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General Discussion / Re: The Glitchy Thread of Topiclessness (#3)
« Last post by Sasara on Today at 08:58:28 am »
Video Games Discussion / Re: Game Boy Game Genie codes?
« Last post by xtreme713ify on Yesterday at 10:11:54 pm »
Wario Land
A92 34B 33D Glitches map, makes Wario invisible on File Select
810 49B --- (add D55 to this code the neutralize FX) glitch effects after enemies die.
*6DA-B6F-9A2 Makes Wario disappear mid-jump, and fall from the sky.  Enough messing with code can cause you to go into Limbo, out of the playable area.
2A8 4CB D5E EE6 1st level restarts game
 102 3C9 11E Messes up Intro, but nothing else
4DD 0B9 665 Pirate Gooms right walking animations are glitchy, random objects appear.
6FA 23B EE8 Slightly changes level design of Level 1 (haven’t tested other levels), glitches map, prevents climbing ladders.
920 62B BAF Most enemies disappear’
989 33F F40 Creates invisible wall in first level
998 52B 980 Glitchy sounds, enemies always thrown to the right, even when facing left.
788 52B EA0 Similar to above
*57C FDE 07B 317 53C FE4 umm… I legit cannot think of a way to describe what this code does… try hitting a block. (CAUTION- MAY ERASE FILES- HAVEN’T FULLY TESTED)
719 BEE C91 Turns ladders into trampolines.
97B 52B 99C Enemy erase code.
*865 22B 88C Messes up certain levels, minorly or majorly, it varies.
806 22A 119 glitches intro and nothing else, similar to 102 3C9 11E
8FD C4A AAD glitches intro, POSSIBLY increases Wario’s speed (can’t really tell)
081 D5B 667 Prevents powering up, make certain enemies disappear.
881 BBC 431 All enemies are gone, including bosses.
00F 77A 450 Messes up file select majorly.
3E7 4CC 24A Wario temporarily turns invisible after jumping, causes glitchy effects.
4E6 25F CCD Makes the beginning of the level glitchy, however when you walk off and come back, effects disappear.
870 809 223 glitches file select (similar to 00F 77A 450)
*B4B 21B AAB changes level design, similar to 865 22B 88C
E53 C29 070 glitches file select
BBB BBB BBB glitches map
82D C1A 576 if you jump, you can run into enemies for insta, like you’re using an attack. You can’t break blocks, however.  Level  2 of rice beach is glitched.
4BD 32A 23B when you try to move Wario across the map, it doesn’t show him moving, but he still moves.
1A4 6F8 245 choose a file: I dare you. Really badly. (I don't remember what this one does, do this on an emulator just in case)
234 429 glitches title screen and changes 1st and 2nd level music.
234 438 again, try selecting a file. Only this time it doesn’t do anything.
01B 45F 770 you still jump like normal, but you fall really fast.
01A 22B 32C scrambles level design of Rice Beach 1, and when you throw enemies to the left they disappear.
343 32C 567 when enemies walk the farthest to the right that they can, they get stuck.
7F7 5BA 070 if you bump into a wall with your attack, you get stuck.
010 F09 34D glitches title screen…and the map is…disabled, I guess?
13C 31B 31B bump into enemies from the right (while not using your attack) and they’ll fling a couple tiles down.
3D0 64D DE5 crashes if you hit a block
3B3 20A 35E jumping on enemies crashes game. You can still attack them or throw them after bumping them , though.
356 71A 467 prevents you from using your attack when facing left

I put an asterisk next to all the codes that have insane effects. The first one I marked specifically has allowed me to glitch under the world, find secret areas, and a bunch of other stuff. We could dedicate an entire thread to the stuff I've found honestly.
Generation IV Glitch Discussion / Re: Obtaining Arceus via the Void Glitch
« Last post by RETIRE on Yesterday at 12:00:40 am »
And that works in Platinum to get Arceus, Darkrai, and Shaymin? Also where and what must you do and be to get started on this path because I forgot how to start the glitch.
It should work for me though because I do have a gen 3 game and a DS lite which is what you need to use the gen 3 h game to stop it.

You can't use the void in platinum as many people have said here. Noone is going to find a path anytime soon because theres literaly no way to leave the map of the house. I was refering to an other post of him about the RETIRE scripts
Generation IV Glitch Discussion / Re: Arena Trap flee glitch (Platinum)
« Last post by RETIRE on April 17, 2018, 10:37:55 am »
I personally haven't tested it and am busy routing some stuff, I can test when I am done with it, hopefully. also the glitchbattles with amity square have been confirmed on hardware by other testers, unlike some other glitches here.

I could give you an updated route for RETIRE menu that gives the option to disable the pal park menu from the overworld by entering and leaving the pal park, which I wrote a while ago for fun. the old route has an autorun script when you try to enter the pal park building, which is because a flag is checked for having left pal park. But, you can activate this autorun in the void without losing the menu to get around it.
This also gives two sideeffects, being you can instantly box migrated pokemon and get a free berry (the berry can be given infintiely) :3
It's a really good song. It stimulates me a lot. It helped me to continue fighting.
Thank you for your advice It's really good It's very useful to me.
General Discussion / Re: Really bad jokes
« Last post by Bert on April 16, 2018, 04:42:03 pm »
What's men's favorite word that starts with "m" and ends with "arriage"?


Where do fish hang out at your home?

In the Sea-ling

I can't believe I laughed at this.
General Discussion / Re: Really bad jokes
« Last post by Princess Torchic ❤ on April 16, 2018, 04:15:49 pm »
What do you call a cross between a crocodile and a broccoli?


Where do fish hang out at your home?

In the Sea-ling

Generation IV Glitch Discussion / Re: How to catch glitch Pokémon in D/P(Pl?)
« Last post by BUGLITCH on April 16, 2018, 04:15:41 pm »
There there
Yeah sadly it doesn't seem to work on hardware.

If it's only due to the battles, we can maybe still try to learn how to control the corruption to get non-crashing Pokémons (or even non-glitchmons).

If it's due to the corruption itself, well, we should stop trusting DS emulation on corruption glitches like cascade glitch, battle corruption glitch, glitchscripts etc. which are then just due to a glitch in emulation (well cascade glitch actually works but not the same way).

Anyway this was still fun to experiment these things with you guys!
as I commented on your video, arena trap can have more interesting interactions. If you go into safari zone with glitched partnermode (which is received from using RETIRE in amity square, then leaving the area) and your first pokemon has arena trap, then if you get a glitchbattle in which the enemy pokemon use 'flee', the game simply softlocks. I don't know if this can also happen with roaming pokemon that use flee, but I'd say give it a test :)

That's interesting. Thanks!

May do this when I eventually experiment with RETIRE.

What is the behaviour in normal circumstances for a fleeing Pokémon trapped by Arena Trap by the way? It seems like it would prevent fleeing with no issues but have never been in that situation (have only trapped them with Mean Look and similar).
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