks quite interesting. :) So.... if I took the Z80 OP code list, disassemblies of the german and english pokemon yellow, the big hex list and a ton of time i should be able to correct the setups myself, given that I am insane enough to trust my own code which I just created for a system I have no experience with and the potential danger of destroying ~12 hours of work. 8) Or did I get something wrong?
Arbitrary Code Execution Discussion / Re: Nothing seem to match
« Last post by SatoMew on Today at 02:58:03 pm »
Someone needs to make a hybrid between BGB (accuracy) and VBA (layout)

Gambatte and mGBA may fit your requirements.
Generation II Glitch Discussion / Re: Egg Moves
« Last post by SatoMew on Today at 02:50:20 pm »
A slightly unrelated thing but which may be important: the term "genderless" is misleading because the Pokémon's sex is unknown as opposed to being determined as neither male or female. In Western Stadium 2, there actually seems to be an Egg Group for "gender-unknown" Pokémon, which includes Staryu and Starmie, but core games do not include such an Egg Group.
Pokémon Discussion / Re: Good DS Emulator
« Last post by SatoMew on Today at 02:36:00 pm »
For now, use DeSmuME. In the future, medusa (the rebranding of mGBA) will perhaps be the best choice :)
Pokémon Discussion / Re: Good DS Emulator
« Last post by TheSixthItem on Today at 01:58:06 pm »
DeSmuME is pretty good but there are not "perfect" GBA+ emulators
Arbitrary Code Execution Discussion / Re: Nothing seem to match
« Last post by TheSixthItem on Today at 11:50:36 am »
BGB is the bane of my existence. Required due to its accuracy for stable unstable, but it freezes and doesn't let me close a lot, and also there's no way to set the keys as shift+F1 so I can make it more like VBA. Also in order to view the controls you have to click 'set keys' and/or check'set extra keys'. It's just a fucking mess. Someone needs to make a hybrid between BGB (accuracy) and VBA (layout)
Have you tried Gambatte?
This is still an ongoing investigation, but there's some good info here to get you started. The bootstrap shouldn't change too terribly much, but any jumping, reading from/writing to bytes, etc. will have to be modified.
please guys some one can help me? :(
This is in fact a tremendously good thing  O_o. I dodged a bullet there, thank you ;D. Well okay, so i guess i have to adjust the pokemon stored as well as the items used in the inventory(?). Can you tell me a resource where i could find information about the memory allocation across different localizations?
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