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Very cool!

I've tried all glitches contact (either as the caller of receiver) in french games lately. hex:AF was among those who didn't answer and never called, but I don't think I tried it in the morning so maybe it's possible to get the Master Ball x42 in other localizations too. There are however differences between localizations for at least some glitch contacts, as I wasn't able to replicate some known english results of glitch contacts in my french game.

That being said, in french games (and possibly english?) hex:46 and hex:C6 in G/S, as well as hex:D3 and hex:E9 (when called) and hex:69 (when calls) in Crystal, give TMs to the player before freezing. Although I wouldn't probably be very helpful, I wonder if there's also a way to get them without freeze.

Since we're talking about it, some glitch contacts in french games have very unlikely effects.
- Hex:3E (G/S, called) displays a "you don't have enough space in party" message (I did not try with less than 6 Pokémon)
- Hex:38 (C, called) displays a message that could translate into "no window for apparition" with a weird music. Then freezes.
- Hex:84 (G/S, called) starts the Team Rocket theme, but then freezes.
- Hex:E0 (G/S, when calls) asks you to choose between YES and NO, but whatever your answer is, hangs up. Lol.
- Hex:5F and hex:DB (C, when calls) asks you to choose a Pokémon, but nothing happens.
- Hex:9B (G/S, when calls) and hex:AC (C, when calls) asks you to choose a Pokémon, but then freezes suddently.
- Hex:B0 and hex:BD (C, called) asks you to choose a Pokémon, then displays a glitched map. If you exit, it will ask you again to choose, but this time it will freeze.
- Hex:2A (C, called) gives a Forretress for some reason, but then it freezes the game.
- Hex:2A and hex:E2 (G/S, called) start the game credits (but doesn't finish the game).
- However, hex:B8 (G/S, when calls) does indeed finish the game instantly, registering you to the HoF, but when the game restarts, it freezes after a few steps.
- Interestingly, this works well with hex:54 and hex:E8 (C, when calls) as it will register you to HoO and finish the game, and then you will be able to continue it.
- Also very interestingly, hex:57, hex:D8 and hex:FB (G/S, when calls) triggers a fight against Glitch Pokémon hex:00.

If we were able to stabilize the side-effects from these, preventing the freezes, it could be cool :)
That's cool! Could be very useful. Thanks for sharing all these data guys, and for the work discovering it. I'm clearly not into speedrunning, so I don't catch up with interesting glitches used there if they are not posted here  ;)
I think I was aware of this at some point but forgot it. Thanks for posting about this! It's a very interesting technique. I guess most people won't use it because it takes a lot of time, but if you're desperate about not managing to do the Bad Cloning process, that's an alternative ^^

Yep. The check is typing, level and instable hybrids. That's it :)
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: Pokémon Yellow Pokédex CoolTrainer?
« on: February 02, 2018, 05:58:13 am »
Oh that's pretty cool! I will test asap in french games. LOL Glitch is fine but a bit messy (especially in Yellow games); using only the Pokédex is better.
However still, Cooltrainer Ditto has to be traded from R/B, right?
Oh, that's good to know! I might do that. Thanks  ;)
Generation II Glitch Discussion / Re: Odd Egg Event Flag Memory Adress?
« on: February 01, 2018, 04:53:21 pm »
In my game, the value was at 40, but I don't know if the other bits are unused or if I didn't do whatever the other bits are controlling.

I agree that it would seem a little strange that at least bit 7 is unused. I've seen several G/S/C addresses for which only bit 7 and 6, or bit 7 to 4, are used, but I've never seen a case like this before.
Generation II Glitch Discussion / Re: Odd Egg Event Flag Memory Adress?
« on: February 01, 2018, 09:37:35 am »
I'm not sure, but maybe this is not an individual flag address, but a bit of the address that controls the Day Care Man.

Bit 1 is set if a Pokémon has been given to the man
Bit 6 is set if an Egg is ready
Bit 7 is always set after the first talk with the Daycare man

We could try to affect other bits and see if the Odd Egg event is available again

EDIT: Nevermind, it's flag $DAD9 in fact. Bit 6 is set when you have the Egg, so you just need to put it back to 00 to have another Egg.
You can store them, of course - and you have 50 storing item slots so I wouldn't worry much about space.

