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Debate Wars / Re: Gun Control in the US
« on: May 26, 2018, 09:17:19 pm »
It's not guns fault, it's the media imo. You can't run a story about a school shooting 24/7, state the school weaknesses that caused it, exactly how it was done, and why, and not expect kids in a similar situation to not think its a good idea. That's why so many happen imo, banning guns will never happen as it's a clear as day violation of the 2nd amendment
I put a ret right at the start of the function, the checksum fails, but otherwise I can trade whatever I want over, provided it doesn't freeze.
It would work amazing, but there is 1 problem. I open pokemon black with no$gba debugger, and i get a message on the screen "The save data can't be accessed." I looked it up and you need a code to fix it. I entered the code, and it didn't work.
Could it be possible to replace it with the DS equivalent of a ret (sorry if this sounds dumb) or something like that? Or find what accesses it whenever it's activated (is there a ds emulator that has breakpoints?)
Looking into it more, hex:0000 works just fine. I'm thinking it's just a code that triggers the error handler whenever a Pokemon's index number is higher then the last valid Pokemon, and not null derefs
I found a glitch map in Pokemon sun, using invaild pkhex to set the map to 999, there appears to be nothing, just all blackness. However it shows me in a valid location on the map. I could move, and found parts of valid maps. I found a Pokemon center you can't go in, grass with no encounters, and signs you can't read. This seems a lot like Gen 1 Phantom towns, so I will call this Gen 7 phantom maps.
I believe it was the one talking to mom before getting a Pokemon. How do I get to it then?
Never mind, I just changed a textbox instead, how do I jump to it? I can't use jp because the textbox is at 094B08
I got the RST vectors changed, I got the text written, I just don't know the function. It wouldnt be a jp right?
I'm trying to make something where when RST 38 is executed, the game jumps to a custom message saying something like "Pokemon has encountered a critical error. The game will be shut down to protect your save file." Then a safe game crash. Mostly to help me with ASM and coding in general, but I don't even know where to start, so I need help. I'm hoping to try and patch glitches in The game just for shits and giggles and experience with ASM. Any help is appreciated!

Also, do the contents of 0038 ram address matter?
Would there be a way to search for the function somehow or just whatever calls it, and overwrite that? I have a hunch that what's calling it is null derefs, but I'm probably wrong
Would that be difficult, or easy
The error handler in Pokemon black shuts down glitch Pokemon and maps (and moves possibly, can't find a move modifier) Before any glitches can happen. Would it be possible to remove it? I'm sorry if it's a stupid question, I was just curious
I have uploaded a video on this, mostly bad egg, but got a few cool things.
So i used Wack0's Invalid pkhex to place invalid Pokemon into the PC. When I opened the PC I got this message:
An error has occurred. Please reset your DS. (or something like that)
The hex of the Pokemon was 777, if it matters. The same message apperad if I injected it into the party. I ended up just deleting all Pokemon from the party, and trying to open it just crashed the game without the message, hinting at a subroutine like this: If Pokemon index > last valid Pokemon, Then display error message and crash game.
I suck at coding though so I'm probably wrong
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