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Title: The Story of Glitchy, the 4. . [Completed 10/27/2014]
Post by: Bert on December 14, 2013, 03:08:15 pm
5/31/16: Changed music.

Chapter 1: Humble Beginnings

(Music: Slateport City (

It all started the day I got my first Pokémon. Like everyone else, I had been eagerly anticipating this special day, which is strange, because I’m 20. Most kids get their first Pokémon at 10, doncha know.

Once I rolled off my bed, I changed out of my pajamas and got dressed like a normal person. I put on a grey T-shirt and blue jeans, then donned my long, blue cape, tying it around my neck. In my defense, I’m not the only person who feels the need to look like a walking spectacle. There are other trainers, such as Jugglers, who regularly flood their heads with hair gel and spike it, then wear black vests and stand on street corners, entertaining whoever wanders by and feels like giving them a nickel. There are also Hex Maniacs, who wear purple robes and inject coffee beans into their veins, making them look like they’re trying to understand the plot to Turkish Star Wars. My cape-wearing ways look modest by comparison. And smug.

Now then, once I was dressed, I wandered down the stairs to the living room, because our house has only two rooms. Mind you, there was a divider in there, separating it from the kitchen, but that’s it. The architects aren’t fooling anyone. Mum was sitting at a table, staring at nothing. Being the wonderful child I am, I told her I was on my way to do stuff.

“Right. All boys leave home some day. It said so on TV. PROFESSOR OAK, next door, is waiting for you.”

I asked, ‘Why did you tell Professor Oak’s name?”

Mum shrugged. “I’m not sure, but I did. I think his grandson, Dicks, is there as well. What an awful name for a child.”

“Indeed,” I replied. “Well, I should be on my way. I’m sure Oak’s getting impatient.”

“Be sure to come back and show me the adorable little thing!” Mum said. I nodded, and walked out the door.

Pallet Town is basically a square, and is quite small. I think the population is slightly over 50. It’s really tight-nit, and everyone knows each other pretty well. To the town’s north is Route 1, which connects Pallet Town to Viridian City, and to the south is a lake that leads to Cinnabar Island. To the east and west of town are colossal fields of grass, blocked off by three-foot tall white cylinders. Clearly, these are the barricades to end all barricades.

I headed south to Professor Oak’s lab, which was a stone’s throw away. Instead of simply opening the door like a normal person, I instead walked right into it, nudging it open with my body. I walked across the hardwood floor, moving between the two bookcases on either side of the wall, to the back of the lab. There was a table with three Poké Balls on it and another table against a wall, with two PokéDexes on top. Dicks was there too; he was wearing a purple shirt and blue pants, with brown boots on his feet.

“Hi, Dicks,” I greeted him.

“Hey, Bert,” he replied.

I looked around the lab, but saw no sign of Professor Oak.

“Where’s the Professor?” I asked.

Dicks shrugged and replied, “No idea. For some reason, I haven’t even thought of moving and going to look for him. I’ve been here for the last six hours, just standing in this spot.”

“Sounds intolerable,” I said.

“It is. I really have to pee.”

Not wanting to take this conversation any further, I turned 360 degrees and moonwalked out of the lab, tripping over the small, white fence that was just outside the building. It didn’t hurt, but it was aggravating to know that it was the twentieth time it had happened. After picking myself up, I looked around, but there was still no sign of Professor Oak. I did, however, see some fatass wandering around, mumbling to himself. I made the horrible mistake of making eye contact with him, because once he did, he sauntered over to talk to me.

“Today’s technology is incredible! You can send emails to anyone in the world!” he sputtered, looking at me with his cold, dead eyes.

“How fascinating,” I said, uninterested. “Maybe you should go tell that hungry Entei over there,” I replied, pointing behind him.

“What’re you talking about? Entei don’t live around here. If you were up with today’s newest technology, you’d know that!” He exclaimed.

I continued to point. “No, really. There’s an Entei in that long grass field over there.”

He continued to look at me with that uncomfortable stare, but he eventually gave up and decided to look behind him. There was indeed that familiar lion-like Pokémon, walking around.

“HOLY s**t AND ENTEI I GOTTA TOUCH IT!” he blurted, running over to meet the legendary beast. Doing what I thought would be impossible (for him, anyway), he jumped over the cylinders and into the grass field.

And then he froze in place. It was as if someone had pushed the stop button on him. Entei looked mildly curious, but before the masked cat could eat the walking tub of lard, he fell through the ground. For no particular reason, he fell. Initially, I thought he had just tipped over and was lying face-flat on the ground, but nope; when I went over to look, he was gone. Vanished. There was no sign of the floor caving in, no sign of foul play, nothing. He just disappeared.

“Whaddya think happened to him?” I asked Entei.

“Arf!” it barked, and then went galloping on its merry way to beat up hippies.

Feeling vaguely distressed, I decided to take a walk, making tracks for Route 1. As I stepped into the tall grass, I was stopped by a familiar sounding, elderly voice.

“Hey! Wait! Don’t go out!”

I turned around and saw Professor Oak approaching me.

“Where did you come from?” I asked.

“Wild Pokémon live in tall grass! It’s dangerous to go out if you don’t have a Pokémon of your own!” Way to completely ignore my question. “I know! Here, come with me!”

Oak grabbed my wrist and dragged me back to his lab, taking me to the back of it, where the Poké Balls and ‘Dexes were. Dicks was still there, surprisingly.

“Gramps! I’m fed up with waiting!” Dicks said. Oaks seemed only mildly concerned about what his grandson said.

“Dicks? Why are you here? I told you to come by earlier… Ah, well, whatever. Bert! Do you see those three things on the table?”

I nodded. “I do. They’re Poké Balls.”

Oak replied, “Correct! Today, I’m going to give you your first Pokémon!”

“Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamps! When do I get a Pokémon?” Dicks whined.

“Shut up you whiney little tit Jesus Christ,” Oak snapped back. He then turned back to me and said, “Go ahead, Bert! Pick your partner!”

I stood in front of the table and grabbed the left Ball. Grabbing it, I pushed the white button on its center, opening it. A red beam erupted from the bottom half and landed on the ground.

When the beam faded, there was not a Pokémon, but a cluster of floating grey pixels.

The pixels didn’t really do anything other than float, but it did look a tad ominous. We stared at it, trying to comprehend just what it was.

 “Ah, so you’ve chosen Charmander…. The fire type… Pokémon,” Oak said, trailing off.
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Post by: Bert on December 15, 2013, 03:23:21 pm
Chapter 2: A Glitch in the Lab
“Gramps? What is that?” Dicks asked.

Oak sputtered for an answer. “It’s a… It’s a… I certainly hope it’s not what I think it is.”

He grabbed a PokéDex and opened it up, like a book. A thin, blue beam was emitted from it, landing on the pixels.

“Error: Data not found. Either this Pokémon does not exist, or, or, or, or, or, or, the data cannot analyze the, the, dot, oh, four, dot, dot, dot, bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...”

The blue beam retreated and a loud buzzing noise erupted from the ‘Dex, and it picked a hell of a time to imitate Jeff Goldblum. It was as if someone had dropped a GameBoy with a cartridge in it, and the game froze. Oak quickly closed it.

“Well, at least it’s not MissingNo,” Oak commented.

“MissingNo?” I asked.

“Yes, MissingNo. It’s a glitch Pokémon, or a ‘Glitchmon,’ as some call it. Nobody’s really sure where it came from. Some think it’s a failed Ditto or Porygon clone, some think it’s just some kind of anomaly that took sentience. A theory based off of that theory pertains that it’s some leftover DNA from a Deoxys that came to life,” he delivered with exposition. “What is known is that MissingNo is very dangerous. It can corrupt your Hall of Fame data, and give you a couple hundred of an arbitrarily numbered item.”

I took the brunt of his explanation and replied, “Jesus Christ, how… Not horrifying, like, at all.”

While we talked, the Glitchmon shuffled its pixels about, as if it was listening to the conversation. A few moments passed, and I asked Oak what we should do with it.

“There’s only one thing we can do: Destroy it at all costs,” he hastily said. I’m not sure how much of our conversation it understood, but it definitely understood that, since it hid behind my leg.

“Aww, lookit what you did! You scared the poor thing,” I said. I bent down to talk to it. “You’re not dangerous, are you?”

To our surprise, it spoke. “Bzzt,” it said. The buzz was a low, mechanical hum. I had no idea what it said, or if it meant anything. And then, it changed shape.

The pixels shifted around and the Glitchmon became a vaguely draconian creature, gaining two, arrow-shaped heads. There were no eyes, or any facial features for that matter. Its hands were disembodied and floated at its sides, and it had a snake-like torso. Off its back hung what looked like a multi-tailed cape, but more natural, unlike the one I was wearing. Its size changed too, becoming five feet tall, maybe a little taller. There were no legs, and it continued to float.

“Did it just change shape?” Dicks asked, apparently having paid little to no attention to the situation and conversation at hand. The Glitchmon then looked up at me and said:

“Master? Bzzt.”

The buzz, and its voice, was still a mechanical hum. It mattered not; the way it addressed me melted my heart, and it was quite obvious.

“Bert, do you really want it? It won’t be an actual Pokémon,” Oak said.

“Yeah, I do. I totally want it,” I replied.

Oak seemed hesitant at first, but said, “All right, that Glitchmon is yours. Do you, uh, want to nickname it?”

I looked at the Glitchmon, and then said, “Yeah, let’s nickname it!”

Oak asked me what its name should be. After several milliseconds of careful consideration, I had finally come up with the most mind-blowingly original name in the history of everything; a name so fantastic, minstrels would become a thing again, and write songs about my unlimited creativity.


The Professor gave me a look of derision. “Seriously? ‘Glitchy?’ That’s the shittiest nickname I’ve ever heard. It’s as bad as nicknaming a fire-type Pokémon ‘Blaze’ or ‘Inferno,’ or nicknaming a dragon-type Pokémon ‘Drake’ or ‘Drago,’ or nicknaming a poison-type Pokémon ‘Sludgy’ or ‘Tara Reid.’ Are you sure that’s the nickname you want?”

“Yes!” I replied.

Oak replied, “Fine. From now on, this Glitchmon’s nickname is… Glitchy. Seriously, are you sure you don’t want to give it a name that’s not retarded?”

“The nickname will be temporary, until I find out more about it and its species.”

With that over, the Professor and I shook hands and I thanked him for his generosity, heading back to Pallet Town. Not too long after leaving the lab, Dicks stormed out behind me.

“Wait, Bert! Let’s check out our Pokémon!”
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Oooooh. :3

Any chance we could get a picture of transformed 4. .?
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Oooooh. :3

Any chance we could get a picture of transformed 4. .?

I've attached a really crude MS Paint drawing of Glitchy, to give the basic idea of what it looks like.

Chapter 3: On the Road Again But Not Really
“So, it’s a battle you want, eh?” I asked Dicks.

“Uh, yeah, I just said that.” He grabbed the Poké Ball off his belt and threw it, releasing a Squirtle he had probably hastily chosen. I released Glitchy, who seemed a little disoriented. His heads darted around, observing his surroundings. It didn’t look like he recognized where he was, but his head movements gave me the impression that he thought the area was fascinating.

He turned his attention to the blue turtle, giving it a blank stare. Squirtle had a curious gaze, but I can’t say I blame it. Dicks didn’t give a damn, though.

“Squirtle! Tackle it!”

It charged for Glitchy, arms spread, as if it were a wrestler. I wasn’t really sure what to do, so I decided to see what Squirtle’s attack did. Instead of knocking it to the floor, the baby turtle ran through Glitchy’s form, scattering some pixels about. Stopping dead in its tracks, Dicks’ Pokémon stared at the glitch, flabbergasted.

“How ‘bout that,” I commented at the sight. Squirtle rushed back to his trainer. Now, it was my turn to attack. Since I didn’t know what attacks Glitchy had, I decided to go with an obvious attack choice.

“Glitchy, use Hyper Beam!”

Nothing happened. Glitchy turned around and gave me a look as if to say, “What the f**k?”

Okay, maybe that was a little unreasonable. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he did know Hyper Beam, though.

“Uh… Tackle it?”

Still, the Glitchmon did nothing. Growing impatient, Dicks gave another command.

“Squirtle, try tackling it again!” I don’t know why he thought this would work, but I didn’t want to take any chances.

“Try punching it in the face.”

When Squirtle was close enough, Glitchy wound up his left fist and threw it at Squirtle, hitting him right in the face. Whap! The attack was so powerful, Squirtle was sending hurdling back to Dicks, crashing into him and knocking him onto his back.

He stood up and declared, “Squirtle! Growl at it to lower its attack capabilities!”

There was no response from his partner, who was lying on the ground in a defeated heap. Dicks returned Squirtle to its Poké Ball.

“Looks like you owe me eighty bucks,” I teased.

Dicks reached into his pocket and handed me the cash, scowling as he did so.

“You only won because of a technicality,” he grumbled.

“Tell that to your money,” I sneered. I returned Glitchy to his Poké Ball, but he just came right back out.

I asked Glitchy if he hates Poké Balls, and he nodded. I latched it back on to my belt, and decided to introduce Glitchy to mom. We headed back to my house, and, unsurprisingly, Mum was still watching TV. She jumped in her seat when she saw the glitch hydra.

“What the hell is that?!” Mum asked.

“It’s Glitchy! I got him from Professor Oak,” I replied.

“You couldn’t have a Charmander or a Squirtle or a Bulbasaur like a normal child, could you?”

I explained that Glitchy was harmless, but that did nothing to calm her nerves. Her pet Delcatty hissing at it didn’t help matters, either.

“So, uh, what does that thing do?” Mum asked.

I explained, “Uh, well, he can float. And punch things in the face. And he has this cape, but I don’t know if it does anything.”

Mum continued to look at the Glitchmon, wary of its existence. Glitchy wasn’t really doing anything other than floating at my side, but he was looking around the room, like he did outside.

“So, what’re you going to do now?” Mum asked.

“Glitchy and I are gonna go on a wacky adventure!” I replied.

“Even though I should be worried, for some reason, I’m not. My intuition tells me that you’ll be able to handle yourself just fine. Have fun!”

I gave Mum a hug before leaving the house. Glitchy and I headed back to Route 1, but gave Pallet Town one final look before our venture. I’ll miss it; I really will. There was already a sense of homesickness as I stood at the border between the town and the road. But I turned away and headed to Route 1, beginning the journey.

My Glitchmon and I ventured down the road, excited about going on a journey. As we ran and jogged and jumped through the long grass, we were abruptly stopped when I bumped into an insurmountable waist-high ledge. Upon bumping into it, I was knocked onto my ass from the impact and shock. I shook my head like some sort of cartoon character and looked at the barricade, looking at the marvelous slope that dared to block my way.

“One day, we’ll be able to jump over these three-foot high ledges. One day,” I said.

But there was no stopping us, nay! We headed left, walking around the slope and continuing north to our next destination. Along the way, I saw some guy in a white apron standing around, doing nothing in particular. But the minute he saw me, he rushed over to talk to me, like that fat f**k in Pallet Town.

“Hi! I work at a Poké Mart!” he said casually. “Recently, we’ve started selling Potions. Here, I’ll give you one!”

He reached into the apron’s pocket and handed me a spray bottle with red fluid in it. I wasn’t really sure what to do with it, so I asked him what it is, and what it does. Now giddy as a ninny, he reached into the pocket again and pulled out a Poké Ball, releasing a Girafarig.

“Girafarig, go kick that Rattata in the head,” and the giraffe galloped over to a familiar purple rodent and did exactly that. Thwack! The strike was so strong, Rattata was knocked out instantly and it slumped to the ground. The clerk snatched the bottle out of my hand and rushed over to the defeated rat, kneeling beside it.

“Now, watch what happens when I spray it with this potion!” He said. The clerk pushed the bottle’s trigger and sprayed Rattata, but nothing happened. After a few more attempts at reviving the rat, he gave up, stood up, and huffed.

“I’m really not impressed. That was the worst sales pitch I’ve ever seen,” I commented.

The clerk looked confused, but then, he looked like he remembered something. “Oh! That’s right! Potions don’t revitalize defeated Pokémon, Revives do! Silly me.”

Glitchy and I were thoroughly unimpressed with his presentations. I was going to put in a word for him and make sure he gets fired.

“Right, uh, we’ll just be on our way,” I said.

“No! Wait! I have some more crap to show you! I don’t know if it’ll work or not, but, hey! That’s the fun in being a clerk!”

I paid him no attention and walked past him, heading to Viridian City. There was a gap in one of those ledges, giving me an entrance. It was the only way to get into the city if you were heading north. Nevertheless, I’d made some progress on our journey to become the most kickass Pokémon trainer, and this was a good place to start.
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Chapter 4: Jumpin’ the Gun (With Exposition)
Viridian City was a quaint city, a greenish-blue color. It was bigger than Pallet Town, geographically. And in population, too, but by maybe ten or twenty people. The first thing most notice when entering the city is the Pokémon Center, which was at the front of the city. The road continued north, which would lead to Viridian Forest. Left, on the other hand, leads to the Indigo Plateau.

However, neither of those things were why I was here. At the northeast corner of the town was a Gym, the first of many I’d face to become the champion. Before we could go to the Gym, I felt an urge to go to the Pokémon Mart, which neighbored the Center. We walked over and entered the store; it was rather small. There was a single checkout station left of the entrance, and shelves stocked full of random crap and knick-knacks, such as Potions, Poké Balls, and Antidotes. The moment I stepped into the building, the clerk accosted me.

“Hi!” He greeted. “Did you come from Pallet Town?”

I walked over and replied, “Yes, actually. Why?”

He reached underneath the counter and pulled out a small, brown box, placing it on the counter.

“I have this parcel for Professor Oak. Can you deliver it to him?”

“Sure, I guess. Can I buy some stuff first?”

“Go ahead!” The clerk replied. I headed over to the shelf at the back of the store and looked at the merchandise. I wasn’t really sure what to grab, so I snagged a couple of Potions and returned to the counter.

“That’ll be twenty bucks,” He said. I pulled out my wallet from my pants pocket and handed him the money, and he put the Potions and the parcel in a plastic bag. When we left the store, Glitchy and I made tracks for Pallet Town. Along the way there, I heard the most frightening sound:

A gunshot. A very loud, very close gunshot.

BLAM! It sounded like it was right behind me. After the short, yet dynamic noise, I heard what sounded like someone dropping beads on a hardwood floor. Fearing the worst, I quickly turned around.

There was a homeless man standing in front of Glitchy with a two-barreled shotgun. His hair was grey and shaggy, and the only thing that looked new on him was his brown sports jacket. The pants he had on were torn and had holes in them, and he wasn’t even wearing shoes. I could only guess that any money he had was spent on that gun he used to blow my Glitchmon’s brains out. I saw dozens of Glitchy’s pixels scattered on the ground, and it seemed that my fear had become a reality. There was a large hole in the middle of Glitchy’s torso, but he was still floating, as if to defy and mock this lunatic.

At that point, the pixels reattached themselves to Glitchy, filling the once-prominent hole. The gunman looked in horror, unable to comprehend what just happened.

“Hey! Who the f**k are you, and why did you shoot Glitchy?” I asked.

“Kid! Get out of here! Save yourself while you still can!” He demanded, but I didn’t move. He cocked the gun and prepared to shoot Glitchy again, but there was no way in Hell I was going to let that happen.

“Glitchy! Take his gun!”

My Glitchmon’s hands rushed and grabbed the barrels of the gun, and yanked it away from him. I would’ve thought that the barrel would be hot enough to burn him, but Glitchy didn’t even flinch. Maybe he couldn’t feel the steel and the warmth it would give off.

“Give that back, you abomination!” The homeless dude demanded. “You little s**t! Tell your glitch to give me back my gun!” He ordered.

I shook my head. “I’m not doing s**t. Glitchy, get rid of the gun.”

“Yes, master. Bzzt,” Glitchy hummed. It held the gun at each end and snapped it half with ease, rendering it useless. Then, it threw the gun over the white cylinders to his right, tossing the gun into the forbidden grass patch. The gunman watched in despair as his precious shotgun was taken away from him, and I swear, he looked like he was on the verge of crying.

He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a Great Ball. After pushing the white button on its center, it opened and released an Armaldo. The dinosaur-like creature banged the black claws on its hands together, as if it was challenging us to a fight.

“If you think I’m going to let another Glitchmon out of my sight, you’re dead wrong!” He declared. “Armaldo! Use False Swipe!”

The Pokémon raised its right claw high above its head, and rushed for Glitchy. It leapt high into the air and prepared to attack, but before it could land, Glitchy shuffled back. Armaldo’s claw was dug into the ground as a result. I’m not sure if it was a joke of if the claw was actually stuck, but Armaldo seemed to have some trouble getting it out. It tugged on its arm, but to no avail. Now, Glitchy had a chance to attack!

“Pick it up and throw it!” I ordered. My Glitchmon floated over and hurriedly picked up Armaldo, much to its horror. Then, Glitchy weakly tossed it back to the gunman, landing at his feet. However, Armaldo wasted no time getting back up. It was obvious these two had known each other for quite some time.

Armaldo roared at the sight of Glitchy, who, much like when he was shot gave no response. I wasn’t sure if there was more to it that meets the eye; for all I know, Glitchy might be a master of snark given the way he was reacting to these two.

I was waiting for the homeless guy to give an order, but he just looked at the pixels that dared to defy him, and also at me, the one who dared to not shoot it in the face. His face was blank, like he was trying to understand why he was losing this fight.

“If you aren’t gonna give an order, I’ll just leave,” I said. Once I turned away, I heard the familiar “Bwawk!” sound a Poké Ball makes when it’s catching or releasing something. I looked over to see that Glitchy was gone, and the gunman was holding a regular Poké Ball. Had he stolen my Glitchmon from me?

“Haha!” He laughed. “I have your Glitchmon, now! There’s no way that you’re ever gonna get it back!”

At that moment, as if it was some form of divine intervention, the Poké Ball opened. Glitchy, in what I’d consider the grandest act of “f**k you, I won’t do what you tell me!” popped out of the Poké Ball and returned to me. The gunman had a look of pure, unadulterated rage on his face. Basically, it looked like his face was gonna explode.

“Congratulations, you’ve made an ass of yourself,” I said. “Now, can I got deliver this parcel to Professor Oak now?”

“NO!” He screamed. “Your Glitchmon is mine! I had it! I HAD IT! Armaldo! Guillotine! Kill that thing!”

Armaldo’s claws began to glow a pure, blinding white, and prepared to strike Glitchy down with all its hatred. Long before he could even law the tip of the claw on the pixilated hydra, Glitchy’s cape spread open and took the form of large, black, demonic wings! Armaldo came to a screeching halt, staring deep into the abyss the cape seemed to possess.

“Hey! I said kill it!” The gunman declared. Armaldo didn’t respond; it continued to look at Glitchy, mesmerized by whatever it was seeing. Realizing that there was no point in trying to continue fighting, the lunatic returned Armaldo to its Poké Ball. Glitchy returned its wings back to its cape form.

“So, are we done now?” I asked, furious at that grand waste of time. “Because I’d really like to go do something else.”

“I’ve never had such a problem with other Glitchmon,” the gunman said to no one in particular. “How could it defy me?”

“Have you considered the fact that, I dunno, maybe Glitchy trusts me?” I asked.

Something in the gunman’s brain snapped. He glanced at the two of us, looking almost enlightened, yet offended, at what I said.

“Trusts you? Trusts you? What purpose could that thing serve you? For that matter, what purpose do you serve it? For what reason would anyone be friends with a Glitch?” He asked.

Talk about fantastic racism. Although I didn’t want to, I decided to engage him in this argument. “Why shouldn’t Glitchy trust me? I’m not going to try and shoot him, or anything. What’s the difference between my Glitchmon and your Armaldo? Just because they’re different, doesn’t mean they’re evil,” I filibustered. “Which reminds me, why did you try to blow Glitchy’s brains out?”

Madman McGee took a presumptuous tone. “Because, young lad, Glitchmon are a threat to mankind. They are the result of man tinkering with things that were not meant to be tinkered with. And as the result of such ignorance, we were given the most dangerous Glitchmon of all: MissingNo.”

“MissingNo? You mean that thing that makes the Hall of Fame its b***h and gives you a bunch of items?” I asked, eager to prove him wrong.

“I see, you’re as ignorant as the rest of them,” he replied. Glitchy hissed at his words. At least, that’s what it sounded like. It was a very low, mechanical hissing sound. “As I was saying: MissingNo is the reason your precious Four Dot-Dot exists. When MissingNo was born, it birthed several other Glitchmon in a very short and alarming amount of time. Among them was its brother, M, who is just as, if not more, dangerous.”

While I’m not one for gratuitous exposition, I found his explanation interesting. Either way, my question wasn’t answered.

“So, what exactly makes Glitchmon so dangerous? You’ve only told me they’re a threat, not why.”

“Glitchmon are dangerous because of their behavior. While MissingNo is largely benevolent, it is still the reason they exist. M has been known to completely corrupt PC’s and computers, infecting their hard drives until they’re unusable and unrecoverable. One of them has been playing a horrible, yet mesmerizing song since it was born. Supposedly, anyone who falls victim to its music becomes its permanent audience, becoming unable to move or die.”

What an interesting little tale. It meant nothing to me, though. As far as I could tell, Glitchy was completely harmless. I couldn’t form an opinion of my own based on his paranoia-fueled rant and my experience with just one Glitchmon. While it’s possible that other Glitchmon were a threat, there was no actual evidence for me to use. Nonetheless, his knowledge (assuming it was true) was stellar.

“Well, I s’pose I’ll keep an eye out for glitch-related dangers. So, what’s your name?” I asked.

“I am Smitty, the world’s first and only Glitchmon hunter! Nice to meetcha!”
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So, as you can probably tell by now, I'm horrible at segues.

Also, there's now music to listen to! They're YouTube links.

Chapter 5: Another Half-Assed Fight Scene
Smitty’s “Nice to meet you!” was a little ironic considering he insulted my Glitchmon and I just moments ago. At least he seemed to have calmed down. And I had completely forgotten about the thing I was supposed to deliver to Oak. I was wondering why I was on the route once our little meet and greet was over. The parcel had disappeared into hammerspace and was probably destined to be forgotten forever until I sat on it.

I headed back to Viridian City and contemplated which path to go. While heading north seemed logical since the Gym was in that direction, I thought it would be a good idea to get some more training in. Route 22 was vaguely mountainous, and felt a little disjointed. There was a single grass patch that was almost boxed in by more of those damn white cylinders, but you could get in and out of it okay. Beyond the grass was a road that veered left to the Plateau. As I ventured down the not-quite-yellow brick road, I encountered Dicks. He was just standing around, but he seemed happy to see me.

“Hey, Bert! How’ve you been?” He asked. “I haven’t seen you in a while!”

“Dicks, it’s been an hour and a half. Are you really that lonely?”

“Oh, shush. Hey, why’s that homeless Metallica fan following you?”

“This is Smitty. He’s a Glitchmon hunter,” I replied.

“Howdy,” Smitty said.

“Err, hi,” Dicks replied. “So, Bert, wanna battle?”

I groaned. I really, really didn’t want to battle him again. The previous chapters both had fight scenes. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with works that are dominated by scenes of people beating the tar out of each other; movies like Turkish Star Wars and Undefeatable are about 89 minutes of fights and 1 minute of plot. They’re both amazing movies, and Turkish Star Wars is, hands-down, the most amazing movie made in the history of everything. Its brutal honesty makes Citizen Kane look like one of Joan Rivers’ many botched plastic surgery operations. It is that stellar.

Where was I? Oh! That’s right. I was about to tell Dicks to go hump a stump or something equally childish.

“No, Dicks, you tool. I don’t want to battle you again. Why don’t you just go hump a stump instead?” I really wish my insult was more creative, but oh well. If the nickname I gave my Glitchmon was any indication, I’m not a particularly creative person.

“No need to be so hostile,” Dicks replied. “But, since we’re here, what’re you and Hobo McHomeless up to?”

“Well, I’m off to go challenge the Viridian City Gym. I’m not sure why Smitty’s following me.”

“Oh, the Gym? It’s closed. I tried going in, but it was locked and the place looks abandoned,” Dicks explained.

“Huh. That sucks,” I said.

“Yes, that sucks. Bzzt,” Glitchy said. Did he just say something that could be considered a sentence? Granted, he was copying me, but still! It seems there was some growth on his part. Fascinating!

At that point, just to get the plot moving, we heard a very loud anguished roar coming from Viridian City. We instinctively turned around to see what the all hubbub was about, and headed back to the square.

(Music: Battle Against Charizard 'M (

It was a curious sight; A Salamence – truly one of the most impressive dragon Pokémon in the world – was fighting a Charizard. There was something peculiar about this Charizard, though. Parts of its body were covered in pixels. The flame at the end of its tail, its elbows, and parts of its horns were red pixels instead of flesh and bone. Even its eyes were pixilated, giving it a demented, hollow stare. I would guess that the battle had just started; neither of them had any scratches or bruises. Salamence wasn’t please to see this glitched Charizard at all; the blue beast was having difficulty fighting off the urge to rip it to shreds.

Salamence’s Trainer was quite the piece of work; long, flowing black hair and piercing green eyes. She was a bit taller than I am, but that’s not much considering a towering and intimidating-to-absolutely-nobody 5’2’. Maybe she was 5’5” or so. What I’m trying to get at is, she was hot. And by the looks of her Salamence, she was a hell of a Pokémon Trainer, too.

“Oh, f**k,” Smitty uttered.

“What? What the f**k is that thing, Smitty?” I asked.

He explained, “That thing is Charizard M. Despite your protests about Glitchy, this Glitchmon is a hell of a menace.”

“Pray tell, what does Charizard M do?”

“For one thing,” Smitty began,” It gleefully turns any Pokémon stored in the PC into another Charizard M. These Charizard M then repeat the process indefinitely. It’s one of the Glitchmon I’ve been hunting since I learned about them.”

Salamence gave a mighty flap of its crimson crescent wings and flew up, and Charizard M wasted no time going after it. When the glitched dragon was at point blank range, Salamence’s trainer ordered, “Hydro Pump!”

The dragon unleashed a torrent of water from its mouth; the attack was like the water equivalent of Hyper Beam. The water spiraled around like a helix and collided with Charizard M’s chest, pushing it away from the blue dragon. Unfortunately, Salamence couldn’t keep the attack going forever. The moment it relented, Charizard M roared. Similar to Glitchy’s speaking voice, it was highly mechanical and distorted, but this didn’t make it any less terrifying.

Now that it had an opening, the glitched dragon blazed for Salamence. As it was recovering, it was tackled out of the air and to the ground, creating a small crater from the impact. Charizard M sunk its teeth in Salamence’s neck like a vampire, but instead of sucking blood, it was pumping what I could only assume was glitched blood into its veins. Salamence roared in hatred and was thrashing about, trying to dispatch of Charizard M with its tail, but it was hopeless. The dragon’s trainer was despairing over the scene; much like Smitty and his Armaldo, it was obvious that the duo had known each other for a long time.

Feeling a misplaced sense of confidence, I ordered Glitchy to, “Save Salamence!”

“Yes, master! Bzzt.” Glitchy darted over and shoved Charizard M into the side of a house, freeing Salamence. It was a hefty shove, but Glitchy succeeded in his task. Once the dragon’s back hit the wall, it retaliated taking a swipe at my Glitchmon with its claws; although it scattered dozens of his pixels, nothing else happened. Immediately after, Charizard M attacked with Flamethrower. A blast of fire, both normal and pixilated, erupted from its mouth and sent Glitchy hurdling into a tree. This was the first time I’d ever seen something actually harm him. Every other time, he just laughed at them when their pitiful attacks failed to do anything. Maybe he could only be hurt by other Glitchmon?

Thwack! Glitchy’s impact with the tree was pretty brutal one; bark snapped when he crashed into the trunk and he slumped to the ground.

“Iron Tail!” Salamence’s trainer ordered. Its tail became coated in metal and shone in the bright sun. Charizard M turned around and was whapped in the face by Salamence’s tail, sending it stumbling back. A slight “clang!” occurred when Salamence’s attack landed. Charizard M wasn’t incapacitated for long, because it soon recovered and lunged for Salamence. It grabbed the dragon and flew high up into the air. Now, I watch a lot of dumb action movies, and I enjoy the occasional comic/graphic novel every now and then. But when I saw Charizard M lift Salamence high above its head, we only had only one chance to stop it from breaking the blue beast’s back.

Glitchy had recovered from the flame assault and darted for Charizard M without an order. Just before Salamence was brought down upon Charizard M’s knee, Glitchy zoomed in and took Salamence away, taking it back to the city grounds. When Salamence landed, it hatefully roared at the glitch dragon, raring for another bout. Charizard M looked down at the city, but he focused his attention to Glitchy. My Glitchmon clenched his hands into fists, apparently thinking that he could stand his ground in a bout of fisticuffs against something that took down a Salamence. But, Charizard M did nothing, and chose to fly away after catching a glimpse of him. It made its way towards the mountainous areas of Route 22, vanishing behind the rocky walls.

“Well, that escalated quickly!” I said.
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Sorry this took so long, not that anyone's reading it. Part of the reason this got delayed was because I'm introducing a female character now, and I'm terrible at writing those.

Chapter 6: Words, Words, Words
(Music: Route 29 (

With Charizard ‘M’s retreat, Viridian City went back to normal. People went back to talking to one another, and some old geezer decided to take a nap in the middle of the road. Salamence eyed Glitchy, but, unlike its opponent, didn’t exude any hostility when looking at him. I guess it knew my Glitch-hydra meant him no harm. That’s good, because I can’t even imagine what sort of tricks 4. . may have in the heat of the moment. At least the PokéDex would let me know.

Salamence’s trainer inspected its neck; teeth marks were visible. The dragon wasn’t bleeding, but it was clearly worn out from the struggle. It wasn’t on the verge of collapsing, but it was obvious that, if it had a choice between beating up a regular Charizard or Charizard M, it would rather beat up the former. She placed her backpack on the ground and took out a spray bottle, but this one had blue grey in it. The Trainer sprayed it on the wounds, which completely healed after a few minutes.

“What’s that?” I asked her.

“It’s a Full Heal. It heals wounds on Pokémon,” she replied, tucking the bottle back into her backpack.

“Like a Potion?”

“Sorta. They don’t get their energy back, though.”

Smitty interrupted, “Hey, caped dingus, if you’re done trying to talk to the opposite sex, we should probably do some investigating.”

“Screw off. Bzzt,” Glitchy retorted.

“What the f**k did you just say about me, you little—” Smitty began. This time, I interrupted him.

“Hey Smitty, what kind of investigating?”

“Well, mostly what Charizard M was doing here. I’m curious to know why it attacked her.”

Salamence’s trainer explained that the glitched dragon started following them no earlier than when they flew over Pewter City. According to her, there was no rhyme or reason for it do to so; she had never encountered it before, and had no idea what provoked it.

“Jesus Christ, how horrifying,” I commented.

“Ain’t it?” she said. “I’m Amber. Thanks for the help back there.”

“Oh, no problem,” I replied.

Dicks asked Smitty, “Is this as painful for you as it is for me?”

“Yup,” Smitty replied.

So after some more awkward moments where I tried to sound like someone who goes outside more than once a year, we pondered what we should do next. As usual, Smitty wanted to do some more glitch hunting. I wanted to go to the next Gym, since Viridian’s wasn’t open, and Glitchy wanted to go chase Charizard M; he was staring at the mountain range, hoping it would come back so he could try and take it down.

I approached Glitchy and stared with him. “D’you think that thing will come back?” I asked.

“Yes, I think so. Bzzt,” Glitchy replied. “Maybe. Bzzt.”

Glitchy and I returned to the group and joined the discussion regarding our plan of action. It was a pretty boring conversation, but that’s what happens after you fight a glitched Charizard that decides to fly away like a wuss instead of fighting. Eventually it was decided that we’d head to Pewter City. Even though the rest of the group didn’t want to, we agreed that there might be some information regarding Glitchmons there. Why anyone there would know anything about Glitchmons was beyond our guess, but remember: a Charizard M just attacked someone for no reason and was humiliated by a vaguely hydra-like thing with a cape. That’s the entire journey so far. Confused yet? You better be. I started this trek and even I have no idea what’s going on.

Aaaanyway, we decided that we ought to heal our Pokeymans first, so we headed to the Pokémon Center at the edge of town. The blue door opened automatically and we headed inside, but there was no one behind the counter. A few people were sitting at the tables scattered around, that’s it. They all looked just as confused as we were. On the plus side, the healing machine thing was open. So, Smitty, Dicks, and Amber placed their Poké Balls in the slots and watched as a blue horizontal light washed over them; a ding was emitted soon after. I, meanwhile, was trying to get Glitchy to go into his Poké Ball to no avail. I aimed the ball at him, pushed the white button in its center, and looked like an idiot when the red beam enveloped Glitchy, but did not take him back into the Poké Ball.

“Glitchy, quit being a dink and get in the ball,” I said.

“No. Bzzt.” His arms…err, yeah, why not, his arms were crossed.

“Quit being difficult so I can heal you.”

Glitchy continued to look away, arms/hands crossed, floating defiantly. For some reason, I still tried to get him into the ball, even though he wasn’t going to give in. Eventually, he grew annoyed with me and snatched the Poké Ball from me, tucking it into a pocket dimension that existed within his cape.

“Now what? Bzzt.” I stared quizzically at him, wondering what to do. Although I could easily just run off to the mart, buy a thousand more Poké Balls to try and catch him with, it would be completely pointless.

The other three grabbed their Pokémon and latched the balls onto their belts, so instead of waiting for a solution to pop into my head, Glitchy and I decided to join them as we left the Center. When we left the building, we headed north, heading for Viridian Forest. First, we had to go through Route 2, but that wasn’t a very long road.

Just a few feet ahead we saw a gateway that leads to Viridian Forest, a place where bug Pokémon like Weedle and Metapod lurk. On some occasions, you might come across a Pikachu or, even more rarely, a Pidgeotto. Everything here was harmless if you came prepared, but at least seven people die in the forest every year, due to Weedle’s toxins. The forest was alive with the chirps of various bugs and the occasional squeak from a Pikachu. It wasn’t very inviting, as you may have gathered from my long and dull explanation.

However, to our right was a small tree that could easily be cut down by Smitty’s Armaldo. This path went north to Pewter City as well, but this way we didn’t have to go risk getting poisoned.

We approached the tree and I ordered Glitchy to, “Uproot the tree.” The Glitchmon floated to the small tree and wrapped his hands around its thin trunk, then pulled upwards and lifted the tree out of the ground. Glitchy tossed it aside, and we went through the gap. Heading north, we encountered another tree, but Glitchy did the same thing and cleared the way. It was definitely no coincidence that tree was right near Diglett’s Cave; many a child had wandered into the cave and fell into a sinkhole the Diglett and Dugtrio set up as traps. Pewter City was now only a few steps away, so we kept going, ignoring the large, square grass patch that was alive with Nidorino and Pidgey.

Pewter City was a grey city that was famous for its fossil museum at the north end of town. To the southwest was the Pokémon Gym; the Leader, Brock, specialized in rock types and possessed an Onix, which angered anyone who had a Pikachu when they learned its electric attacks didn’t harm it. Brock’s also a bit of a stick in the mud, as his precious rock snake was once defeated by a sprinkler some kid set off in the Gym. You read that right: The Gym’s fire douser resulted in the most humiliating Gym Leader defeat in Kanto’s history. Every other Gym has something similar, though. It wasn’t completely moronic.

