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Author Topic: Avoiding the effects of a dead save battery on Generation II Pokemon Games  (Read 260 times)

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          Before reading the rest of this post, I want to make sure you are familiar with the Mega Memory Card (MMC) accessory for the Gameboy, as it is essential for the understanding of the post. If you know what this is and what it does, please continue to the paragraph below. The MMC is a device that allows you to backup or restore save files of GB and GBC games.

          To begin, an awkward property unique to the Gen II Pokemon games (as far as I know) is that when the save batteries are dead, the save file actually lingers for around 45-60 seconds. As soon as a few minutes after I heard of the MMC, I theorized that you may be able to exploit that property to take the save off of the cart, or put it back on and reset. So naturally, after getting my MMC in the mail, it was one of the first things I attempted, and despite what I thought was likely, my idea actually worked! So you can use the MMC to negate the effects of a dead save battery on Pokemon Gold, Silver, and maybe Crystal (I don't know if it possesses that effect as well, as I bought my copy with a fresh battery). If I am the first  to discover this, I will be very amazed.

EDIT: When poking around, I have seen a few people mentioning this, so I am not the first to discover it :(
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Crystal save files do indeed linger for a little bit on a dead cart, so it's possible to load it onto the MMC and then put it back on the cart.


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Ok, Thanks! That is good to know


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Thank you for your advice It's really good It's very useful to me.