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It 100% works on platinum, but other version haven't been confirmed. Theorethicly it should work at least on Diamond and pearl too, and maybe even HG/SS.
Tech Help / Re: Perfect opportunity
« Last post by natanelho on Today at 10:22:11 am »
get a magnet and a ds cart and do magnethax. extra points if you use the jpn pokemon g/s "gb cartridge" magnets
Jeez, Gravedigger, you're discovering all kinds of stuff now!

I'll try it whenever I can get my hands on my Platinum game...
Easy (ish) cloning:
Prerequisite: box 1 is empty and the pokemon to clone is in another box. The pokemon to clone also cannot have any HMs.
You will also need the standard 5 pokemon 8F setup.

* any item x any
* 8F
* Lemonade x 19
* X accuracy x 128    (127 if using yellow, but then I don't know how wsm works.)
* Carbos x 218
* Poke ball x 119
* TM01 x any

* Change to box 1 and use 8F
* Move the pokemon to clone into box 1
* Release all the pokemon in box 1 by releasing from the top of the list repeatedly until the box is empty.
* Use 8F again. The box is now filled with unstable hybrids of your pokemon and 'M (FF)
* Withdraw as many as you want and use the daycare to stablize the hybrids. They should all stablize to be the originally deposited pokemon.

The last step is not necessary if you want to transfer the clones to sun/moon. Just transfer the box, toss 18 lemonade, use 8F, and withdraw the original pokemon.
Probaply should add save time is affected by coordinate changes, party box changes and flagchanges (probaply more). If you can't get the timing to work try to count the cycles yourself and reset the game just before it hits save! It can take a lot of attempts so I wish you lots of luck!
Hello Gravedigger,

Great discovery! I only knew that it was possible to clone through trade in Gen IV and V. This is above in so many ways, I need to try :)
Debate Wars / Re: Riots
« Last post by Krys3000 on Today at 02:18:12 am »
I know that, I'm just teasing you :)

But to be fair, it's not that people associate them, they associate themselves. Many if not most far-left ideas were once French communist ideas (we're obviously not talking about Soviet communism here) but they had less exposure then because nobody wanted to listen to commies. So now they say they are far-leftists :p

Anyway back to the debate!

I got some more glitch moves and had some fun stealing wild Pokemon from the Pike, too bad there's not a good way to catch trainer Pokemon.

I wonder if there's some way to steal Factory Pokemon -.-
So, this is extremely tricky but from my testing this won't mess your savefile up. (Its at your own risk though)
The idea comes from bad egg cloning in other generations, except in gen IV its way harder to pull of.

So, here is how you do it:
1) save underneath a pc box, this is not required but its extremely unlikely you'll get it first time.
2) put one (or more) pokemon in the box. So far I only got it to work with one pokemon, but it might be possible and easier with more than one.
3) save the game, count the cycles of the clock. Usually it stops at 9 and 7/8 rounds. We want to reset your game precisely on 9.7/8 but before the clock gets removed from screen or it actually saves. too soon makes the game put you back without saving the box, too late saves the party as it currently is too. We need the game to save the box, but rollback your party to an older save.
4) reset game; if everything went smoothly your screen should go blue and say your savefile was corrupted and its going to use an older savefile.
Once thats over, check your box. With some luck you will have duplicated your pokemon and item!

Important things to notice: as you rollback your party new pokemon put into it will get wiped from your game! This does however make for a gen 4 bad egg removal trick too!

If anyone gets corrupted clones from doing this please comment on species, moves, whatever is different from the original! My bidoof was an exact copy, and even though its awesome you can duplicate I'm more interested in its uses for potential use of glitchmoves.
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