I really need to stop trailing off. Only the first two sentences of that paragraph were relevant. So, the group decided to do separate things here: I was gonna sod off and go to the Gym, Dicks and Amber were gonna go to the Mart and buy stuff, and Smitty was gonna stand around and breathe for a while. With that settled, I wandered over to the Southwest side of the city and hopped over the picket fence in front of the gym. Why the fence was there and why it was connected to the west mountain wall was anyone’s guess. Anyway, I kicked open the Gym’s door and it flew open.

Much like the Pokémon Center in Viridian City, there was no one in the building. What the Hell was going on? Were all the Gyms and Pokémon Centers abandoned? Neither building showed signs of disrepair and were still in good shape, so it must’ve been recently that their owners left. Why were they being abandoned?  Is there some kind of conspiracy going on?

“Whatcha think’s going on, Glitchy?”

“I don’t know. Bzzt. It’s odd. Bzzt.”

More and more, Glitchy was growing. His vocabulary was expanding somewhat, and he was getting his own personality. I can only pray, though, that he doesn’t take after me. I don’t think the world’s ready, nor wants that. I’m still not sure where “Bzzt” came from, though. Maybe it’s his catchphrase. Wouldn’t that be something! I should get one of those.

We decided to simply leave the Gym. We hopped back over the fence and headed north to check out the fossil museum. I opened the door and paid the $50 the receptionist asked for and we started looking around. Glitchy and I came across a display showing a Kabutops fossil and an Aerodactyl fossil, Pokémon that were once extinct until someone got a fossil to revive the former and something called an Old Amber to revive the latter. Both of them were imposing in stature, but Aerodactyl looked kinda goofy standing instead of flying.

“You ain’t so tough,” I said to the fossils. After that, we headed upstairs to the second floor and saw a space shuttle on display. A few years ago, a mission was organized to see if Pokémon like Clefairy really came from the moon, but the mission proved fruitless and no evidence was found. The shuttle displayed was the same one, or a really good imitation of it. Another display showed Omanyte and Kabuto fossils, or rather, helix fossils and dome fossils.

There was nothing particularly interesting other than the Aerodactyl and Kabutops fossils, so Glitchy and I took off, returning to Pewter City and finding that the group had reconvened at the border of Route 3.

“So, how’d the battle with Brock go?” asked Dicks.

I told him that the Gym was abandoned, similar to the Pokémon Center in Viridian City.

“Weird,” Amber quipped. None of us knew why the Gym was abandoned, but there would be no way for me to get to the League at the moment. But what if the other Gyms were without their Leaders? Could there be some sort of loony conspiracy going on? I’m not one for a wacky adventure, but damn it, that would be interesting!

So we decided to carry on, making tracks for Route 3. As we walked along the disjointed path, the youngsters and bug catchers chose to avoid Glitchy, except for one kid who was feeling particularly brave. He proudly stepped in front of me, chest out and hands on his hips, as if he was trying to look tough. His yellow t-shirt and blue shorts, along with his backwards grey baseball cap, made him look like anything but.

“Hi!” he greeted. “I like shorts! They’re comfy and easy to wear!”

“No,” I said, realizing what was happening. I tried walking around him, but the little twerp kept stepping in front of me.

“I challenge you to a Pokémon battle! You cannot deny my request, not that our eyes have met!”

“Did you just use a loophole on me? You little brat! IT’S ON!”

The shorts aficionado grabbed the Poké Ball on his waist and released a Rattata, which squeaked furiously at Glitchy. The youngster was still standing proud.

“Fine. Glitchy, look vaguely menacing.”

Glitchy floated forward and spread its cape open, like it did while fighting Smitty’s Armaldo. The tails on its cape became more refined and took on the shape of wings, and its two heads stared the small purple rodent down, until it was shaking in fear. After that, it toppled over, defeated. Honestly, what an anticlimax. Mind you, I’m tired of the small yet drawn out fights that have occurred today, so I decided to make it as short as possible.

“Rattata! Get up and tackle it!”

His Rattata gave no response. Eventually, he returned it to its Poké Ball. “You haven’t seen the last of me!” he said. “We’ll meet again, I’m sure!”

I ignored him. It was also getting late, but mercy arrived in the form of a Pokémon Center by Mt. Moon’s entrance. We headed inside, but it was also without a nurse.

“Are all of them like this?” Smitty said. “Where’re they? How come they aren’t here?”

I was getting tired, so I sat down on sofa and replied, “Maybe they’re all on vacation.” Oh God, the sofa was comfy. To my surprise, I was more tired than I thought, since I instantly zonked out after I spoke and drifted off to sleep. Had the day really been that long?

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Chapter 7: Coming Up With Chapter Titles Sucks
I had no idea when I woke up. All I knew was that I was lying on the couch and had a blanket draped over me. Glitchy was curled up on the floor, snoring ever so lightly. To be honest, it was pretty funny. His snores were just as mechanical as his voice, which made it extra humorous. My head was on the sofa’s arm, but I remember it being on the cushion before. Had I been moved? Did Glitchy move me? That would’ve been sweet of him. I took my PokéDex out of my back pocket and opened it to check the time; it was 11:26am. Yowza! How long had I been out for?

When I got up, I had to be careful not to step on Glitchy. He takes up more space than you’d think.  His two heads and cape added to that. After getting up and stretching, my stomach growled. Luckily, there was a vending machine on the upper floor. Eating junk food wasn’t my idea of starting the day…AHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA I almost said that with a straight face. I retrieved a couple Kit Kat Chunky Bars from it and chowed down. Man, those things are delicious. I tossed the wrappers in the trash and looked around. Dicks, Smitty, and Amber were outside. Glitchy abruptly woke up and started looking around frantic-tick-tick-tick-tick-tically. If glitches dream of electric sheep and can have nightmares, I wonder what it was that awoke him.

“Mornin’,” I said to Glitchy. His heads darted to look at me.

“Morning, master. Bzzt.”

Again with the master s**t. “Glitchy, please don’t call me that. Just call me Bert.”

“Okay, master. Bzzt.” I don’t know if he was toying with me or if he was just not used to me yet (we’ve spent five chapters together so far), but the whole “master” thing was kinda odd. It didn’t fit me at all. If he had called me “Commander Kickass” or “Mr. Magnificent” or “Guy With Cape Who Has No Friends,” then I wouldn’t mind.

I headed down and ventured outside. Amber was training with a Pokémon I’d not yet seen her use: It looked like a brontosaurus, but blue and with yellow, sail-like fins coming from its eyebrows down to the base of its neck. Deep blue diamonds were lined across the sides of its body, and its tail was curled. This Pokémon was an Aurorus, and could put Milotic to shame with its magnificence. Aurorus was attacking the mountainside and the occasional jagged stone mount poking through the ground, using its Ice Beam attack and its body to strengthen itself.

“Wow, your Aurorus is fabulous as f**k,” I commented.

“Thanks!” she said, turning to face me. “Your Glitchy isn’t too shabby, either.”

“Bzzt,” Glitchy replied.

“Wanna have a practice battle?” she asked.

“Maybe later. It seems like having a Pokémon battle is all I’ve done lately. I mean, I’ve known Glitchy for a day, and we had two battles yesterday. I’m not counting the one with the shorts kid.”

“I hear ya. Back when I got Bagon, it seemed like all I did was get into fights with other trainers. If you don’t mind me asking, how did you and Glitchy meet, anyway?”

I told her that the Pokémon I was supposed to get turned out to be the Glitchmon I currently have and, despite Oak’s warnings, I decided to keep him. I also told her about how I met Smitty and the odd battle we had.

“So the first thing that popped into his head was to shoot it? Why?”

“’Cause apparently it might’ve been dangerous, is what he told me. I dunno. Glitchy hasn’t done anything threatening, so it’s most likely a load of s**t. Speaking of which, where’s Smitty, anyway?”

“He and Dicks went to Mt. Moon to train. What’re you gonna do?”

“Stand around and be a mouthbreather, probably. I’m not in much of a rush to get to the second Gym.”

Soon, Amber went back to training, and Glitchy and I pondered what we should do to kill some time. We were surrounded by a mountain and trees, and Pewter City was an hour away by foot. On the other hand, the entrance to Mt. Moon was just behind us, so we could always go in and pulverize some Zubats and Geodudes. Although, Paras and Clefairy also live in there, they aren’t as annoying as the other two.

Well, there wasn’t much else to do, so Glitchy and I headed into Mt. Moon to catch up with Smitty and Dicks. We could hear the fluttering of Zubat wings overhead when we entered the desolate cave. Its strange mahogany walls slightly contrasted with the cave’s brown-greyish floor.

“Eyesore, much?” I said while look at the walls. Stalactites hung on the roof and pointed towards the ground, and would impale anyone unfortunate enough to be under them when they came crashing down. The absurdly spacious cave gave a feeling of openness, but the stalactites, of which there were many, resulted in a sense of unease, danger, and slight claustrophobia, all merged into one.

Glitchy and I ventured between the walls on either side of us and hung a right. We saw Dicks and Smitty, but they were in the same spot, staring down at something.

The two were staring at some guy lying on the ground, probably unconscious. His clothes were tattered and ripped in some places and his black hair was matted. The guy’s face was covered in bruises and he had a black eye; for whatever reason, his shoes were missing.

“How long’s he been lying there?” I asked.

“I’unno,” Dicks said. “We found him twenty minutes ago, and we’ve been standing here ever since.”

“And you never thought to bring him outside?”

Smitty kneeled down and inspected the man’s body. There were two rips in his shirt side by side, in straight lines. Precision straightness, I should add.

“Whaddya think, Smitty?” I asked.

He had a dire look on his face. “I think a Glitchmon got him.”

“Of course you do,” I mocked. But his facial expression didn’t change. “Oh, you’re serious.”

Smitty picked up the trainer’s body and we returned to Route 3. We took him into the Pokémon Center and laid him on the sofa, and I took out my cell phone to call for an ambulance.

“What happened?” Amber asked.

Smitty explained that he and Dicks found the body, and then brought him to the Center when I accosted them for not doing so when they first found him. He also explained his belief that a Glitchmon may have attacked him.

“What makes you say that?” she asked.

Smitty pointed out the identical tears in the dude’s shirt.

“There’s only one thing that could cut something so nicely: Double Question Marks.”

“Double Question Marks…?” Amber asked.

Smitty nodded. “The Glitchmon itself is a little fatter than paper, but its sides and ridges are sharp. It takes the form of two white, blocky question marks.”

She seemed like she was hiding something. What could she possibly have to hide, though? Unless…

I tucked my phone away, ‘cause I wasn’t getting an answer from emergency services. It just rang and nobody picked up on the other end.

“What’re you so suspicious about?” I asked her. Glitchy eyed the Poké Balls on her waist. Had something caught his attention, or was he just being Glitchy?

Amber sighed and released a Glitchmon that was a dead ringer for what Smitty just described. Two blocky question marks emerged from the Poké Ball, but the difference was that they were a lime green, instead of white. Like Glitchy, it floated just a little bit above the ground. I’d say it was four feet tall.

“Before you say anything, there’s no way this one could’ve attacked that guy,” she hurriedly said.

Smitty turned and instantly brought out Armaldo when he saw the Glitchmon. Armaldo brandished its claws and lunged for it, but, thinking quickly, Glitchy did the logical thing: he picked up a chair and threw it at the…whatever the Hell Armaldo is supposed to be. The chair broke when it collided with Armaldo, but it at knocked it out of the air. Armaldo landed just shy of being on top of a coffee table.

“Will you stop attacking the first Glitchmon you see?” I asked him.

Armaldo picked itself up and decided to sit and watch. Smitty let out an annoyed sigh.

“First off, where the Hell did you get that?” I asked Amber.

She replied, “I found it in the wild. Someone, likely him,” she pointed to Smitty, “had set up a trap and caught it. I don’t know if the trap was actually meant to catch it, though.”

To his credit, Smitty was rightfully offended. “What makes you think I set the trap?”

“Well, you shot Glitchy the first time you met it,” she replied. “Instantly bringing out Armaldo didn’t help your case.”

“Bzzt,” Glitchy said.

I think Smitty was about to go on a long, winding tangent about how he was in the right, but he instead just gave an explanation.

“Fine. I did set up the trap, but it wasn’t meant to capture that Glitchmon in particular. Any other Glitchmon would’ve sufficed. And besides, I haven’t used traps like that in years. Or any trap, for that matter.”

Wait, did he say years? How long has he been at this? How long have Glitchmon been around? Maybe there was more to Glitchmon than meet the eye. I sure as Hell knew little about them other than what Smitty’s exposition told me.

Years? How long have you been hunting them?” I asked.

Smitty began mouthing words and counting with his fingers. “About eighteen years, now.”

Fifteen years? Glitchmon have been around that long? Well, they must have been around longer than that. I don’t think they would’ve just spontaneously appeared in 1996. They could’ve been around since advent of technology, for all I knew. Maybe even before that, somehow.

Glitchy was inspecting the two question marks. ‘Inspecting’ may not be the right word. It did pique his interest, though. He was looking at it, moving his two heads to check it out. At one point, he poked the left question mark, which twitched in response.

“Hey, Amber. You said it couldn’t have killed that guy in the cave. What makes you say that?”

“Well, for one, he’s not dead,” she replied, pointing to the sofa. The supposedly unconscious man loudly yawned and stretched, but when he opened his eyes and saw the two green question marks, he stared blankly at it, as if he recognized the Glitchmon.

“Oh God,” he whispered. He was lying perfectly still, like it was the Tyrantrum from that movie, Safari Zone . I could see him shaking and trembling with fear at the floating, sentient punctuation.

“And second, it hasn’t left my side for a couple days,” Amber continued. “So, there must be another one out there.”

The once-knocked out man seemed to have calmed down by now. “She’s right. That wasn’t the one that attacked me,” he said. “The other one was white. Come to think of it, there were four of them.”
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Chapter 8: The Plot Actually Gets Moving Now
“There were four of them?” Smitty asked.

The guy nodded. “Well, four groups of them. Eight in total. But they were all white, not a green one among ‘em.”

Eight? These things attack in hordes? I flipped the PokéDex to see if it had anything to say regarding the matter. When the blue beam landed on the two question marks, it had this to say:

“This is a newly discovered Pokémon. It is currently under investigation. No information about it or its species is available at this time.”

Well, that was pointless. I tucked the PokéDex back into my pants pocket. Now, what were we gonna do? We couldn’t leave this guy here. On the other hand, we knew nothing about him. He could be an axe murderer or a psychopath or Ian Watkins from the band Lostprophets. Or all three. Hopefully not the third one.

“Wait, eight of them?” Dicks asked, shocked.

The other guy nodded. “Yep. They all fell from the ceiling and jumped us. My Pokémon didn’t even stand a chance. When they were down, the marks went for me. I don’t know what happened next other than waking up here just now.”

“Are your Pokémon in their Poké Balls?” I asked.

A look of fear and morbid shock appeared on his face. He started frantically patting at his belt, like a smoker does when they realize they don’t have their lighter with them.

“S**t!” he exclaimed. “Oh God, this is bad. Bad, bad, bad.”

He got up and was making his way towards the door, but I stopped in front of him.

“You’re not going out to look for them. Not in the condition you’re in.”

“Then who the Hell will find my Pokémon?!” he belted.

I told him that Glitchy and I would go find them. He was logically hesitant, but I managed to convince him that neither of us had a reason to steal his Pokémon or harm them. What would we accomplish from that?

His Pokémon were in regular Poké Balls, and he had three in total: Mismagius, Zigzagoon, and Hawlucha. Quite an impressive trio, I must say. Hawlucha especially. Anyway, he sat back down on the sofa. When I left the Pokémon Center, Dicks came rushing out to join me.

“Whaddya want?” I asked him.

“Dude, I’m gonna come with you. You don’t know what else could be lurking in that cave.”

That was decent reasoning, I guess. He added, “Also, I want to make up for not bringing him to the Pokémon Center earlier.”

“Well, all right, I guess,” I replied.

“Try keep up. Bzzt,” Glitchy added. I could already tell he was starting to take after me, which was frightening. He was starting to make snide comments, which is my thing. Sort of.

(Music: Routes 110/111/112 (

Anyway, to try and cut the amount of filler down somewhat, we headed into Mt. Moon. We headed to where the man’s body was found, but his Poké Balls were nowhere to be seen. I asked Dicks if he noticed the Poké Balls when they found him, but he said he didn’t notice. So much for that.  We also found no viable clues; no footprints, no trails, nadda.

I remembered that he said the Glitchmon came down from the ceiling. Glitchy was already peering upwards, and I was hesitant to follow suit, but I felt like I had no other choice. Taking a chance, I look at the roof to see if there were any of those question marks.

There were. They were hanging upside down, their dots lodged into the ceiling for support. Most of them were fidgeting, like they were eager to strike.

“We have to get out of here,” I whispered to Dicks. But he wasn’t around. He was going his own way, heading north through the cave to find the ladder that leads to the second floor. That would take him a good 20-30 minutes or so, but I have no idea how dedicated ??s are. For all I know, Dicks could be their next target.

We decided to follow him, but the ??s still shuffled in their spots, rapidly climaxing to them dropping down. Their falls were surprisingly elegant: they did a single flip through the air before landing perfectly. Dicks turned around and noticed the small army of question marks that were starting to approach us. He released his Squirtle from its Poké Ball and also brought out something new: A Paras, the spore or mushroom Pokémon.

“Squirtle! Squirt!”

“Paras!” the small red Pokémon uttered, rolling the “r” in its name. Glitchy floated in front of me, putting up his fists.

“Paras, use Stun Spore on the question marks!” Dicks ordered. Paras scampered up and jerked its body forward, unleashing a smattering of yellow spores from the mushrooms on its back. The ??s glanced at one another, confused at this attack. It was too late for them to think of a plan, as the spores latched themselves onto the sentient punctuation, digging into their hides and rendering them motionless.

The one at the front, likely the leader of the pack, took uneven movements towards us. Every time it took a “step,” it stopped for a few seconds as it tried to fight off the spores. When it was a few feet away, that was our chance to strike.

“Glitchy, pick it up and throw it!” I ordered, like he did against Smitty’s Armaldo.

“Yes, master! Bzzt,” Glitchy replied. He grabbed the questions marks’ sides, lifted it up, and tossed it back at the cluster, knocking them down like bowling pins. The question marks lay in place, twitching every now and then. I looked up to see if there was any more of them, but that appeared to be it.

Dicks asked, “Now what?”

“Good question,” I replied. “Now what indeed.”

I returned to the Pokémon Center, with Dicks not too far behind. We explained the situation, but obviously, the injured guy wasn’t happy. Mind you, he wasn’t mad, either. But he did want his Pokémon to be safe and sound. This lead me to think of something: would those Glitchmon still be there if we went back? Defeated, I mean. I asked Dicks how long they’d be paralyzed; he replied by saying they’d be like that unless someone healed them. So Glitchy and I decided to return to Mt. Moon, continuing the search.

Sure enough, the ??s were still on the ground, twitching. While we watched them spasm, Amber came in, her Salamence, Aurorus, and her own ?? not far behind.

“Oh hi,” I said. “What’s up?”

“I’m gonna help you find his Pokémon,” she replied. “Especially since they might leave us alone if they see my Glitchmon.”

“Good point!” I commented. We trudged on through the cave, checking every corner, nook, and cranny for his Pokémon. Occasionally, one of us would check the roof for more of those pesky question marks, only to find none.

Mt. Moon was much, much bigger than I thought it was before. It was pretty fun to explore, to be honest. A bit dizzying, though. Whoever thought it was a good idea to scatter a few rope ladders around in corners should be shot. You better hope that ladder doesn’t break when you’re cornered by Zubats!

I don’t know how long we were in the cave for, but by the time we found the exit, it was dark out.

“What the s**t? Is it really night time?” I asked. I took out my cell phone to check the time. It was 8:24pm. Good Lord! We’d been in there for six hours. I tried calling Dicks, but couldn’t get a signal, since we were still in the cave. Oh well, it was worth a shot.

As we approached the exit, three Poké Balls fell from the ceiling and landed in front of us. Glitchy looked up, as did Amber and I. We didn’t see anything other than something running away on a higher level of the mountain. I didn’t get a good look at it, but I saw some red and yellow on it. Glitchy let out a low growl, like a Meowth or a Liepard would at a Rattata. Did he recognize it? I asked him, but got no answer.

The three of us exited the cave, carrying the Poké Balls with us. I didn’t know if these would be the traveler’s, but I didn’t think there was any harm in checking. Sure enough, a Mismagius, Hawlucha, and Zigzagoon emerged from them. They were all dazed and confused, which made sense considering their forms had rather disturbing details on them.

Like Charizard M, parts of their bodies had become pixilated. The lining around Mismagius’ cloak and the tips of its witch hat were magenta. The insides of Hawlucha’s wings, although the same shade as green, were pixilated as well. Zigzagoon’s ‘mask’ was now a long streak of black pixels. There was something else that was horribly, terrible wrong with them: their natural colors. Now, I’ve seen shiny Pokémon before. Hell, I’m surprised Glitchmon can be shiny. But these, however, were not regular shinies. Mismagius was jarringly pink. Not quite hot pink, but still fabulous. Hawlucha still looked like the result of someone dropping twenty paint cans, yet the colors were different. Its arms were grey, it had a yellow chest, and its mask was fitted with orange pixels. How tacky! Zigzagoon suffered the least out of the bunch; every other zigzag pattern was a striking violet.

These new colors were incredibly out-of-place, and any meaning they had was lost on me. Part of me didn’t want to know why their bodies were pixilated. Had they been converted into Glitchmon? Would they be hostile towards people? Would they listen to their original trainer? I didn’t see any other options than to try calling again. This time, I got through.

“Bert! Where the hell are you?” Dicks asked.

I replied, “We’re on Route 4. We found whatshisname’s Pokémon, but…”

“But?” Dicks asked.

I told him about the pixilation and colors on the guy’s Pokémon. I still had no idea what his name was.

“Bert, the guy’s name is Travis,” Dicks clarified.

“Oh. Well then tell Travis I have no idea what happened to his Pokémon.”

I could hear Dicks explaining things on the other end of the phone; I heard a loud “WHAT?!” from Travis. He either snatched the phone from Dicks or it was handed to him.

“What do you mean my Pokémon are different colors? They were never shiny! And what the hell is pixilation?”

“Look, I don’t know what happened to your Pokémon, but they were dropped down to us, and when I released them, they looked like this. I haven’t touched them, I swear.”

Travis sighed. “All right. Are you still on Route 4?” I told him we were. “Okay, um… Look, I may be making a mistake, but can I trust you to hold on to them tonight? I’ve never been in that cave at night, and I’d like to have company when I go through it again.”

I told him that it wasn’t a problem, we’d be in Cerulean City and we’d wait for them. He thanked me and hung up.

“So, what’s the scoop?” Amber asked.

“Well, they’ll be coming around tomorrow. I told them we’d wait in Cerulean City.”

“Sounds good. Bzzt,” Glitchy said. We made our way through the plateaus and hills, but we discovered something horrifying long before we got to Cerulean City.

It was completely destroyed.
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Chapter 9: Ze Plot, She Thickens!
There wasn’t a single building in Cerulean City left standing. It had all been reduced to rubble. Parts of buildings were scattered throughout, from roofs to doors to chunks of wall. The Gym was a pile of debris, and the Pokémon Center looks like it had collapsed in on itself. Houses were reduced to nothing. The cave northwest of the city had been blocked off, albeit flimsily. A mere wooden fence blocked the entrance. What could’ve done this? What sort of horrible monstrosity could’ve caused such collateral damage?

“What happen? Bzzt,” Glitchy asked. He was asking what we were all thinking, but I don’t think anyone had an answer.

We walked through the wasteland the once glamorous blue city had become. None of us saw anything resembling a sign of life other than the sporadic Pokémon crying out for their Trainer. The sheer damage done to the city could not have been done by a regular man. Maybe not even by a regular Pokémon.

Amongst the debris were various emergency service workers. Police officers, firefighters, doctors, the works. It was a horrible scene; I don’t even want to try to imagine how many people were buried underneath the rubble.

One of the police officers spotted us and came darting over to speak to us.

“Hey! You need to get out of here, right now!” she exclaimed.

“What happened here?” asked Amber.

“Something – we aren’t sure what – attacked the city. It attacked in the dead of night last night, but it wasn’t around for long. People said it looked kind of like a giant spider.”

“A giant spider? Like an Ariados or a Galvantula?” I asked.

The police officer replied, “Something along those lines, but bigger and more alien. Sort of along the lines of that,” she said, motioning towards Glitchy. “No one got a decent glimpse of it, but it was six feet tall, according to eyewitness reports.”

Well, that was certainly some interesting exposition. But it was useless to me now, ‘cause I had never encountered such a thing. I’ll admit, I was curious as to what it was. Maybe it was a new Pokémon that made its way to Kanto! Man, that’d be cool.

Alien, though? Maybe not literally, but still. I’ve never cared for spiders, especially not giant ones. They’re pests.

“Back to my original point: you can’t stay here,” the officer continued. “We think the attacker might come back. There’s a hotel in Vermillion City that you can stay at; the survivors of this attack are there.”

“Are you sure? We wouldn’t mind helping out,” Amber said.

The police officer told us not to worry about it and that they’d have it under control. There wasn’t much hope in convincing her otherwise, so we headed north towards Vermillion City. After walking down the long hill and passing the day care, we headed into the underground path. Normally, we’d just go straight through to Saffron City, but the gate guard is an arsehole and won’t let you pass unless you have a drink you can give him.

On the way there, I called Dicks and told him that we’d be in Vermillion. They weren’t thrilled about the extra mile they had to walk, especially having to go through the underground tunnel. It smelled horrible in there. Lots of seedy s**t happened in the path, from drug dealing to bootlegging to filming Mega Sharpedo vs. Giant Octillery. It’ a notoriously shifty place, but the police never bothered doing anything about it until 2001 or so, where they blocked it off. Even then, they opened it up again after the demand for it became overwhelming.

We were fortunate enough not to encounter anyone or anything down there, but it was still dim. The lights were dying and couldn’t illuminate the place, so it looked like a basement. A basement that smelled of marijuana smoke and Skuntank. Even the tiled floor was in disrepair: dozens of tiles were missing. The wallpaper had been shredded and loosened from various illegal Pokémon battles that had occurred.

It was a painful 20 minute walk, and I was beyond tired. Amber seemed exhausted, too. My phone said it was 11:34pm. While I regularly stay up longer, all this walking was wearing us down.

“Are you tired? Bzzt,” asked Glitchy.

“Very,” I replied, yawning. Finally, we were out of the underground path and on the road to Vermillion City. Pokémon Trainers that normally hang out on the road had turned in, but many nocturnal Pokémon had come out.

The city was orange-ish, with the aforementioned hotel to the east. A man and his Machop had built it with their own hands; man died after it was finished, and was named in his honor. South of town was a pier, the famous cruise ship S.S. Essessessess docked for the time being. A Pokémon Center was to the west, and the Mart was nestled in front of the dock. Instantly, we made tracks for the hotel and booked a room. It was on the fifth floor, but at least we could take the elevator.

Our hotel room was pretty nice. In the foyer to the right was the washroom. A table sat in the back left corner of the room, with two chairs seated at it. The beds were at the east wall, facing the TV stand. Thank God for the TV; I hadn’t seen Fresh Prince of Goldenrod City in a couple days. I crashed on the bed and snatched the TV remote resting on the nightstand between the beds, hit the power button, and was totally pissed because hotel TVs are the worst. They’re a pain in the ass to channel surf, none of them being the same as your setup at home.

Amber lay on her bed and Glitchy decided to sleep on the circular table. After a tedious amount of channel flipping, I had finally landed on Fresh Prince. The show ended in the ‘90s, but it was still hilarious even though I’d seen every episode six trillion times.

I don’t know when I fell asleep (I saw the entire episode, though), but when I woke up, it was 12pm. I must be a total wuss to sleep for that long after walking. Glitchy was still curled up on the table, and there was no sign of Amber or her Pokémon. When I got out of bed to use the washroom and shower, I returned to find that he was awake and floating by the door.

“Where’d Amber head off to?” I asked him. Glitchy shrugged in response. I left the room, taking the door card with me and tucking it in my pants’ back pocket. After scarfing down a few chocolate bars from the vending machine in the hotel lobby, we headed over to Route 11. Along the way, I passed Diglett’s Cave. I’d never battled with or against a Diglett and thought it’d be cool to try and catch one, so I headed in to see if I could encounter one.

The cave’s entrance was a small room with a ladder, which I climbed down to enter the heart of the cave itself. It veered northwest to another ladder that would take you to Route 2, but I didn’t intend to go that far. I loitered around the ladder and around the first bend, looking up at the golden cliffs the Diglett had made. Glitchy craned his heads up to look at a certain cliff in particular. From it, we could hear what sounded like a Pokémon battle. Attacks were being exchanged and grunts could be heard from the combatants, but the grunts weren’t regular Pokémon grunts. They were a lot more guttural and inhuman sounding, much like Glitchy’s. Could it be?

Deciding to take the logical course of action, I started climbing the walls, taking hold of the jutting rocks and ledges available to ascend. When I finally found the source of the battle, I was stunned beyond words.

Two Glitchmon were having a battle. The left one was black and purple, sporting a spider’s torso, but with twice as many legs. From the back of its body were several snake-like heads, snarling and frantically waving around. It was easily 6’ tall, especially with how arched its legs were. The other was purple, orange and white, resembling an ‘L.’ The L looked like it was taking quite a beating, while the spider hydra looked perfectly fine.

L shot a large glob of water at the multiple-headed spider, which crawled out of the way; the water splashed against the wall. I was able to grab my PokéDex and aimed it at the L. The blue beam landed on it and returned this information:

“Error. Missing Number. No valid data is available.” I targeted the spider, which gave something a little more interesting: “PPKMNPPKMNPPKMNPPKMNPPKMNPPKMNP,” it blurted over and over again. Both of them noticed this. Although L simply turned around and stared, the hydra spider darted over to where I was supporting myself.

“Human!” it declared. “You must be eliminated for the good of our God!”

It raised one of the legs at the front, and was ready to step on or impale my hand, but L tackled it out of the way and to the wall.

“Run!” said the L, as it pinned its foe against the wall. Panicking, I lost my grip and fell towards the ground, but Glitchy flew up and caught me. Soon after we landed, L was attacked off the cliff by the spider hydra, crashing down beside us. It was a brutal impact, and looked like it was knocked out. When L hit the ground, the spider peered over the edge to get a good look. After a few seconds of staring, it turned away and jumped on the succeeding ledges towards the northwest exit.

Glitchy and I tended to it, wondering what to do with it. We decided to take it outside to try and find some assistance, but who would know what to do with it or what it was? As we headed back to the square, Smitty, Dicks, and Travis finally arrived in town. When Smitty saw us, his eyes went wide.

“MISSINGNO!” he declared. I had no idea what he was talking about until I remembered his exposition from a couple days ago, where he explained how MissingNo was kinda sorta not dangerous. Well, there’s that.

“Not this s**t again,” Travis said. The poor b*****d. I should’ve warned him that Smitty’s kind of a total loony. On the other hand, it was kinda funny.

Smitty came over to check out the defeated Glitchmon Glitchy was cradling in his hands. He was awestruck at the sight of it. His eyes were filled with a wonder comparable only to that of a kid on Christmas. He was shaking with anticipation as he looked at it, even poking it at one point.

“It’s real!” he said. “I never thought I’d actually see the Glitchmon! Oh, happy days! How’d you find it?”

I told him about the battle it had with another Glitchmon in Diglett’s Cave and how it was knocked off the cliff. Smitty was perplexed when I told him about the spider hydra, saying he didn’t recognize it. When I told him about how my PokéDex reacted to it, he seemed a tad more enlightened.

“Aha! PPkmnP! Yet another Glitchmon! Poor MissingNo didn’t stand a chance, eh?”

“No he did not,” I replied. “It shot a burst of water at it and tackled it into a wall, though.”

“Water Gun! It knows the move twice, according to the PokéDex.” He explained that, when viewing MissingNo’s data, Water Gun is listed twice. Why this is, he didn’t know. It was pretty neat, though. Too bad Glitchy doesn’t have any attacks of his own.

“So, what should we do with it?” I asked. Smitty reached into his coat jacket and pulled out a spiky, yellow candy.

“I’ve been saving this Max Revive just for this occasion,” he said. Glitchy put MissingNo down and Smitty fed it the pill. After a few moments, MissingNo gradually showed signs of consciousness again. Its pixels shifted when it woke up.

“Where…am I?” it asked, looking at us.

“You’re in Vermillion City, MissingNo!” Smitty explained. “This young lad here,” he pointed to me, “brought you to me and I revived you.”

Amber returned from Route 11, curious as to what was going on. “Who’s this?” she asked.

“This, my dear, is MissingNo,” Smitty replied, still giddy as hell.

The MissingNo?” she asked. Smitty confirmed it. Amber released her green ??. It took a keen interest in the backwards L, leaning down to check it out.

MissingNo abruptly got up. Like Glitchy and ??, he floated above the ground. “NO! NO! I can’t be here!” it belted. “I can’t be out in the open! They’ll see me!”

“Who’ll see you?” Dicks asked.

“The God! The people! The King! I…I have to go!”

MissingNo turned around and made a break for Route 6, but stopped dead in his tracks at the border of the city and Route 6. Down the road was a small army of Glitchmon; one was being led by PPkmnP were making their way towards the city. In tow were a few dozen ??, floating ominously behind it. The coordination PPkmnP showed with its many legs was pretty neat.

L started backing away when he saw the horde, taking shelter behind Smitty, but still looking at the group. Smitty released his Armaldo, which tapped its claws together. Amber’s Salamence, Aurorus, and green ?? took a stance. Dicks brought out Squirtle and Paras; the latter readied its mushrooms to unleash some spores.

“Hey, Bert, d’you still have my Pokémon?” Travis asked.

“Oh, right,” I said, handing him his three grievously discolored Pokémon. I still have no idea why they looked like that. MissingNo took notice, giving the impression that he knew something. Glitch raised his fists, as usual.

The army of Glitchmon stood in front of us. PPkmnP declared, “Move aside! We must reclaim MissingNo for the good of our King!”

Armaldo snarled in response.

“No!” Smitty shot back. The spider’s heads all turned to face him.

“You dare to defy us? Do your pathetic Pokémon think that can keep us from taking him back?”

I wanted to ask why they had no interest in Glitchy or ??, but I decided against it, because I didn’t want to know the answer, if there was one.

We started backing away, but the Glitchmon kept advancing. There was no way any of us were going to abandon MissingNo!

“Are you going to comply, or do we have to take them by force?” PPkmnP asked.

Dicks replied, “If you want ‘em, come and get ‘em.”

The Glitchmon marched in at a faster pace. “Fine! Get them!”

“Them’s fightin’ words! Bzzt,” Glitchy exclaimed.

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Chapter 10: The Siege
The army of ?? stormed the city, either moving around PPkmnP or by climbing over the buildings that stood in their way. Meanwhile, their leader stood where he was, watching as the chaos began to unfold. Without hesitation, the living punctuation began terrorizing everything in sight. They started by attacking buildings and forcing people out, then attacking the poor souls unfortunate to cross their path. Or even those who didn’t cross their path, for that matter.

(Music: Vermillion City Assault (

The rest of us wasted no time joining the fray and getting the s**t kicked out of us. It didn’t quite go down like that, actually, but those ?? were pretty brutal and relentless, despite visibly flailing while they attacked. While Smitty, Dicks, and Travis scurried off to try and defend the civilians, Amber and I decided to try and take down PPkmnP through any means necessary. Her green ?? floated beside Glitchy, both of them standing up to the spider.

PPkmnP wasn’t thrilled about having to get into another scuffle. “Do you think you are able to stand up to my strength?” it asked. “Your Glitchmon are, very evidently, untrained.”

“Bzzt,” Glitch retorted.

“What does your friendship with this human have to do with anything?” PPkmnP asked Glitchy. “Your bond will not be enough to stop me!”

One of its heads lunged forward and a mouth visibly opened, showcasing its fangs. Glitchy shuffled out of the way to avoid the strike, but another head did the same thing. Both noggins were on either side of Glitchy.

“Salamence! Dragon Tail!” Amber ordered. The blue dragon brought its tail down upon the neck closest to it and brutally severed it from the head! PPkmnP winced in pain from the assault, but it was of little effect otherwise. The pixels just reattached themselves and the head was useful again. It returned to its spot, as did the other.

“I do not know why I am wasting my time on you. It is MissingNo that our King desires!”

Speaking of which, where had MissingNo gone? When I turned around, he wasn’t anywhere to be found in the immediate area. I had no idea what it was capable of, though.

“Move aside!” PPkmnP ordered, extending its legs to make itself a foot taller. Salamence roared at it, and PPkmnP replied by kicking it in the head. Salamence scuttled back, and the spider hurriedly moved between us into the heart of the city.

“We can’t let him get MissingNo!” Amber said.

“Where the Hell could it have gone?” I asked to nobody in particular. Glitchy went his own way, but I followed him. His two heads were frantically observing the city, looking for a sign of the L.

“The f**k should we do?” I asked Amber. She sighed.

“If anyone can take down PPkmnP, it’s definitely us. No offense to the others; I’m sure they’re excellent trainers in their own right. But we have the experience of dealing with them.”

Beautiful and smart. I like that. See? I’m not that shallow. A little.

Even though we wanted to try and help, PPkmnP was our priority for the time being. Similar to MissingNo, I’d only encountered him briefly and did not know what he could do, no idea of how big a threat he could be.

This led to many, many more questions: what other Glitchmon were out there? How many were threatening? How many had the maliciousness of PPkmnP? How many others had the benevolence of Glitchy and MissingNo? Were there other Glitchmon like those question marks? Where were they coming from? This whole adventure was like a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a present. It was kind of like an onion, but at least mysteries are intriguing. Seriously, f**k onions. Although, I could really go for some onion rings right now.

As we walked towards the pier, a cluster of ?? stormed in front of us, blocking the way. There were at least ten of them.

“Glitchy, take those things out!” I ordered.

“Aye-aye master! Bzzt,” Glitchy said. He flew in and grabbed one of the ?? by the bottom, and, using it like a club, swung it at the nearest ??, knocking it over. I can’t deny it, I burst out laughing at the scene. It was like some scene in Machoke, the Barbarian. From the side came a Shadow Ball, crashing into a ?? and taking the others down with it as it was sent flying into them. Travis’s Mismagius had attacked to bring them down.

“Have you two seen MissingNo?” he asked.

“No!” I replied. “We’re looking for him! Do you know where he is?”

“Smitty went off looking for it,” Travis said. “But I don’t know where.”

Well, a lot of help that was. The two of us took off towards Route 11, but we couldn’t even set foot in the grass. A group of circles were flooding in from the gate. They were like bulls-eye targets: their rim was black, their inside was a white circle, and in the middle was a black circle with a white question mark in it.

“s**t!” Amber exclaimed.

“What are those things?” I dared to ask.

“They’re ??’s cousin. They’re a lot alike, other than appearance. We better get moving.”

