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Author Topic: Arbitrary code execution in Red/Blue using the "8F" item  (Read 178033 times)

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Re: Arbitrary code execution in Red/Blue using the "8F" item
« Reply #570 on: March 20, 2017, 03:12:32 pm »
Ah, thanks, I was wondering what the .sym files were for, for some reason it didn't occur to me to look inside them!

Edit: And here is said script:
Code: [Select]
Carbos x90
Master Ball x14
Poké Ball x84
Repel x128
Carbos x24
X Accuracy x134
TM29 x0
Carbos x144
X Accuracy x0
TM01x[Any qty]

Code: [Select]
ld h, $5A
ld bc, $040E ; b = BANK(FontGraphics), c = 14 = how many tiles to copy
ld d, h
ld e, $80 ; de = FontGraphics
ld h, $18
ld l, $86
push hl ; hl = CopyVideoDataDouble
ld h, $90
ld l, $0 ; hl = the tiles in VRAM that come after the digits
ret ; jumps to CopyVideoDataDouble (done this way to avoid glitch items and key items that would result from directly using call or jp)

This turns the tiles beyond the numbers that glitch quantities read from into the letters A through P, so it's easier to see how many items you have / are tossing. (There will also be a bunch of letters all over the background).

The effect goes away when entering/leaving a building, entering/leaving a battle, resetting the game, or closing the PC item menu, and maybe a few other things.

Tested with English blue on BGB.
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