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General Discussion / Re: The Glitchy Thread of Topiclessness (#3)
« Last post by Sasara on Today at 10:07:52 pm »
Any alchemical technicians around here?
Serious Discussions / Re: depression talk
« Last post by Sasara on Today at 09:33:47 pm »
I go through the same sort of things. I always worry about stuff I say being destructive. Um, I've realized that I'm very poor at recognizing humor and that I take things literally.

I also often hear sounds speaking to me. Like there was a dog squeak toy I would frequently hear and it would repeat the same words in the same pattern.
Forum Discussion / Re: Forum Thread Cleanup Required
« Last post by danny on Today at 07:00:13 pm »
i don't think unterminated names needs to be stickied either, i was just being a demanding little s**t aha.
Serious Discussions / depression talk
« Last post by danny on Today at 06:51:49 pm »
use this thread to talk about depression or any other mental issues. don't shitpost in this thread, please.

basically my mind is going too fast for itself and i say s**t without thinking, and f**k up badly really often. i'm starting to lose friends because of it and i don't really have any outlets for my frustration.
i also am overshadowed by my friends, they are better than me at literally everything and i feel so inadequate because of it.
Pokémon Discussion / Re: Shiny hunting
« Last post by CytricAcid on Today at 05:33:22 pm »
this generation has been so generous with shinies for me! in UM i found two random shinies in the wild within 20 minutes of each other, WITHOUT the shiny charm!
I have quite a few shinies now, I find it much easier and better on my circle pad to SOS chain than to hatch them. I also had a shiny oricorio and shiny fomantis i caught on sun and transferred to my UM game. Shiny Lurantis is my favorite <3
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: Glitch world of POKaMON!
« Last post by MarcinTVP8 on Today at 01:28:26 pm »
I'm updating this thread with the easiest overworld method. It doesn't even require the Pokedex!
You just need to open the Options screen in the german ROM, load the english ROM without reset when you're there!
And you get 2 nice hex 00 Pokemon so you have a good start.
I'm still finding a battle method, so keep tuned!
The shift only applies to WRAM (starting at $CF00). Everything before that point is just the same in all non-japanese Red, Blue and Yellow :)
A lot more new ACE insight have come up on Discord, thanks to luckytyphlosion. I will update the whole thread tomorrow if possible :)
Pokémon Discussion / Re: Shiny hunting
« Last post by Charmy on Today at 10:09:57 am »
Well, does the fact that I literally encountered 2 full-odds shiny Zubats without even looking for them?
One was on Ruby, other on a 2010 build of Prism (because why not)...
And I also encountered (and caught, of course) a Shiny Spinarak on UM when I was filling in the dex.
And later I hunted for a shiny Xurkitree (which i got in like 20 minutes lol) and a shiny Guzzlord (which was my 1st SR of the second day).
and besides a few more shinies in other romhacks (like the actual newest build of Prism) and some "sorta not special" shinies, then I don't really have anything else, besides a shiny Bunnelby (Diggersby) I found on Y, and a shiny Xatu on the same game...
Oh and of course a ton of hacked ones from WT, who wouldn't have expected that...
Apologies for double posting.

Ok, so as the Discord conversations have indicated this wont be the "quick fix" I had anticipated. For my own sake, and for others, it has become necessary to map out the Characters that can be used to Represent areas of the box name, similar to what Spamviech did with G/S. (Self-modding in Crystal is done with é*5)

(Characters with _ are not directly reachable, and characters behind | are end-terminators)
Code: [Select]
$DB75 - $DB7D: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ | _
$DB7E - $DB86: _ (space) A B C D E F | G
$DB87 - $DB8F: H I J K L M N O | P
$DB90 - $DB98: Q R S T U V W X | Y
$DB99 - $DBA1: Z ( ) : ; [ ] a | b
$DBA2 - $DBAA: c d e f g h i j | k
$DBAB - $DBB3: l m n o p q r s | t
$DBB3 - $DBBC: u v w x y z _ _ | _
$DBBD - $DBC5: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ | _
$DBC6 - $DBCE: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ | _
$DBCF - $DBD7: _ 'd 'l 'm 'r 's 't 'v | _
$DBD8 - $DBE0: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ | _
$DBE1 - $DBE9: (PK) (MN) - _ _ ? ! . | &
$DBEA - $DBF2: é _ _ _ _ (male) _ * | _

Thankfully, it seems box names in Crystal are somewhat easier to self-modify.
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