We started backing away, but her green ?? stood where it was, watching the target boards moving in. Amber’s explanation had some truth to it.

“Hey, ??, come on!”

But ?? didn’t move. He continued to watch as its “cousins” continued on their wild trek towards Vermillion City. None of them made any noise as they floated which, to me, is horrifying. Not as horrifying as other aspects of this adventure, but still pretty damn spooky.

“Nuts to this,” Amber grunted. “Aurorus! Ice Beam those things!”

The fabulousaur reared its head back and unleashed a concentrated beam of solid ice from its mouth, launching it at the Frisbees and taking out a large smattering of them. From Diglett’s Cave emerged a bunch of ??, and the two Glitchmon armies surrounded us.

Salemence’s body tensed up and its nostrils flared, baring its teeth to its enemies.

“Can Glitchy carry us both?” Amber asked.

“What?” I asked, having no clue what she was talking about.

She clarified, “Is it strong enough to pick us up and carry us above the ground for a bit?”

I looked at Glitchy. His heads were fixated on us. “I guess so. Why?”

“Because of reasons,” she said.

I shrugged, confused as f**k. “’Kay then. Glitchy, pick us up!”

My Glitchmon grabbed us by our shirt brims and lifted us off the ground. It was just as awkward and uncomfortable as you’d expect. He was being careful not to choke us, but it was rather difficult to make sure we didn’t.

Salamence reared onto its hind legs briefly, then roared at the opposing Glitchmon. With all its might, the dragon stomped the ground with its front feet, created a makeshift earthquake that was sent throughout the city. It wasn’t strong enough to knock the hotel over, but a few abandoned houses were sent crumbling down from the vibrations. For some reason, the ?? and ? were reduced to fumbling about and falling over from the quake, even though Amber’s own ?? floated above the ground at the same height and was unaffected. Neither was her Aurorus.

Glitchy soon set us back down, but Salamence was still on an anger high as it snarled at its foes. From behind us, I heard a voice.

“BERT! AMBER!” shouted Smitty from the pier. His Armaldo was with him, on the lookout for any potential attacks. “Dicks, Travis! Over here!”

We hauled ass to the pier to reconvene and think of a plan. Before we could start brainstorming, Smitty revealed what he assumed was the best choice of action.

“We have to get the f**k out of here,” he said, albeit sorrowfully.

“Obviously,” Dicks said. “But how can we get the people onboard?”

Smitty revealed that he hadn’t thought that far ahead. So he had an idea, but no plan. I can’t say I was any different, and I don’t think any of us were, but I was kinda counting on him to think of something.

“I don’t think there’s much hope for them…”

Amber said, “You better not be saying what I think you’re saying.”

“I’m not proud of myself!” he shot back. “But they’ll escape only if they take the single opportunity they’ll get.”

“We can’t just leave them here, Smitty!” Travis protested.

“Do you think that’s what I want? This isn’t a game. If we want to escape, then we have to do it now!”

I asked him what he had in mind. He was thinking that if we distract the Glitchmon long enough by engaging them in a standoff, the citizens will be able to get onboard the S. S. Essessessess and escape with their Pokémon. It wasn’t a brilliant plan, but it was better than the nothing I came up with.

He clarified that we only had one chance to do this right, so it better count. We didn’t waste any time, so we stood in front of the dock and Salamence roared to get everyone’s attention.

It worked. The ? and ?? turned to face us, as did the people.

“Everyone! If you want to escape, this is your only chance!” Smitty declared. “I advise you to take it, because we won’t be coming back for any wranglers that get left behind.”

The Vermilions started making their way for the S.S. Essessessess, and the Glitchmon army tried to stop them. Our Pokémon and Glitchmon attacked any that dared to defy us, using whatever we had. Unfortunately, Glitchy was at a serious disadvantage since he had no attacks, as was Amber’s ??. Thinking quickly, my Glitchmon ventured to a nearby building that had been demolished by Salamence’s Earthquake attack and picked up a steel rod that was sticking out of the ground. ?? had no such luck, since it lacked arms.

Any time Glitchy went after a Glitchmon, it swung the pipe to swat them away. A “clang!” was emitted from the impact, and I gotta admit, that was a pretty clever thing to do. Glitchmon were swatted aside left and right. Amber’s Salamence and Aurorus were spamming Flamethrower and Ice Beam, respectively, to dissuade the Glitchmon menaces. Dicks was assisting by immobilizing them with his Paras’ Stun Spore and having Squirtle use Water Gun to push them aside or into the water. Travis’ Hawlucha, Mismagius, and Zigzagoon were working together to take down their opponents.

It must’ve taken at least an hour to get everybody safely onboard the S.S. Essessessess. The Glitchmon were really consistent in trying to get their bait, but we prevailed in the end. When we entered the port, the ship was facing the east. It was a massive white liner, with the creatively idiotic name emblazoned on its side. There were steps for us to walk on to get inside, so we did just that.

When we got inside, I found MissingNo patiently waiting for us, resting in the hallway.

“I was gonna tell you earlier, but there wasn’t much time,” Smitty explained.

“It’s fine. I didn’t think you’d say we’d have to abandon Vermillion City without MissingNo in tow,” I replied.

Smitty made his way towards the ship’s cockpit and was about to turn her on, but at that moment, the boat was rammed by the Glitchmon. But instead of the ? and ??, it was PPkmnP.

“It’s trying to get MissingNo!” Dicks exclaimed.

“Over my dead body,” Smitty said. He turned the ship on, then returned to us. A man took the wheel of the cruise ship.

Smitty opened the ship’s door and ventured out onto the dock, Armaldo following him.

“What are you doing?!” I demanded to know. “You can’t take all of them on at once!”

He flashed me a sly smile and continued on his way. When he was at the bottom of the steps, he kicked it away and it fell into the water.

“For years, I have been hunting Glitchmon,” Smitty said to the horde. “And today it is with great honor that my hunt has come to a fitting end. But even though this is where my adventure ends, it is also where Bert’s journey really begins.”

PPkmnP sneered. “Nice speech. Would you like to prolong your demise some more, or would you prefer to get it over with?”

Smitty grinned. “Just to piss you off, let’s prolong it a little more.”

The Glitchmon homed in on he and Armaldo, at which point the S.S. Essessessess started moving. My view was obstructed by the port’s walls, but the last thing I saw was Armaldo swiping and slashing at the ? and ??.

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Chapter 11: We’re On a Boat!
(Music: S.S. Essessessess (

I don’t care much for ships. I think they’re stupid and overrated. The only time you hear about them is when some rich snob is throwing a party for his stupid rich friends and their stupid rich wives and then they mysteriously get eaten by a tentacle monster. Or maybe that was just a book I read. Hell, it may’ve been a movie. Possibly both.


We were in a big foyer with lots of passenger cabins. The hardwood floor beneath us was spick-and-span, sparkling under the lights like some idiotic scene on The Simpsons.

“Oooh. Bzzt,” Glitchy uttered. I don’t know why a clean floor amazed him, but he was starting to discover the world after being cooped up in a Poké Ball for God knows how long. We didn’t know where to go and had no idea if there was anybody on board, so I approached the cabin door in front of me and knocked. It opened, and a young kid greeted me.

“Hey, I met you before!” I said. “You’re that kid who likes shorts!” I recognized his grey baseball cap.

“That’s me!” he replied. Glitchy was eyeing him, curiously. He may have been scowling or something, but I couldn’t tell. Shorts Kid, also, didn’t seem particularly thrilled about seeing Glitchy again.

“Uh, anyway. Any idea where the boat’s going?” I asked him.

“Cinnabar Island, I think.”

MissingNo shot up. “Did he say Cinnabar Island?” he asked. He wasn’t quite as bad as Dicks in the listening department.

“I heard that,” Dicks said.

“He did,” I replied to MissingNo. The name piqued his interest. I don’t know why; I went to Cinnabar Island once, like, five years ago and it sucked. Y’see, the island was wiped out by a well-publicized volcano eruption at the beginning of the 21st century. Cinnabar was flooded by lava and the Cinnabar…ites? Cinnabarans? Whatever, they were forced to evacuate. Shockingly, I remember the day really well. Dicks and I were beating the s**t out of some hippies with Entei in Pallet Square, and it started snowing. Yet, the snow was black. And it tasted disgusting, because it was ash. We felt the ground shake beneath us right before the volcano went off, but it wasn’t until we looked south that we saw what was going on.

Imagine having to watch as an island’s people are forced to flee, because they decided to set up their town near the bottom of a fucking volcano. Stupid decision, yes, but early settlers had been at sea for years and it was the first landmass they found in the long run. I can’t say I totally blame them. I don’t know how I know that. See? I can be useful!

“What’s so special about Cinnabar Island?” I asked the backwards L.

“There’s…something there that might be useful to us,” he replied. And now I asked why we were even going to the island. I know that they’d started rebuilding, but I didn’t think it was in shape to be hospitable yet.

“Hey, that’s—!” Shorts Kid said, when he saw MissingNo.

“It sure is,” Amber said. Shorts Kid grabbed a Poké Ball from his backpack and threw it, but MissingNo used his Water Gun to push it away.

“Well, he’s not as bad as Smitty,” I joked. Shorts Kid seemed bummed at this grand failure of an attempted catch.

Speaking of Smitty, I headed over to a window to see if I could see the port, but we’d gone too far and all I saw was the vast expanse of water. Christ, I felt horrible. Remembering all the s**t I said to him, only to realize now that he was right about everything up until the siege. There was no way in Hell - no matter how strong his Armaldo was - they could take down that horde and PPkmnP.  s**t, I don’t think the five of us could bring them down, even if we/they used all of our Pokémon. Out of the group, Amber would probably survive the longest.

I punched the wall when it hit me. Saying I felt like an arsehole was an understatement. He’s fucking dead, no ifs, ands, or buts. At least he sacrificed himself for the greater good? So that he could continue on? To distract PPkmnP and his legion of stupid punctuation assholes fucking damn it HE’S DEAD AND IT’S ALL MY FAULT.

“Is he all right?” Shorts Kid asked. Glitchy floated over and put a hand on my shoulder.

“What’s wrong, master? Bzzt,” he asked.

I sighed. “I’m fine. I just need some air.”

“You better get walkin’. It’ll take you twenty minutes to get to the deck.” Shorts Kid asked.

“Then I guess I should be off,” I replied. Glitchy and I headed left, leaving the others behind. We walked to a corner that was halfway around the foyer, heading up the grey, boring stairs to the second floor. It looked almost exactly the same: a square lobby with white walls, and red cabin doors. There was an orange line going diagonally across the boat’s interior walls, just a little higher than my waist. This isn’t saying much ‘cause I’m like 5’2. I don’t know why I added that trivial detail. Why the Hell am I trailing off again? I need to stop doing that.

Back to the irrelevant plot, Glitchy and I headed left and noticed a wide screen door. Looking out, we saw the deck, which was empty. Thank f**k; I’d had almost no time to myself the last couple weeks and just wanted to relax. So, I opened the doors, pulled them aside, and stepped outside and was instantly greeted by the brisk, fresh, sea air. My God, it was relaxing! It calmed me down and I felt at ease, which was an improvement over the hair-pulling bullshit that’s happened lately. Fight scene after fight scene and random plot point after abandoned random plot point…it was nice not to think about that s**t.

I stood at the front of the deck and looked as the waters waves rolled across the surface, being parted as the S.S. Essessessess brushed through the water with grace and ease. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I could see Pidgey and Tailow and Fletchling soaring through the air, chirping a song only bird Pokémon know. Some guy riding a Fearow zoomed overhead, looking kind of majestic and proud. I wonder…

“Hey, Glitchy.”

“Yes? Bzzt.”

“Think you can give me a ride?”

“Umm…Bzzt.” He seemed hesitant, which is understandable. He wasn’t tall, but was about as skinny as an average human. I know that’s an awful description, but take a good look at the other dumb stuff that’s happened in the story. “I can try. Hop on! Bzzt.”

He turned around and I climbed onto his back; it was a lot like getting piggybacks back when I was a kid from my dad. Fun times. Despite being made of pixels, he was pretty solid. It felt a lot like sitting on a pile of Lego, but without sinking to the bottom of it and choking to death on a single nub piece. Those things are the worst, but there’s some use to them.

Once I was comfortable, Glitchy’s cape spread out into their winged form; they were a lot bigger than before. Maybe that was so he could fly more efficiently. The pixels were broken apart by my legs, which punctured the wings. Instead, the loose pixels acted as a bridge to the other pixels, filling in gaps and making the wings look fuller. I can see you punching your monitor in rage at my blithering, nonsensical, and undecipherable explanation. I am not paying for a new monitor; tough luck for you!

“Gonna fly now! Bzzt,” Glitchy uttered.


Those random DeEtta Little/Nelson Pigford and Iron Maiden references over, Glitchy flapped his wings and left the deck, flying up until he was roughly ten feet off the ground.


I have no idea what the f**k he was blathering on about, but, idayum, it sounded mind-shatteringly awesome. His speech sounded like something out of a mistranslated video game or a movie. But more importantly, did Glitchy just blurt out something resembling a full sentence? It was a full-blown ice cream koan (hey, that rhymed!), but the fact that he said it was surprising! Never in my life have I ever heard such wondrous meaningless, meaningful words. They, much like the clever nickname I had bestowed upon him, were true works of art and would go down in history as the most profound things ever said.

After a while of flying in circles over the deck, Glitchy returned to it and I climbed off his back.

“Holy s**t, Glitchy! That was awesome! We gotta do that more often!”

“Indeed! The act of flying in the blue yonder with the white pillows of comfort can simply not compare to any other! Bzzt.”

What. What the f**k was he saying? The only reason that sounded sophisticated was because of the word “yonder.” I really hope he doesn’t talk like this all the time.

“Uh, yeah. Totally,” I replied. I turned towards the front of the ship and looked at the horizon, something which, no matter how close we got, we could never touch. I have no idea why I said that. Just irreverent, irrelevant inner monologues, I guess. But really, though, the sun was starting to descend and the orange rays’ reflection on the water looked magnificent. All in all, a good way to end the day, but that’s not saying much.

Glitchy and I headed back inside and were greeted by Dicks, who was leaning against the wall.

“Bert! D’you clear your head?” he asked.

“Yeah, why?” I asked.

“Just wondering. Also, the sleeping arrangements have been decided,” Dicks explained. “You and Amber are sharing a cabin.”

“So this mundane, painful romance subplot is actually happening, eh?” I asked derisively.

“Unfortunately. Knowing you, it’ll be handled as awkwardly as inhumanly possible.”

“You got that right!” I replied. Dicks led me to the cabins; the four of us neighbored each other. My cabin was up against a wall. Heading into the room, I found there was nothing spectacular about it. A yellow and white tiled floor, two beds against the walls, a stove, dishwasher, and a sink at the back.

“Where’d you storm off to?” Amber asked.

I told her I needed to clear my head. When she asked why, I told her that I felt guilty for Smitty’s death, even though he sacrificed himself so we could carry on. I wasn’t particularly friendly towards the guy, which may be why I felt like I did. His speech seemed to indicate the opposite, but that meant nothing and could have just been a façade. f**k, all these horrible thoughts swirled around my head like a passive-aggressive hurricane of hate.

“Don’t blame yourself. Trust me, I’m pissed, but not at you. He knew more about Glitchmon than the rest of us and now he’s gone. But I’m sure he had his reasons.”

She had a point, I guess. But the worst part was that his sacrifice was avoidable. All it did was buy us some time to flee, but now our team had lost the brains. I’m not saying we couldn’t figure out s**t on our own, but it was better having a walking encyclopedia on Glitchmon with us. He always piped up with an explanation for something, whether or not we needed to hear it.

Rest in peace, Smitty.
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Chapter 12: The Chapter Before the Thirteenth Chapter
I woke up at 12pm the following morning from Glitchy shaking me. “Master, wake up! Bzzt. The others headed to the domain of scrumptiousness to acquire delicacies. Bzzt.” He had the meter-long pipe slung over his shoulder like a sword.

After falling off my bed, tying my blue cape back around my neck, washing my face, combing my hair, and trying to make myself look somewhat presentable, we left the cabin and made our way towards the cafeteria. It was in the ship’s basement, but, from what I heard from rich assholes I’ve met, was quite inviting. It still looked like a regular basement, but had a touch of hominess to it, they told me.

Heading down to the cafeteria, it looked, in my opinion, like a glorified cellar. Stony, cement floor, the stench of wine, a tad chilly. At least it was bright; the lights made it look like something of an army base. Around the corner of the hall was the smell of delicious food. My God, it smelled amazing. I could taste garlic bread from behind the wall. Macaroni salad, too. There was something else…No, it can’t be. Not at sea! Oh, but it was.

Mr. Fucking. Noodles.

If you’ve never had Mr. Noodles, then you haven’t lived. It comes in a bag and is a large block of wavy, small noodles unless you break it up. When I have it, I do just that, pour it in a bowl, grab a spoon, sprinkle the dressing on it, and chow down. I could smell so many different flavors, from chicken, beef, shrimp, curry, to oriental. It’s a great snack if you want to choke on something. Soup was also wafting in the air; tomato was my favorite.

Then, I had a devious idea: mixing Mr. Noodles with tomato soup. Could you imagine? I think it’d be like adding a Mentos to Cola; something would happen. My theory is that, instead of exploding, the combination would instead take us into a new age of enlightenment. What would happen beyond that? Hell if I know.

When we headed into the cafeteria, Travis flagged us down to a table near the back left row. I was hungry, so Glitchy and I headed to the large buffet at the back. Salad, soup, chicken, coleslaw, pierogies, rice, ONION RINGS… It’d be easier to name what they didn’t have. And it was all so succulent and mouthwatering. Drinks were also readily available. Coffee, hot chocolate, tea, cola, water, wine, it was all there. I grabbed a plate, filled it with onion rings, rice, some white coleslaw, a small bowl of Mr. Noodles, and some more onion rings, took a bottle of root beer, and took a seat at the table with the rest of the troupe, sitting beside Dicks and across from Amber. Glitchy floated beside me and occasionally took a piece of my food for himself.

“Hoping to have a heart attack?” Travis jokingly asked. I had too many onion rings in my mouth to reply, so I gave him a thumb up instead. Everything on my plate was delicious, but I hadn’t eaten since yesterday morning so of course it was. I could’ve eaten a box of nails and expressed the same sentiment.

“Hey, MissingNo,” Travis asked the floating L, who wasn’t eating, but was with the rest of us. “What’s at Cinnabar Island?”

MissingNo sighed. “I am not sure. All I have is a hunch.”

“It’s another Glitchmon. Bzzt,” Glitchy added.

I groaned. “Another? Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had a battle with a regular Pokémon? It’s not gonna be like PPkmnP and his merry band of assholes, is it?”

“No,” MissingNo reassured. “This Glitchmon is on our side. Its name is LM4.”

“Glitchmon sure do have some weird names,” Travis observed. “PPkmnP, LM4, and…what’s Glitchy, anyway?”

MissingNo explained that Glitchy is a Four Dot-Dot, and took the two-headed dragon shape as a sign of trust. I still thought that was cool, but I wondered if the shape had anything to do with their typing? Glitchy can’t learn any attacks (that I know of), and I don’t know what type he is.

I asked MissingNo these questions and he replied, “I do not know. While your Four Dot-Dot is a water-type Glitchmon, its appearance would indicate the opposite; that is, it is a dragon-type instead. Glitchy cannot learn any attacks because that is just how he is. On the other hand, he appears to be a combat pragmatist,” he explained, referring to the pipe Glitchy was wielding.

So, while Smitty may be gone, it turns out we had someone who was just as good at delivering exposition as he was. And chances are, MissingNo wouldn’t try to kill something the second he saw it. That was a plus.

“MissingNo? What happened to my Pokémon?” Travis asked.

The L replied, “I believe they are now Hybrid Pokémon. Hybridmon are Pokémon who have had their typing changed. Travis, may I see yours again?”

Travis let his Pokémon out of their Poké Balls, and, like before, Hawlucha hated its colors with a burning passion. Zigzagoon was too busy chasing his tail to care and Mismagius was definitely thinking of ways to take advantage of its newfound fabulousness. A swish of its cloak here, a cheeky wink to a woman there, he was, in his own mind, the s**t.

MissingNo observed the Hybridmon. “Hmm. I have never seen a Hybridmon myself before, so I do not know what their types are. I can, at most, make an estimated guess. By the looks of it, Zigzagoon could by psychic-type. Mismagius is likely fairy-type. As for Hawlucha? I am not sure, but the amount of grey on it would indicate that it is steel-type. I could very well be wrong, however. I am merely going by colors typical of the aforementioned types.”

By now I had finished the last onion ring on my plate. It was very disappointing to acknowledge, but then I noticed there were many more where they came from.

“How does the new typing affect Hybridmon?” Dicks asked.

“I would assume their immunities and strengths would be affected. Mismagius can no longer be harmed by dragon-types, as the fairy-type is immune to it, but Zigzagoon can be easily dispatched by a dark-type like Umbreon. Their attacks remain the same type.”

How useless. But I guess it had some advantages. Hawlucha must be pretty happy to know that those pesky Pikachu won’t be able to knock him out with one attack anymore. Too bad steel types aren’t that useful against electric-types. Now that I think about it, type changes are the most useless double-edged swords ever. You get a different type, sure, but then some other type just comes in and punches you in the face. There must’ve been more to it.

After snacking on some more onion rings, there was an announcement over the intercom: “We have arrived at Cinnabar City. For those of you who are heading to the island, please grab your belongings and take the side exit.”

“This is our stop!” Travis said. We made our way towards the exit, but MissingNo was hesitant. His movements were slow and uneven, like he didn’t want to enter the city.

“What’s with you?” I asked him.

MissingNo shuddered. “I…I cannot go with you.”

“What? Why not?” Amber asked.

“I just can’t! The people of Cinnabar would not take kindly knowing that I am still alive.”

Well, this raises shitloads of questions. Obviously, this adventure is not complicated and boring and long enough. Really, shouldn’t we have met the villain by now? I don’t mean another side villain; I mean the actual big bad. The guy behind all this wackiness, not his quirky sidekick squad. Maybe PPkmnP was the one behind all these shenanigans? That doesn’t explain why he just wants MissingNo and not Glitchy or ??.

And that’s another thing: Why would MissingNo tell us there’s something important in Cinnabar, and then chicken out when we get there? Did he not think this through? Did something suddenly happen that would force us to flee and never return? All these pointless questions and soon-to-be-abandoned plot points were giving me a migraine.

“What the Hell are you talking about? Why would they care?” Dicks asked.

“Because they just wouldn’t!” MissingNo barked.

This was a pain in the ass. He told us there was another Glitchmon, who was on our fucking side at Cinnabar, but now apparently the folks who live there would have a problem with him? Fucking s**t, why didn’t he mention this earlier?

“MissingNo,” Glitchy began. “I do not believe that the citizens of Cinnabar Island will cause you any unpleasantness. Bzzt. Perhaps it is my naivety, but it would appear that humans will accept you if you explain your case. Bzzt.”

I wonder, did Glitchy have an inkling as to what was bothering MissingNo?

“How about this, then? MissingNo can sit in a Poké Ball to avoid being seen,” Amber suggested.

“But then how will we find LM4? Assuming he’s at Cinnabar, that is?” I asked.

“Speaking of which, where would he be?” Travis pondered.

MissingNo explained, “First, staying in a Poké Ball sounds like a decent idea. If I am correct, LM4 is at Cinnabar Island’s burned mansion on the northwest end of town.”

Believe it or not, the infamous mansion survived the volcano eruption. Nobody’s really sure how. Yes, it took quite a bit of damage and is missing dozens upon dozens of bricks, is littered with holes, and is just one collision with a leaf away from crumbling down. On the other hand, it’s fun to explore, so I’ve heard.

“You guys are going to the burned mansion? That’s so cool!” Shorts Kid exclaimed. “Can I come, too?”

“Uh,” I hummed. “We were hoping to go in alone.”

“Bzzt,” Glitchy added.

“Mom! Mom!” Shorts Kid said to his mother. “Can I go with these guys to see the burned house?”

Please say no, please, please, please say no, I thought to myself. Despite my protests, I probably wouldn’t bother trying to fight it if she said yes. Most mothers can pretty damn terrifying if you object to them. Hopefully she would object and assume that we were all crazy people, so she wouldn’t send her child to hang out with random strangers.

“Well…” No. No, no, no, no, no! NO! Please, please, don’t fucking say yes. “I don’t see why not.”


Look, I’m not a parent. s**t, I don’t want to be one. I don’t care for kids and, frankly, I’d be too busy watching Arnold Schwarzenegger movies to pay attention to and care for a child. Also, Glitchy and I would probably be going on zany adventures all the time. Hell, we’ve been on the road for a few weeks now and I’ve already forgotten that mom has a pet Delcatty.

“Yay!” Shorts Kid declared. “Well, what’re we waiting for? Let’s go!”
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Chapter 13: PPkmnP’s Last Stand
We finally left the boat and found ourselves in Cinnabar Island. Sure enough, it was being rebuilt. The iconic red roofs the town was famous for remained, but the landmass had expanded greatly, perfect for building a town. Dicks brought MissingNo into a Poké Ball he owned before we left the dock and Shorts Kid followed us. We found ourselves near the rebuilt Gym on the east side of the island, but it wasn’t in use yet and was still unfinished. Numerous houses were in varying degrees of construction. Some were finished, some were just started on, and some only had their foundations planted. Construction workers were all around the town working on the buildings. At the west wing was the burned mansion, which was where we were heading.

The burned mansion had many stories around it. The story most people have heard was that it was destroyed when the scientists had finally finished creating a clone of Mew, Mewtwo. As far as anyone can tell, this is true. When Mewtwo realized he was a mere clone, he threw a hissyfit, killed the scientists, destroyed the lab, walked the dinosaur, and was finally there, to sit on his throne as the Fresh Prince of Goldenrod City. Or something to that effect. That’s just the most circulated story, though, so it might not even be true.

Unsurprisingly, the inside of the burned mansion was a lot worse than the outside. Charred plastic didn’t waft through the air, but instead pummeled it. Tar was also present to assault your nostrils. The mansion’s air was warm, which meant it was irritatingly hot since we were near the end of summer. The floor was covered in dust and debris; chunks of the wall and the roof were lying upon it. Holes were present in the walls, and the lights were all dead. Hell, even the door was barely on its hinges. All in all, the mansion was a horribly unpleasant place. What Pokémon would dare to make it their home? What kind of Glitchmon would dare to make it their home?

“Whoa,” Shorts Kid said in awe. Glitchy still didn’t seem fond of him. For whatever reason, my Glitchmon stuck close to me, closer than normal. Did he feel threatened by him? No, that’s stupid. Glitchy would probably wreck his Rattata in a regular Pokémon battle.

We headed around a corner and found a broken table with a grey book on it. The book was open, but what was frantically written was more interesting:

“The experiment has proven successful. At last, we have created the perfect Pokémon. It will, for a time, be beneficial to beginning Trainers. Despite expunging our resources, this Pokémon will be able to take away the strain of spending money on Potions and Poké Balls by duplicating them to an amount requested by the Trainer.”

Wait a minute. Duplicating items? That sounds familiar. Smitty mentioned something about that back on Route 1.

“Dicks, you can let MissingNo out now,” I said. Dicks released the backwards L from its Poké Ball. I picked up the book and showed the page to him.

“What’s all this?” I asked MissingNo.

“A book,” he replied.

“Don’t play dumb with me. Why didn’t you tell us about this earlier? Is this part of the reason you think people hate you?”

“That has nothing to do with it. There are some other factors regarding that issue.”

Travis asked, “And what are those?”

“IT IS NOT IMPORTANT!” MissingNo barked.

There came a voice from the entrance of the lab. “Go ahead, MissingNo. Tell them about the atrocities you have committed. Tell them about the monstrous Pokémon that have been encountered along the coast of this island.”

It was PPkmnP. His spider legs could be heard clattering along the floor of the mansion as he approached us, and, as usual, he had a band of ??s with him. His composure was much more relaxed than in Vermillion City, but the hostile tone of his voice remained.

“PPkmnP!” MissingNo exclaimed. “Why do you continue to hunt us?”

PPkmnP shot back, “I am simply following the orders of 3TrainerPoké. Surely, you remember our King.”

MissingNo grunted. So, some guy called 3TrainerPoké is their King? Then, it’s likely he’s the one behind all this chaos. But, I remember hearing mentions of a God before; maybe they were just synonyms they were using to throw us off guard?

“What use would 3TrainerPoké have for me?’ MissingNo asked.

“That, I do not know. And, who’s this child you have with you? A human shield, perhaps?”

“Get him, Rattata!” Shorts Kid declared. The purple rodent was freed from the Poké Ball and darted for PPkmnP, hoping to bump into it for the greater good. One of PPkmnP’s snake-like heads lunged down and picked up the rat with its teeth. He lifted it high into the air, as if to showcase this display of strength to us, and then the head threw Rattata at the wall to its left.

The impact, although light, was enough to defeat Rattata. When it collided with the wall, it took a chunk of it with him; the little rat was buried underneath a pile but I don’t know if it was killed.

“RATTATA!” Shorts Kid wailed, rushing over to save his Pokémon. His little hands pulled away small pieces of debris, but it wouldn’t be enough unless one of us acted quickly. I ordered Dicks to go over and help since he wasn’t contributing anything to the group, but then again, neither was Travis.

“Now then, do you wish to die here? I have no patience for wranglers such as yourselves. I promise it will be quick and painless. Maybe.”

“No!” Amber retorted.

PPkmnP sighed in aggravation. We were obviously putting a roadblock on his plans and now he was starting to get impatient. His legs straightened and his heads riled up to stare the two of us down; this was worse than it sounded considering that his posture made him at least 7 feet tall. Without hesitation, Glitchy darted in front of us and spread his wings to intimidate the spider hydra.

Glitchy’s intimidation tactic was nullified when Amber brought out her roaring Salamence. Its nostrils were flared, eyes wide, teeth bared. Salamence angrily swished its tail in anticipation for the upcoming battle. Aurorus was also present, as was ??, but neither of them looked that menacing. Sure, Aurorus was likely a graceful bruiser, but ?? does not have any attacks and lacks the ability to improvise, unlike Glitchy.

To our surprise and fear, PPkmnP laughed. It was a slow, mechanical laugh. He didn’t really laugh, like, “Hahaha!” but instead did something to the effect of pronouncing each letter individually.

“You rebels are too much. It has been fun chasing you here. Your early graves await you!”

(Music: PPkmnP's Last Stand (

He took a few steps forward, hissing at us as his heads bobbed back and forth ever so slightly. Salamence snarled at PPkmnP, unleashing a torrent of fire from its mouth at him. A deft jump, PPkmnP avoided the flames and latched his feet in the east wall, scampering towards us.

“Hawlucha! Kick his ass!” Travis ordered.

The luchador hawk backflipped, pressed his feet against the wall and lunged forward, arms spread. What a tackle! PPkmnP didn’t see it coming and was blindsided by the bird, and was tackled through the wall and landing upon a table; it snapped in half from the impact. Hawlucha hopped off and, for good measure, kicked one of PPkmnP’s heads. Unfortunately, his foot just went through the pixels and scattered them.

Now that I think about it, how did Hawlucha even tackle the Glitchmon through the wall? Dicks’ Squirtle couldn’t do that to Glitchy when we had our first battle. Strength probably factored in to it.

PPkmnP got up and kicked a half of the table at us, but Dicks’ Squirtle pushed it away with Water Gun. Man, I hadn’t seen that thing in a while.

Amber’s ?? lay on its side, but, still floating, started rapidly spinning. After picking up an insane amount of momentum, it thrust itself forward, aiming for PPkmnP’s legs. Slice! Slice! Slice! Three of PPkmnP’s legs – one on its front right and two at the back were severed, their pixels scattering away. An excruciating, pained grunt escape from PPkmnP as his remaining legs were forced to support and make up for the amputated three, his stance becoming lopsided.

“Blast it all!” PPkmnP shouted. “The King would be displeased should I fail my mission. But, sometimes, the coward’s way is the best way. Ta-ta!”

The Glitchmon started making his way towards the door, but he didn’t even get to the hole in the wall. Mismagius fazed in from the floor, blocking his path.

“Get out of my way!” PPkmnP bellowed. Mismagius gave him a cheeky wink before sending him flying with a Shadow Ball attack. The black and purple wispy sphere not only sent PPkmnP flying through yet another wall, but also decapitated one of his heads. Son of a b***h! Remind me not to get on his bad side.

PPkmnP collided with a bookshelf which fell on top of him, but he was as feisty as ever and reemerged from it quickly. He took a step forward, but stopped when the floor shook slightly.

“The lab’s probably gonna collapse if this keeps up!” Dicks hollered.

“Fine then!” PPkmnP declared. “Buried alive it is!”

He took another step forward, but this time the floor totally gave away and we fell down to the basement. Fortunately for us, Glitchy grabbed me, Amber landed on Salamence’s back, Hawlucha snagged both Dicks and Travis by their shirts, and PPkmnP was sent tumbling down to the cracked hardwood floor.

A voluptuous beam of lightning hit Glitchy, dropping me and sending him crashing to the ground. PPkmnP was on the wall facing us, uttering that inhuman laugh once more.

“Such insolence! Originally, our King just wanted MissingNo; but, I think your For Dot-Dot and Double Question Marks will also make lovely gifts!”

“Is that so?” cooed a voice from behind the north bend. I didn’t know who it was, but it sounded like it came from a large, imposing creature.

From the bend could be heard the sound of slime trickling across the floor, then came the loud, yet quick, footsteps. The Glitchmon was a blob monster and its pixels looked quite squishy. It had many tentacles waving about, pronged with three fingers on each end. It walked on two, brick like feet that were without toes. No tail was present on its body, but the thing’s eighteen arms made such a thing unnecessary. From its stomach (or rather, what I’m guessing would be its stomach) was a protruding tyrannosaurus rex head. On top of its form were two looming pincers, like a Kingler’s.

“LM4!” MissingNo greeted the blob monster.

“Greetings, MissingNo,” the pseudo-Shoggoth said. “And PPkmnP. How have you been since our last battle?”

“Ah, yes. That little defeat you handed to me. It was a complete waste of my time,” PPkmnP hissed. “To show you how grateful I am for that, you will get to watch as I slaughter these children here and now!”

Dicks said, “Y’know, you keep saying that. But you haven’t done anything of the sort.”

“Shut up!” PPkmnP screeched.

“PPkmnP, your grudge is with me, not these Trainers,” LM4 said.

“And why is that?”

“Because I freed MissingNo from 3TrainerPoké’s grip.”

Nothing happened for a little while. PPkmnP and LM4 just stared each other down, the former clearly trying to comprehend how he didn’t realize this. Or, assuming that wasn’t the issue, he was wondering how and/or why LM4 would do such a thing.

Cracks were starting to show in PPkmnP’s plan and attitude. LM4 not only betrayed him, but he betrayed the King as well. PPkmnP’s only hope now was to try and defeat LM4 and turn him in to 3TrainerPoké, but I don’t think the spider hydra possessed the strength or stamina to knock over the blob monster. He tripped over his words and stuttered as he went back to talking.

“You… y-you freed MissingNo,” was all PPkmnP could spew out. He was surprisingly calm, but, y’know how that saying goes: the calm before the storm.

And boy, what a storm it was.


LM4 calmly replied, “I did it because there were things he could do in the real world that he could not do in Glitch City. True, his existence is the result of a carefully layered accident, but MissingNo possesses abilities that would be of a great benefit to humans that are of total uselessness to other Glitchmon such as us.”

Oh boy, Glitch City? What is that, what is that? I wondered. The name seemed alien, so alien and wrong. Despite the fact that I had no interest in going there, I knew that we would wind up there one way or another.

“So in other words, you acted out of pure self-interest. Fantastic. I always knew you had a ‘holier than thou’ complex, but I never thought I would see the day where you would admit it. Either way, not that I have you all exactly where I want you…”

PPkmnP trailed off as one of his heads craned up to face the ceiling.


The rest of his heads faced the ceiling, and a barrage of Thunderbolts and Aurora Beams were unleashed upon the roof soon after. PPkmnP had gone completely bat s**t crazy and was going to kill us, and himself.

“PPkmnP! Bzzt,” Glitchy hollered, approaching the spider. “Stop! If you continue like this, you’ll kill us all! Bzzt.”

“THEN SO BE IT!” PPkmnP screamed amongst the beams, and he was getting what he wanted. Parts of the building were starting to come crashing down and crumble to dust as his assault continued. A particularly strong lightning bolt not only blasted through the basement’s ceiling, but also the mansion’s roof, emitting a lightning bolt spire. But then it arched around and descending back down to the mansion, and we were without a chance to escape.

With a loud crack!, the lightning bolt struck the mansion. Since the building was not grounded, it was instantly set afire. Smoke rapidly rushed through the building as PPkmnP’s determination overwhelmed him. As chunks of debris started raining down, LM4’s monolithic stature loomed over us, hunching down to attempt to protect us.

“What’re you doing?” Travis asked.

“Saving you!” LM4 replied.

I don’t really know how it happened, but, after blinking a single time, we were outside the mansion and on the coast of Cinnabar Island. Our Glitchmon, our Pokémon, were safe.

More and more holes were made on the mansion’s roof as Thunderbolts and Aurora Beams destroyed it, the building becoming increasingly unstable as PPkmnP let his insanity take over and he worked on destroying the walls. As the outside walls starting shaking, the beams became more hectic.

With a final roar, PPkmnP was buried alive as the battered walls and the nearly-destroyed roof gave out, collapsing inward and sending plumes of dust and smoke hurdling every which way. The walls made loud creaking sounds as they caved in, and the arched roof split in half as it added the finishing touches to PPkmnP’s tomb.
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Chapter 14: Things Go Horribly Wrong
The burned mansion was nothing but a pile of rubble and debris after PPkmnP’s breakdown. The construction workers exchanged glances with themselves, us, and the destroyed building. When they looked our way, their eyes showed more curiosity over what this blob monster was supposed to be. Poor Shorts Kid; his beloved Rattata perished in the demolition and he was quietly sobbing to himself. That’s not something anyone his age should have to go through.

“He’s gone…” Shorts Kid huffed. Amber wrapped an arm around him to comfort him.

The construction workers looks changed from confused awe to anger when they saw the Glitchmon with us. LM4 was on to them; his bizarre T-Rex head wavered side to side as if to warn them to stay back.

“What’s their deal?” I asked LM4.

“It’s MissingNo,” he replied. The backwards L was hiding at the back of the group, but he was clearly visible as none of us were close together. “He’s got a bad reputation here.”

Dicks said, “We know. But why?”

“Something happened here a long time ago that MissingNo was blamed for. It’s a case of ‘being at the wrong place at the wrong time,’ but just about everyone here will say otherwise.”

The construction workers starting moving in, picking up crowbars, hammers, planks of wood and steel rods. LM4 readied his pincers and Glitchy darted up from, holding his own iron staff in his hands. The builders were not impressed, not at all. One of them grabbed an Ultra Ball attached to their belt and released a Conkeldurr, a burly grey Pokémon that wielding two stone pillars, one in each hand. It’s light brown and has several pink varicose veins jutting out of its flesh.

