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Introductions / Re: Ain't Dead Yet
« on: Yesterday at 07:53:32 am »

Hi! I'm Isso, recent member (since around 2k14, 15?), so I can't say I "remember" you, although I have seen some of your posts while backlogging some threads.
It's nice to see some oldbies are still alive and kicking - we've got Prisma, Extreme Forkton Supreme, Jchu and Jolteon to come back more or less recently, and also Photon, in a way.

The forums are mostly inactive, most of the activity (erm) is happening on the Discord server.
What are the potential applications of this? Better RAM manipulation?
Video Games Discussion / Re: (!SPOILERS!) Deltarune Discussion Thread
« on: January 12, 2019, 07:12:25 am »
I only play in windowed, anyways
Video Games Discussion / Re: (!SPOILERS!) Deltarune Discussion Thread
« on: January 11, 2019, 03:35:46 pm »
Nah, didn't try again. Had a peek at one of the later phases... ain't doing it any time soon, lol
Video Games Discussion / Re: (!SPOILERS!) Deltarune Discussion Thread
« on: January 10, 2019, 03:23:58 pm »
Do you understand why I was pushing you so strongly towards this game? ^^
The boot-up code disables interrupts, doesn't it?
I'm very unsure about how this works. The game should just reset, not do this.
You should refer to the disasm, especially wram.asm. There's documentation on the different RAM addresses and their functionality.
Further, if you want to know the answer to this kind of questions, you should find a piece of code that does what you want, and figure out how it works. For example, home/init.asm references `PlayIntro` (use GitHub's search to find it's in engine/intro.asm), which references `PlayShootingStar` (just below), which calls `AnimateShootingStar` (engine/gamefreak.asm), which calls `CheckForUserInterruption` (home.asm). There you can see it calls `JoypadLowSensitivity` and reads back `hJoyHeld` and `hJoy5`. It's up to you to figure out how those work!

All this, because we'll quickly grow tired if we you need every answer spoonfed to you, so you should start learning how to be autonomous. Of course, if you're still stumped, you can ask us - it's always nice to help someone who proves they do efforts but don't make it. You're on a good start!
Introductions / Re: Hello new trainer here !!
« on: January 08, 2019, 03:34:47 am »
Howdy fella.
This essentially makes all rst vectors reset the game. Not sure how it can be doing this - got a recording?
gbz80toitems supports labels, and if you're going for complex code, you should definitely use that.
Unless you want hex output, in which case I don't think there's any better solution that using RGBDS directly and looking at the output binary.
It won't corrupt other WRAM banks, sure, but that's not what you're talking about when you say that Echo RAM is smaller than WRAM.
Indeed, $DE00-DFFF can't be corrupted twice. I guess that if stack space gets corrupted, the game will crash, anyways. Instantly. So my point seems to be moot :D
You can use labels in GBz80:
Code: [Select]
FillMemory: ; Global label
    inc c
    inc b
    jr .skip
.loop ; Local label
    ld [hli], a
    dec c
    jr nz, .loop
    dec b
    jr nz, .loop
Note that `jr` is different in the way the target address is specified; `jp` just spells it out, `jr` uses a signed offset instead.
You can't modify ROM, so you can't alter the game's programming. Best you can do is either run a copy of the game loop in RAM (but then you're limited by space), or alter memory in ways that alter its behavior. Both have limits.
As I said, if it manages to reach Echo RAM. Reminder that Echo RAM is a mirror of WRAM, so the bytes would get a second corruption round if that happened.
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