But yeah, to get rid of them definitively, you could use the item changing code  :D
I am a little confused. In crystal, do you need to do the mystery egg setup AND do the item code listed in order to execute code with TM15, or can you do one or the other in order to get TM15 in the wrong pocket? I am confused as i think it said in the original guide that all you would need to do is use bad clone ACE to execute the item code, and that would get you TM15 in the wrong pocket. However it looks like it says here that you need to do both in order for it to work.

No, you indeed need to do both, but the order is not important. However it is most certainly possible to create an item, box or mail code that does both at the same time... don't hesitate to work on it if you have some time!

Also, I have a question regarding filling your Key Items pocket. If i fill it up with mystery eggs, Will that cause any issues if i try and get another key item? Like will I have to find a way to remove all the mystery eggs in order to get other key items i'd like. And if so, How would I do it.

You could just store the extra eggs in the PC  :P

Also, It looks like without the use of another game to trade items, It will take at least till beating jasmine in order to set everything up, as tm 23 is needed to use the get any item/get any amount of any item codes. However, once you have that, you can using the cloning glitch to get enough of those tms to perform the glitch (as well as get a ton of rare candies to teach quagsire the moves it needs). after that is done, you should be able to get the rest of the items you need through those glitches (if you have tm 50, you can use it to get any of the other tms by lowering its item value), and then set up TM15 in the wrong balls pocket!  So that means its possible to do ACE in crystal around 1 3rd though the game, which is really cool and will make a lot of the post game really interesting!

You're right. However, you can do a lot better than that. You could get TM23 using the Bad Clone Trick (which allows to get any item) using the move SLEEP TALK. If you don't want to, you could do a box/mail code that gives you TM23 instead. In theory, as soon as you have access to the Day Care, you should be able to do everything already.
This guide has now been MASSIVELY UPDATED to add Crystal ACE (unifying it with this guide).

Please use this now as the 'official thread' for all games. I'm editing the other thread to redirect to this.
So many questions :p

How would you get 252 PP ups to get the tm 15?
=> One way to do that is to execute the code 'INCREASE/DECREASE THE QUANTITY OF AN ITEM CODE' twice on a PP Up x1 using another ACE method before (i.e. Bad Clone ACE) to get it to x255 and then toss 3. This code is available in the general guide that I am currently updating for Crystal. For the code to work in Crystal, change the quantity of Fresh Water to 7 and do not have the first two items (start with Fresh Water as item 1).
EDIT: This however is not the code to get TM15, but the jump config code (which is mandatory, no matter how you get TM15).

or, what would be the box code to get tm 15 in the items pocket if using that method?
=> Good question. In english games, such a code hasn't been made yet but I hope it will be done asap, as it would provide a good alternative to the 252 PP Up issue. What I can tell you is that in french games (where box codes cannot be made), a mail buffer equivalent code would be p0îj'9j'9ém'm'n'

How would you know when you have a bad clone?
=> The clone would have "??????" as name (in Crystal).

I tried getting a bad clone in GS, but i didn't have a box that had never been filled, and the closest i got was a clone that had the species of the pokemon i was cloning, but the moves and name of the pokemon that was previously in the box. Would that have gotten me a bad clone had the box never been filled before?
=> Yes, absolutely :)

when trying to get the bad clone in crystal, is the idea to turn off the power earlier than normal
=> Exactly as it is in G/S, but in Crystal, cloning can only occur if you reset after the final dot of "DON'T TURN OFF THE POWER." appears. So you need to reset IMMEDIATELY after the dot appears to get a Bad Clone.

After looking over the G/S guides and this guide again, I Instead want to ask if there is a way to get all the TMs in crystal using an item ACE set up, as all the item codes in the G/S require TM 10 and TM 23, which can't be obtained till very late in the game.
=> Like what we do in G/S, you could use a box code that would give you any TM x255. This code doesn't exist so far to my knowledge in Crystal but I hope someone does it soon. Another (annoying) solution is to use the Bad Clone Trick to generate these items.

Hope you got everything you need :)
Probably not because Ilex's Celebi has your OT/ID  ;D
I have entirely modified this guide with new advances in the field. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the work on Discord.

Please note that this is the advised way to proceed to Crystal ACE:
- Use Bad Clone ACE to give yourself TM15 in the Wrong Pocket, and to write what is needed at $DA10 to $DA12.
- Use Wrong Pocket TM ACE with the Quagsire that suits your needs to execute whatever you want to.
I'm currently having all known Pokémon in my PC, except the 4 US/UM exclusives. It took me almost 10 years and 15 games to complete this thing. If this happens to me, I'd fucking quit life
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