Conkeldurr’s hulking figure slowly approached us, slamming the two pillars into the ground like a cane. It was the only Pokémon any of them released, so either they didn’t have any others, or they didn’t think they needed to send out another one. Conkeldurr’s expertise with the pillars probably indicated the second option.

Travis’s three Pokémon darted to the front of the line, nudging LM4 and Glitchy aside. I’m not sure if they understood their new type advantages and disadvantages or not, but we were just about to find out.

Conkeldurr swung the pillar in its right hand at Zigzagoon; normally, the raccoon would be sent violently hurdling away, but instead, Zigzagoon looked annoyed; Conkeldurr’s attack was like slap to it instead of a cannonball. There stood the psychic-type raccoon, staring up at Conkeldurr as if to say, “Try again. I dare you.”

“Um,” Conkeldurr’s trainer said, trailing off.

“We have to get off this island as quickly as possible. Do any of you have Pokémon or Glitchmon that can fly?” LM4 asked us.

Amber released Salamence. “This guy can,” she said.

“Excellent. I want you off this island. You all need to go home and rest.”

“Are you sure? We want to get to the bottom of these… incidents, or whatever’s been going on lately,” Travis said.

“LM4, over the past few weeks, we have encountered many Glitchmon and defeated them; many ?? have come after us only to be beaten down. Bzzt.”

LM4 sternly replied, “That doesn’t matter. I understand that you will likely not heed my warnings to stay out of this, but the best thing for you now is a break. What will happen should you keep going will be overwhelming. I will catch up with you within the next few days, but until then, lay low and do not get into any more scuffles with Glitchmon.”

“He’s got a point,” I conceded. “I get the feeling everything’s about to get totally fucked. Resting in my own bed would be a lot better than sleeping on the shitty ones on the S.S. Essessessess again.”

“I agree with the master. Bzzt. I am a little homesick. Bzzt,” Glitchy added. I’m getting pretty tired of this whole ‘master’ shtick.

“Fine,” Amber said. “We can crash at Bert’s place until tomorrow.”

I hastened to add, “I never agreed to th—”

“All aboard!” Amber declared. We crawled onto Salamence’s back and the dragon started flapping its red wings. We took off north, heading for Pallet Town; God, I could smell its crisp, homely air all the way from Cinnabar. I couldn’t wait to barge into my purple-blue house and hop into bed and have dreams of chasing Lugia through emerald fields.

Funny – and depressing – how that didn’t happen.

Granted, I was on too big of a high to notice that horrible thing coming right at us. The prospect of being back home, even for just a little while, got the better of me. I didn’t even hear its ear-piercing roar. Kind of odd, considering I’d heard it before. No, it wasn’t PPkmnP. I think I would’ve thrown myself off Salamence and into the damned grass patch below if that were it.

Charizard M came roaring and snarling in from the left at us, prompting Salamence to embark on a hard, descending left to try and evade it. That’s pretty much when I knew something was wrong. I looked up and saw that poor, not-quite-a-Charizard veer right back around and continued on its way towards Salamence. Although it kept its distance, the glitched dragon took a swing at us with its tail.

“Cool, a Charizard!” Shorts Kid exclaimed.

“What the hell? Why is it back?" Asked Dicks, saying what we were thinking.

“A misplaced sense of vengeance? Bzzt,” asked Glitchy. I have no idea what that was supposed to mean, but it sounded like a cool thrash metal song title.

Mismagius flew off Salamence and unleashed a Shadow Ball upon Charizard M. The black, ethereal sphere was a spot-on hit, crashing into the dragon’s chest and sending it plummeting into the expanse of water below. This led to the 9001st question on this adventure: if the pixel fire on the tip of its tail burnt out, assuming that was possible, then would it die?

Obviously not, as Charizard M emerged from the water unscathed, but wet. Salamence looked back to see what it was doing, turning its head just in time to see it shoot a fireball at us. Goodness gracious, the great ball of fire knocked Salamence out of the air and on a crash course for that aforementioned field of grass. The same one the fatass in chapter 1 died in.

Yeah. That one.

“Abandon ship!” Travis ordered; Hawlucha grabbed him with its foot when he jumped off Salamence’s back.

Charizard M wasn’t happy with that. It zoomed in and headbutted the lucha hawk, punting it and Travis back in line with the grass. Salamence still had some fight in it, but its main priority was getting everyone to safety. The dragon swerved and rescued Travis, letting him land on its back before taking off once again.

“Glitchy, let’s get it!”

“Aye-aye, captain! Bzzt.” I hopped on Glitchy and we made way for Charizard M; Glitchy handed the iron stick to me, and I raised it high above my head to attack. The glitch dragon’s priorities were skewered; the thing had a clear target with us, but it still went after Amber.

Either way, I was about to skewer Charizard M. We only had one chance to make this work and we had to make the attack count.

Glitchy blazed towards Charizard M, and I readied the rod like a spear. When we were close enough, I impaled the glitched Charizard, thrusting the weapon through its back. It wasn’t an easy shot; the thing’s hide was pretty burly. Either way, I dug the staff into its spine and practically jumped for joy when it pierced through its chest.

Charizard whimpered as if it knew something was wrong. Before it had a chance to retaliate, we took off for Salamence, who had now landed in Pallet Town. Charizard M pulled some Exorcist s**t and turned its head and neck around 180 degrees to look at the spear. I could hear its skin contorting as it did so. I heard the group heave at the sight.

Then it removed the rod. It was as ungodly and as uncomfortable as it looked. Charizard M’s hands tugged at it from the back, slowly pulling out the makeshift spear as the dragon put itself through an inhuman amount of pain. Still, the fact that it didn’t screech when I impaled it in the first place was disconcerting. Charizard M’s eyes shut abruptly as it went through a long series of anguish and agony. After taking the staff out of its spine, he threw it back at us; Glitchy caught it.

We were tired as hell from the battle with PPkmnP, and this arsehole wasn’t helping matters. However, that’s when I noticed all the houses were abandoned. I looked into the closest house, but saw nobody inside. Even the town felt a little different than normal, not counting the glitch dragon that was definitely hoping to destroy it once it dispatches us. As I walked back to the group, I felt the ground follow me. The town moved a foot to the right.

“I’m not the only one who saw and felt that, right?”

“N-nope,” Dicks mumbled.

A wicked smile crawled across Charizard M’s face.

“Nobody move. That thing is pulling off some kind of an illusion. This isn’t real,” I babbled. Glitchy tugged at my shoulder and pointed up at the sky.

It was the damndest thing. The sky, the big, blue sky looked like it had pulled itself back to unveil something underneath, like one piece of paper over another, but not completely covering the other layer. Above the blue was an off-grey color. Maybe it wasn’t; I was obviously supposed to see something, but whatever it was wasn’t there.

“Wow,” Shorts Kid said in awe.

I turned to Charizard M. “What have you done?” I asked it. Moving was a horrible idea. When I approached it, the town continued to shift. This time, however, the town moved one foot back to the left, like normal. But when I took another step, Pallet continued to shift left.

Charizard M still had that monstrous smirk. I looked back to see the group getting closer and closer to the west grass field with each step I took towards the dragon.

“Look out!” MissingNo exclaimed. When their backs touched the white barriers, the cylinders vanished. The sky kept peeling back to reveal the grayness underneath.

“MissingNo, what’s happening?” Amber asked.

“This is not Pallet Town. Not the Pallet Town we know, anyway. We are in a glitched copy of the town. It’s completely indistinguishable from the real city, and it’s a beloved trap Glitchmon use.”

“Is that why it feels so alien?” Dicks asked.

“Yes, but I fear there may be more where this one came from.”

Dicks’, Amber’s and Travis’s Pokémon started flipping every lid in sight. Something was very, very wrong here. How did we end up here? What happened to the real Pallet Town? Glitchy’s heads were manically darting around, like he was trying to find something, anything that would provide a suitable exist from this place.

Salamence, in an act of desperation, blasted Charizard M with a torrent of water using its Hydro Pump attack. Moving slightly to the right, the attack missed and Charizard M swooped in. We were effectively trapped. The cylinders blocking off the grass patch were gone and going in there would mean certain death. Charizard M was in front of us and blocking the path. The Pokémon had been frightened into submission, our Glitchmon incapable of even moving a muscle.

“Is this the end? Bzzt.”

“It looks like it, Glitchy. It looks like it.”

Charizard M flapped its wings and blew us into the grass field.
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Great Story  ;)
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Thanks for the comment, Spoink!

Chapter 15: Glitch City

(Music: Glitch City (

For those of you who regularly do drugs like acid and LSD to experience the trippiest s**t imaginable, I envy you. No matter how horrible your hallucinations may be, you will never, ever have to live through the grand clusterfuck we had to. To start, I woke up on a green building roof jutting out of the ground. My legs were hanging over the tented middle and my head was just inches above the floor, which was the only remotely normal thing that happened here.

Did you ever wake up one morning and say to yourself, “The real world sucks, so instead I wanna venture through a terrible abomination of a city that’s more annoying to get around than those blasted insurmountable ledges?” Of course not, because that’s stupid. Be thankful you will never have to go through such a place, because I did.

I pulled my legs off the arch and rolled down the roof, rolling on top of a higher level somehow. When I was off the roof I was right back on something that simply should not be higher than it: a large stack of numbers and trees. No interference, no blockade, nothing; I was just suddenly on top of this weird tower. I peered over the edge of this spire of trees and numbers.

“What in the name of Tarnation is this place?”
All I saw was a large, seemingly never-ending place. There’s no other real way to describe it other than as a location. Despite the overwhelming sense of size of the place, there was also a tingling of constriction. Nothing cozy here, folks. It was just a kind of off-white void filled with objects and things that were acting like buildings. Hell, I don’t even think there was air; the environment just felt so stiff and lifeless.

Looking left, I saw what looked like a clearing; a regular field with picket fencing on either side. I dared to approach it, to find that it operated like a regular pathway. Walking across it to the end, the way was probably no more than ten feet long and I bumped into an invisible wall when I reached the edge of it. Bonk!

That’s when I noticed Glitchy wasn’t with me. Oh, balls. Where could he be? Where would he be? I have no idea what the place is, where it is, what it is, how or why it is. Mind you, Glitchy beat the tar out of just about everything that got in his way, so he would probably – no, he could definitely fend for himself here. Jeez, remembering what he did to Charizard M gave me shivers. I’ve never seen necks twist like that before.

“Hello?” I shouted. There wasn’t even an echo. My voice travelled, but only for about two and a half centimeters or so. “Is anybody there?”

“Master! Bzzt.”

I have never been happier to hear that. Granted, I was only out for a couple hours or so, but still. Turning around, I saw Glitchy zooming towards me, carrying the iron rod and his cape was open like wings. Man, I never noticed how graceful and streamlined his flying was before now.

“GLITCHY!” I belted, running for him. Oh, never in my life have I regretted something so quickly. After taking a single step, I hit my head against another invisible wall. “Hurf.” Well, okay then, I’ll just return to the grass field and go south or whatever begotten direction I came from. So, I turned left and saw that same grass patch from thirty seconds ago, but when I approached it, my head hit yet another invisible wall.

No. No, no, no. NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! Damn it! My fears were real: I had been trapped in an invisible box. Well, okay, that didn’t even break my top ten fears… or my top fifty fears… or my top trillion fears lists, but, admit it, if you suddenly wound up trapped in a box, you’d be terrified too. Glitchy reached the absurd container quickly, giving me a stare as if to imply I had gone mad. And it’s entirely possibly have; if anything, I lost it when I landed on that tower of numbers and trees.

I threw my right foot out at the invisible wall, hoping it would puncture the blockade and I could just force my way through it. A clack sound rang out through the cube when my foot made contact, but there was no such luck otherwise.

“Hey, Glitchy. Can you get me outta here?”

Glitchy replied, “I shall try, master. Bzzt. Stand back. Bzzt.”

I did what I was told and took two steps behind, hitting the wall behind me. What the… had the box gotten smaller? Sure, I hadn’t checked the perimeters of it when I first, um, wound up inside, and, again, I’m pretty sure I’ve gone mad. Good grief, what the f**k kind of horrible place is this? No, no, I will not stop asking that! Not even when we eventually get out of here will I stop asking what this place is. With Arceus as my witness, I will not, regardless of the circumstances, ever understand what this landscape is. Like I mentioned earlier, the closest I can get to accurately describing it is ‘clusterfuck.’

Glitchy clutched the base of the iron stick like a katana, and pulled it back. Something flashed in his nonexistent eyes. Yeah, I know how ridiculous that sounds, but there was definitely a spark there. When you’ve got that strong of a bond with your Pokémon… well, Glitchmon, I s’pose, little things like that mean a lot. Sure, Glitchy’s voice was as mechanical as ever, but, possibly because of how far we’ve come and all we’ve done, there’s emotion in there that wasn’t present when we first met.

Anyway, Glitchy abruptly thrust the pole into the invisible wall, audibly puncturing it with a loud, obnoxious ‘Fop!’ Just to make this stranger, a few pixels were loosened from the wall, where Glitchy impaled it, and collapsed onto the ground. Like usual, it sounded like beads hitting a hardwood floor. They were different colors, some reds, some greens, and even some browns were apparent.

“Master, I am going to pull you through the wall. Bzzt. Grab the rod and do not, under any circumstances, let go. Bzzt.”

So, I clutched the cold iron tightly with both hands, nodding to Glitchy when I was good to go. His two heads nodded back. His three fingered hands tightened their grip. Hell, how would this even work? Brute force? Don’t get me wrong, Glitchy could probably beat up Lt. Surge while listening to DragoniteForce on a train going 9001 miles per hour on a crash course for Hell, but this certainly isn’t that.

“Here we go! Bzzt.”

And away we went! Glitchy pulled the metal pole out of the barrier with such force, I crashed through the wall like it was nothing, taking dozens upon dozens of pixels with me. Damn it, the impact sure hurt. It wasn’t quite like being thrown through a brick wall, but it was pretty close. Maybe a wall of bees would be a better comparison. Not wasps, not yellow jackets, just regular bees with their stingers aimed at you. The sensation hung around for a while, much like getting stung by a bee.

A few pixels were stuck in my hair from the impact with the wall; they felt very strange. It was sorta like when your hair gets wet from the rain, and you’ve got those little droplets of water on your head, but these felt more like bread crumbs than water. Glitchy departed from the scene and descended to the ground while pixels loosened from the box rained down, though there weren’t that many. My God, there was no actual ground to speak of; just this bizarre off-white surrounding that was as large and expansive as oblivion itself. Maybe even bigger. That’s not even taking into account the outrageously maddening environment of the void, with fractions of buildings sticking out of the ground, mountain ridges protruding from walls, and large fields of random stuff, like lakes that were only the size of an average table neighboring patches of grass, surrounded by spinning warp tiles. Hell, that’s not even the weirdest thing here. No matter what I saw, no matter how bizarre this world looked, nothing was as insane as the thing I saw before it.

Taking a chance, I looked up to the sky. There was no sky. There was no blue, no grey, no black, no red, nothing you could even call a color. All I saw was nothing. Pure, absolute, unrelentingly aggressive, terrifying nothing.

“I’m sure I’ll regret the answer, but where are we?”

Glitchy replied, “This is Glitch City. Bzzt. It is a place – the natural home – of Glitchmon, such as MissingNo, LM4, and I. Bzzt. All Glitchmon are born in Glitch City and are subject to the reign of its King, who is, according to PPkmnP, 3TrainerPoké. Bzzt. However, there is also a supposed God of Glitch City, but their presence is only called upon when in dire need. Bzzt.”

I asked, “So, would the God, or the King, be the reason so many Glitchmon have appeared in Kanto?”

“That is quite likely. Bzzt. However, PPkmnP gave me the impression that it was 3TrainerPoké who is making that happen, and, as such, is the reason that Glitchmon have appeared outside of Glitch City. Bzzt.”

“And, let me guess, 3TrainerPoké is eeeeviiiiiilllll, right?”

Glitchy shrugged. “Well… I suppose it is possible that he is. Bzzt. That would explain why he wants MissingNo, and sent out PPkmnP out to try and find him. Bzzt. I imagine that 3TrainerPoké would stay behind the scenes and give orders from the shadows, to keep up the mysteriousness of his being. Bzzt. Unfortunately, master, that is all I know and can predict. Bzzt.”

“But, why wouldn’t the God of this place intervene?”

“I can not be sure that there even is a God here. Bzzt.”

Ah, well, that explains a lot. In this case, I suppose we should try and find 3TrainerPoké and try to get some answers as to what’s been going on. Who knows? 3TrainerPoké might actually be a pretty cool guy who just flubbed up something, and needs MissingNo to fix it. I’d come to the conclusion that PPkmnP was just totally insane, even before his breakdown. Although, LM4 said that he freed MissingNo from the King’s grip, but that’s an enigmatic phrase in this instance.

Sweet Gyarados, what if Glitchy was behind this madness? Could it be that this two-headed, cape wearing, rod-toting pixilated dragon was actually the King here? Was Glitchy a madman bent on taking over the world through any means necessary, even if it meant he had to befriend – or, pretend to be friends with a human?

“No. Bzzt,” Glitchy snapped. Damn it, now I felt like an arsehole. I think this place was starting to get to me. It was absurd to think that Glitchy was so malevolent.

Despite how alien this place was, I really, really wanted to see what else was around. It was prodding my interest with its horrid little fingers, nudging me and saying, “Get going! You may never see anything like this again!”

Wait. Where’re the others? Dicks, Amber, MissingNo and Travis were nowhere in sight. And I mean absolutely nowhere in sight. I could see for miles, and there was a lot to see, but there were no other humans visible at the moment. Oh, no. What if something happened to them? I would hate to think that my idiocy would have put them in grave danger.

Well, it doesn’t look like I have the option of not exploring this place now.
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I guess I better comment now rather than later:

I've been reading this fic for a couple of months now. And I'm hooked. Keep it up, can't wait for the next chapter :)
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Chapter 16: Sightseeing Has Never Been So Wrong
I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that I don’t enjoy a lot of things. Cruises, to an overabundance of battles, and being thrown into a new dimension where nothing even remotely resembles the world you’re used to are not my ideas of having a good time. Hell, I can barely tolerate being in a car for an extended period of time.

Well, now we can add sightseeing to my list of “things I never want to do again.” What an unimaginable bore. Walking around, taking photos of meaningless things. Okay, that’s not fair. If I were to go sightseeing, I’d likely take pictures of landmarks and other neat s**t instead of friends, both bringing them along and taking photographs of them. In my large collection of random garbage that clutters 75% of by bedroom, my most prized possession is a picture of me and Entei beating the s**t out of a hippie in Lilycove City when I was 14. The photo depicts a hippie on the ground, screaming in fear and begging for help, while I smack him in the face with a golf club and Entei using Fire Blast on his hair. It is framed and sits comfortably on my nightstand beside my bed. Whenever I’m feeling down, I just look at that photo and I feel much better. Remind me to show it to Glitchy when we return home.

To be fair, this little adventure has had a lot of ups. Travelling the region with Glitchy has really made me appreciate the world more and I feel a little healthier and livelier from all the walking, the experience of having a Glitchmon and building an impenetrable friendship with it, making new friends and, in a twisted way, being in Glitch City. And, since it’s very likely that the others are in completely random parts of this place, I had pretty much no choice but to sightsee. Joy.

“Glitchy, do you know anything about this place?”

“Very little. Bzzt. All I know of Glitch City is that it is the birth place of all Glitchmon, and is ruled by a King. Bzzt.”

“Well, do you have any idea, even an inkling, as to where the rest of the group could be?”

The 4. .’s heads started looking every which way, giving me an idea that he knew where they were, or maybe even where just one of them was. Either way, one was better than none.

Both heads craned up to his right. “There. Bzzt. MissingNo is up there. Bzzt.” He was looking at one of the large cliffs hanging from the air. “I can sense Amber’s Double Question Marks, but it is very distant and even further away. Bzzt.”

Hoo fucking ray.

“All right, we may as well get a move on.”

Glitchy lowered himself, allowing me to hop on his back, like back on the S.S. Essessessess. His cape spread into its winged form, the tips becoming more pointed. I’m not sure why; maybe it was for aerodynamic purposes or something. That’s what I say whenever I do something, whether the context makes sense or not. Context is for losers anyway.

“Off we go! Bzzt.”

Glitchy took to the air, and right away I realized this flight was going to be unpleasant. I could feel things that I couldn’t feel before. The restrictive sense that plagued this world was even more apparent now. Flying made it even worse. For some reason, I just knew I was going to get smacked in the face by an invisible, hanging obstacle, fall off Glitchy, and get impaled on a pile of ones and A’s. Such is life, I guess.

While flying, Glitchy held is fist out in front of him, like Superman. Now, that’s awesome. He clutched the iron rod in his other hand, making sure that he would clothesline anyone stupid enough to come charging at us just slightly to his left. Or maybe Glitchy would stab them. Either way, we were probably in the clear as far as combat is concerned.

Even in flight, there was no air. There was no wind blowing through my hair, no air blowing my blue cape behind me, nothing. I want out. I want to get out of here as fast as possible. I know that we’ll be here for a long while, but, really, the sooner we can defeat the villain (who we have yet to see, seriously, this is actually the sixteenth chapter), the better. At least, I’m hoping that defeating the villain will get us out of here. I’ve seen enough B-movies to be sure that would happen, and I’m pretty sure those terrible movies wouldn’t lie to me.

“Duck! Bzzt.”

I managed to get, “Wha” out of my mouth before I was hit by an invisible wall that smacked me on the head. Oh, so that’s was Glitchy meant. Glitchy dove a little ways to avoid the wall, but I had no idea what he meant and suffered for it. After hitting my head, I fell off Glitchy’s back and plummeted towards ground that may or may not exist. Of all the times I predicted how I’d die, this one, the stupidest one, was the right one.

Looking down, I saw nothing. Much like the sky, there was no ground. Hell, I couldn’t even be sure if I was looking at the ground at all. However, since my cape and my hair were up from the fall, I’m pretty sure I was. 80% sure.

Right before I hit the ground and died a splattery death, Glitchy’s three-fingered hands snatched me from my fall, cradling me.

“Whew. Thanks, Glitchy! It almost seemed like there was going to be some tension there.”

“No problem, master. Bzzt.”

Glitchy landed on the ground and I hopped onto his back again, and, again, he flew with his fist out in front of him. Awesome, again. No, really. It was amazing to see that he’d grown a personality of his own, kinda like a fearless leader type.

Next time Glitchy told me to duck, I listened. I have no idea what I was avoiding, but there was a definite “whoosh” as we flew under it. The obstacle sounded thick, bigger than your average wall. When I turned around, there was nothing there. Invisible barriers are just as bad as those damned 3ft tall ledges that nobody can overcome. When I eventually get some kind of authority, I’m gonna have those damn things removed.

“What’d we just avoid?”

“I’m not sure. Bzzt. I can sense the obstacles, but not see them. Bzzt. Just heed my warnings and you should be fine. Bzzt.”

A large brownish grey cliff assaulted my vision. Wow, that was quick. Suddenly, Glitchy slammed on the brakes and came to a harsh stop.

“Yikes. Bzzt.”

There’s no way we could’ve arrived at the cliff that fast. It was miles away, and then it was in front of us. No, I didn’t faze out on the way there. Sure, I blinked, but that doesn’t even take a second to do. In that half a second, Glitchy had arrived at the cliff. I know I’m repeating myself, but Glitch City is a fucking bizarre place. An eldritch, horrible place that was not meant to be seen by any mortal, or any immortal.

Glitchy looked up. The cliff sloped upwards, was at least 100ft high, and about the width of a city. It looked so much smaller in the distance, but we all know how that turned out. Glitchy ascended, scaling the land formation that was certainly not a mere 100ft in height, no, it was at least thrice as high. That’s right, I said thrice.

Just as quickly as the walls changed height, they shrunk back to the supposed height I assumed initially. We were at the top, and saw MissingNo floating there, looking around. I hopped off Glitchy and realized that the cliff was actual ground. The only thing stopping me from throwing myself down and kissing it was the fact that, y’know, Glitch City is a weird place. A hand could erupt from the floor and punch me if I tried that.

“MissingNo!” I hollered.

“Bert! Glitchy!” the backwards L replied. “Have you fared well here, so far?”

I replied, “Well, I got hit in the face by an invisible wall and was trapped in an invisible box, but otherwise I can’t complain.”

“Charizard M must be here somewhere. Bzzt. He wouldn’t dare leave us alone here after the struggle in Pallet Town. Bzzt.”

MissingNo nodded. “Yes, you are correct. Charizard M is here, but is nowhere near us. However, I would not worry about the dragon too much, because 3TrainerPoké is here.”

A chill went down my spine when I heard the name. The moniker felt so different here, but when Glitchy told me about Glitch City in chapter 15, I felt nothing other than a little discomfort. Was he near us? Was this like any given episode of Ghost Pokémon Adventures, where, when a spirit is close to someone, they feel cold?

“He’s here, is he? Where?” I asked.

“Somewhere. If anything, the King is likely in his tower.”

“And this tower is where?”

MissingNo replied, “At the very end of Glitch City. Despite being a universe of its own, Glitch City does have boundaries that act like invisible walls.”

There was so much I wanted to know! Despite the begotten horror that leaks from every conceivable angle in this place, the lore behind it was damn fascinating.

Glitchy’s head looked up and to the left. The flapping of wings could be heard.

Oh, no. No, no, no, no. Please, no. Don’t let it be—

“MissingNo!” Phew, it was just Amber. I looked and saw Salamence approaching with all the cautiousness of a train conductor desperately trying to get a derailed train back on the tracks. The dragon was not happy being here. So that makes two of us. There was someone behind her, though. It was Shorts Kid. The poor kid was scared out of his wits, and he was still upset over his Ratatta’s unpleasant demise.

Salamence landed on the terrain. “Am I ever happy to see your cape,” Amber said to me. I gave a slight nod back.

“I hate this place! It’s uncomfortable and I feel weird!” Shorts Kid complained.

“You and I both, dude. You and I both,” I replied.

“It looks like most of the gang is here. Anyone seen Dicks, Travis, or Tyrannosaurus Crab?”

Tyrannosaurus Crab? What the Hell was that? Oh, LM4. It’s got a T-Rex head and big crab claws for hands.

Salamence was fidgeting constantly, like he was fighting the urge to break everything here. Amber brought out Aurorus, who seemed indifferent to Glitch City, and her ??, was… being ??.

“No, we haven’t seen the others. Bzzt. I cannot even sense Travis’s Hybridmon. Bzzt.”

While the others made chitchat, I returned to the edge of the cliff and peered down; making sure that nothing had changed. What I was hoping to see was the same, off-white glitched floor. What I saw instead was an army of Nidorino standing below, but they were no ordinary Nidorino, of course. Damn it, I would just love for something to be ordinary again.

The Nidorino’s horns, ears, claws and spots were all pixilated, violet. There must’ve been a hundred of them. They weren’t doing anything other than sniffing around, but we all know that’s gonna change in a few seconds.

“Um, you guys might wanna come check this out.”

Glitchy and the others approached the cliff side and looked at the group of Nidorino.

“Cool, Nidorino!” Shorts Kid said, obviously not seeing what I was seeing.

“We need to go. Bzzt.”

Right when Glitchy said his catchphrase, the Nidorino’s heads all looked up. And then they started climbing up the invisible wall in front of them. Glitchy lightly tapped an end of the iron rod in his other hand, anticipating the challenge. Salamence and Aurorus grunted and snarled in agreement with my Four Dot-Dot.

Just once, I’d like to go more than two chapters without a fight scene.
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Chapter 17: Random Acts of Sensible Violence
I don’t care anymore.

We’ve been here for… I have no idea. Frankly, I don’t even think time exists here. Everything’s so still, so lifeless, so horribly numbing, like everything is frozen in time. Air doesn’t exist here, that’s for sure. How could anything, regardless if it’s a Glitchmon or not, survive here for an extended period of time? Why? What could be gained by staying here?

On the topic of time, I’m pretty sure that we’ve been here for maybe two days. Just a wild guess, that. My only hope was to see if the PokéDex was keeping time. I grabbed it from my pocket and flipped it open, looking at the top of the screen.

Oh, it was keeping time, all right. But if I had to describe it, time was moving sideways, not backwards or forwards. That’s as close as I can get.

The Glitcherino were muttering and growling to themselves as they climbed up a wall that doesn’t exist. Oh, sanity, I feel your pain. Amber and Shorts Kid looked equally as flabbergasted at the sight, while Glitchy and MissingNo looked mildly irritated. Soon the horde had reached the summit and stared at us, a few of them dragging their foot across the stony floor, ready to charge. Their pixilated horns were aimed forward, ready to impale us. Glitchy aimed the pointed end of the iron rod at them, ready to return the favor.

And then the Glitcherino stopped. They looked up, noticing the large shadow figure above. It landed on the ground with a loud, quaking thud! But I recognized its bizarre form.


[Music: Enemy: Chaos (]

The many-tentacled one made quite an entrance. The force of the impact overwhelmed dozens of the Glitcherino, toppling them onto their sides, often violently. However, many stood their ground, eyeing the sort-of-blob monster. The pseudo-Shoggoth wasted no time putting his appendages to good use, grabbing, smacking, and strangling any Glitcherino that dared to attack.

One of the purple rhinos thought it was smart and leapt through the air, but, luckily for it, LM4 was caught up in dealing with its brethren. Glitchy zoomed up and swung the iron rod like a baseball bat, sending the Glitcherino flying away. THWACK!

“Fore! Bzzt.”

The Glitcherino hit the ground hard and rolled along, tumbling over the cliff’s edge and falling to grounds unknown. A small hole was made from its impact.

“Noice,” I commented.

A particularly dense Glitcherino tried running around LM4 to get at us. So the Shoggoth ate it. LM4’s T-Rex head turned and snatched the Glitchmon, sunk his glitch teeth into it, and tore the Nidorino apart. Then, he swallowed what he had in his mouth in one gulp.

“Shiiiiit,” Amber sighed.

The remains of the Glitcherino dropped to the ground. By now, LM4 was overwhelmed by them, and they started homing in on us. Amber, MissingNo, Shorts Kid, Glitchy and I stood in a tight circle, our Pokémon and Glitchmon eager to fight.

I swear, Glitchy and ?? were talking. They were making little noises to each other that sounded like a conversation, but I had no idea what either of them was saying. Not even Glitchy, whose only responses and comments were, of course, “Bzzt.” It sounded almost like a language of some sort, which doesn’t really surprise me.

“Captain, take this. Bzzt,” Glitchy said, handing me the iron rod.

“Err, all right. Why?”

Glitchy flashed me a coy smile, despite lacking a mouth. “This is why. Bzzt.”

He picked up ?? by the bottom, holding the question mark’s dots. Three Glitcherino were closing in, and that’s when Glitchy struck. Swiftly, Glitchy swung the ?? like two swords to his left, slicing the Glitcherino in halves, splattering their glitch blood on the green punctuation. Even after slaying the Glitchmon, Glitchy was still holding onto the ??. You’d think that after seeing this random act of sensible violence, the Glitcherino would f**k off. But that would be logical. And this is Glitch City, a place that makes logic its b***h.

Amber was, for a lack of a better word, horrified. For some reason, I didn’t even flinch. Well, I winced when a drop of the severed Glitchmon’s blood landed on my cheek, but that was it. I think the battle with PPkmnP had something to do with it. These are just some corrupted Nidorino. PPkmnP was a psychotic, eight headed spider with a temper comparable to Visser 3, who not only chased us for miles, but actually attempted to bury us alive.

“We are getting nowhere!” MissingNo cried. “We have to find a way to flee!”

Yet another Glitcherino tried to attack from the sky, and Glitchy swung Amber’s ??, but instead of slicing it in half, decapitated it. Lovely.

Aurorus’ collar was glowing brightly and flashing wildly with electricity. Usually it changes colors, but it was purely yellow now. It launched a series of Thunderbolt attacks into the sky, spreading blasts of lightning everywhere. Then, the lightning rained down around us, striking many Glitcherino and exploding them.

I vomited then.

The battle, although going in our favor all the way, showed no end in sight. Glitcherino after Glitcherino kept coming, apparently unaware of the fates of the others.

But then came the variety.

Many more, regular, glitched Pokémon appeared. The army was rushing down an invisible sloped hill behind us, but there were no Glitcherino. There were others. Many, discolored Hybridmon were rampaging into the fray. I saw a Raichu with a black body instead of its usual orange. There was a Girafarig with grey hindquarters instead of brown. A Bisharp with green armor instead of red was scraping its bladed arms together. A purple Meganium was preparing to unleash a barrage of Razor Leafs at us.

The first thing that came to my head was, “…but I like Meganium.”

And I had no Poké Balls.

“Hey, Amber. Y’got any Poké Balls to spare?”

She replied, “One or two. Why?”

“’Cause I’mma try and catch that there Meganium.”

Amber reached into her backpack and handed me a Poké Ball. “Go nuts.”

Was I really going to do this? I thought, as I held the container. Yes. Yes I was.

MissingNo unleashed two separate barrages of Water Gun at the exact same time, pelting a section of the horde of Hybridmon that were coming. He missed Meganium, thankfully. I saw a pink Charizard go down! My God, a pink Charizard. If the army had a leader, I’d guess it was the Hydreigon at the front of the line; its black fur was a dazzling red.

When Meganium was in range, I threw the Poké Ball at it. But it just batted it back to me with a Vine Whip.

“Good job,” Amber ribbed.

The Glitcherino hightailed it out of the fray after seeing the Hydreigon, fearing the dragon’s never ending hunger. Good call, too. All of those Hybridmon were fully evolved, or, in cases like Girafarig, single stage Hybridmon that can pack a punch. Not that it really mattered, since Hydreigon would likely slaughter us in the blink of an eye if it gets the chance.

With a bountiful leap, Girafarig was the first to actually reach and join the battle, landing in front of Shorts Kid, who was basically crying in fear by now. When he saw the angry giraffe, he crawled back, begging for his life.

…And Salamence comes to the rescue! The dragon swung its tail, clothes lining Girafarig and swatting it aside.

“T-thank you, Salamence!” Shorts Kid stammered. The dragon warmly smiled.

We were surrounded now. The number of Hybridmon that had entered the clash was mindblowing, and there was no way, not even with Salamence and Aurorus, we could get out of here quickly. We needed a plan, preferably a good one.

“MissingNo, what’s the best way to get out of here?” Amber asked.

The backwards L replied, “Likely by flight. However, there is a large amount of flying Hybridmon among them. New type advantages are necessary to defeat Hydreigon.”

“Great, so use Water Gun,” I said.

MissingNo did exactly that and shot to, intertwining blasts of water at the flying, three-headed dragon. And he almost hit it, too. Right before Hydreigon was reduced to a soaking, snarling mess, it swooped aside and avoided the beams. It did very little other than flying around and watching the battle, which is strange, considering the species’ nasty and violent reputation.

Something grabbed my left arm and pulled me to the floor. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it was a Vine Whip. I rolled onto my stomach and looked up, and while there was indeed a Vine Whip, it was not from Meganium. No, it came from a Victreebel, a Venus flytrap. It was basically a flower bulb with a mouth around its top brim, a large green leaf covering the hole, and a brown vine with a yellow tip at the end. And, wouldn’t ya know it, I was staring right into its mouth. I almost cut myself on those two, sharp teeth around the bottom.

“Jeez!” I shouted, backing away. Victreebel wasn’t yellow, no, it was an icy blue. An ice type Victreebel. Fun.

The vine raised high above its head and, in a flash, snagged my left leg.


My foot was in its mouth quickly. But right before the flytrap could sink its little fangs into my skin, Glitchy arrived at my side and impaled the flower with ??, like before. He hooked the question marks into Victreebel’s back, lifted it up, and chucked it aside.

“Are you all right, master? Bzzt.”

“Yeah!” I replied.

Never in my life have I seen a Pokémon battle on this large of a scale. There had to be at least 200 different Hybridmon here, all of them blindly attacking us for some reason. Was it by orders of 3TrainerPoké? Were they just pissed that complete strangers had intruded upon their territory, and were just fighting for their homeland? You’d think they’d have warned us before picking a fight.

While Aurorus was handling itself quite well, Salamence was one more Hybridmon away from going, “Rocks fall, and everyone dies” on us. Hell, he could probably force the roof of this cliff to collapse and bury everything here.

Salamence didn’t go that far, but it wasted no time attacking the purple Meganium with its Flamethrower attack. The poison type sauropod was wandering around the fray, looking for an entrance, but picked the wrong Pokémon to walk by. Something wasn’t right, though. The fire was hitting a wall where Meganium was. Salamence kept up the bombardment for a while, and only let up because he needed to catch a breather. Meganium was standing behind a glass barrier it had set up right before Salamence lashed out at it, blocking the inferno.

“Bert, if you still wish to catch Meganium, now is your chance,” LM4 warned me, who was dealing with a rather pesky white Tyrantrum. He swung at the dinosaur with the pincer on its left and smacked it on the side of its head, toppling it over onto its side.

Dilemmas, dilemmas. Although I wanted that Meganium, I wasn’t going to focus entirely on it when Glitchy would be needed. Salamence prepared to attack again, but I swung the iron rod in front of it, saying, “It’s mine.”

Aurorus pulled out several chunks of the cliff via psychic powers and hurled them at Hydreigon, succeeding in pelting the dragon with the rocks and grounding it. Hydreigon yelped as the Aurorus’ Ancient Power attack buried it under a small pile of debris, which would, hopefully, be enough to keep it at bay for now. I told MissingNo, “Keep an eye on him. If it gets up, y’know what to do, right?”

MissingNo replied, “I do.”

Right away, Meganium attacked with a flurry of Razor Leafs, which, considering Glitchy’s water typing, would spell doom if the attack landed.

It did.

The attack was so sudden; Glitchy was caught off guard and was stricken with every single leaf Meganium had launched. There were at least two dozen of them.

“Hyurk! Bzzt,” Glitchy heaved, hitting the floor. He collapsed on his side, lying perfectly still. Breathing, but knocked out.

“Four Dot-Dot has been defeated,” cooed the PokéDex. Thanks, you worthless device.

Just like that, Glitchy was defeated. As I pondered what to do, Meganium shot a large, purple blob of sludge at me from its mouth. Out of instinct, I hit the ground and rolled out of the way. Sploop! The sludge bomb splashed astray like water.

I picked myself up and clutched the iron rod, beckoning Meganium to attack me again. The sauropod lowered its head and charged forward. I had no time to look behind and see how far the headbutt would throw me, but I was sure I was close to the edge of the cliff. Rolling across the rocky terrain hurt like Hell, and I had no intention of doing it again, if I had a choice. When Meganium was about to tackle me, I swung the rod in a low sweep, tripping it. Meganium stumbled a little ways before crashing onto the ground.

“Amber, d’you have any Max Revives or regular Revives?” I shouted.

She hollered back, “No, why?”

It hit her quickly that there’s only one reason I’d ask for a Max Revive. Glitchy was close, but LM4 had situated itself beside the Four Dot-Dot to protect it.

With Meganium down and fire rampaging through my veins, I grabbed the Poké Ball and threw it. The capsule opened, engulfing the sauropod and pulling it inside through a red beam. When the ball landed on the ground, it wobbled. Bwup. Again, it wobbled. Bwup. Third time’s the charm. Bwup. Click.

