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Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: Expanded Experience Underflow
« Last post by Sock on Today at 11:12:30 am »
Hello! New to Glitch City but have been playing Red and have my beautiful 8F and learning all of it's possibilites. I am interested in this expanded experience underflow execution but am a little confused and hoping to get some help. First, what bootstrap is proper for this? Right now I have access to the bootstrap with Kangaskhan as the last member of the party as well as the one with Arbok as the last member.

Any Item
8F / ws*l’||lm||
ThunderStone x100
TM09 x82
Lemonade x(dec ID of the wanted Pokémon) <--------- Does this have to be the corresponding dec ID of the Pokemon who is in the first slot? This is where I am mostly confused.
Ether x119
X Accuracy x107
X Attack x119
TM01 x(any quantity)

I am tired of using rare candies to level up and need a solid way to gain experience. I hope to hear from someone. This page ROCKS!

Generation VII Glitch Discussion / Re: Stuck in a wall
« Last post by Deku-Kitty on Today at 07:04:13 am »
This has been going around for a while, it only happens if you use PkHex apparently. I'm not sure how it relates though.
Generation VII Glitch Discussion / Stuck in a wall
« Last post by SnorlaxMonster on Today at 03:15:14 am »
This player got stuck in a wall after they saved where the deliveryman would stand, then received a Mystery Gift. As a result, they ended up stuck inside the wall. In previous games, the deliveryman would just stand in a different position.

I'm a little skeptical of this, but it would be interesting to see someone try to replicate this.
General Discussion / Re: Playing non-music files in Audacity
« Last post by xparasite9 on Yesterday at 05:24:03 pm »
You can't fully build a custom Pokémon without ROM hacking.
Actually, you may be able to, but you'd need to use some very heavy game logic manipulation (using, I guess, DMA hijacking) to make a custom cry, custom sprite, custom learnset, etc.
Also, it would be very difficult to do especially because some attacks, such as Substitute, fully reload the sprite.

So :
- In theory it's possible
- No one will ever have the dedication to complete such a tremendous work
- I might be wrong but I bet I'm not

(TAS-level ACE would be able to also do such a thing, but I guess that's out of TheUnReturned's scope)
Yes, but you have to make your own front and back sprites and fix up the broken pointers.
I also reccomend reading the rules.
like, maybe with arbitary code or something? it does sounds possible..
I think its technically not possible
Since x0 quantities are a bit of a pain to get, I'd recommend this :
Code: [Select]
Carbos x90
Master Ball x13
Poké Ball x84
Repel x128
Carbos x24
X Accuracy x134
TM29 x3
Carbos x144
X Accuracy x0
TM01x[Any qty]

Code: [Select]
ld h, $5A
ld bc, $040D ; b = BANK(FontGraphics), c = 14 - 1 = how many tiles to copy - 1
ld d, h
ld e, $80 ; de = FontGraphics
ld h, $18
ld l, $86
push hl ; hl = CopyVideoDataDouble
inc bc
ld h, $90
ld l, $0 ; hl = the tiles in VRAM that come after the digits
ret ; jumps to CopyVideoDataDouble (done this way to avoid glitch items and key items that would result from directly using call or jp)

(Didn't test it though)
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: How did a glitch item delete my save file?
« Last post by ISSOtm on March 26, 2017, 12:06:31 pm »
SRAM is open when a value $XA (X being any hex digit) is "written" to address range $0000 - $1FFF). This may happen either by writing such a value directly, or incrementing / decrementing a value in ROM. Example : incrementing the byte at $0060 (which is a $D9) will unlock SRAM.

If SRAM is overwritten with junk afterwards, the game may either think the save file is corrupted or simply doesn't exist.
You can get your Pokémon back if you perform the SRAM glitch (without the "Clear saved data ?" part, of course :P), they just will be considered traded Pokémon.
Just make sure never to power off too late : if you get a "the save is destroyed !" message you CAN try again, don't delete saved data.
If you can load your file but cannot access the Pokémon menu afterwards it's over :/
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