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Major Glitches
Trainer escape glitch
:- Mew Trick
:- Ditto Trick
Celebi Trick
Old Man Trick
Q Trick
Pokémon Cloning

Glitches by Generation/Game
Generation I
Generation II
Generation III
Generation IV
Generation V
Generation VI
Japan only glitches
Non-core series glitches
Non-Pokémon glitches

Placeholders and Error Handlers
Object event.
Corrupted event!
Mystery Zone
Bad Egg

Reference Documents
The BIG Hex List
Glitch Regions
Glitch Myths
Pokémon Gameshark Codes
Pokémon glitch terminology
G/S/C Beta Safari Zone
G/S/C Beta Olivine House
S.S. Anne Ship Trick
Beta Pokémon Names
Bird Type
Cacophony Ability
Unused soundtracks

Interactive Tools
R/B Name Generator
R/B Stat Changer

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