“Meganium has been caught!” said Captain Obvious – err, I mean, the PokéDex. I grabbed the Poké Ball, not realizing what I had just done, despite it happening right in front of me. Looking at the red top, I discovered that this was the first Pokémon that I had actually caught.

That’s probably why I didn’t notice whatever it was behind me approaching.

Just before I turned around, something violently shoved me over the cliff’s edge, and, as I fell towards the invisible floor to certain death, I heard the familiar, eldritch roar of Charizard M.
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Chapter 18: The Chapter After the Seventeenth Chapter
I’m not quite sure if I hit the ground or not. Sure, I fell, and hitting the ground would sound logical. But, like I’ve said eight trillion times, this is Glitch City. Logic was basically thrown out the universe when it was created.

Frankly, I could see the meeting now:

Glitchmon: So, apparently, the human world has this thing called ‘Logic.' What’s that?

Another Glitchmon: Logic is basically what makes things make sense.

Glitchmon: Oh. Well, there certainly won’t be any of that here.

Another Glitchmon: Agreed.

All I know is that I woke up in a Pokémon Center. An actual, full-blown Pokémon Center. I woke up on a green sofa with my cape draped over me like a blanket, and my head on the armrest, much like at the one in Mt. Moon.

Wait a minute. That’s it! All of that bullshit was just a crazy dream! There were no floating question marks, nor was there an eight headed spider bent on killing us, and Smitty certainly hadn’t died. There was no battle in Vermillion City where we had to evacuate everybody, there was no such thing as Hybridmon, and something called LM4 never existed. Hoorah!

I sat up on the sofa, feeling plenty relaxed and rejuvenated. Pokémon Centers do that to ya. Amber wasn’t around and neither was Smitty and Dicks, so I figured they were out training and left me here to sleep. And, really, sleeping is great. There was a Poké Ball on the coffee table in front of me, which contained Glitchy. So, I grabbed the sphere and headed outside to venture through Mt. Moon.

Reality is a harsh mistress.

Once I was outside, the hominess was instantly eliminated and the horrendous stiffness of Glitch City took over. As I stared into that mind-shattering dimension, I felt, for the first time in my life, true, real, actual despair. I wasn’t looking at anything in particular; just a mountain of green building rooftops that ascended to Satan knows where.

They say, if you gaze into the abyss long enough, it gazes into you. And boy, does it stare. Something was watching me. Something horrid, much worse than the unholy b*****d child between Charizard M and PPkmnP, was looking right into my soul. I couldn’t see it, but I could sense it. When I collapsed onto my knees from the realization that everything I ‘dreamt’ was real, the feeling of calmness arrived just in time to make me totally panic. Fear and calmness don’t really get along.

Then came the mocking. Whatever was watching me took great delight in my misery. I felt so alone here, so lost, and felt like there was no reason to keep going. Rapidly, everything came crashing down as the first thought to enter my mind was that Glitchy could be dead.

I bolted into the Pokémon Center and slammed the door. The Poké Ball was still in my hand. I pushed the button.

Out popped the purple Meganium. The red beam that placed it onto the ground retreated into the ball. Meganium looked around the building, wondering where he was. The sauropod looked at me, and cocked his head sideways a little, like he recognized and didn’t recognize me. When I held out my hand, he looked at it curiously, then gave it a small lick and smiled.

But there was no sign of Glitchy. He wasn’t inside the building, so, if he was outside, then he was quite far away. I didn’t wanna go back out into the void, but I had no choice.

Amber, LM4, MissingNo, and Shorts Kid were also nowhere in sight. Yay, more sightseeing. First things first: rescue Glitchy. f**k priorities. I abandoned him when he likely needed me most, and, goddamn it, I am never going to forgive myself for that. And I don’t expect Glitchy to, either. He better not.

“So, you up for an adventure?” I asked Purpganium.

“Ganium,” it replied, nodding. We approached and began scaling Rooftop Mountain, a task that was by no means easy. You’d think walking up a bunch of roofs would be simple, but it was an arduous climb.

Once I stepped on the fourth rooftop, my foot slipped and I fell, hitting my head on the green surface. Before I picked myself up, I tasted blood in my mouth. Not a whole lot of it, but I wasn’t going to be kissing anything for a while. Hell, that’s the closest thing to food I’ve had lately. The weird thing is that I haven’t felt hungry for quite a while; I was still full from my lunch on the S.S. Essessessess. Blood was a big step down from food.

Purpganium wrapped a vine around my chest and pulled me up. “Thanks,” I said.

We scaled the mountain for what I’m guessing was ten minutes, but there was no end in sight. Unlike most mountains, where you can see it closing into a peak, Rooftop Mountain showed no such thing. I turned around just to make sure I wasn’t taking super slow strides, but nope, Purpganium and I were definitely ascending. But to what and where? I’m running out of brain space for these damn questions, and I’d rather put it to good use like Meat Loaf lyrics or something.

I finally reached the peak of Rooftop Mountain and I had no intentions of going back down it unless something chased me. Charizard M and PPkmnP’s ghost would do the trick. At the top of the mountain was a massive forest. Those little bushes that require a special Pokémon move to cut down were the only trees that comprised this forest. Remember those cursed 3ft tall ledges I b***h about at least once every other chapter or so? These little trees are basically those, but in tree form. Horrible little trees.

When I encountered one of them before, Glitchy just grabbed and uprooted it. Even though I’m sure Purpganium could do the same thing, it was far from practical.

“How strong are your Razor Leafs?”

Purpganium stood in front of me and battered a tree with a blizzard of leafs, cutting it up so bad, it wished it didn’t get cut up so bad. His assault didn’t stop there. The Razor Leafs continued on through the spliced tree and kept going, slashing the many others behind it and creating a path. The dinosaur looked at me as if to say, “that strong.”

To say we dreaded entering the forest was an injustice to understatements. We entered the clearing, making tracks for who knows what. There was nothing in the distance aside from the not-quite-white ‘sky,’ but I felt compelled to keep going. As we trudged on, my feet were suddenly wet and splashing noises were made as we walked through the forest.

Why can’t this place pick and environment and stick with it? I looked back and saw that water had suddenly rushed in from fucking nowhere. Normally you hear something like that, but I guess Glitch City is too good for warning signs. The water had stopped at my feet, like my feet was a shoreline. Purpganium and I kept going, but the water kept following us. It rose, for good measure. My ankles were submerged now.

“Time to book it!”

Running through water feels weird. The water’s like a weight and your steps are more arced. There was still nothing ahead, and the trees were not tall enough or strong enough to climb. We kept going, but our run was cut short when we arrived at a cliff. The water gushed down the edge like a waterfall, and the water mercifully did not rise any higher. We still had no clue where to turn, until Purpganium looked to his left and spotted a building: a Pokémon Gym. Part of one, anyway. The Gym building was three storeys high and had multiple roofs lined up, but thankfully, there would be no more climbing. Hopefully. To accommodate the roofs, the building was twice as wide as a regular Gym.

The two of us approached the building and headed inside. Sure enough, there was the group. Still no sign of Travis or Dicks, but the others were there. Glitchy included. Shorts Kid was sleeping on the sofa across from the one Amber was sitting on. The building was as wide as a Gym, but the inside looked more like a refurbished house mixed with a Pokémon Center. A healing machine was at the back of the room, as was a PC. MissingNo was wandering around, looking for something to do.

Right when I walked in, Amber’s eyes fixated on me. Glitchy was loitering around, swinging the iron rod whimsically, like he was fighting invisible bad guys. I closed the door. Glitchy turned to face me.
I lunged the iron rod at nothing when I heard the door close. Miss Amber was staring at the master as he stood at the entrance of the Pokémon Center. The purple Meganium was with him.

For some reason, I felt what humans call ‘jealousy.’ Seeing that Glitchmon - that other Glitchmon - made me feel unneeded. I find it odd that, after everything the Captain and I had been through lately, I felt this way. To be blunt, it was an ugly feeling. Meganium threatened me in the most peculiar of ways, like he was going to take away my best friend. But I know him better than that.

"Oh, there y’all are," said the Captain. "I’ve been looking for you guys for a couple hours."

He approached me and asked, "Glitchy, are you all right?"

I replied, unsure about his question, "Yes? Bzzt. Why? Bzzt."

The master collapsed onto his knees, placed his hands on his face, and sobbed. "What is wrong? Bzzt."

He replied, "God, I just... Feel like s**t."

"And you should," Amber piped up.

"Why? Bzzt."

"Because Bert abandoned you during the battle with the Hybridmon once you fainted to catch that Meganium."

Is that why she told us to get moving and leave him at the Pokémon Center? Amber never answered my question then, assuring me that he would be fine. I was not sure who to agree with, although I remember being attacked by the Hybridmon’s Razor Leafs and everything around me going dark. That must have been when I fainted. Then I woke up in a Pokémon Center and felt like nothing happened, and Amber insisted we keep going and leave the master behind. I did notice a little malice in her voice when she said his name, but I thought nothing of it at the time.

"Master, is that true? Bzzt."

"Umm.. T-technically, yes."

I felt a little betrayed. That is another unpleasant thing to feel. Somebody I trusted, somebody I put my life on the line for, had turned their back on me. On the other hand, the odd hand, I felt a bit thrilled at the idea that I had lost a Pokémon battle. Not even Charizard M was capable of doing so. In essence, the things I was feeling were both good and bad.

Part of me wanted to forgive the Captain, but another part wanted to throw him across the room. I was clutching the iron rod tightly, ready to do something, but I could not do anything with it.

"Do you realize that Glitchy almost died out there?" Amber continued. "If it was a regular Pokémon battle, I might... No, actually, I’d still be giving you s**t for what you did."

The Captain stood and listened, taking in every word. Her speech continued; I had no idea humans were capable of such brutality with words.

“I know you don’t consider yourself a leader. That’s fine. But you are a Pokémon Trainer. And the most important part of being a Trainer is being there for your Pokémon or Glitchmon."

"So, I fucked up. I get it. I know it. What the f**k gives you the right to give me s**t? D’you think I’m proud of myself? I had an opportunity to catch another Pokémon, a Hybridmon, and I took it. Yes, I regretted it instantly. I was acting in the heat of the moment, is that so wrong?"

"The heat of the moment. Right."

Captain’s composure changed. He was listening, but at that moment, something in his brain snapped.

"That’s way over the line! Totally below the belt. I’d take a fucking bullet for Glitchy if the situation called for it, and I’m sure he’d do the same for me. F**k it, that actually happened!"

Shorts Kid, as the master called him, woke up. He groggily asked, "What’s goin’ on?"

"The master and Miss Amber are arguing. Bzzt."

"Fighting? Why?" asked Shorts Kid.

When I was done explaining what happened to me during the battle with the Hybridmon (a concept he seemed a little too familiar with), he asked, "Are you and Bert still friends?"

Something the Captain tried to do was avoid putting me on the spot. If I told him I was unsure about something, he never pushed it and left it at that. However, this was different.

"Yes, at least, if he still wants to be. Bzzt." I could sense the master’s guilt over his actions. Meganium was standing on the sidelines, feeling a little dejected, much like myself.

The Captain turned and faced me. "If I want to be? What’s that supposed to mean?"

I replied, "It means that I am willing to let bygones be bygones, as they say, to continue being your partner. Bzzt. But, Captain, I want you to know something: what you did out there really hurt. Bzzt. And I am not sure I will ever forgive you for it. Bzzt. However, at no point will I ever bring it up to use it against you, or anything of the sort. Bzzt."

He wearily smiled and wiped a few tears away. "I wouldn’t expect you to forgive me, dude. I’ve been beating myself up over that ever since I left the Pokémon Center. But, there’s something I have to ask you: do you still wanna be friends with me?"

"Of course. Bzzt. You just made a mistake, that is all. Bzzt."

The Captain raised his hand up, his palm facing me. "High five."

I slapped my palm against his, performing an act humans call a ‘high five.’ I am unsure of its purpose, but the gesture is often done as a sign of comradeship.

Shorts Kid was giving us a funny look, like this was not how he expected the argument and the situation to end.

"What’s with you?" the Captain asked.

"Nothin’," Shorts Kid replied. "Just thinking about something."

Purpganium approached the Captain and brushed its head against his side, feeling the camaraderie in the room. Amber tapped the master on the shoulder, and when he turned around she said:

"I’m sorry for all that. Accusing you of intentionally leaving Glitchy behind was wrong. You were right; going there was over the line."

We stood there for a while, trying to get the vibe back. "So, now what?" Captain asked.

Amber approached the PC, saying, "If we’re gonna get out of here, we’re gonna need an arsenal. And I have just the Pokémon for the job."

Shorts Kid spoke up, "I’ve got a bad feeling about this."

When Amber turned on the computer and signed into the PC Pokémon storage system, the screen shattered and shards of glass rained down on the floor. She yelped as the screen was destroyed, prompting the Captain to rush over and make sure she was all right. There was no glass in her eyes or anywhere else on her person.

The PC suddenly restarted, but got no further than a grey-blue screen that appeared in place of the normal desktop. From the bottom of the screen emerged a Charizard head. It looked around the monitor for a short period of time before focusing on us. Surprisingly, it had normal eyes, unlike the other Charizard we’ve seen.

After staring at us for a little while, the dragon’s eyes pixilated.

“S**T!" Amber shouted.

[Music: Metal Battle (]

"Everyone, back!" MissingNo ordered. "That is not the real Charizard M, the one we have come to know."

"Then why are its eyes like that?" Amber asked.

"Because it is a copy of it."

Charizard M is one of the most dangerous Glitchmon around. It can infect PC’s containing stored Pokémon and infect them, turning them into another Charizard M, who then repeats the process. This is not involuntary; the Charizard M corrupts other Pokémon willingly, for no reason other than its own amusement.

Before we could prepare to combat the dragon, it burst out of the screen, and another Charizard M followed behind.

Despite the Glitchmon’s monstrous history, these clones were quite indifferent to our existence. It was not until the eleventh Charizard M appeared that action was taken.

While the others went on ahead, this particular Charizard M, no different from the other Charizard M’s, stayed behind. MissingNo took the lead, standing in front of us, ready to do battle with the beast.

Right away, Charizard M attacked with Flamethrower, but MissingNo, ever vigilant, retaliated with its Water Gun technique, stopping the fire from carrying on towards us. However, Charizard M’s copy was strong enough to keep pushing on, but MissingNo soon emerged victorious; water does douse fire. Charizard M was knocked down from the torrential blast, but, as we have seen with several other Glitchmon, a mere type advantage will not keep them down.

The army of clones was circling above, and we were unsure on how to proceed. The defeated Charizard M copy got up and snarled at us. Its Glitchese was broken, but, assuming I heard it correctly, the dragon said, "going to die." Whether or not it meant us or something else, I did not know.

"Glitchy, what’s the plan?" Amber asked.

I replied, "If those Charizard M copies are as dedicated as they appear, then escaping will be difficult. Bzzt. This one," I pointed to the dragon MissingNo defeated, "openly expressed its intent to kill us. Bzzt." I was simply guessing when describing Charizard M’s grunt, but my conclusion seemed likely.

"Purpganium, knock ‘em down!" the Captain ordered. Purpganium attacked with Sludge Bomb, a disgusting attack. The dinosaur vomited up a blob of poisonous goop, but the attack, despite landing on one of the dragons, failed to take it down.

I flew up and impaled a Charizard M through the stomach with the pointed end of the iron rod. Then, while still holding the weapon, I turned around so it was facing the floor and plunged down, taking out the abominable dragon. One down, ten more to go!

Salamence attacked with Dragon Rage, an attack similar to Sludge Bomb, but instead of poison, the move was an electrified blue sphere, said to represent the user’s anger and hate. Yet another copy of Charizard M was taken down! Nine of them were still circling above, and the one MissingNo dealt with was standing around, waiting to strike.

MissingNo wasted no time and tackled the dragon into a wall, implanting it and then attacking with Water Gun. Even though that beatdown put it on the brink of defeat, Charizard M still had some fuel left. The dragon attacked by spitting out the largest fireball I had every seen at point blank range, and, just like that, MissingNo was defeated. His pixels were smoking and the fumes were pungent, but, on the brighter side, the beast collapsed, unable to keep fighting.

"Captain! Bzzt. Get MissingNo to the healing machine! Bzzt."

My Trainer darted over to pick up MissingNo, but before he could, a Charizard M swooped down.

This was not a clone. This was the real Charizard M. It lashed out at the Captain, swatting him aside with a single strike from its meaty paw. The Charizard M then attacked with Flamethrower, but the master quickly rolled aside to avoid the blaze; despite this, his blue cape was singed and burned in a few places.

"CAPTAIN! Bzzt." I stormed over to find that he was mostly all right.

"Urf... I’m gonna feel that for a while," he said, clutching his left side.

Charizard M swooped down and grabbed MissingNo, binding him with its tail. It flapped its wings and ascended, then, again used Flamethrower to sear a hole in the roof of the building. Pieces of rock, steel, and cement rained down and, panicking, I threw my own cape over the Captain, protecting him from the barrage of debris.

The building quickly became unstable.

"We’ve gotta get out of here!" Amber shouted. I pulled my cape back and, right away, the Captain pointed at the real Charizard M.

"He’s going after Shorts Kid!"

The toddler - who was hiding behind a couch - looked on in fear at the Captain’s observation. Indeed, the eldritch dragon was making his way towards the child.

Before we could take action, Charizard M had snatched the boy with his right hand, holding him like a rag doll.

"Help! HEEEEEEELLLLLLLP!" Shorts Kid shouted.

Charizard M used Flamethrower on the ground this time, putting up a wall of pixilated fire to block our way. Then, the flapping of wings filled the nonexistent air, and I could see the legion of dragons evacuating through the hole in the roof.

Just like that, we lost MissingNo and Shorts Kid.

"Master! Bzzt. Hop on my back! Bzzt."

The Captain weakly got up and did just that, like before, when we traveled through Glitch City. Amber followed, hopping on Salamence’s back. We made our way to the roof, narrowly avoided the crumbling debris that threatened to take us down.

"Yikes!" the master said, as a large piece of cement skimmed past, almost hitting myself. Right as we left the building, it collapsed behind us into dust, roaring and moaning like a defeated Wailord.
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Chapter 19: Revelations
"I have thought that this will never end
If things go on like this, nothing will last
Only the fool in my believes there is sense in it
On distant shores of green
It’s over now."

The Captain was singing a song by a band called Blind Guardian. I thought the chorus above fit the situation quite well, considering the hopelessness we are facing is perfectly described. No matter what happened, something awful was just waiting around the corner to pop out and ruin our victories, pushing back our progress. The battle with Charizard M in Viridian City just alerted it and any other Glitchmon on its side to our presence. I am still not sure what I saw in Mt. Moon, but the red and yellow creature gave off a powerful vibe, much stronger and monstrous than PPkmnP’s. While on the topic of PPkmnP, I am 100% positive that his death had something to do with the reason why we’re here. Something in Glitch City had seen it and twisted the world’s environment, ensuring that we would end up here without a choice.

As we flew over the dimension, we saw LM4 on an incline of letters and numbers, waving at us with one of his arms. I dove down to greet him, as did Salamence.

"Hello, LM4. Bzzt."

LM4 replied, "Hi, Four Dot-Dot. Bert, Amber."

The Glitchmon’s head wavered left and right, noticing something.

"Where is MissingNo?"

All of us exchanged glances, dreading the response one of us would have to give. Losing MissingNo was a huge setback for us, since, despite having a limited moveset, was still the most knowledgeable about Glitchmon and Glitch City, aside from Smitty.

"MissingNo? MissingNo. Uh, he kinda got taken away by Charizard M," Captain hurriedly blathered.

LM4 shuddered. "I saw several of them flying out of that structure. What happened in there?"

Amber told him the long winding story; LM4 appeared to be horrified when the tale was finished. He was winded and worn down, and even had to catch his breath after what she told him. LM4’s tentacles unevenly waved about. His posture became more relaxed, which was a cause for concern since, normally, he was quite tense.

"Well, then. This is very bad news."

"Yep," the Captain agreed.

LM4 added, "If 3TrainerPoké got his hands back on MissingNo, it could spell doom for us all."

"Why?" asked Amber.

"Because MissingNo is connected with Glitch City in more ways than you can imagine. That is why."

Captain replied, quite intensely, "No. No it fucking isn’t. There’s more to it than that. All this time, since I first met Glitchy, I’ve racked my brains with questions that have yet to be answered, by MissingNo and you. And I’m fucking sick of these little vague answers. We all are. So, this is what’s gonna happen: you’re going to answer every single question that comes to our heads, whether you like it or not."

LM4 sighed. "All right. You’re right; the answers given to you thus far are not enough. The three of you need to know the truth. Ask away."

"And the first question is: what the flying f**k is going on?" Amber added. "That’s the most important one."

LM4 advised us to sit down, for this was going to be a long answer.

"This is going to be a lot to take in, but what you need to know is that everything I am about to tell you is absolute truth.

"You have all encountered Glitchmon in your own world, the Pokémon world, or maybe 'the real world,' as some would call it.

"Eighteen years ago, there was an incident on Cinnabar Island. Somebody was attempting to clone a Porygon, a very rare Pokémon, in the Burned Mansion, at the time known as the Cinnabar Research Lab. While in the middle if the process, which involves moving a Pokémon to a different storage box and restarting the PC, there was a sudden power outage that was caused by a thunderstorm. When the PC was turned back on, there was no Porygon, but instead a chunk of data called 'MissingNo.' To their surprise, MissingNo was a sentient being, but found no traces of the Porygon in it. They deduced that it was junk data that was the result of the failed cloning attempt.

“However, MissingNo was an unstable specimen. Just hours after its birth, the world was drastically changing, starting on Cinnabar Island. There, the first signs of Glitch City appeared. To try and contain it, MissingNo was taken to the eastern shore of the island, taking Glitch City with him. He did not allow the glitched environment to expand, but that was eventually changed.

“Not too long after MissingNo was born, many more Glitchmon emerged. One of these Glitchmon, 3TrainerPoké, thought the world could benefit from these Glitchmon, so, against MissingNo’s wishes, Glitch City was relocated to a pocket dimension within the PC. There, it spread. 3TrainerPoké used his abilities to create an environment for it, but there was nothing usable. So, he somehow implanted parts of the outside world into it, which explains the various rooftops, cliffs, and trees you have come across.

“There was not just 3TrainerPoké and MissingNo, however. Obviously, many of us were born from that incident. PPkmnP, myself, the Double Question Marks, and the Bulls Eye Question Marks were also spawned. There are many, many more Glitchmon none of you have met yet, such as 44hy, Q, Female Symbol, h Poké, and thousands of others. Your Four Dot-Dot, Glitchy, was also spawned from the corrupted event.

“For some time, none of us had any discernable personality. We went about our daily lives in Glitch City, but we left it often to venture through the outside world. One day, something terrible happened. A group of adventurers, who had heard about Glitch City, intended to explore it and see what the place was about. None of them were prepared. Nobody could prepare to venture through Glitch City, no matter how ready they thought they were. It is simply impossible.

“The rumor goes that Glitch City, at the time, was accessible by traveling underneath Cinnabar Island. This was correct at the time, but the method was so absurd that nobody believed it. Even then, Cinnabar Island trudges quite deep underwater. To our surprise and displeasure, they traveled deep enough with their Pokémon to reach it. Nobody knows what happened, but the explorers’ bodies were found a few days later by a search crew. MissingNo’s purple pixels, which were exclusive to him at the time, were found on their bodies.

“It snowballed from there. The reputation of Glitchmon, most noticeably MissingNo, was demolished in the blink of an eye. We were forced to retreat to Glitch City, never to be seen from the public eye eighteen years later. All the blame for the explorers’ death was placed on MissingNo, who took the brunt of it and sealed himself away in a cave within Glitch City to make sure he couldn’t harm anything else ever again, despite it not being his fault.

“Many Glitchmon had formed their own personalities long before that happened, but this was the first sign of trouble. 3TrainerPoké took it upon himself to reign in Glitch City, but he was not acting alone. Assuming you have heard the rumors of a ‘God’ of Glitch City, this is where they originated. 3TrainerPoké worshipped a being he left unnamed, but nobody had ever seen this entity other than him, or so he claimed.

“Whether it was the influence of this God or just 3TrainerPoké himself, Glitch City was converted into a totalitarian regime. The things he did, the things he said, were all, according to him, at the behest of this God. 3TrainerPoké was, for lack of a better description, stark raving mad. Being in absolute power just wasn’t enough for him, however. He needed more, despite that being impossible. He wanted war. 3TrainerPoké intended to perform an ethnic cleansing, a survival of the fittest scenario, where only those he deemed fit would get to live in Glitch City.

“After a bloody showdown that lasted three months, MissingNo attempted to try and overthrow 3TrainerPoké. Their fight was short and MissingNo was beaten down to submission. MissingNo was subjected to horrendous experiments that threatened to take away his unique abilities, such as item cloning, and turn him into a mindless slave. I changed that and freed MissingNo from 3TrainerPoké’s wrath, but, fearing for his safety, I also escaped into outside world to protect him. We went separate ways: he resided in Diglett’s Cave, while I watched over what remained of the battered former laboratory on Cinnabar.

“Soon after that is when more Glitchmon were leaking into your world. About a dozen or so ventured out of Glitch City; 3TrainerPoké wanted to see how the rest of the world would treat them, considering how MissingNo was treated. One of these Glitchmon, a Four Dot-Dot, was wandering around Cycling Road when he was captured by an unknown Trainer. How he wound up at Professor Oak’s lab, though, I don’t know. That’s how Glitchy’s story started.

“3TrainerPoké considered the friendship between a human and a Glitchmon a very dangerous thing, because it threatened everything he strove to accomplish. However, Bert’s friendship with Glitchy was not the first time this had happened, as you, Amber, had befriended your Double Question Marks just a few years before Bert met Four Dot-Dot. So, the King ordered PPkmnP to capture MissingNo and the other roaming Glitchmon, realizing that he had made a serious mistake. PPkmnP decided to focus on MissingNo to appease 3TrainerPoké, since they had a... familiarity with each other. PPkmnP was no fool, however, and watched from afar as you all traveled towards Vermillion City. There, he decided, he would take MissingNo and a few other Glitchmon with him in one fell swoop. But we all know how that ended.

“I think this brought 3TrainerPoké down a few pegs, since what happened next was unusual for him. He decided to initiate the apocalypse by releasing the powers of Glitch City into your world, resulting in you arriving at an improper Pallet Town instead of the real one. And here you are."

This was a lot to take in. LM4 was gracious and let us comprehend his explanation, but Amber and the Captain looked like they were just beaten down by a Machamp. However, there were still many unanswered questions that had yet to be asked.

Captain asked, "So, basically, 3TrainerPoké is trying to take over the world?"

LM4’s T-Rex head nodded. "The friendship between people and Pokémon, and Glitchmon, is a beautiful thing. It poses the biggest threat to the King’s plans. But, I do not think that merely taking over the world will be enough to please him. The entire universe is on his agenda, and, unless he is stopped, he will have it."

Amber asked, although she already knew the question, "Why is friendship between us and Glitchmon so dangerous to him?"

"Because, before Glitchmon developed their own personalities, they were basically mindless, aside from MissingNo. MissingNo allowed them to grow, something which 3TrainerPoké came to regret. He no longer had an army of mindless minions, but there are billions of Glitchmon working for him, all of them possessing unique personalities."

"So, here’s my question" where are all the Gym Leaders and Pokémon Center nurses?" asked the Captain.

"Kidnapped," LM4 replied. "Not just the ones in Kanto, though; every Gym Leader, or at least, until Generation 7 comes out, are being held hostage in 3TrainerPoké’s lair. Right now, every Pokémon League is interconnected to his tower. If you cannot get the Gym Badges..."

"Then you can’t get into his tower and foil his plans," the Captain finished. "But why the Pokémon League? Is it due to the requirements?"

LM4 nodded. "As you know, the League is where the strongest Trainers in a region gather to form the Elite Four. That is why he has captured them as well. As the strongest Trainers, they are the most likely candidates for bringing him down."

"What about us?" Amber asked. "How big of a threat are we?"

A dreadful and regretful tone filled LM4’s voice. "Right now, you are 3TrainerPoké’s primary targets. He has already captured everyone else that could stand up to him, leaving you. While he focused on the Gym Leaders and nurses, he had PPkmnP and Charizard M attack you, but now he is getting desperate. Glitchy’s friendship with Bert, whom he considers his best friend, is putting his plans on the line."

The Captain laid down on his back, looking up at the nonexistent sky, exasperated over everything he had just learned. He put his hands on his face and groaned, like he was tired. At that point, I was terrified. Terrified of many things. Terrified at the idea of being taken away from my best friend. Terrified that our journey might have been all for naught. Terrified that, despite all the work we’ve put into fighting off these Glitchmon, we might still lose and subject the universe to unknown and unseen horrors.

"So... So, why is our friendship so dangerous to him? W-why is it a threat?"

"Because, assuming this ‘God’ is real, Glitchy is a direct descendent of it. That is a whole other story."

"We’re listening," Amber said.

LM4 continued, "Very well. Soon after the conception of this 'God' idea, Glitchy was born. He was not spawned from the corrupted data; he just appeared on day, in the temple of the King. He was a little different from other Glitchmon. He was not particularly different from other Glitchmon, but at the same time, there were many things that set him apart. Like regular Pokémon, there are multiple of the same specie. This also applies to Glitchmon; there are many LM4’s out there, but our appearances are different.

"However, Glitchy is, thus far, the only Four Dot-Dot in existence. Despite this uniqueness, he is still a regular Glitchmon."

The Captain looked at me, shocked, awed, and with a little bit of "that is so awesome" at the revelation.

On the other hand, I felt... confused, really. I certainly don’t feel like any sort of descendent of a God, or any other kind of entity. Something was churning inside me, a large swirl of emotions that I had never felt before.

Was LM4 correct? Was I actually the son of this God, a presence that, despite unseen thus far, was clearly malicious? How could I be the descendent? I do not even have any attacks! I do not even know who this God is! For that matter, I have no idea if it even exists! And yet, I am, apparently, its son?

Yes, that is redundant. I know. But, if you were told that you are the descended of a God, you would be running thousands of questions through your head as well.

I wasn’t the only one flabbergasted. The Captain and Amber were blown away by LM4’s revelation. All eyes were on me as I struggled to give a response, to say something, anything, to tell them how I felt and understood what I was told.

" a demigod? Bzzt." Was all I could say.

LM4 nodded. "You are. Supposedly, at least. Keep that in mind. Nobody can even be sure that the God of Glitch City is real."

The Captain interjected, "So, hang on. Glitchy being a demigod is way past cool, but how the hell do you know all this?"

"I have studied a lot of this place’s mythology. There is much more to it than meets the eye. To you, it may look like an amalgamation of various cities and towns, but, you must remember, us Glitchmon were born here. It is our home.

"What makes me think Glitchy is the descendent of the 'God' is that, like I said, he is the only Four Dot-Dot in the entire universe. There are multiple of the same Glitchmon; multiple PPkmnP's exist, multiple 3TrainerPoké's exist, and there are even a few more MissingNo out there. It is a lot of little things and mostly comes down to speculation, but Glitchy’s greyish blueish pixels are exclusive to him as well. That very shade is his own; many Glitchmon share the same pigment, but none have the same as Glitchy.

"There is something I wish to show the three of you. It will hopefully explain more about this than I could ever hope to."

We got up off the ground, exhausted just from hearing LM4’s tale. A lot of things were still running through my head; I still don’t understand how or why I am a God of any kind. With any luck, whatever LM4 wanted to show us would shed some necessary light on it.
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Chapter 20: The King is in the House
LM4 led us northsouth towards our next destination. Yes, northsouth. It is a direction that exists in Glitch City that defies what those in the Pokémon world know as direction. An angled walk, it gives one the feeling they are moving up a hill despite the sense of being pushed down one.

Right away, Amber expressed a sense of unease as we headed northsouth, but neither myself, LM4, or her Double Question Marks felt such a thing. However, this is because it makes sense to us. As Glitchmon, we are a little more accustomed to the absurdity of Glitch City, although I do not have any memories of being here. The earliest thing I can remember is meeting the Captain in the laboratory.

We walked through nothing for a while, but rapidly, a canyon-like area appeared. The four of us walked between two towering mountain walls that stretched out for miles, generating a claustrophobic aura. Something about the pathway felt so familiar.

"Wait," the Captain said, "I’ve been here before."

"This is Route 3," LM4 confirmed. "The same path where you met that child who likes shorts."

"If this is Route 3, then... are we in our world?" Amber asked.

LM4 stated, "Of sorts. This is part of what remains of it. Glitch City has spread so far, it has completely taken over your world. This is one of the reasons why the Gym Leaders and Elite Four were kidnapped by 3TrainerPoké. With no one strong enough to counter him, Earth was his for the taking."

"I still don’t understand something," the Captain said. "Why not just kill them? Why not just kill anyone who gets in his way?"

"He is doing it as a form of torture, I think. By keeping them alive, he is letting the Gym Leaders and Elite Four know that they have failed. He wants to break their spirits, and has succeeded. As for the rest of you, I am not sure about what has happened to Travis or Dicks, or Shorts Kid."

"And MissingNo?" Amber asked.

"I told you about their history. 3TrainerPoké is likely torturing MissingNo as we speak. He is still determined to reduce MissingNo, the world’s most famous Glitchmon, the one which could provide a huge benefit to mankind, to a useless being."

"What makes MissingNo so special, compared to other Glitchmon? Bzzt."

"I do not wish to attempt to undermine the abilities of other Glitchmon," LM4 began, choosing his words carefully, "but MissingNo’s ability to duplicate items is exclusive to him."

The Captain asked, "Is that a result of the botched cloning attempt?"

The dinosaur head nodded. "Precisely. Something about that was melded into MissingNo’s DNA, and was vital in constructing Glitch City. However, we Glitchmon are not exposed to interior decorating often."

The four of us shared a sly chuckle at LM4’s joke. He was normally all business, but this was the first time we had seen his more ‘human’ side, as strange as that sounds.

At the end of this canyon was a stairwell that descended. It was still between the mountain walls, but the location was boxed in, making going further impossible.

We headed down the long and winding stairs, taking at least one hundred steps to the bottom of this place. The Trainers’ feet clacked against the tiled floor, and the walls were alive with the mythology that seeped out from every crack. Pillars jutted out from the ground, forming a single path to the back of the room.

Three iron statues rested against the back wall. The statue on the left was engraved with ‘The One,’ but there was nobody there. The right statue was ‘The King,’ showcasing a statue of a dinosaurian being, hunched over, with curved wings coming from his shoulders, a head between the shoulders with horns pointing forward, and a snakelike head and neck popping of the middle of its back.

The middle statue, titled ‘The Son,’ was me. The statue showed me flying upwards, my right fist out like I had done before while flying, my wings out instead of being in their caped form. What did this mean? Was the saurian creature 3TrainerPoké? Who was ‘The One,’ and why was there no statue of him?

My statue had text written under my title, saying, “"..And on the five thousandth day, The Son of The One shall be born," in Glitchese. I read the text aloud, prompting the Captain to ask, "You can read that?"

I nodded both heads. "Yes. Bzzt. It is written in Glitchese, a language exclusive to Glitch City. Bzzt."

Amber added, "It just looks like blocks and scribbles to me."

"The language is impossible for humans to read," LM4 replied.

Stupid humans, at least," added a voice. It came from the entrance.

We turned around and saw the exact same being displayed on ‘The King.’ His pixels were red and yellow, and he was indeed hunched over. His three, fat fingers were closed in, like a fist. His forearms were thicker than his upper arms, and his tail was split into three tips.

"3TrainerPoké," hissed LM4.

"This is him?" asked the Captain, clearly terrified.

"Yes, it is I!" the King declared. "The one and only, the King of Glitch City, 3TrainerPoké! So, LM4! It has been quite a while. What brings you here?"

“...You did," LM4 sneered.

3TrainerPoké laughed. It was much livelier than PPkmnP’s, but just as boastful.

"That is correct! And I brought the rest of the outside world here, for that matter. Tell me, what are you doing with these humans?"

LM4 replied, "Guiding them."

"Guiding them to what? An early grave? Tell me, LM4, is this the best ‘resistance’ you’ve got? Do you really think these worthless Pokémon can defeat us?"

I interjected, "Aren’t you forgetting someone? Bzzt."

3TrainerPoké’s back head looked at me, while the front head glanced at the statues.

"Th-the Son...!" he exclaimed. "It cannot be!"

“It does be. Bzzt. And, as the Son, I order you to call off this war you are perpetrating! Bzzt."

The Glitchmon chuckled, and then made a low, "tsk" as if to imply I was some sort of buffoon.

"So, you are the Son of our God, are you? Very well! Be that as it may, the God’s plans are absolutely not threatened. For that matter, just because you are his heir, that does not mean you have any authority over me. You are, however, welcome to watch as I turn the world into a cruel mockery of what it once was!"

The Captain seethed, "I’m gonna rip out your fucking spine through your nostrils."

3TrainerPoké approached him; the head sprouting from his back came to eye level with him.

The main head replied, "You are in no position to deliver such petty threats. In fact, not even Four Dot-Dot is. In this world, I reign. You, the four of you, are nothing compared to me or the God."

Amber asked, "What’ve you done to MissingNo and Shorts Kid?"

"They’re safe," 3TrainerPoké calmly replied. "Although, time is running out. It is only a matter of time before you humans are gone, and Glitchmon shall reign over the entire universe with an iron fist!

"You see, the God and I share a common goal. We want everything that is improper to fall. To do this, we had to capture the strongest Trainers throughout the world and imprison them. That was easy enough to do. It was not until you befriended your Glitchmon that I had to put my plans into overdrive to make sure everything went as planned. And, despite my fears that everything I worked for would be ruined, in the end, I won. Your world has been turned into Glitch City, and MissingNo has been captured.

"Despite my wishes, the God of Glitch City wishes for you to live. I do not know why; I think it has something to do with Four Dot-Dot."

"You really are batshit insane," the Captain huffed.

3TrainerPoké smarmily replied, "If you say so. But I’m not the one fighting for a lost cause. The most important thing to remember is that you are still alive, the Gym Leaders and Elite Four are still alive, and, if you actually hope to keep living, you will need to fight. If PPkmnP had done his job correctly, none of you would even be here, but alas, he failed.

"Now. I understand that some of your friends have been captured. I’m not talking about MissingNo and that child; I am referring to that Trainer with the Hybridmon and the Trainer with the wild brown hair."

"They have names, you know," Amber said.

"That’s nice," 3TrainerPoké quipped. "So, do you want to rescue your friends?"

We all nodded.

"In that case, the four of you need to come with me. Keep in mind that I cannot attempt to kill you unless the God wills it, so participating is really the best course of action."

The four of us exchanged questionable looks. 3TrainerPoké had us right where he wanted us, and could easily finish us off here, but it appeared that he had something else in mind. On the other hand, we could attempt to make a stand right here and now, but the consequences of doing so could just make everything worse.

"Fine," Amber said. "We’ll go along with your bullshit. But if you go back on your word-"

"I cannot," 3TrainerPoké said. "Like I said, I am going along with what the God is suggesting."

None of this made sense. There had to be more to this than 3TrainerPoké was telling us; but we had no real choice in the matter. It was obvious to us that, despite being forced to go against his desires, 3TrainerPoké was stronger than all of us combined.

