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Title: Triggering partner trainer acquisition from different warp zones (B2/W2)
Post by: VaeporSage on June 03, 2013, 09:36:24 am

Done by visiting the exterior of a cave with a partner. Splitting from the partner, then returning to the cave's original entrance and using Escape Rope brings the player back to the exterior (not the entrance).

From there, going back into the cave will join the player with the partner, though not from the intended point (i.e. at the entrance). Then, the partner will follow the player in strange patterns - similarly to how Pikachu followed a player in Yellow's Glitch City or during the Hooked Dragonite trick.

Any practical use for this? I haven't played B/W or B2/W2, so I'm not familiar with any new game concepts that could be used in conjunction with this quirk.
Title: Re: Triggering partner trainer acquisition from different warp zones (B2/W2)
Post by: Evie the Bird Mother ❤✿ on June 03, 2013, 12:20:16 pm
I heard about this from Bulbapedia's list of glitches in Generation V ( page.

Here's what it says about the glitch:

When going through Reversal Mountain for the first time, if the player enters the dungeon from the left side, causing Bianca to follow them, then goes through the southernmost exit and comes back inside, returning to the start of the cave, but not leaving the mountain entirely, Bianca will ask to split up. The player will then move to the next screen, where if they then use either an Escape Rope or Dig they will exit back to the southernmost point. Returning to the main part of the cave will cause Bianca's dialogue box to appear, but for her to be out of sight. After walking around for a while she will eventually catch up, but may travel through walls in the process.

I haven't tried it myself though, and haven't tried many Generation V glitches, so I don't know what you can do with it.