"What would happen if we decide to attack you right now?" asked Amber.

"It depends," replied 3TrainerPoké. "If the God wills it, then I will kill you. Otherwise, then I’ll just overpower and haul you away. It’s that simple."

Why was LM4 being so quiet? He was just standing by, listening to the conversation. I could tell he was pondering something, but I had no idea what. He was examining what 3TrainerPoké was telling the four of us; I think he may have been trying to find a flaw in his plan.

"So, are you going to come along now? Or would you rather wander around this world, lost and alone, with nobody to save you?"

Despite not liking it, going along with the King was the only way to get to Travis, Dicks, MissingNo, and Shorts Kid and save them.

"Fine. Bzzt. Take us away. Bzzt."
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Chapter 21: Lost Fallen World
We have failed.

Everything we fought for, everything we went through, was all for nothing. All the turmoil we faced, all the battles we fought, all the hell we went through was a waste of time. This was not even the good kind of, "Well, at least we tried." No, this was the, "Well, that was pointless" kind. I had feared we might face this outcome ever since the first brawl with Charizard M in Viridian City, but this proved it.

Although none of us were dead yet, we were likely about to be. I still am not sure what building we’re in. I know we are on a high floor, but that is about it. The Captain, Amber, and I were imprisoned in this building in a shared cell. There are also many Glitchmon in this place, many of whom I do not recognize. Across from us was a cell containing several Hybridmon; a yellow Camerupt with black rings on its sides, a Goodra whose light purple shading was replaced with grey flesh instead, a white Fearow, and a black Mismagius. The Captain was eyeing the Camerupt.

"I’m gonna catch that one," he said, pointing to the volcanic camel.

Amber was lying on her cot, looking up at the ceiling and occasionally muttering something.

"How did this happen? We’re smarter than this."

"Apparently not," the Captain replied. "3TrainerPoké, he’s a master ruse man, apparently." He stood in front of the transparent sliding door and looked down both sides of the hallway. "Hello? We’d like to get out now!"

I think the expression is, "ask and you shall receive." The red and yellow pixels of 3TrainerPoké swooped in from the left, and materialized into his form.

"I can not believe you actually fell for that!" the beast laughed. "The oldest trick in the book! Some ‘heroes’ you are."

The Captain threw his foot out at the glass door in a desperate attempt to break through, but to no avail. 3TrainerPoké watched, hands behind his back, enjoying the miserable fate we had granted ourselves.

"Stop that! That glass is very nice, and I do not want to replace it right now."

"Then you’d better let us out!" Amber snapped.

3TrainerPoké replied, "And why would I do that? The final stages of my master plan are nearing completion. All that’s left is to annihilate the wranglers - of which, yes, there are many - and then, I will rule over the universe as the supreme overlord and watch as everything comes crashing down!"

"Get used to that feeling, because it’s exactly what we’re gonna do to you. Bzzt."

"You’re going to do that... how? All of you are helpless behind these doors. The Hybridmon will overwhelm regular Pokémon and beat them down in a heartbeat. LM4, as strong as he may be, will be my second casualty."

We all feared the worst at the mentioning of ‘second.’ Amber dared to ask who the first was.


The back head was adorned with a wickedly monstrous smile from end to end, as we felt every synonymous emotion for anger boil inside us. Purpganium rammed the door from the back of the cell, but nothing happened and it just stumbled back. The loud "BAM!" from the impact shook the King a little, however.

"Such insolence! Do you know why you humans were so easily defeated? Because your emotions got the better of you. Even titanic Pokémon like Groudon and Raikou are useless if their Trainer can’t focus and give them proper orders.

"It is not even restricted to anger, although that one is the most common. Even that one Trainer, Smitty, I think his name was, at least acknowledged his fate. He thought he could change the game into your favor, but, as a human, he instead listened to his emotions and was slaughtered almost instantly. If he had not, then he might still be on your side!

"And he did it for MissingNo, the most 'precious' Glitchmon of all. The apple does not fall far from the tree, does it?"

The Captain rammed the door. He stormed towards it and tackled it with all his might, shouting every obscenity (and making some up) at the two-headed King. After the fifth attack, he was too worn down to try again and hit the floor, collapsing on his side.

"Do you see?" 3TrainerPoké drawled. "This is what I am talking about. Acting on pure aggression will get you nowhere fast. It is why the Gym Leaders, the Elite Four, and the Champions were forced into submission!"

"I’m gonna-" the Captain started.

"Rip my spine out through my nose. Yes, yes, I remember. You should know better than to throw threats at those who will decide your fate. Here is what is going to happen: Since you, the Elite Four, and the Gym Leaders are behind bars, only regular Trainers are left. Even Trainers who specialize in dragons will not stand a chance against us. The most seasoned Trainers will eventually be brought to face the horrors of Glitch City!"

I thrust the iron rod at the door, hoping to pierce through it. Bah! What was this glass made of? I swung it like a club instead, which, like you would guess, did nothing.

"Look at you all. Squirming about in your little cages like rats. Frankly, I do not even want you dead. I want you to live so you can all feel the suffering of everybody in this world, the souls of those you failed.

"Can you feel it? I can. The lingering, reeking stench of despair... oh, yes. I can feel it. I can feel the hopelessness of everyone and everything here as their minds race, trying to figure out what will become of them. It is a glorious thing. Glorious for me, that is. Personally, I think the God is insane for letting everyone live, but I understand the purpose.

"There is not a whole lot left for me to do now. There is nothing left for you to do, either. My Hybridmon are roaming the lands, looking for strugglers and remnants of your world."

I asked, "You created the Hybridmon? Bzzt."

3TrainerPoké replied, "That is right. I remember when I came up with the idea; I was so proud of myself, but at the time, I thought it was outrageous. Change the Pokémon’s types? What an insane concept! Nobody had even thought about it before. Well, I’m sure people thought about it, but never even tried to do it.

"The actual process was difficult. Altering those kinds of aspects of Pokémon takes a lot longer than you would think. But once you prod their brain enough, they calm down and let you do your work. Describing it in its entirety would take too much time, but let’s just say the concept involves complete and utter submission on the subject’s part.

"It took me three years just to create one Hybridmon; it was a steel and psychic type Lapras. I remember looking at that magnificent, steely grey beast and glowing with pride! While the operation was flawed and ended with the poor creature melting into a puddle of noxious goop, I at least had evidence that it was possible. You would be amazed at what you can accomplish by just being persistent. Five years later, there were hundreds of my little super soldiers I wanted to sick upon the world.

"One thing I failed to do was make sure they would obey me and only me. Oh well. Despite my efforts in doing so, my Hybridmon showed such resistance that the attempts at brainwashing them were futile. On the other hand, one of my dreams had come true. And then my other dream came true! Yay! And that’s it."

The three of us were stunned at 3TrainerPoké’s spiel. Morbid. Morbidity. That’s all it was. That’s all he knew, and it’s all he lived for. He was completely indifferent to the suffering the Pokémon went through. A psychopath.

Purpganium approached the door and eyed 3TrainerPoké.

"Ah, one of my subjects. What are you doing with these humans?"

The sauropod snarled at the Glitchmon, but I could clearly understand what he said. Purpganium called the saurian creature a b*****d.

"You would know," 3TrainerPoké cheekily remarked. "Anyway, I have overstayed my welcome. I must be off to eliminate the bandits who continue to fight. Tootles!"

3TrainerPoké walked down the hall, gloating to himself over this victory. The Captain slumped down against a wall, declaring defeat.

"This is it," he hurriedly huffed. "We lost."

"It sure looks that way," Amber agreed.

I was still running many thoughts through my head. The ‘Son of a God’ thing was the main one. We still did not know where Dicks, Travis, Shorts Kid or LM4 were, or even if 3TrainerPokè was lying when he told us MissingNo was dead.

The mood in our little prison was somber. 3TrainerPoké was probably getting his jollies off to our despair right now. I sat down beside the Captain. Sitting is really weird for me; I only have a body and a long tail. No legs. My tail was out like a leg would be, though. Also, wow, the Captain was short. I am 4’5’’ (counting my necks), but when sitting down, I am almost the same height as he is when sitting down.

"Well, if I die here," the Captain began, "I’m glad I died with you two."

It was strange seeing the two of them like this. Before, the Captain and Amber were boastful and confident in their abilities. If this happened in Vermillion City, we might be out of our cell by now.

Personally, I thought they were admitting defeat too early. This was a colossal obstacle we needed to overcome, but we had come out of tougher situations than this! PPkmnP attempted to bury us alive, but we survived that. We survived the onslaught of Hybridmon despite being outnumbered, and, in my case, defeated!

I saw their point, though. This almost seemed like a carefully coordinated attempt by 3TrainerPoké to bring us here. Had it been?

Looking through the door, I could see the misery these Hybridmon were going through. What were they doing here? They were just shuffling around in their cages and grunting to each other. Did 3TrainerPoké have no use for these Hybridmon, or was he just waiting for an opportunity to use them? Considering the amount of Hybridmon we have seen already, the second scenario seems likely.

Something needed to be done. And quick.

"What’s with you two? Bzzt," I asked, turning to face Amber and the Captain. "Before we got here, you two were like dynamos! Bzzt. Nothing was too strong or to mighty to stop the two of you from bringing them down. Bzzt. Are you really going to let 3TrainerPoké win? Bzzt."

The Captain, exasperated, explained, "Glitchy, look. It’s not that we want to lose; it’s just that, I don’t think we can win. Even if we beat PPkmnP again, it wouldn’t do any good since we’d still be in Glitch City. We have no idea if there’s even a way to get out of here!"

"Isn’t it at least worth finding out? Bzzt. Even if we are trapped here forever, throwing in the towel is the worst thing to do! Bzzt. Letting 3TrainerPoké and this God he keeps mentioning win is contradictory to everything we have worked for on this journey! Bzzt. Do you really want to live in a world like this? Bzzt."

"Well, no," Amber replied. "How do we even go about getting out of this cell? It’s completely idiot and fool proof. And Pokémon and Glitchmon proof."

"But what’s worked for us before? Bzzt. Attack, attack, attack! Bzzt. It worked on PPkmnP, it worked on the Hybridmon we faced on the cliff, and it has just got to work here! Bzzt."

Amber lowly replied, "I don’t know... What if it doesn’t work?"

I told her, "We have to try! Bzzt. Are you with me? Bzzt."

The two of them looked at me like I was crazy. Maybe I was! I had been around the Captain long enough; something must have worn off on me. With my luck, I will have inherited his placid attitude towards everything.

"Fine, Glitchy. I’m with you," Amber said.

"What about you, Captain? Bzzt."

The Captain shook his head, but sighed. He stood up and said, "I’ve got your back, Jack."

"It’s Glitchy. Bzzt."

"Well, now ya know how I feel!"

Ah, yes, his insistence on me calling him by his first name. That idea just sounds so bizarre to me. Why would I call my Trainer by his name?

"So, what’s the plan?" he asked.

"We attack. Bzzt. Then, we attack some more. Bzzt. Then, we keep attacking until we and the rest of those Hybridmon are out of here! Bzzt."

"So we’re basically going to reenact every scene from every action movie Arnold Schwarzenegger has starred in?" the Captain asked.

"Um... I guess so. Bzzt."

"Works for me," Amber jokingly said.

"Gan!" Purpganium declared. It roughly translated to something along the lines of, "All right!"

Let the jailbreak commence.
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Chapter 22: Jailbreak
So, this was the plan: once we get out of our cell, we bust the Hybridmon and Glitchmon out as well. When we got here, the cell door opened and closed automatically, so there must be a switch somewhere. If everything went according to plan, we will have instigated a stampede that, hopefully, will give us an opportunity to escape.

We were still shaky from everything that had transpired throughout this adventure. Uncertainly rattled us, fear battered us, and thoughts of defeat followed us.

The basic concept was to keep attacking until everything that stands in our way runs away in fear. I do not think 3TrainerPoké has guards, but instead allies himself with the Double Question Marks and Circled Question Marks (or, as they were once called, ‘Bullseye Marks’) to swarm anyone he wants dead. At least those were easy to dispose of.

Assuming 3TrainerPoké has Hybridmon ready to attack, that might be a problem. This proved to be one of the tougher aspects to counter, but every idea we thought of to deal with the Hybridmon was shot down in favor of fighting them to a standstill, then making a run for it. If we could get 3TrainerPoké involved, we could potentially wear him down and come out a little unscathed.

The plan was far from decent, but everything we could take advantage of was in our grasp. The Hybridmon across the hall were looking at us curiously, like they had an inkling over what we were up to.

Our first obstacle was getting out of the cell. As sturdy as it was, a very, very miniscule wobble could be felt from our tackles and such. This was good. Something had loosened it, and now we just had to finish the job.

"What should we do about the Hybridmon?" asked the Captain. "Should we try and catch any of them?"

"I’m all for that," Amber said. "Thing is, I don’t have many Poké Balls left."

"How many are there?"

Amber unzipped the largest pocket on her backpack and Poké Balls erupted from it. The capsules shot out like a volcano and hit the ground. It was just as bizarre as it sounds.

"Where the hell did these come from?" she asked to no one in particular. "I didn’t even have... uh, a tenth of these."

"MissingNo likely did it. Bzzt. Remember how LM4 and that diary in the Burned Mansion said MissingNo could clone items? Bzzt. Well, he did. Bzzt."

"How many of these things are there?" the Captain asked, looking at the room, which was not quite flooded with Poké Balls.

"I count two hundred and fifty six. Bzzt."

"So he really went all out!" Amber exclaimed. "But there are probably more Hybridmon than that just on this floor."

“I do not think it matters. Bzzt. If they hate 3TrainerPoké as much as we do, they will likely side with us without question. Bzzt."

The Camerupt in the cell across from ours lay down on its side, its volcanic humps aimed at its cell’s door.

"Oh, fucking hell," Amber sighed.

Smoke seeped out of the Hybridmon’s humps, and lava was boiling within. The three of us crawled to our cell’s back wall out of instinct, because things were about to get hot.

See what I did there?

The Hybridmon accompanying Camerupt backed away, but hopeful. Camerupt roared, which sounded like a mangled, guttural, "What!"

It erupted. A blast of its trademark lava exploded out of its humps and battered the cell door, making a loud "BOOM!" like a cannonball was being fired. We jumped in surprise, as did the neighboring Hybridmon. Fireballs battered the door and pelted the supposedly unbreakable glass; the attack was so powerful, Camerupt was actually pushed away from the door.

When the assault was over, the Hybridmon weakly got up, unable to even imagine doing that again. But it gave us just what we needed. The door was so close to shattering, so close to giving them freedom, which was Goodra’s signal.

Goodra, despite being made of slime, is quite blubbery and has a thick hide. It rammed the door, leaving a giant hole behind as it stepped out to the hallway. Glass rained down from the door and onto the stony floor, giving those Hybridmon a freedom they likely had not felt in quite a long time. The white Fearow soared out, with Mismagius not far behind, and Camerupt sauntering out with thunderous steps. The foursome stepped aside to let us break free.

Only Amber had Pokémon strong enough to break through the glass. She released Salamence, whom roared with the hate of a thousand angry warriors. It was exactly the kind of passion and anger we needed.

"Okay, Sally," Amber cooed to the dragon. The Captain snickered. "What?"

"Sally? For real?"

"Yeah, it’s what I nicknamed Salamence. Got a problem with that?"

"N-nope," the Captain replied, stifling his laughter.

Amber sighed. "Whatever. Salamence, I know you’ve been waiting to do this for quite a while now. This is your chance."

The dragon nodded to her. What was she talking about? I know Salamence has a horrendous temper, but was it possible for it to be even worse?

"Hyper Beam!"

Those may just sound like words to you, but Hyper Beam is one of, if not the, most powerful Pokémon attack known to mankind. And we were just inches away from a dragon that was clearly going to enjoy this.

Salamence riled itself up, baring its wings, lashing its tail. Her(?) head lunged forward and from it burst an orange beam of pure power.


Hyper Beam obliterated the door and went straight through the wall in the Hybridmon’s cell across from us. The hole in the wall was big enough for us to jump through! Bricks and plaster were ripped from their spots and dropped onto the ground below.

At least, I hoped there was ground below us.

Salamence relented and was quite proud of itself. A wide, dopey smile was on its face. Amber brought out Aurorus shortly after the attack ended.

"So, what now?" the Captain asked.

"Let’s bail, obviously!" Amber replied. When we stepped out of our cell, a familiar voice and being made himself present.

"You are not going anywhere. Especially not with my Hybridmon."

"Sorry, 3TrainerPoké! Bzzt. You’ve lost this one! Bzzt."

The King was standing at the end of the hall, where he had walked away earlier. The hallway was long and had more cells in it than I thought. 3TrainerPoké’s poise was much more formal; he was standing straight up, a terrifying contrast to his usual hunched over, fairly relaxed stature. From the sliding door behind him emerged a group of Double Question Marks and Bullseye Question Marks.

"I think what you’re doing is admirable. It really is. Fighting for something you know is unattainable is not something a lot of normal people do."

"We aren’t exactly normal ourselves," the Captain replied.

"I can see that," 3TrainerPoké said. "Either way, I can not let you continue. I will make you an offer, though: surrender this instant, and I will make your deaths as quick and painless as possible."

"No dice. Bzzt."

"All right then."   

(Music: Jailbreak (

The ?? and Bullseye Marks rushed in. Our new Hybridmon friends took to the front line, ready to protect us and hold them off.

Aurorus’ yellow collar was waving more erratically than normal, and was releasing mystical, dust-like particles. The specks formed a clear, but highly visible wall in front of us, blocking the Glitchmon.

Light Screen would not stand for long. Camerupt and Salamence were still tired from their respective attacks, while the other Pokémon were waiting to attack.

The Marks rammed the wall, but they just did not have the strength to break through. It was disturbing that they made no noise at all, even when moving. Something about it was just so unnatural. At least we have one on our side!

From the back of the group was a launched bomb shaped like an egg. It arched over the cluster and exploded upon coming into contact with Light Screen. The loud "KABLAM!” frightened Aurorus, who dropped her guard and the protective wall.

"Sweet merciful crap!" barked the Captain. "What was that?"

3TrainerPoké’s back head was up and had its mouth open. The Egg Bomb came from it! So, the King has finally decided to join the fight!

The King ascended by flapping his curved wings. With two flaps, he was up in the air, almost touching the roof. He flew towards us; another Egg Bomb was forming in the back head’s mouth.

"So, now what’s the plan?" Amber asked me.

"I have no idea. Bzzt."

3TrainerPoké slid across the ground and swung his thick, long arms out at us; Amber ducked and was not stricken, but the Captain was smacked aside and stumbled into a wall.

"I knew the God was wrong letting you live! Forget what I said about making your deaths quick and painless. I want you TO SUFFER!"

Salamence’s tail coated itself in a thin, watery layer of steel and was swung at the King. The dragon’s Iron Tail battered 3TrainerPoké and smacked him to the ground. Without giving the King a chance to get up, Salamence spewed out a stream of fire upon the saurian being.

Unfortunately, 3TrainerPoké’s back head lurched, opened its mouth, and consumed the flames. Salamence ceased attacking quickly, but the head spit the flames back in the form of a fireball, and pelted the dragon in the face. Salamence whimpered and backed away, and 3TrainerPoké got back up.

The Marks started closing in. Purpganium grabbed a Bullseye Mark with a Vine Whip and threw it like a disc and slicing many of the Doubles in half. The halves dropped to the ground and lay flat on the surface. 3TrainerPoké was uninterested in his subjects’ demise. He had many more where they came from and they would blindly follow his orders, but for now, we were his priority.

The Captain got up, holding his head. I saw him smack it against the stone wall.

"Why do you continue you fight? Don’t you realize your fates are already sealed?!" 3TrainerPoké barked.

"We fight because we have a dream!" Amber replied.

"Dreams? What dreams?! YOU HAVE ALL LOST!"

"Not yet we haven’t! Bzzt."

“And they called me crazy," the King said to himself.

The Captain screamed and tackled 3TrainerPoké into a wall, a daring move if there ever was one. He lacked the foresight to try something else afterward, though, since 3TrainerPoké’s three-pronged tail wrapped around his legs and tripped him.

Purpganium’s leafs shredded themselves into little blades and battered the King, pinning him against the wall and cutting him in little slices. Whether he was tired or not, when the attack ended, he leaned on the wall, huffing and seething.

I stormed over to him, aiming the pointed end of my iron rod to his throat.

"Where are the others? Bzzt."

"You will need to be more specific."

"Where are Dicks, Shorts Kid, Travis, LM4 and MissingNo? Bzzt."

3TrainerPoké chuckled. "Dicks and Travis are still out there somewhere, wandering aimlessly to a destination that does not exist. LM4 and MissingNo are not here. No, they are in the God’s tower."

I saw Amber backing away towards something in my peripheral vision.

"Go ahead! Release these Hybridmon! They are of no use to me. On the other hand, you will not get very far. The drop from here to the ground is eighty four feet and six inches. Assuming the army of Charizard M’s is still out there, you will die before even landing!"

We had not forgotten about those Charizard M’s. They are persistent predators, even more so than 3TrainerPoké or PPkmnP.

"In that case, are you admitting defeat? Bzzt."

"Heavens, no!" The King started regaining his composure, towering above us once again. "I am just disappointed to know that something other than I might have the pleasure of killing you."

The head on his back opened its jaw wide and lunged for me, but I smacked it away with my weapon.

3TrainerPoké gathered all his energy for one last attack. He was focusing on this strike, bringing his limbs close together and curling up into a ball.

"DOUBLE EDGE!" he declared.

He uncurled and barreled towards me for a full-body tackle. At this speed, I had no time to protect myself, and the Captain would never get me out of the way in time. I braced myself for the impact that would, in all likelihood, end my life.


As I stared Death in the face, the King was consumed by flames and shoved away down the hall, hitting the floor and rolling for a bit. Camerupt had saved my life!

That was Amber’s cue to pull the switch at the end of the hall. The sliding doors opened and the imprisoned Hybridmon slowly stepped out of their cells, logically cautious.

The white Fearow cawed something to them. It roughly translated into something along the lines of, "We can trust them!" and the bird motioned to us with its head. The Hybridmon stepped forward; there were less than we saw on the cliff, but they still formed a rather opposable army. And that is an army we could count on!

3TrainerPoké got up off the ground. Another, larger group of Marks rushed into the hall. A golden Steelix that had escaped from a cell on the right coated itself in electricity, then growled at the Glitchmon and let loose the grandest Thunderbolt attack I had ever seen! Not only did it do the trick, but the surgical onslaught hit the King as well, throwing him against another wall. He, for the first time, collapsed in a defeated heap.

The Marks were either simply defeated or incinerated. Many of them burst into ash; it was a horrendous fate.

We quickly turned towards the one prison cell with the large hole Salamence had placed. I approached the gape and looked out. I saw the same off-white void when looking straight. It was what was below us that worried me.

The outside ground was, unlike the ‘incomplete’ ground we had walked on before, fuller with random letters, numbers, rooftops, spinning floor tiles, trees, expanses of water, equally large fields of grass, and random blocks of junk, all of which expanded in every direction that did and did not exist. This was not the same Glitch City we had become acquainted with. What I was looking at was a horrendous, different kind of dimension that had almost no resemblance to what we had seen before.

And we would have to venture through it.

Nonetheless, this was the only way out of here. I was strong enough to support the Captain while flying and Amber had a similar support in Salamence. But the Hybridmon? Many of them could fly, definitely. But most of them could not. Purpganium could not fly. Neither could Aurorus. Either they jumped or stayed behind.

Wouldn’t you know it, Steelix decided to take the first plunge. He slithered up to the hole, looked down, and went over the edge. All of us watched as he fell eighty feet to the ground, but what was really baffling was that it landed perfectly fine. Steelix landed on his stomach, got up, and was completely unharmed. Even the hardiest hardest Pokémon would be dead under normal circumstances.

The iron snake looked up at us, flashing an expression that matched my confused observation.

"So, who’s next?" the Captain asked. Camerupt came forward.

“Rupt!" it growled. And then it, too, jumped down and the same thing happened! Camerupt and Steelix looked at each other in a way that showed they did not know how this was happening. The other Hybridmon followed, abandoning the tower and jumping to freedom. None of them questioned themselves as they took action, but they were always baffled that they survived.

The hundreds of imprisoned Hybridmon were finally free, but there were many more out there. Now it was our turn. We took a cautious route and flew down to join our ensemble, although Aurorus and Purpganium hopped down to rendezvous with us.

I looked at our surroundings again. It was so unreal, even worse than the rest of Glitch City. This was an ugly place, a dimension that should not be. Something that could not be. It almost looked like a storm was coming, but that would mean there would be clouds and we would not have to look at what we were currently seeing.

The Captain and Amber were counting the number of Hybridmon with us.

"Looks like we have roughly 300 new friends," the Captain said.

"Three hundred and twenty eight. Bzzt. We will need all the help we can get to end this. Bzzt."

War. That is what this has become. A violent, twisted turn of events. What started as an innocent adventure has transformed into a fight for survival.

And the war is about to go critical.
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Chapter 23: Hope, Ruin, and Everything In Between
"So, how do we go about this?" the Captain asked, looking to the Hybridmon.

"What do you mean? Bzzt."

"Should we catch them, or what?"

I replied, "A few of them already have a sense of friendship with you two. Bzzt. I do not think confining them to Poké Balls is the way to go. Bzzt. So, I think, any that want to ally themselves with you will follow your lead. Bzzt."

Camerupt sauntered forward, standing in front of the Captain. "Rupt."

"Well, that’s one down! Bzzt."

Amber spoke up. "Am I the only one who thinks capturing them should not be a priority? Any other Trainer could’ve come along and they would’ve allied themselves with him or her."

She made an excellent point. What we had with these Hybridmon was a unique bond. One that can not be confined by technological capsules. The exact same one I shared with the Captain. The same kind Salamence shares with Amber. Possibly, in some kind of bizarre twist of fate, the same bond Charizard M shares with its Trainer, if it has one.

Which brings me to another realization: 3TrainerPoké is deluded beyond a shadow of a doubt. He believes he is working with this God as an alliance, when he is actually a puppet to them. Whether or not he knew this was a different matter, since he is also insane. But, what about PPkmnP? He was acting on orders of 3TrainerPoké, and by extension on orders of the God. Did he know this? PPkmnP did acknowledge that he was working on the King’s orders, however, and it is more than likely he knew of the legend of a Glitch God.

I myself am still unable to understand the myth and my supposed connection - my relation, to this being. There is no way to brush off the fact that there is something else here. It can see us. It us watching us. It is waiting for us. What is it waiting for? Emphasis on what.

We have been here for at least three months. It is strange how time works in Glitch City; as a matter of fact, it does not exist. Not in a traditional sense. What we Glitchmon call time is more like that period between falling asleep and waking up in the human world. You do not sense it, but it is there, and you know it has happened, but not when. Three, four weeks passed between meeting the Captain and the events on Cinnabar Island. That I can confirm. So, a month, let’s say. Most of that time was spent in Vermillion City, and a few days passed on the S.S. Essessessess.

I say at least three months because I have been here longer than I have been in the outside world. I know I have been here at least once before; LM4 said Glitch City is where I first appeared. However, I do not remember anything before meeting the Captain, but LM4 has been right about many things in the past.

The statue said, "...and on the five thousandth day." Five thousandth. 5000th. That would mean Glitch City was roughly fourteen years old when I was born, and that would mean I am no older than four years old. Smitty said that he had been hunting Glitchmon for eighteen years, which, assuming Glitchmon appeared around that time, would place Glitch City’s and MissingNo’s birth dates around nineteen ninety six. That would mean I would have been born in two thousand and ten. It is now two thousand and fourteen. What was I doing over those three-four years, and why did I not remember any of it? I entered the real world due to 3TrainerPoké and was captured on Cycling Road, so that answers that, although I do not recall ever being there or hearing that name before.

So, we finally had a rough timeframe of when this all started. I relayed the information to the Captain and Amber, who were befuddled.

"The math checks out," Amber said, dragging her fingers across the floor as if she was writing the details down. "So, in less than twenty years, 3TrainerPoké managed to ruin everything for everyone."

"That’s my job!" the Captain joked.

"Not only that, but in less than half a year, we put many dents in his empire."

"And he’s struck back. Bzzt. This is a tug of war. Bzzt. Every little victory we have had just gets broken down. Bzzt. We form a team, we meet Charizard M. Bzzt. We save the people of Vermillion City, but the city is destroyed and Smitty is killed. Bzzt. We defeat PPkmnP, and then wind up here. Bzzt. We free the Hybridmon, but at the cost of losing two more teammates. Bzzt. Possibly four. Bzzt."

The Captain stood up to get a better look at the area. He sighed loudly while observing.

"Where are we?" he asked bluntly.

"We are still in Glitch City. Bzzt."

"I know, but where in Glitch City? This is new."

"I have no idea. Bzzt."

The rest of our entourage joined us as we stared into the void. It twisted and turned in ways not normally conceivable to the mind, whether it meant twisting inside outward at a sixty two degree angle, or collapsing sideways.

Something fell from the sky. It was chilly, but wet.

A snowflake. The snowflake was square, white, and otherwise without texture. I looked up, but there was not a cloud in the ‘sky.’ Maybe there was, but I could not tell if there was one because of this dimension’s appearance. This was the first time we had felt something other than the eldritch stiffness of Glitch City’s environment. More and more of them came down, forming a light snowfall that was, compared to the other events that had happened here, soothing.

The Hybridmon shuffled around as they looked up to watch the spectacle. They were as shocked as we were. The snowfall showed no signs of stopping any time soon. Amber shuddered from the cold; none of us had felt anything this natural in quite some time. It was soothing, in a strange way. We were still out here, lost and alone, but there was a sign of humanity we desperately needed to encounter.

We needed to find the other Trainers, too. That was easier said than done. If they were in this part of Glitch City, then they were likely just as lost as we were. Where to start, where to start? We could clearly continue into the wretched depths of Glitch City and hope against hope we could find something there. Our army was formidable at best.

"What’s the plan, chief?" the Captain asked.

"Right now, we should look for the others. Bzzt. Dicks, Travis, Shorts Kid, or the other Trainers 3TrainerPoké is looking for. Bzzt."

"Make our army bigger," the Captain said.

"That is part of the reason, yes. Bzzt. If 3TrainerPoké is really on a manhunt for other Trainers, then getting to them before he does should be a priority. Bzzt."

"So, what we’ve already been doing. Hopefully we won’t encounter 3TrainerPoké for a while."

"Where did he say the Gym Leaders and such are?" asked the Captain.

"In the God’s tower. Bzzt."

The Captain groaned exhaustively and sat on the ground, while leaning against Camerupt.

"Can we rest first? I don’t know about any of you, but my legs are killing me."

"No! We can’t rest right now. Not until we find the others!" Amber replied. The gold Steelix slithered up to her and lowered its head, as if it was telling her to climb onto its head. She did so, sitting between the two ridges above its eyes.

"The God’s tower. Great." The Captain got up, and stood beside me, staring at the void. "And we have to go through this to get there. This. This insanity."

"It would appear so, yes. Bzzt."

I spread my wings and hunched down so he could climb on. It feels odd having feet puncture your wings, but still being able to fly with them. Then, I flapped once and was lifted off the ground even higher, ascending twenty feet into the air. Steelix and Amber slithered over to join us and I turned to face the other Hybridmon.

"Are you happy to be free? Bzzt."

Most of them let out a confirming grunt and nodded as well, a good sign.

"Are you willing to help us help you defeat the horrible abomination of a Glitchmon that did this to you? Bzzt."

Again, they nodded. A lot of them made violent movements, like they were itching for a fight.

"What about you two? Bzzt," I asked the two Trainers.

"Well, obviously," Amber replied.

"You?" the Captain asked me.

"My spirit burns like the fire within the soul in the heart of a wagon! Bzzt." I don’t know why I said that; it was not the first time it happened. "I will not let 3TrainerPoké rule a world that does not belong to him! Bzzt."

The Captain nodded and would have high-fived me if it were not for the fact that it would be difficult to do.

"All right. Bzzt. Let’s. Bzzt. Get. Bzzt. Dangerous. Bzzt."
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Chapter 24: To the Rescue!

(Music: Winters (

Our Hybridmon friends were surprisingly fast; I guess that’s because just about everything is on the line now. Too bad we can’t say "before it’s too late," because it is, for the most part.

No. Not yet. It isn’t too late yet. We are still alive, after all. That is a victory all on its own. And, since there is weather, parts of the world might not be totally corrupted yet!

It makes me wonder. What part of the planet are we on? Especially for there to be snow. The sun, the sky, grass, clouds, we had not seen any of that in quite a while. Why was it snowing?

"Hang on," Amber said cautiously. Steelix lowered its head and she jumped off the snake’s noggin, her feet sinking into the ground until it was halfway up her knees.

"What’re you doing?" asked the Captain.

"The only place I can think of to have snowfall year ‘round is Snowpoint City," Amber explained. "Even in the summer, but it’s lighter then."

"Snowpoint City? That’s in Sinnoh," the Captain commented. "How the f**k did we wind up here?"

"We flew. Bzzt." My two heads looked around, cautiously, for clues regarding our location. Something, I am not sure what, caught my attention. I felt an extreme resonance of power coming from my left, and the Hybridmon, too, turned to look. It felt like it was made of the Earth itself, with enough force to shatter the very planet if it felt like it.

The flapping of dragon wings startled us all, and, taking an admittedly stupid chance, I glanced up. It was exactly what I thought it was, but it was not the original Charizard M. A clone.

However, it ignored us and soared where we were looking. What was there? Did we dare follow it? Something was there, and if Charizard M was going to it, that was bad. Very, very bad.

"So, what should we do?" asked the Captain as Charizard M vanished into the snow.

Instinctually, I started moving, flying towards whatever was there. A group of Hybridmon, Camerupt, Heatmor, Pyroar, Arcanine, Torkoal, Houndoom, and Magcargo, stood at the front of the Hybridmon group and melted the snow in front of them with their natural heat. Amber jumped on the back of a Mandibuzz, whose deep brown fur was now a snarling crimson and joined us. Its skull...undergarments were a bright, whitish blue, as was its mane. A fire/ice-type.

Through the wall of light snow and off-white insanity, I saw a large, stone temple on top of a small summit. The sense of power was coming from there.

"Is that...?" Amber trailed off. Several Hybridmon picked up the pace, and many of the more agile ones, like a purple, psychic-type Dodrio, a brown, fighting-type Manectric, and a blue, water-type Drapion, rushed past us and stood at the massive, door-less entrance of the temple. The rest of us reached it shortly after, staring into what looked like pure darkness.

"What’s this place?" asked the Captain. "It looks so normal."

"It’s Snowpoint Temple. Bzzt. The home of Regigigas. Bzzt."

"Regigigas is on our side, right?"

"It’s a legendary Pokémon, and is likely not here. Bzzt."

"Can’t blame it," Amber added. Going against our better judgment, we set foot into the temple.

Not only is 3TrainerPoké delusional, he is also very, very stupid. Right here, right in front of us, was the Gym Leaders, the Elite Four, Pokémon Center nurses, Pokémon Mart clerks and the Champions. Their bodies were floating in stasis, contained in red, tube-like containers, submerged in water. The chambers were lined up against the stone pillars inside, but we saw no sign of Travis, Dicks, or Shorts Kid. Shorts Kid worried me the most, because he was just a child and without a Pokémon.

The room was a dark, almost nightly blue, with a smooth cement ground. Nestled against the far right corner of this floor was a descending staircase. From the staircase emerged Travis and Dicks, both of them looking rattled, dazed and confused, yet at the same time, much more mature. Their eyes locked on us.

"Y...You guys!" Dicks stuttered.

"You’re alive!" Travis added.

The duo approached us and, after getting a good look at our battle-rattled condition, Dicks said, "Well, Bert, I see you’re no worse for wear!"

The Captain pointed to his hair, which was usually spiky and fine. However, it now looked like it had been tasseled by an Ursaring. It was still predominantly spiky, though. "Your hair looks dumb."

Dicks made a sort of dismissive sound and said, "We’ve been worried sick about you guys. What sort of Hell did you all go through to get here?"

"Oh, you know, Hell," Amber replied. "Hell on Earth."

Travis nodded in agreement. "Yeah, this is some fucked up s**t." Their Pokémon arose from the staircase to join them. Dicks’ Squirtle and Paras had evolved into Wartortle and Parasect, respectively; two Hybridmon, a black Nidoqueen whose chest was a deep violet shade, and a beige Cradily whose barnacles had become yellow were with him now. Travis had one new Hybridmon, a-

"Is that a fucking Tyrantrum?!" the Captain excitedly squeaked. Its red hide was rose, and its grey belly was green.

"Yes. Yes it is," Travis said, almost like he was rubbing it in. "His name is Megadeath."

The Captain and Amber snickered at the name. Myself, too. Giving a name that asinine to any Pokémon is just begging to trouble!

"What? What’s wrong with that name?"

"No offense, but you are a stupid arsehole," the Captain said, so matter-of-factly.

"You should’ve seen it kill a bunch of those Double Question Mark things out there! This thing’s Head Smash will f**k you up so bad, you’ll wish you didn’t get fucked up so bad," Travis explained. "Anyway, you’re one to talk. Where’re your Hybridmon?"

"You wanna see our Hybridmon?" Amber asked. "Follow me."

The Captain and I stayed behind while Amber took them outside. The Captain raised his right hand and his ring, middle, and index finger. He waved his hand slightly and brought down the ring finger, mouthing, "Three." He did the same thing with his middle finger and mouthed, "Two." Then, he closed his index finger, mouthed, "One," and pointed back with his thumb.

“Son of a b***h!" exclaimed Dicks. That was our cue to venture outside and join them.

"Where did you find these guys?" Travis asked.

Amber told him and Dicks about the events in the tower. Dicks and Travis seemed familiar with the name 3TrainerPoké.

"So, you met him, too?" Dicks asked. "He’s such a nice guy, ain’t he?"

"Really jovial. Bzzt."

The next few hours were spent getting reacquainted with them and telling our stories. I told them about the whole God thing. Dicks and Travis were lost for words, and looked at me like I was completely off my rocker.

"Can I buy some pot from you?" Travis asked.

"What? Bzzt."

"So, assuming that’s all true, who is this God?" Dicks asked.

"We don’t know. Bzzt. I am not sure I want to know. Bzzt."

"While I’m thinking about it," the Captain started, "How long have the Gym Leaders and company been there?"

Dicks said that they had been there since they had found the building, which, by the sounds of things, had been quite some time before us. Their story was just as harrowing as ours:

1. Dicks and Travis awake at sea,
2. They befriended a purple, psychic-type Gyarados who pulled them to the nearest shore,
3. A gang of Hybridmon attacked them, but were defeated,
4. Squirtle and Paras evolved,
5. 3TrainerPoké encounters them at this time and attempts to kill them with an Earthquake attack; they escape,
6. After much wandering, they found they temple and took shelter,
7. A Charizard M made the scene and battled them both, but Travis caught it with a Poké Ball. A hole in the roof was planted from the battle, and Charizard M enters and exits the building through it.

"You... You caught a Charizard M?" Amber asked, in disbelief.

"I sure did," Travis replied. "He’s like a puppy."

"I’m sure he is," the Captain wearily added.

"You wanna meet him? He doesn’t bite. Not anymore, anyway. FIREHEAD!"

Firehead flew out from the building via the roof’s hole and soared down to join us. The Captain shuffled out of the way when it landed, as did Amber and I. Charizard M just stood there, with a dopey kind of smile on its face as it met us for the first time.

"Firehead, this is Bert, Amber, and Glitchy."

Firehead turned his attention to the Captain, who was now shuddering either from fear or the cold. The dragon lowered its head and licked his right cheek.

"So what, is this how it decides how delicious I am?"

"He’s just being friendly. Trust me; he won’t try to kill you."

"That’d be a first."

We spent a few minutes getting to know Firehead; he was really playful and energetic! I had no doubt he would boost morale amongst the team. Hell, if it was anywhere near as strong as the real Charizard M, we might be able to hold our own when the time comes.

We returned to the temple and looked at the trapped Gym Leaders and Elite Four. They were definitely alive.

"How do we get them out?" the Captain asked.

"We’ve tried to open those pods multiple times, but we’re worried about hurting them. I can’t think of a logical way to open them," Dicks said.

"Why not use Zigzagoon? I thought he was a psychic Hybridmon?" Amber asked. "Just have it rip off the lids with its ESP."

"It didn’t work," Travis replied. "We tried using our Hybridmon and Pokémon, but the things open from the inside; there’s a little hatch that opens them up."

I approached the rightmost pod, iron rod in hand. The tool had gotten me out of bigger messes than this before.

"I’ll need someone to point to me where the hatch is. Bzzt." Travis joined me and hoisted himself up so he could see inside. I raised the rod between the gap.

"A little more to the left," Travis ordered. I moved my hands left until he said, "That’s it!"

I dug the spear into the gap and punctured the metal; I was quick to stop impaling it. When I dug into it, I heard a noise, like a, "Cuh-chank!" This was the hatch! I pulled up and, thankfully, the lid opened, reeling back until it could not go back any further. The metal plating on the pod shifted together to form a door that opened and I got a look at who was inside.

It was a man wearing formal clothing with fine, short black hair. On the left breast of his black blazer was an emblem, a red 'R.' When the capsule opened, he wearily stepped out as the water gushed down, but fell over after taking a couple of steps; Firehead caught him and guided him to a wall to rest.

Over the next three hours, we freed all one hundred something people imprisoned here, but none of them were coherent. They were dazed and confused, unable to even stay awake long enough to walk to a wall. Aside from that, they were in fairly good shape, but they were in for a rude awakening upon coming to. This was yet another victory for us! Once they were better, we would finally be able to make our stand against 3TrainerPoké and his forces.

Dicks pulled me aside and said, "There’s more downstairs."

"More Trainers? Bzzt."

"No. Glitchmon."

Curious, we ventured downstairs to the first basement. The room was much more desolate than the top floor, and, neatly aligned in rows, were more stasis chambers. There were only eight, and most of them were a lot bigger than the ones the Trainers were trapped in. Could 3TrainerPoké be lying? Were MissingNo and LM4 here?

I looked into the middle container’s window, but it held neither of them. What it did have was a pale, orangey-brown creature with eight wormlike heads, eight arms, eight wings, and four feet. Unlike other Glitchmon, it was not pixilated, but instead had defined properties, despite being very thin. There was a name label on the lid; it read "B óË ÁN," spacing included.

Taking a chance, I freed it an watched as it slowly lumbered out of the canister as water poured out around him. His arms did not have fingers or appendages, but were hooked at the end. The wings! They were a true work of art, so intricate like a Beautifly’s, with more emphasis on the curves and wedges. The Glitchmon’s walking was strange: the feet on the opposite end would slide out first, and then the two middle feet would drag it ahead. It took a few steps before talking.

"Where am I?" Its voice was a lot like mine, but much deeper, a throaty baritone.

"You are in the Snowpoint Temple, B óË ÁN. Bzzt. You’re safe. Bzzt."

"Safe? From who?"

"From 3TrainerPoké. Bzzt."

B óË ÁN sauntered back when I said the King’s name. His eight arms were twitching, and his wings were fluttering ever so slightly.

"3TrainerPoké! That name! THAT NAME!"

He lashed out with two of his arms on his right side and struck a nearby rock pillar, splitting it in two. It toppled over and took down another pillar with it, the two of them loudly collapsing onto the floor and a small plume of dust blowing our way. Dicks covered his mouth with his arm.

The Captain and Firehead bolted down when they heard the noises.

"What’s going on? Are you guys all rig- What the s**t is that?" asked the Captain frenetically.

"Captain, this is B óË ÁN. Bzzt. He hates 3TrainerPoké too. Bzzt."


B óË ÁN focused on Firehead. He pointed his eight arms and bellowed, "That dragon is a servant of the God! It must be destroyed immediately!"

Dicks’ Nidoqueen beat B óË ÁN to the dragon and spread her arms out in front of Firehead.

"No, B óË ÁN! Bzzt. That Charizard M is on our side! Bzzt."

He lowered his eight arms. "Are you certain?"

I nodded. "Absolutely. Bzzt."

B óË ÁN backed off, but Nidoqueen kept staring daggers at him.

"Now, let’s see what other treasures are inside these capsules. Bzzt."
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Chapter 25: Consternation
So, these are the Glitchmon freed from the capsules:
1.   The orange, multiple armed, headed, footed, and winged B óË ÁN,
2.   A gaunt, demonic critter with a crescent shaped head named 44hy, who is deep pink,
3.   H4to89, who resembles a classical knight in some aspects, with a shredded cape and shape shifting arms. His colors are nightmarish, purely black and white, without a single shade of grey between him. He lacks legs, but has a wispy, ghostlike tail that does not come close to touching the ground,
4.   WGd, an utterly monstrous quadruped, purple Glitchmon who, unlike H4to89, can change any part of its body into something else. However, he usually looks like a four legged blobby thing covered in mouths and eyes, with spikes jutting down its back,
5.   The yellow and white scorpion named Zed, but instead of a normal scorpion head, his rises up like a dragon’s but is more narrow and shark-like. Z has several, long tails with even longer stingers,
6.   A, who simply does not look like anything that has ever existed. It has a slender body with arched legs and long talons, with three bell-shaped heads attached to stalk necks, home to many jagged teeth. It has a tail with a curved blade on the end. Its black, red, and white pixels made it look extra menacing, but he’s on our side!
7.   6marks, a graceful creature which partly resembled a phoenix, but with an extra set of wings. Parts of its torso were covered in eyes that blinked just slightly out of unison. It stops looking like a bird when you notice its legs are actually a very long, snaky body. Like H4to89, its pixels were black and white,
8.   Vee, who is just as unusual as A. It’s a pyramid with three heads hoisted on thin, stringy necks protruding from the peak and has dozens of legs around the base. They were not thin, millipede legs, no; they were more like a Triceratops’s. Its pixels were completely black, but there were many empty spaces in its frame. Not only that, but each head only had one eye, like a Cyclops.

As you can see, MissingNo and LM4 were not there. For convenience, we had moved to the bottom basement of the temple, because the top floor started getting cramped by the time WGd had gotten up there. The basement is completely bare aside from the stairs. We could easily fit a Groudon and a Wailord or two down here.

The Gym Leaders adapted to the cold air shortly, and several of the fire-type (formerly or newly) Hybridmon helped regulate their body temperatures.

This was three weeks ago.

Not that I’m complaining, since we were still alive and 3TrainerPoké had not come after us yet. I don’t think he was going to go looking for us now. Judgment day was coming. He knew we were going to go to the tower, our final destination. This may be insanely overconfident, but I think the battle in the prison tower made him realize that he can be defeated. However, his ego is so massive, he has likely brushed it off as a horribly dream.

At the moment, we were making our final preparations for the stand. Creating a plan proved to be a nightmare, because none of us, aside from Lt. Surge, had been in a war before.

"You do know this is nothing like Vietnam, right?" the Captain asked.

"War is war, kiddo. It doesn’t matter if you’re staring down the barrel of a rifle or down the mouth of a Gyarados. The question should be: are you ready?" asked the Lieutenant.

The Captain weakly replied, "No."

"You never can be."

Being in the room with the worlds most renowned Trainers was an exhilarating experience. I was hanging out with Bugsy and his Scyther, who was using his bladed arms to sharpen the opposite end of the rod. Its scythes made a rhythmic "shwing!" when dragged along the metal.

"So, are we gonna get out of here?" asked the bug Trainer. His shoulder-length, purple hair looked striking compared to his pale green outfit.

"Definitely. Bzzt." His Beedrill and Butterfree were sparring in the corner, anticipating the upcoming clash.

In fact, most of the Trainers were spending time with their Pokémon. Friendship was in the air. It was touching to see hardened, almost anti-fun Trainers like Koga and Drayden getting so close to their Pokémon. A lot of things change when you realize you might never see them again, or they might never see you again.

Travis and Firehead had gone looking for the tower, a pivotal idea. WGd went with them. Upon returning after a few hours, Travis announced, "We found it."

"You did? Bzzt. Excellent! Bzzt. Where is it? Bzzt."

"About two hours away by flight. It’s practically right across the street from here," Travis explained.

"So then this must be..." sighed the Captain.

"The end of Glitch City," Amber finished.

"Say what, now?" asked Clair, the dragon Trainer from Blackthorn City. Her hair... it’s peculiar. I think she was going for a ‘dragon’s wings’ kind of look. According to the Captain, she has a nice ‘cape.’

"The end of Glitch City. Bzzt. According to LM4, Glitch City does have predetermined boundaries, even though it is much bigger than our world. Bzzt. The God’s tower is there. Bzzt."

"An impossibly large world with impossibly constricting boundaries? Fascinating!" added Clemont, pushing in his glasses. The two mechanical hands sprouting from his backpack shuffled around erratically.

"I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself," the Captain sneered.

"So, we know where the tower is. Why not pull a sneak attack, catch them off guard, and blow thing sky high?" Lt. Surge asked.

"3TrainerPoké will be expecting that," replied A. "In fact, he is likely wondering why we are not going to him right now."

"So then let’s go to him!" exclaimed Juan. His Kingdra and Clair’s Kingdra did not get along.

"That’s the plan. Bzzt. Right now, we are working on strategies to win the upcoming battle. Bzzt."

"I say we kill ‘em all!" Clair declared.

"Please marry me," the Captain said to her.

Each plan conjured was so complicated, it was impossible to pull off, regardless of how few people and ‘Mons were involved. Lt. Surge’s idea to blow up the tower was the least complicated of the bunch.

"Here’s a thought," cooed Zed. "What happens if we lose? Boop."

"Knowing 3TrainerPoké, he’ll want us to suffer. Bzzt. If we die trying, then we die trying. Bzzt."

That was far from an ideal answer, but it was the only one. 3TrainerPoké, the insane King that he is, has shown himself to be quite unpredictable. Assuming there’s a God, that too will prove to be a difficult obstacle. That’s where most of my lack of confidence in this struggle came from; I wanted it to be a hoax, but a part of me knew that such a deity existed.

And that deity is my creator.

I thanked Scyther for sharpening my weapon and sauntered over to a wall, leaning against it and slumping to the floor. Despite looking at the ceiling, there was nothing to see up there other than the ceiling.

The Captain joined me. "You nervous?"

"I’m a lot of things right now. Bzzt. Lethargic. Bzzt. Excited. Bzzt. Hopeful. Bzzt. Unprepared. Bzzt. Most of all, I’m afraid. Bzzt."

The Captain nodded in understanding. "Yeah, man. This is it. The big shebang."

He sat down beside me, but upon doing so, we both heard the sound of cardboard scrunching.

"The hell was that?" he uttered, reaching into his blue cape. He had retrieved a small package, a cardboard box no bigger than his own hand. "Haha, oh wow. I totally forgot about this."

"Professor Oak’s parcel! Bzzt."

He opened it up and looked inside.

A Master Ball.

The Captain took the purple and white Poké Ball out of the box and held it up at eye level. We both marveled at it. He was holding the bloody Master Ball! The Master Ball! The only Poké Ball guaranteed to capture anything Pokémon without failure.

"Dear god!" he whispered. "Why would Professor Oak need this?"

"I don’t know. Bzzt. Do you think it will help later on? Bzzt."

"Definitely. I’ve no clue how, but I’m sure something’ll come up."

I went back to looking at the ceiling, rolling over the upcoming events in my head. There were so many potential outcomes, a multiverse worth of them, but this was going to be so unlike every other battle before. It was impossible to even come up with a ‘most likely outcome,’ but the most hopeful is that only a few people, Pokémon, and Glitchmon die.

All of us were willing to sacrifice ourselves for the greater good. There was no question about it. This was it. Every battle, every triumph, every defeat had brought us here and tomorrow would be its logical conclusion.

For some reason, I felt like something had to be said. A rousing speech to get everyone ready. So, I got up and floated above the ground as usual.

"Everyone? Bzzt."

The Trainers, nurses Glitchmon, clerks, and Pokémon and Hybridmon turned to look at me.

"I am sure that you are all very nervous; I know I am. Bzzt. But just think: tomorrow, we will, once and for all, settle this. Bzzt. I know a lot of you are filled with doubt and unpleasant thoughts. Bzzt. That’s fine, because I am, too. Bzzt.

"But think about this: those bastards have demolished and ruined everything we care about. Bzzt. Our homes are marked by despair and loathing, our world is in shambles because some guy who wants to be a dragonsaurus rex went a little crazy with his power. Bzzt. Centuries of history carved by our ancestors have been eliminated by him and his merry band of followers. Bzzt.

"Along the way, friendships and alliances have been forged. Bzzt. Enemies have been made. Bzzt. Victories have been shared, and defeats have weighed us down. Bzzt. But, despite everything 3TrainerPoké has done, we are still alive, still standing, and still fighting. Bzzt. That alone shows how headstrong everybody here is. Bzzt. I can not guarantee that any of you will come out alive, but, no matter what happens, your efforts are not in vain! Bzzt. NEVER! Bzzt.

"So, for the time being, hold your Pokémon, your Hybridmon, and your Glitchmon close. Bzzt. Tomorrow, things will come full circle, and we will prove once and for all why our determination roars like a lion with the heads of a thousand heavenly dragons! Bzzt. We will not slink away with our tails between our legs. Bzzt. We will not run in fear just because we are outnumbered. Bzzt. We will show 3TrainerPoké and his forces just why we are a force to be reckoned with! Bzzt. Not only are we going to fight, but we are going to win! Bzzt."

The speech was nothing special, but it certainly did the trick. My tract was met with roaring applause and rambunctious cheering from the crowd. Even as I spoke, I could feel something inside me waking up, a beast, my chakra, whatever that is.

"Now, everyone, get some sleep. Bzzt. We will need to be well rested for tomorrow. Bzzt."

Once everyone was sleeping, I returned to the main floor of the temple and stared out of the entrance. It was still lightly snowing; typical of Snowpoint.

The Captain joined me. "You should be asleep. Bzzt."

"So should you."   

We stared outside for a while before he spoke up again.

(Music: The Quietest Moment (

"That was a nice speech you made. D’you think we have a chance?"

"A snowball’s chance in Hell. Bzzt. If the God is real, then I am not so sure, but anything’s possible. Bzzt."

He nodded. That’s when I really contemplated the fact that we’re mortals, and, even though I didn’t want to accept it, it is very like we would die tomorrow.

"Bert? Bzzt."

His head bolted right to look at me, the expression of disbelief sprawled across his face.

"Glitchy? Did you just...?"

I nodded. "Bert, this might be the last time we ever fight side by side. Bzzt. If it is, then I want you to know that I’m glad you’re my Trainer. Bzzt."

Bert looked at the ground, trembling. Then he looked back at me and said, "Glitchy, do you remember when we first met?"

"Not a whole lot. Bzzt. The first thing I remember around that time is when I fought Dicks’ Squirtle. Bzzt."

"Oh. Well, when I released you from the Poké Ball, Professor Oak said that you should be destroyed. Then you hid behind my leg and changed into a two-headed dragon with a cape. Why?"

"Because you told him no. Bzzt."

That’s when he had a bit of a meltdown and threw his arms around me. I reciprocated the motion, hugging him back.

"I love you, man."

"You too, Bert. Bzzt."

We pulled away from each other after a few minutes. I had never been hugged before; sat on, yes. Blasted with fire, yes. Nicked by leafs, yes. And many other odd things. But never hugged.

"Let’s get some sleep, now. Bzzt. We’ve got some asses to kick. Bzzt."
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Chapter 26: Glitchkrieg
Part I: War Is Hell

When everyone was rested and ready, we left the temple as Firehead led the way to the tower. It was a grueling three and a half hour walk, but Travis was right: the place was practically across the street.

The tower stretched 100 floors and was crimson. Other than that, it looked quite unusual. On the top floor of the building was a large window that wrapped around each side, and in front of the window stretched out a grey balcony with a golden guardrail. The balcony was at least 1/5th of the building’s height, if I had to guess. It was a standard red skyscraper, but on the left and right sides of the tower were iron bolts that were half the size of an Onix.

The tower was sitting on top of a hill, only noticeable because of the flight of fine, sanded down marble stairs. On the sides of the stairs were stone columns that formed arches at the top, dipping halfway down the columns.

Not only was the skyscraper a little too-natural looking, but it gave off an eldritch vibe. It almost felt unholy. Could it be true?

As we marveled at the vile building, we heard the opposition arriving. 3TrainerPoké, his gang of Double Marks and Bullseye Marks, along with a troupe of Charizard M’s and hundreds of Hybridmon, had finally arrived.

"So! Your miserable existences have taken you this far?" the King sneered. "Bravo! I see you’ve released my prisoners."

"You’ll have to do better than red tubes to stop us from kicking your sorry ass," bellowed Wulfric, an elderly man with distinctive white hair, a drooping handlebar moustache, and who wore a blue, puffy winter jacket like a cape. He lives in Snowbelle City, which, much like Snowpoint, has snow year-round.

"Don’t issue cheques you can’t cash, human!" 3TrainerPoké barked. "Four Dot-Dot! Are you ready to meet your maker, both literally and figuratively?"

"It’s Glitchy. Bzzt. And yes. Bzzt."

"Glitchy. That’s cute. I hope the lot of you realizes you are all going to die on this battlefield."

"We’re willing to make that sacrifice!" Amber replied.

3TrainerPoké backed off just a bit, acknowledging that we were serious about this. Something inside him changed; a little amount of uncertainty had gotten to the King.

He slammed his three-pronged tail on the ground. "ATTACK!"

(Music: Multi-Man Melee Ver. 2 (

And just like that, we charged into the final battle.

I readied the iron rod, now with two pointed ends, and impaled a line of Bullseye Marks straight through the centre. When that task was done, I shook the spear and the lifeless circles hit the ground.

From the left came a darting Milotic with grey skin and turquoise eyebrows, forming a steely ball surrounded by rings in its mouth. Right before the Gyro Ball was launched, a blast of fire pelted Milotic, consuming part of its side in searing flames and throwing it aside. I looked and saw Blaine, riding his Rapidash. He flashed me a thumbs-up with his right hand before returning to the battle.

I weaseled my way through the fray, looking for Amber, Travis, Dicks, or Bert. Egad! The surrounding violence was unbelievable! Attacks and blows of every kind were being doled out.

Brawly’s Hariyama was laying a brutal smackdown on a Blastoise with pale brown skin and a rosy shell. Hariyama shoved Blastoise away with its left hand, knocking the turtle over. But it just got right back up like it was nothing, hunched over, and aimed at the sumo with its cannons. A sphere of energy that looked like it came from the moon was launched at Hariyama, travelling at unbelievable speeds and hitting it square in the chest.

"Hyurk!" the fighter bellowed as it toppled onto its back. Blastoise’s Moonblast attack had defeated it in the blink of an eye, not even giving it a chance to counter. I rushed in, ready to deliver a healthy dose of retribution, but I was beaten to the punch when a blizzard of Razor Leafs struck Blastoise, slicing his rock hide. It limped away, roaring in agony.

Purpganium had dissuaded Blastoise for the time being, but for how long? Either way, it bought me some time.

I rushed over to Purpganium and asked, "Where’s Bert? Bzzt."

The Meganium turned around and led me east. I saw Dicks’ Cradily plant its roots in the ground for sturdiness as it uplifted chunks of the invisible ground to throw at enemies. A cluster of ‘Marks, both Bullseye and Double, were buried under the miniature landslide, and I could hear something cracking from the pressure under the debris.

"Dicks! Bzzt. Follow us! Bzzt."

"What for?"

“We’re gonna break into the tower! Bzzt."

From somewhere amidst the fray, 3TrainerPoké bellowed, "Oh, no you won’t!" I tried to pinpoint the location of his voice and saw him at the bottom of the stairs leading to the skyscraper’s front doors. The King crouched down, and then sprung up, arching over to us while curled up into a ball.

Before landing, he uncurled and clasped his three-fingered meaty hands together; when the King’s feet touched the ground, he slammed his fists on the floor. The impact was simply inhuman, and the earthquake was just not of this earth! I snagged Dicks’ shirt brim and lifted him slightly above the ground as 3TrainerPoké’s attack shook the battlefield for what felt like forever.

I have to hand it to Cradily: had it not acted sooner, the two of us might have perished right then and there. 3TrainerPoké’s back head unhinged its jaw and was about to cough up an egg bomb.


A bright stream of lightning blasted 3TrainerPoké and sent him brutally thrashing aside. I set Dicks back down.

"Any idea where the others are? Bzzt."

"No clue! Why? Got a plan?"

"Getting into that building is the plan! Bzzt."

“Great plan!"

His Wartortle spun in to join us; the turtle was inside its shell, and, as it spun, took out a fair-sized group of Bullseye Marks.


"FOUR DOT-DOT!" 3TrainerPoké shouted as he got back up. "I must give you credit for making it this far. Not that it matters, because your forces will be beaten down and tortured!"

"Your aimless threats will not work on me, your majesty! Bzzt," I replied in a mocking tone. "And it’s Glitchy. Bzzt."

Cradily slowly waddled over to us, but kept its pure yellow eyes on 3TrainerPoké.

"Your kind should have met the same fate as that Lapras," the King uttered to Cradily. 3TrainerPoké somehow failed to notice B óË ÁN sneaking up behind him, with all sixteen of his arms out and ready to strike.

B óË ÁN thrust his arms forward, and the top arms on his right and left side dug themselves into 3TrainerPoké’s shoulders! We could hear the orange pixels piercing the King’s, further and further until B óË ÁN couldn’t dig in any more. The arms near the middle were next and sank themselves into the King’s lower chest, where his abdomen would likely be.

"Gotcha!" gloated B óË ÁN. 3TrainerPoké screamed in anguish as the hooks skewered him.


"If ya say so," B óË ÁN coyly said. He lifted those four arms, pulling the King high into the air, above his eight heads. B óË ÁN stands nine feet tall without those noggins of his, and the necks added at least two more feet. So, yes, that’s quite high.

"Ya know, 3TrainerPoké, you’ve been kinda cranky lately. So, why don’t ya LIE DOWN?!"

Then, B óË ÁN brought his arms down and ploughed the King into the floor! 3TrainerPoké screamed a hateful roar from the battering, but B óË ÁN let go quickly and sauntered back a little ways. However, the King just lied there, like he had been defeated. His arm twitched and the back head groaned in pain.

"That was the most unbelievably badass thing I’ve ever seen," Dicks said in awe.

"One thing left to do!" B óË ÁN said, and kicked the King’s main head with such force, I swear I heard his neck snap. His kick was swift and brutal; I don’t think I saw his foot move.

H4to89 dashed over to us and said, "If you wanna get into that there tower, now’s your opportunity!"

He pointed left and there was a clearing that took us directly to the steps.

"Hey, Knightingale, have you seen Bert, Travis, or Amber?" Dicks asked.

"Who are they?"

"Bert wears the blue cape, Travis has his own Hybridmon, and Amber has black hair. Bzzt."

"I saw someone in a blue cape with a black Camerupt further back, but if you really want inside that tower, then you should take the chance presently given to you."

A Charizard M swooped over us. This was no clone.

We all glanced up and saw the glitched dragon soaring high above the skies, approaching the skyscraper’s balcony. There was someone on its back, but I could not make out the form at the speed the dragon was travelling at. Something horrific filled the air, and it was at that moment I realized everything LM4 said was true.

3TrainerPoké giggled to himself. "Heheheh...Ha! Haha! HAHAHA! GYAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!"

"I liked ya more when I thought you was dead," B óË ÁN said.

"The God of Glitch City is here!" 3TrainerPoké declared amongst his insane laughter. "HE’S HERE! AT LAAAAAAAAAST!"

Everyone stopped fighting to see who this unholiness was. Charizard M landed on the balcony, but was facing us, obscuring the God’s frame.

And then he removed himself from the dragon’s back, hopping off its left side and approaching the balcony.

"No fucking way," Dicks sighed in horror.

The God jumped up, standing on the rail of the balcony. My word! His form... it was impossible to describe at the time. I had never seen anything so horrible forbidding, something that just should not be! My sanity was attempting to escape and throw itself over the edge of the universe, which frankly would have made the following events easier to bear. Alas, I had to stay strong!

The God spread his arms wide and declared, "I! AM! JACRED!"

So, he has a name. A name befitting for a horrific monster such as himself. But the name was not what terrified me most. It was his appearance, what he looked like.

"You like shorts. Bzzt."
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Chapter 26: Glitchkrieg
Part II; Jacred

(Music: Jacred's Theme (

There was no mistaking it. The one behind all this madness, the one who threw these tribulations at us, the one who destroyed everything we cared about, was none other than Shorts Kid. That Youngster on Route 3 with the Rattata. The same one who got snagged by a - no, his Charizard M when we spawned an army of those things. Jacred was wearing a crown made of golden pixels that shone brightly from a nonexistent light, and draped around his neck was a long cape of pixels that changed colors intermittently and gradually, but it looked quite regal and not tacky, surprisingly. The cape was much too long for him and dragged across the ground, and had seven tails that curled upwards. On his shoulders were very thin, silver epaulettes, also pixels.

And then came the speech.

"EVERYBODY!" he said, at a volume normally reserved for movie theater sound systems. "It fills me with the utmost pride to see you all here, because it shows me that I have greatly underestimated you. I like a challenge, I truly do!

"I see that I picked the right Glitchmon for the job. 3TrainerPoké, your work is deserving of praise. However, I would have preferred you kill them. Even though PPkmnP died trying to bring MissingNo down, his efforts were not in vain!

"Look at you all, fighting over something you can’t win. It’s admirable, in a way. Your determination is actually staggering, since your chances of victory are 1-0. Oh, well. Not that it really matters to me, since I am going to enjoy watching every single one of you humans perish on these grounds. The Order of the Glitch has won!"

Jacred gazed at the combatants, from left to right. When he saw me, his proud expression changed to something a little more sinister. It wasn’t quite rage, but it wasn’t quite excitement, either.


"Howdy. Bzzt."

The King jolted up, using his tail as some sort of spring to propel himself up and land on his feet.

"My supreme God-King, shall I dispose of this draconian menace?" 3TrainerPoké asked, almost hissing.

"No. I want him alive. I see that not killing you when I had the chance was a mistake, but that means nothing now. So, Four Dot-Dot, you have made it this far. Congratulations! You’re a natural superhero, aren’t you?"

I had no idea what he was talking about. Was he mocking me? Was this meant to be some kind of a compliment? The statement was utterly bizarre.

"My name is Glitchy, Jacred. Bzzt." There was nothing I could say to the rest of his sentence.

"A nickname. That’s adorable. You really are a waste of life, just like I thought originally. It’s good to see I have confirmation."

I heard Bert shout, "HEY!" from somewhere in the crowd. He wasn’t too far from us, but he had to shove and worm his way through to group. Thunderupt and Purpganium were with him, making short work of the abundance of ‘Marks that tried to block their path. "You can’t talk to Glitchy that way!" He and his Hybridmon were covered in bruises; just about all of us were.

"Oh, my. I see you have befriended a human, too. Well, you’re just a disappointment all around."

He stopped talking to me specifically, turning his attention to the rest of the armies. And, just like that, the violence resumed. Jacred turned away towards the massive, winding glass window. It opened up like a garage door; he and Charizard M stepped inside, and the door closed.

(Music: Multi-Man Melee Ver. 2 (

B óË ÁN quickly snagged the King with one of his right arms, wrapping his hooked hand around the back head’s neck, pulling 3TrainerPoké up, and chucking him aside.

"Y’all still want in there?" asked B óË ÁN, pointing to the red tower.

"Absolutely! Bzzt."

Galloping through the horde emerged WGd. His front arms were thick, like an elephants, while his back legs were spry like a T-Rex’s. In one of his mouths was a stack of Double Marks, their hides punctured by his knifelike teeth. The mouth spit them out and said something, but Bert couldn’t understand a word of it. WGd was speaking in Glitchese, but it was fractured and broken, like when a Charizard M clone threatened us before.

"What’s he talking about?" Bert asked.

"He said that he could probably kick the doors down. Bzzt. They don’t appear to be that strong. Bzzt."

"Groovy. Let’s find the others and kick that kid’s face in."

From Thunderupt’s humps erupted a mix of both fire and lightning, but it didn’t arc like usual. Instead, it spread throughout the area, raining down on its targets. The eruption sounded like a thunderclap, giving everyone on our side a chance to get out of the way.

As deft as the attack was, it didn’t do a lot of good aside from a stray lightning bolt taking down a blue, water-type Heatmor. However, a Bullseye Mark was incinerated on the spot when a glob of lava landed on top of it, so that was something.

An orange beam, a sign of our salvation, cleared a path to the stairs leading to the skyscraper. We didn’t even have to guess who shot it. We could hear the flapping of Salamence’s crescent wings, rising above the clash to bring Amber over to us. Steelix bore its way over to us, slinking around like a regular snake, and Mandibuzz flew in from behind. We could hear Megadeath approaching, using his mighty head to plow his way through the admittedly flimsy resistance at the front. Travis was riding on the dragon’s back, his Hybridmon confined in their Poké Balls.

"So, are we doing this?" Amber asked.

I nodded. "We are. Bzzt. We’re going in. Bzzt."

H4to89 warned, "I advise you to talk about it less and go!"

The knight made an excellent point. So, without turning back, we blazed for the stairs, ready to meet our maker. WGd stayed behind, because Firehead would make short work of the doors. It was especially important to have as much manpower as possible, and the Glitchmon’s raw strength would annihilate any opponent he encountered. WGd would make even Chuck, the bodybuilding Gym Leader of Cianwood City, proud.

Right when we were under the balcony, 3TrainerPoké landed in front of us.

"You didn’t think I’d just let you barge in there, did you? Wow, you really are predictable!"

A wave of darkness seeped out from underneath Dicks’ Nidoqueen, an attack called Dark Pulse. The waves, which look nothing like water and more like regular circles, caught the King by surprise, knocking him up in the air, his main head bonking the bottom of the balcony. The torrent of blackness forced the stone pillars on our sides to crumble and sever, splitting apart at the seams.

This was not enough to stop the King, as expected. 3TrainerPoké got right back up, at which point Hawlucha sprung from its Poké Ball and tackled the King, shoving him through the doors.


Our cue. Our opportunity. Our only opportunity. Hawlucha was thorough when it came to taking care of business. The hawk’s left fist was clenched so tightly, that tightening it any more would actually split apart the bird’s skin. 3TrainerPoké stood in the doorway, grunting and heaving, muttering about taking us down.

He should’ve listened to H4to89.

The King’s back head opened its mouth wide, but before it could do anything, Hawlucha threw its fist out with such velocity and force, his hand tore through the back of the head. Just as quickly as he delivered, the bird withdrew his hand. The King’s back head died instantly, flopping down.

"GAAAAAARGH!" 3TrainerPoké screeched as a part of him perished. Trying to hide his anguish, he clasped his hands together and slammed them on the ground, causing another, minor earthquake. Amber hopped on Salamence’s back, as Did Travis and Dicks. Cradily planted its roots again, B óË ÁN sank three of his arms into the doorway to keep himself balanced, H4to89 and I were unaffected because we were floating, and Bert was swooped off his feet by Mandibuzz, lifted up by his shoulders.

Purpganium, Nidoqueen, Thunderupt, and Steelgold (the nickname Amber gave her Steelix) were the only ones who were directly injured. Even Cradily managed to keep the pain at bay by sucking in whatever nutrients were available, if any. Those four Hybridmon were at a serious disadvantage, since, for some reason, poison types (which Purpganium and Nidoqueen now were) were rendered almost helpless by earthquakes like that, as were Steelgold and Thunderupt. As for Megadeth, he was the only one other than Cradily who was unaffected. Being part grass-type gave him immunity to the quake, for some unexplained reason. Type advantages can be strange, eh?

Travis’ Zigzagoon hopped out of his Poké Ball when the attack was over. Along with Tyrantrum, they focused their psychic powers on the King, lifting him off the ground with their telekinesis.

"Uh-oh," was all 3TrainerPoké could say. The two Hybridmon cocked their heads, and the King was thrown out of the building, down the steps. He tumbled down the stairs to the very bottom.

"Ouch!" Travis said.

We took a minute to regain ourselves. When we were all ready, I pushed on the door.
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Chapter 26: Glitchkrieg
Part III: The Awful Truth

We stepped inside to find a stairwell right behind the doors. The stairs were draped in red, velvety pixels and ascended to what I assumed was Jacred’s room.

"Here we go. Bzzt."

(Music:Jacred's Theme (

I took the lead as we walked up the stairs, the impeding sense of doom growing evermore. The walls of the skyscraper were a sterile grey that teetered between black and pale. By the time we reached the golden doors of the God’s room, we were shaking head to toe from fear.

The doors were even bigger than the ones at the tower’s entrance and automatically opened this time. A blinding, almost soothing light blinded us all as we stepped inside to have a proper confrontation with Jacred, but our nerves were pinched once again when we could see the inside of his throne room.

The walls, the floors, and the roof were made of colors that do not exist. Imagine a color that is not real. That is what we were staring at when we stepped inside Shorts Kid’s room. Shades and pigments of things that the mind can not comprehend.

Jacred was sitting in a stereotypical golden throne, adorned with fine linen and jewels, with Charizard M beside him. MissingNo and LM4 were there as well, chained against the left wall of this 4x4 room. LM4’s arms all had a chain and brace around them, his pincers included. MissingNo had one wrapped around his upper body.

"Four Dot-Dot. I understand you have some questions that you wish to have answered?"

I floated to the front of the group. "Yes, I do. Bzzt. Jacred, what am I? Bzzt."

The God sneered, his grin becoming utterly monstrous. "You, Four Dot-Dot, are my son."

"How original," Dicks said.

"To elaborate," Jacred said through his clenched teeth, eyeing Dicks, "I am aware LM4 told you about the history of Glitchmon and how they were birthed from a computer malfunction in the nineties. That is true. However, he missed a crucial detail: how I came into the picture.

"I was at the lab during the power outage. The cloning attempt was just that: a mere attempt, to see if it could be done. When the power to the lab came back on, the staff was making tracks for the backup generator in case the building lost power for more than twenty minutes. However, there was instead a horrible accident: another lightning bolt struck the building just as they were about to activate the extra generator. Because the building was not grounded, the three scientists were killed right before they could pull the steel switch down. One of those scientists was my dad. I heard a loud BANG! when the incident happened and went to go see what happened, but there they were, their smoking corpses lying on the ground, my dad’s hand clasping the handle still.

"Something in my five year old brain snapped, and I wanted revenge. But, how does a mere toddler get revenge against the weather? They don’t. However, that’s when I met MissingNo, the Glitchmon born from that mess. To apologize for accidentally killing my dad, MissingNo invited me into Glitch City, and in my grieving state I went. That really turned out to be a good decision in the long run.

"More and more I came here, just so I wouldn’t have to deal with the awful memories of that infernal building. Even though PPkmnP buried himself underneath it, I am glad that laboratory is no more. I feel sick just remembering it!

"But I was still eager for revenge. For some reason, I could tell that I was changing in some way. Maybe it was because I was somehow influencing Glitch City with my presence, or it was influencing my presence somehow, I am not sure, but something was definitely happening. And I liked it. A whole lot. But they learned the hard way that letting a kid have this much power was a bad idea.

"Eventually, I realized that revenge was pointless, because even if I had it, I would not feel any better. So, I decided to do as I pleased and eventually became a GOD! That’s how that part of the tale started.

"When I realized just how gullible 3TrainerPoké was, I decided to have some fun and make him King. He was already unstable enough, but giving him authority just made him go berserk. MissingNo was dethroned quickly and a great war was started, but you already know that. Through this war, we determined which Glitchmon would be more suited for helping corrupt the world, and eventually the universe. 3TrainerPoké and PPkmnP were the only survivors, but right before they could finish each other off, I intervened and decided they were perfect for the job.

"But I realized that it was entirely likely they would bungle everything up. As a backup, I created you, Four Dot-Dot. My Herald. You were born for the sole purpose of serving me and taking my place in the unlikely event I was felled. In an effort to prepare you, to make you realize what a harsh and unforgiving world this is, I left you stranded in the cold, uncaring depths of Glitch City, where 3TrainerPoké later built his Hybridmon prison tower.

"...It didn’t take me long to realize that you had other things in mind. Not only did you completely ignore me, but you actually dared to openly defy me by trying to bring MissingNo out of his exile. To my displeasure, it worked. So, to teach you a lesson, I banished you into the outside world, hoping a Gyarados would maul you to death or a Hydreigon would rip you apart with its three heads. But instead, you befriended a human. And in doing so, he allowed you to grow into the abomination you are now.

"So, when that happened, I decided to kick my plan into action and break the boundaries so Glitch City would seep into the real world. And now you’re all here, ready to be consumed by the begotten flames of my Charizard M. Any last words? You’d better make them count!"

I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t think. This is what it’s like to be dead inside. You feel nothing, you sense nothing. You are nothing. Realizing you’re nothing is one of the most horrific things you could ever experience.

"Cinnabar’s volcano’s eruption wasn’t natural," Amber quietly said.

"THEY DESERVED IT!" Jacred bellowed.

I collapsed on the floor and shuddered. Everything inside me ripped itself apart as I let the horrific truth sink in. That was my purpose. That was supposed to be my life.

Jacred got out of his chair and approached me, saying, "That’s right, Four Dot-Dot. You are nothing. You have failed. You are a failure of a demigod, you are a failure of a hero, and you are a failure of a life form."

FWAP! Bert kicked Jacred in the gut with his right foot. The God stumbled away, but stayed on his feet.

"Worthless human! Just for that, I’m going to let you watch as your Four Dot-Dot suffers!"

Jacred floated above the ground using his divine powers, and then dashed towards me with his fist out. Before he could attack, Bert jumped in front of me, and Jacred stopped.

"Jacred! If you want a piece of Glitchy, then you’ll have to go through us!"

The God chuckled. "You can’t be serious."

"Oh, we be serious," Bert declared. The groups Pokémon, Hybridmon, and Glitchmon sauntered closer.

"In a traditional Pokémon battle, you would all meet a bitter end. So, with that in mind, let’s get ready to RUUUUUMBLE!"
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Chapter 27: The Final Collision
Part I: Some Kind of Monster

(Music: Final Charizard 'M Battle (

I picked myself up off the ground and floated beside Bert. Charizard M joined us and stood by Jacred, its lifeless eyes looking as menacing as ever.

The dragon decided to act first, possibly on orders Jacred gave it that we couldn’t hear, and loosened a stream of flames from its maw. Hawlucha jumped ahead and covered its body and face with its arms, the flames colliding with its feathers. The flames couldn’t breach the hawk’s protective barrier. That little bird was tough!

"Your Charizard is poorly trained," Travis huffed.

"You’re no better," Jacred shot back. Amber’s Aurorus attacked with Thunderbolt, sending a blast of electricity at the dragon from its collar and hitting it directly! Charizard M was pushed to the wall, but the lightshow wasn’t enough to defeat it, not even close.

Charizard M flew above the ground until it was about halfway towards the roof, and, for some reason, I felt compelled to follow. I spread my wings to take after it, right fist ready to strike. Charizard’s left hand clenched into a fist as well, and I pulled my hand back, as did the corrupted beast. Then, we both threw our fists out at the same time; Charizard ‘M pulled his hand back and up, then punched the top of my right head.

"GAH! Bzzt," I grunted as I hit the floor. It was a brutal attack, like being punched by the heavyweight champion of the universe.

H4to89’s left arm changed into the shape of a shotgun, and several pixels from his tail retreated into the chamber. The knight aimed the barrels at Jacred, the movements making a loud and distorted 'ca-chunk!'

CHA-BANG! a large, black bullet burst from the left barrel and was ready to make a nice hole in his forehead. Jacred watched as the bullet blitzed for him, unimpressed.


Charizard M swooped by and Jacred hopped onto its back. The bullet lodged itself in the wall, just missing his throne chair, but the pixels dissolved and returned to his tail. Jacred and his steed banked right and circled around us like the vulture he was. H4to89 still had one bullet left, but he knew he had to make this one count. The knight took aim once again, eyeing the dragon as it flew around, unsure of himself.

Going with his gut, he fired at the perfect time! CHA-BANG! The bullet squished into Charizard’s shin, it yelping in pain.

"Gotcha!" H4to89 cheered.

Baring its teeth and desperately trying to keep the pain at bay, Charizard M banked towards us, roaring with the hate of a thousand galloping banshees. As it prepared to attack with another Fire Blast, Firehead jumped up and sank his teeth into the dragon’s neck, taking hold of the original and dragging it to the ground

Jacred leapt off of his steed right before the impact, prompting Thunderupt to take charge and follow Aurorus’ lead by bedazzling the fallen dragon with a powerful surge of electricity. Its body arched while Thunderupt did its work, the lightning erupting from his humps.

When the attack was ceased, we watched in disdain as the dragon got up, just as energetic as before.

"Normally, it’d be dead now," Bert said.

"But this isn’t normal!" Jacred cheered.

H4to89 hovered to LM4 and MissingNo. His left arm transformed into a long blade, and, raising it high, severed the chains binding MissingNo to the incomprehensible wall. The hacked metal lightly dinged against the wall, but the backwards L remained perfectly still. The knight swiped at the chains holding LM4, freeing him as well. He, too, just stood there. Were they in shock? What did Jacred and/or 3TrainerPoké do to them?

"Good idea," Jacred muttered.

LM4’s left pincer crashed down on H4to89, bashing him to the floor.

"Hyurk!" groaned the warrior.

"Wait, he’s on our side!" Bert warned. LM4 ignored him and moved in closer to the fallen knight. MissingNo turned right to face us, hovering above the ground ever so slightly. MissingNo is usually as unexpressive I am on the surface, but this was unusual. There was genuine menace in his stance, making us step back out of impulse.

"What’s his deal?" Dicks asked.

"He’s brainwashed. Bzzt."

Jacred said, "Good job, Four Dot-Dot! You’re smarter than I thought."

"I’ll skewer ya!" B óË ÁN screeched as he lunged his arms back.

"No, don’t! Bzzt," I warned. Charizard M had shown itself to be a tactful being, and this was just asking for trouble. B óË ÁN’s saving grace was not throwing every arm at the deadly duo, but he did lash out with half of them. The hooked ends of his appendages failed to even nick the dragon.

Right before B óË ÁN could do what he said, Jacred’s loyal Glitchmon sidestepped and sank his teeth into the arms available to him. He was so close to striking Jacred, too. B óË ÁN’s heads screamed in agony, a sound unlike any other. Charizard M cherished the moment, eyeing the other arms as they dropped like flies while B óË ÁN lost his focus. Then, the dragon pulled back, ripping the arms just like H4to89 severed the chains.

B óË ÁN uttered a long string of profanity in Glitchese under his breath while trying to stay focused.

"What a mouth on that one!" Jacred jeered. "Well, mouths, I guess."

MissingNo and LM4 started homing in on Firehead. Our dragon stood tall and proud like his species tends to do, but I do not think he knew that MissingNo carried a water-type attack.

That was exactly what he used. A deluge of water escaped from MissingNo’s form and was ready to wipe the floor with Firehead.

"To the rescue!" H4to89 declared. His right arm transformed into a large, circular shield and he dashed to Firehead’s aide, blocking the surge of water. Firehead ducked to avoid splash-back, and aside from a drop or two landing on his skin and avoiding his tail, was fine. He just brushed it off and was good as new!

"We can’t let them go on like this. Bzzt. There’s gotta be someway to eradicate Jacred’s grasp on them! Bzzt."

"I like how hopeful you are. That’ll make it all the more satisfying to break you down once and for all!" Jacred bellowed.

LM4 and MissingNo backed off as Jacred’s Charizard M entered the fray once more. Bert reached into his cape to retrieve the Master Ball.

"Don’t try it, human."

Bert brought his hand back, heeding Jacred’s warning. Charizard M flew up, ready to pounce, but Amber’s Mandibuzz took after it. Its wings looked more defined than before, but, granted, I never got a good look at them. They were almost like mine when I’m ready to strike.

"Mandy, don’t!" Amber warned. Bert snickered. "Shut up."

Charizard M shot a fireball at the vulture, but Mandy swooped down and avoided it. The scarlet pixels burned a hole in the wall instead, to Jacred’s indifference. We felt the floor shake as Cradily broke parts of it down using sheer force and effort. The plant pulled its head back and smashed it on the ground, sending the debris rocketing towards the dragon.

It was a joint effort, if anything. Charizard M turned its attention to Cradily, a fatal mistake. Mandibuzz soared behind the dragon, spread her wings wide, and rained her feathers down upon him. The stems dug into Charizard M’s flesh with such force, it was driven down. Cradily’s Ancient Power attack took it down even more; the chunks of floor were even bigger than I thought.

For the first time, that dragon showed us it was in pain. A brief, but audible yelp escaped its lips. Even Jacred was surprised, but his expression showed that this was his biggest fear. Considering my purpose, he wasn’t even afraid of death.

Charizard M got up; showcasing a slew of scrapes and bruises from the onslaught. LM4 took the lead from here. His meaty pincers pulled themselves back and started winding themselves up like a screw.

"What’s it doing?" Dicks asked.

"No idea, but I think we should get out of the way," Amber warned.

I thought of an idea, but for it to work I had to keep the others in the dark. If Jacred knew about what I had in mind, then my scheme would be in jeopardy.

Jacred pointed at us, and ordered to his Charizard M, "Kill them!"

The corrupted dragon blazed for us on its battered wings, snarling and ready to incinerate us on the spot with a blast of fire. LM4 was still winding up his arms. We were cornered.

And then it happened. Charizard attacked, shooting a fireball at us at the exact time LM4 threw his punches.

"DUCK! Bzzt."

All of us hunkered down and watched the spectacle unfold. Charizard shot the fireball at point-blank range, and LM4 had quite some range with those lanky arms of his. The blob’s attack landed first, socking Charizard M in the gut with the force of a freight train. The fireball pelted LM4 like he was hit by a missile, violently taking each other down. Both of them flew back a ways and rolled across the floor before stopping, defeated.

"WHAT?!" Jacred screamed. LM4 was down for the count, but Charizard M wasn’t. However, it was grievously wounded. I am surprised it could even stand. The beast looked like it had seen better days, and nearly fell over when it stood up.

"Oh, s**t, we’re winning!" Travis cheered.

"It’ll be a cold day in Hell before any of you defeat me!" the God growled.

We were absolutely unprepared for what came next, even by our standards. Jacred climbed on Charizard M’s back and the dragon ascended once more, just barely below the ceiling.

Instead of a large burst of fire, Charizard M bathed the ground with a steady, powerful torrent of flames, circling around the room and trapping us inside this tornadic inferno.

One of us had to act quickly. We could feel the fire tornado growing in intensity as it spiraled ever higher.

"Through the fire and the flames we carry on! Bzzt."

Jacred was so hopped up on his desire for victory he didn’t even notice me coming for him and Charizard M. Going with a tried and true tactic, I impaled the dragon with the iron spear, but this was all I could do before being noticed. Someone else would have to take over if they felt brave enough.



The insane heat from the tornado must’ve given Purpganium the strength it needed to take the dragon down. I could see his petals glowing intensely like the sun itself was shining on them, and from his mouth shot a beam of pure gold! Charizard M was pushed against the wall as the solar blast took away the dragon’s will to battle. Jacred jumped off at the last second and watched as his steed fell to the floor, colliding with a loud THUD! Now with an opening, Bert threw the Master Ball, successfully capturing Charizard M! The iron rod fell to the ground, removed from the beast’s torso.

Salamence fanned the flames with its crimson, lunar wings, dissipating the vortex quickly. We stood triumphant, watching as Jacred tried to comprehend this crushing and humiliating defeat.


"You lost. Bzzt."

Jacred continued to stare at the ground.

"Get your maggot friends out of here, you waste of pixels. This is between father and son now."
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Chapter 27: The Final Collision
Part II: Brawl in the Sky

Father and son. Right.

MissingNo was still conscious, but wasn’t acting on anything. He was just floating where he was, eyeing us. I could tell he was still brainwashed. LM4, however, was definitely down for the count. At least the God’s Charizard M was in our hands now.

"Did you hear me? I told your friends to leave."

His voice was filled with such menace, we all jumped back.

"We aren’t going anywhere, Jacred!" H4to89 shot back.

"Especially not after we’ve come this far," Bert added.

The God sighed. This was, without a doubt, the first time he had been defeated in any way. It took all of us to even lay a dent on that dragon, and even then, our victory was sheer luck.

"This is your last chance to flee with your lives, or else I’ll just flay you all right now."

The group was wary of his threat. I turned to face them, and we all exchanged reassuring nods. Bert stayed behind a little.

"Kick his ass, man."

Bert and I high-fived once again, and then he left as the colossal doors closed behind him.

Jacred turned to face me and said, "You really care about your friends, don’t you?"

"I do. Bzzt."

"And those other Trainers? What about them?"

"Um... I will admit I don’t know many of them, but I do value their efforts. Bzzt."

"Of course, you realize they are all going to die, correct? If not by 3TrainerPoké, than by my efforts. Are you ready to take that chance, to dip your hands in blood you can never wash off?"

We were quiet for a few minutes as I tried to formulate a response, but I had no idea what to say.

"Whaddya say, Four Dot-Dot? D’you like a shot at the title?"

I started approaching him. "Don’t mind if I do. Bzzt."

Jacred didn’t move as I got closer. I was ready. I was born ready. Ready is my middle name. Actually, I don’t have a middle name. I should talk to Bert about that later. My fists were clenched, my body had fire stampeding through it. Oh, yeah. I was made to win.

Right away, I threw my right fist out, punching Jacred in the face. Although his head cocked right as well and he stepped back slightly, my punch didn’t seem to do much. WHAM! went my left fist, pushing his head left, but the same thing happened and he wasn’t injured at all. Even his face showed bemusement. Oh well! It takes a lot to take down someone so powerful. I dished out my third strike, an uppercut to the jaw with my right fist. It was more or the same, his head moving appropriately and stepping back, but very little else.

I haven’t been in many standalone fights before, but that one definitely should’ve done something. Putting my fists down, I stared at Jacred, who had lowered his head as if to imply he had been worn down. I knew better.

"My turn."

(Music: Glitchydammerung (

His attack was swift and brutal. Jacred balled up his fists, clasped them together, and swung at my left, bashing my side and sending me hurdling through the air. The destination? The window.

I crashed through the window, taking a hole’s worth of glass with me. I rolled across the stainless steel balcony to the middle. When I stopped, I watched as Jacred walked over, hopping through the hole and onto the balcony to join me.

Getting up, I was eager to continue the brawl. Shorts Kind walked leisurely towards me like, treating this like an exercise. I swung at him with my right hand in a hook motion; I should’ve known this was a bad idea. Jacred ducked down as my hand swooped over him, and he retaliated by punching me square in the chest.

"Oof! Bzzt," I grunted, backing away. The God crept closer as I tried to shake it off, but to no avail. Jacred formed a baseball-sized fireball in his right hand and threw it at me, the crimson pixels pelting me and crawling over my body like parasitic embers. Not only that, but I was pushed over the balcony’s edge from the blast and fell to the base of the marble steps.

I should not have survived that fall.

After landing flat on my back, I craned my heads up to see Jacred descending. The violence around me was deafening, a wall of noises.

Getting up, Shorts Kid finally landed on the ground and, from his fingertips, loosed a stream of yellow pixels that cackled and sparked. The lightning-like pixels pushed me into the air; the lightning wrapped around my torso like a skinny, malformed hand, and shockwaves coursed through me. I was blinded by the light, which gave Jacred the perfect opportunity for a sneak attack. He shot a large, block of icy pixels at me, propelling me towards his tower, I soon found out. Not the balcony or the wall, but the roof.

I crashed and had to make a serious effort to stop rolling, digging my left claw into the roof to do so. The impact jolted me and I could see again, finding myself on top of the skyscraper. Jacred rushed in, but instead of attacking, stood on the roof.

"Ah, nothing settles a score like a rooftop fistfight, wouldn’t you say?"

A fistfight? Something I could actually handle?

I couldn’t even get up. While I was in the process of doing so, Shorts Kid kicked me in the gut and knocked me on my back. He rushed in to assault me once again, raising his foot to stomp on my chest, but I caught his shoe and stopped it. Then, I pushed it away, and got up just before he could come after me again.

A lucky hit! I actually got an attack on Shorts Kid, one that actually did something instead of nothing! I tried something I had rarely done before and attacked with my tail, snaring Jacred’s right leg and pulling him down onto the roof. The attack wasn’t much, but it was something!

"Hng!" the God groaned as his head bonked against the white roof.

The kill. The kill was just in front of my eyes, waiting to be used. I reached for the iron rod, eager to end this battle.

But I didn’t have it. My prized weapon was still in his throne room and there was nothing I could use to kill Shorts Kid.

Jacred got up and laughed. "Ha! Haha! Oh, what a cruel twist of fate. The weapon you want to use isn’t available when you need it most! Amazing. Oh, well. You wouldn’t be able to kill me anyway."

"No? Bzzt. Why not? Bzzt."

"Because, well, I’m God here. I am much more powerful than you, than the power of friendship, and all that other dreck those humans have put in your head."

I smirked. "If you’re so powerful, then why don’t you prove it? Bzzt."

His faced changed to maniacal villainy.

"All right. It’s your funeral!"

Shorts Kid crossed his arms to form an ‘X’ over his chest and threw his arms out, and wave after wave of black pixels blitzed towards me. The first blast did its work, and I was violently pushed off the roof and back to the sky, as the second wave felt like it sliced right through me. The third wave did nothing but push me back some more, which was a relief. It still hurt, absolutely, which makes me wonder how I survived any of these attacks. The fall from the balcony did not kill me, and his other attacks, although coming close, haven’t, either.

He was keeping me alive. That had to be it. Maybe I survived the fall from the balcony through willpower, but that was all. It felt like everything inside me was breaking down as Jacred wailed on me, which, based on what I know, means I should have died when I was hit by the electric pixels.

The God flew in for another strike, this time a kick aside. Heaving as I tumbled away, I had to think of a way to wear him down. I had no attacks of my own or the iron rod. Shorts Kid could attack from a distance if he so desired, but I had to get up close and personal. That was a death sentence.

Looking down, the war had grown even more intense. 3TrainerPoké was attacking everything that moved, shooting Egg Bombs left, right and center. MissingNo had joined him and was tackling and dousing whatever got in his way. But that wasn’t the worst of it. The likes of B óË ÁN, H4to89, Zed, and WGd, had turned on us and were attacking our allies. WGd’s form was shapeshifting erratically to try and take out as many Trainers, Pokémon, and Hybridmon as possible. 44hy was rampaging through the battlefield to beat others down without any effort. Firehead was going after others at random, shooting fireballs, or swooping down to attack someone.

B óË ÁN was going after the Trainers specifically, lashing out with his remaining arms. A and Zed were sticking to whatever was close by, sort of like 44hy but at a leisurely pace.


"Done exactly what I did to MissingNo and LM4. Did you really think that I, the God of Glitchmon, would simply let them fight on your side? Although I did not have much use for them before, having them in the open was an excellent opportunity to turn them to my side instantly."

I watched as our Glitchmon allies attacked my friends without any hesitation. The final straw. I clenched my fists once again.

“You son of a biiiiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITCH! Bzzt," I screamed as a rushed for Jacred at what felt like ultrasonic speeds. WHAP! I punched him with everything I had, all the might I could muster, and it felt good. Real good. Shorts Kid felt it, too. He grunted in pain as I drew the battle into my favor.

"Heads up! Bzzt. I’m about to UNLEASH MY RRRRAAAAAAAGE! Bzzt."

Then I did it. I took that waste of life down. I zipped back and blazed towards him again, but instead of punching him, I tackled him. This was it. Victory was mine. Freedom was ours. Shorts Kid and his empire was history. I just had to make sure he perished now. That was all. A simple enough task, really.

My destination was his tower. We were high enough up and at just the right angle to take it down with us. Jacred wormed his way out of my grasp and I thought he was going to try and escape. Oh, no. Not now. I turned around to chase after him, but I saw his right fist coated in a rainbow assortment of pixels. They were all there, including the colors that do not exist.

"NO! Bzzt."

"YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGH!" Jacred screamed as he walloped me one final time. Whatever energy I had left was destroyed instantly. Shorts Kid kept his fist planted on me and had his other hand on my back, keeping me in place. He still had that maniacal look, his grin stretching the boundaries of his face as I crashed through the roof. And then the floor beneath. And so on, and so on, until we hit the very bottom as the tower was obliterated from the sonic boom of our impact with the ground.
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Chapter 27: The Final Collision
Part III: Once and For All

I don’t really know what happened when we landed. All I know is: when I regained consciousness, Jacred and I were in a crater the size of his skyscraper’s foundations. There were some parts of it still standing, but nothing taller than LM4, who was nowhere to be seen. The Trainers, Glitchmon, and Hybridmon alike were standing around the craters edge, looking down at us. The iron rod had fallen down with us and was planted in the ground near the crater wall to my left.

I was on my back and could barely move. The God was standing a fair ways away and, to my shock and awe, looked like hell. He wasn’t too far from the iron rod, but I doubt he had any interest in it.

Either way, he was still standing. Something had to be done about it.

Taking things into my own hand, I started getting up to make a final stand against Shorts Kid. It was painful to attempt and I didn’t get far.

"STAY DOWN!" Jacred barked as he rushed over, kicking my chest and toppling me onto my side.

"Gya! Bzzt," I grunted. The attack felt worse than before.

Bert took the lead. "Come on, folks! Let’s kick that kid’s ass! CHAAARGE!" He and his Hybridmon were ready to help me, but Jacred used his divine powers to put up an invisible wall around the brim. Instead of triumphantly sliding down the slope, Bert bumped into the barrier and fell onto his rear.

"Don’t try to be a hero!" he declared. Thunderupt pelted the wall with a deluge of fire from his mouth, but the flames were dissipated when they made contact.

"Stand back!" ordered Lance, the legendary dragon Trainer. His Dragonite was by his side and everyone knew what was going to happen. "Hyper Beam!"

The orange dragon reeled back and battered the wall with an orange beam. It reminded me of Amber’s Salamence doing the same thing in the Hybridmon tower, but this was a much more powerful Hyper Beam. However, it just fazed out, like Thunderupt’s Flamethrower attack.

(Music: Showdown (

With Shorts Kid distracted, I once again tried to get up. When I actually floated above the ground, Jacred turned to attack me again.

"I said stay down! What is so hard to understand about that? For that matter..." he trailed off as he positioned the index and middle fingers to look like a gun. Jacred raised his hand in the air and brought it back down, touching the ground and sending waves of pure glitch energy at me. The waves rose up like spikes, the last one tossing me up in the air; I landed on my stomach. Jacred finished his question, "why aren’t you dead yet?"

For some reason, I couldn’t feel anything. I didn’t feel the ethereal glitch spike jabbed my stomach, I didn’t feel anything when I hit the ground. Why? Was this the end for me? Had I failed?

"I said," Shorts Kid huffed, approaching me. He picked me up like a garbage bag and raised me high above his head. "Why aren’t you DEAD?!" and threw me against the adjacent slope, which I rolled down. If he had been keeping me alive before, then he wasn’t now. But if I was still alive and kicking, then I was doing something right. Something was happening to me; after I stopped rolling, I got back up without any hesitation.

"Why, Four Dot-Dot? Why? Why do it? Why get up?"

Adrenaline. That’s what it was. Adrenaline was why I didn’t feel anything. Even if I failed, my brains weren’t going to let me throw in the towel until the bitter end. Emphasis on bitter.

"Do you believe you’re fighting for something, for more than your survival? Can you tell me what it is? Do you even know?"

I stared at Jacred as he tried to understand what was happening. He was watching as victory started to elude, to tease him.

"Is it...Could it be for friendship? Is that what it is? Friendship with these humans, these Hybridmon, these Pokémon? Are they what you’re fighting for? No, that can’t be it. Are you fighting for the world’s sake? Do you think you can undo everything we-no, everything I have done? Is it freedom? The freedom you don’t DESERVE?! The freedom that brought you here in the first place?"

Jacred was slipping. Oh, he still had some control over the situation, but it was quickly going away as the fall from grace drew near. The God had a front row seat to his demise, and was powerless to return the struggle to his favor.

"That’s it! It’s for both of those things! Oh, you little maggot. Friendship and freedom aren’t real! You should know that! Do you think these humans will still stand by your side when you fail? Do you think the world won’t turn against you? Everything you fought for was all an illusion created by lesser, more influential minds to rationalize their failures, to hide from the cruel, unrelenting world we call REALITY!

"And do you know what? Because of those ideas, I was able to succeed. Instead of finding yourselves and working individually, you put your faith, your trust, and your lives in the hands of others! And look at you now! NOBODY IS GOING TO HELP YOU! Not you," he pointed to a random Trainer, "not you!" he pointed to Bert, "And certainly not you!"

He rushed towards me. "I am going to end this ONCE AND FOR ALL!"

Jacred attempted to punch me, but I blocked the attack by raising my hand, lodging it in his elbow. This was surreal, but, strangely, I didn’t feel surprised. No, just this soothing calmness as Jacred completely lost his mind.

I’ll never forget the terrified expression on his face when I blocked his strike. Shorts Kids’ eyes widened frightfully, and he couldn’t bring himself to do something about it.

"How...?" he weakly uttered.

With my free hand, I punched his side and sent him violently flying away. He crashed against the barrier he’d set up and landed on his back, but got up quickly. Did that actually happen? Did I land a decisive blow on him? Yes! Ha-HA! What an amazing feeling, to realize I had done something that felt impossible!

"It’s over, Jacred! Bzzt. You, your empire, and your reign of terror are finished! Bzzt."

"NO! No, I am not ‘finished!’ Who are you to spew garbage like that, you miserable little failure of a Glitchmon?!"

What lovely insults. I know he wasn’t any older than five years old, chronologically, but we’d have though a powerful being like him would be capable of more than schoolyard bullying.

But I didn’t care. Jacred knew it, but he did not want to admit he was losing. What clinched it was him realizing there was nothing he could do about it. I had him right where I wanted him. Man to man. This was going to be awesome!

I approached Jacred, ready to take him down. He, too, sauntered towards me as his attempts at denying this crushing loss consumed his thoughts. The God’s face was red, his breakdown in full force as everyone started cheering my name.

"Glitchy! Glitchy!" my friends shouted.

"My Supreme God-King!" 3TrainerPoké shouted. "Watch out!"

Although I couldn’t see him, the King had tackled a large slab of the building that was still standing. Wouldn’t you know it, I was right beside it, and had no time to get out of the way.

"What the-" was all I could utter before the wall portion collapsed on me. I could barely move my hands and heads, but it was possible for me to get out if I tried hard enough.

"Oh, no ya don’t!" Jacred declared, as he bolted over to the iron rod and picked it up. He rushed over to me, raised the weapon high above his head, and slammed it down on top of what was available.

"Gah! Bzzt," I grunted as the iron rod hit my face. Shorts Kid attacked for a second time, but I swatted it away. The third time, I wasn’t so lucky.

The God realigned the rod so it was aimed straight at me, and drove the rod through my chest.

"GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGH! Bzzt," I screamed in agony.

Jacred leaned down. "AAAAAHAHAHAAAA! Sayonara, Four Dot-Dot!"

I was brought back to the situation as he called me by my specie name for the umpteenth time.

"Glitchy! Bzzt," I seethed. "My... name... is... GLITCHY! Bzzt." And I impaled him with the other end of the iron rod.

"AAAAUUUUUUAGH!" Shorts Kid screeched as I delivered the mortal wound.

Then it happened. I am not sure what happened, but it happened. I just felt the need to attack, like this would end it all. Jacred was still close enough that I could do something fatal and possibly come out alive, but he was trying to ward off the pain from being impaled.

My form started to glow a bright blue. It was almost ghostly; I didn’t even feel like I was alive. But it was incredible.

"No, no..." Jacred whispered. "No, it’s not fair! THIS IS MY WORLD! YOU! ARE! NOTHING!!!"

"Glitchy has learned Super Glitch!" I heard Bert’s PokéDex say.

Going with what felt right, I - to the surprise of everybody - fired an emerald, helically-wrapping beam from where my mouths ought to be.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGH!" was Jacred’s last word as the beams obliterated him. Instantly, he was annihilated on the spot. His form, his crown, his cape, and, last but not least, his shorts were destroyed at point-blank range. The emerald blasts pierced the invisible barrier, and it faded away.

I stopped shooting the beams, but I was too weak to stay awake, possibly even alive. "And don’t... come back. Bzzt..."
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Chapter 28: We All Go Back to Where We Belong
The main group - Bert, Amber, Travis, and Dicks - were by my side when I woke up. I had done it. Jacred was dead and gone. Literally gone. Not a shred of him remained in the aftermath of our showdown. The slab of the red tower had been pushed off my chest.

"He’s alive!" Bert cheered when I shuffled awake. I could feel again. The warmth of camaraderie.

"Hmm? Bzzt. I’m alive? Bzzt." When I realized I was indeed alive, I removed the iron rod from my chest.

"HE’S ALIVE?!" somebody screeched. 3TrainerPoké. The King still had that gung-ho spirit, but it was greatly misplaced now. He stormed down into the crater to confront us. "After all that, after taking away everything I had, you have the nerve to live?!"

"3TrainerPoké!" called another familiar voice. MissingNo! "Haven’t you learned anything from all this? There’s nothing left for you to fight for!"

"Shuddap, you!" the King - the disgraced King - snarled. "I’m still in charge, even if Four Dot-Dot is the God now!"

What? I’m the God of Glitch City? Jacred said something about that, but I didn’t think he meant it. If anything, he made it sound like I would become something of a demigod should something happen to him.

"So, I’m a God, now, am I? Bzzt."

"Exactly. What is your first order of business, my Supreme God-King?"

Ha. What a joke.

"3TrainerPoké? Bzzt."


"You’re FIRED! Bzzt."

The saurian Glitchmon stormed over to me. "NO! You can’t do that!"

"Well, I won’t. Bzzt. But he will. Bzzt," I said as I got up, pointing to MissingNo. The backwards L descended into the pit. "3TrainerPoké, we may be enemies, but my feud was with Jacred, not you. Bzzt. That’s MissingNo’s. Bzzt. And from this moment on, MissingNo is the King of Glitch City. Bzzt."

"WHAT?! No! No, no, no! NO!"

“MissingNo, do with him what you will. Bzzt."

We moved out of the way so MissingNo could do what he’d wanted to do for quite some time.

The backwards L started to focus, humming to himself. MissingNo was encased by a shimmering purple and orange aura that retreated into his back, burrowing inside him like snakes. From his back jutted out wings that were twice his body length! The wings weren’t spectacular – they looked more like angled Fs.

3TrainerPoké attempted to make a run for it, zooming past MissingNo to escape. He ran up the slope, but when he got to the crater’s edge, Vee darted over and kicked the former King back down with his beefy legs.

"Don’t think you’ll be getting away, 3TrainerPoké!" Vee said. His voice was disjointed and almost sounded maniacal.

3TrainerPoké buckled and fell to his knees. "Please," he begged. "Have mercy."

"Ask MissingNo, not me. Bzzt."

It was too late. MissingNo flapped his wings and blazed towards his nemesis, ready to kill. And then it was all over. MissingNo dove into the fallen King and slay him on the spot, and, much like what happened to Jacred, nothing remained. The new King swooped up to the surface and tucked in his wings, looking like a very perplexing angel.

"That was pretty cool," Amber commented.

We returned to the surface also, standing among our comrades. Nobody had died, but everyone was battered and wartorn. The Hybridmon on 3TrainerPoké’s side stood around, looking aimless and without purpose.

"So, now what?" Travis asked.

Now what, indeed. Glitch City was still here and wasn’t withering away like I’d hoped. Nothing was available for us to escape through. Unless...

I thrust the iron rod at nothing, but it pierced through the air like butter. Pulling it to my right, I not only tore a hole in the void, but created a door. A door to our world. However, I failed to make it go somewhere specific, but, looking through, it looked like Kanto Route 22. More specifically, the golden brick road, with the pond to its right and a mountain wall on its left. This was fine.

"All right, everyone. Bzzt. This is it! Bzzt. The home stretch! Bzzt."

A gust of wind blew threw the door. How refreshing! Feeling something like that after not having done so for some time was indescribable. The snow just couldn’t compare.

The Trainers, nurses, and clerks - including Dicks, Travis, Amber, MissingNo, and the other Glitchmon - ventured through the gap to Route 22, while Bert, the Hybridmon, the group of Charizard M’s and I stayed behind.

We observed the ruined empire Jacred strove to build. It was smugly satisfying, in a way. Although, we didn’t have very many pleasant memories of this place, but our victory was the most pivotal. That was something we would celebrate for years to come.

Something odd happened: more Glitchmon appeared. They came crawling out of the aerial caves, from the ponds hanging in the air, from the grass patches sitting upside down. They were timid and shy, possibly fearful, but they knew Jacred couldn’t hurt them anymore.

"It’s okay. There’s nothing to be afraid of," Bert calmly and warmly greeted. The Glitchmon crept towards us like abused pets that were meeting a new owner; they knew nothing about us, but they wanted to be loved.

There was nothing for them here.

(Music: The Legend Comes to Life (

"They deserve better than this. Bzzt."

"No kidding," Bert added. "There sure is a lot of ‘em!"

I wasn’t sure what to say to the Glitchmon. If they knew nothing about the outside world, then it’s likely they wouldn’t want to go. We had no idea if Jacred harmed them, or used them, or even acknowledged them, but they knew of him. Of course, they might be attached to Glitch City, since it’s the only world they likely knew.

Doing what felt right, I asked them, "Do you want to stay here? Bzzt. Or do you want to come with us? Bzzt."

They all stepped forward as if to answer the latter.

Bert turned to the Hybridmon. "What about y’all? D’you wanna come with us?"

About half the Hybridmon nodded or made a confirming noise. The others sauntered away. They felt shame for serving 3TrainerPoké, and couldn’t bear to think about what they’d done. As for the ones who wanted out, they were apologetic and wanted to atone. I understood why many of them didn’t want to come with us.

"No matter what," I began saying to the retreating Hybridmon, "you’re welcome to join us. Bzzt." Off they went.

Bert faced me and said, in a joking yet sincere manner, "Thanks for saving the world." He had trouble expressing how he felt, but I adored the sentiment.

"Any time. Bzzt. Hey, d’you still have Charizard M? Bzzt."

“Oh, s**t! I totally forgot!" he exclaimed, retrieving the Master Ball from his pants’ belt hoop. He pushed the button and out popped Jacred’s dragon. It roared over something. I am not sure what it was roaring to, but there was a sense of relief in its tone. The look in its eyes... it was happy. There is no such thing as a bad Pokémon, just bad Trainers. The same applies for Glitchmon. Even a ferocious Hydreigon can be reduced to a ball of happiness with the right Trainer.

It was time for us to leave, I told Bert. He waved goodbye to the leaving Hybridmon, who turned to watch as we departed. I was going to give the Hybridmon and Glitchmon a ride to freedom they wouldn’t forget: using my new powers, a red outline appeared around them, and, as Bert and I ascended, they did as well. I spread my wings as our new buddies watched awestruck, but confused about why they were highlighted in red.

The door shifted up to showcase the crisp, blue sky. There were a few fluffy white clouds rolling through it, a welcome sight.

"Are you ready, Bert? Bzzt."

He nodded. "I was born ready."

I looked back just to make sure the ones who wanted to be free were all ready to go. Jacred’s Charizard M flew slightly above the group, raring to get out of this begotten place.

"Okay. Bzzt," I declared as I put my right fist out in front of me. "Here we go! Bzzt."

And then we blitzed into the outside world, high above the mountains and trees of Route 22, as the fresh air gave us a warm welcome. The sun, which we were dying to see ever since we arrived in Glitch City, bathed us with its warm rays of light. This... this is what it feels like to live. To be alive.

Glitchmon and Hybridmon started dropping to the ground, landing without injury. I didn’t go much farther than the border of the route and Viridian City before turning back around. Charizard M was now soaring beside us, and MissingNo, who was on the ground with the others, spread his wings once again to join Bert and I.

Freedom isn’t really something you appreciate until you know what it’s like to go through Hell and back. It might take even more than that, but to hear the giddy, excited expressions those Glitchmon and Hybridmon made was something else. They were free. We were all free. And that, when it came right down to it, was the most important thing.

When the Hybridmon and Glitchmon were on the ground, I swooped down to join the other Trainers and their partners.

"We won," Bert uttered as he crawled off my back. "WE WON! HA-HAAA!" He and Dicks high-fived. Thunderupt and Purpganium snuggled up to him as he patted his Hybridmon on the head. "And it’s all thanks to Glitchy."

"Oh, no, please. Bzzt." I was humbled. "I couldn’t have done it alone! Bzzt."

“Maybe not, but ya showed that Jacred fellow who’s boss!" B óË ÁN cheered.

"Well, hey, MissingNo deserves a ton of credit, too! Bzzt. After all, he killed the King! Bzzt."

"’Tis true," Amber commented. "Awesomely, at that."

Clair brought up an important and distressing matter. "But... Where do we go from here?"

The world was in shambles. Cities were destroyed, towns had been demolished, roads were cracked and broken, and everything was in disarray. Our world was ruined, but we could repair it and make everything better, even though we probably wouldn’t be able to do so in our lifetime.

"Well... Let’s get workin’," B óË ÁN said.
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Chapter 29: Worlds Never Die
They just need help sometimes.

It’s nice to be in the Pokémon world again, even though we stopped Jacred three years ago. Glitchy City does things to you that you never quite get over. If you have ever walked through a cobweb, you know what I mean.

Nobody can deny that another Glitchmon might try to take over the universe again, but they won’t get far. Not while I’m still God of Glitch City and technically Glitchmon.

As for those little ones we encountered in the aftermath, many have struggled to find a place in the world. Twenty-five percent of them found loving Trainers and homes, and several of the Gym Leaders and League members have adopted them. Dozens have become friends of ours and have become trusted partners; in particular, Travis has four Glitchmon in his party, which is over the legal number of Pokémon a Trainer can carry, which is six.

MissingNo has remained quietly dignified about his kingship, refusing to take on a boastful personality like 3TrainerPoké’s. He spends most of his time in Glitch City, hoping to restore a sense of balance. Oddly, he holds himself responsible for the turmoil the dimension went through.

"Why? Bzzt," I asked him during one of my visits.

"I wish I had an answer. Perhaps it is because of the reputation Glitchmon have now due to Jacred’s and 3TrainerPoké’s actions. If I had done something about it sooner, then I could feel like I belong in your world. But I did not, and I do not."

"That’s not fair, both to you and everyone else. Bzzt. They’ll come around. Bzzt. You’ll see. Bzzt. Nobody can resent you forever, especially now that they know you aren’t responsible for this. Bzzt."

"But I am! I am the reason that child became a God. I am the reason 3TrainerPoké was allowed to go mad with power. I am the reason the world was nearly destroyed - and I do mean destroyed!" he explained, trying to not break down into a miserable mess. "Look. There is nothing you can say to convince me otherwise. There is a lot I need to do here. Maybe, when my work is done, I will join you. But that is not something I can afford to do right now."

Acknowledging there was nothing I could do or say to convince him, I left it at that. "Very well, MissingNo. Bzzt. I wish you luck. Bzzt."

"Thank you, my God-King."

"It’s Glitchy, MissingNo. Bzzt. Just Glitchy. Bzzt." And I left Glitch City and MissingNo behind.

There have only been five occasions where I have seen the King outside of Glitch City, all of them quick visits before he leaves again. I’m not mad at him for having his own priorities, especially if he still holds himself responsible for the world’s current state. I just wish he wasn’t so hard on himself. He once admitted that he did have the satisfaction of slaying the b*****d who ruined him and, indirectly, much of Glitchmon kind.

...Which made me look back on the battle with Jacred. I felt nothing when I used Super Glitch on him. No hint of satisfaction, not a glint of misery, just nothing. I fully admit I enjoyed ruining him at the end, hearing him scream about how nothing we fought for existed, just watching him squirm. Even now, there’s nothing there. No pride, no guilt, just some kind of indifference.

"Glitchy?" I heard someone say while I was deep in thought. "Glitchy!" Bert repeated, nudging me. "C’mon, it’s time to go home."

Every one of us was involved in various restoration projects around the world. At the moment, Bert, Amber, Travis, Dicks, B óË ÁN, and I were stationed in Castelia City, a bustling yet close-knit metropolis in the Unova region. Right now we were working on clearing the route gates so others could get in and out of the city, but the docks haven’t been functional for the past three years, the Skyline Bridge is completely destroyed, and the desert north of the city is uninhabitable, even though Trainers could be found there before.

Despite its state, the world has matured. So have we.

It was evening when Bert informed me it was time to go. "Sorry, I was lost in thought. Bzzt."

"Well, obviously. I’ve been trying to bring you back for the past five minutes. You weren’t thinking about MissingNo again, were you?"

"Ummm... Bzzt." Bert rolled his eyes.

"MissingNo sure is an oddball," B óË ÁN said. "I don’t think we’ll hafta worry ‘bout him tryin’ to take over the world."

"That’s for sure," Travis said. "Poor guy. It’s a shame there’s nothing for him here."

Our teams started regrouping. Bert still had Purpganium, Charizard M and Thunderupt, but hasn’t taken in any other Glitchmon yet. He did, however, add two new Hybridmon to the team: a rosy Flygon with beige wing brims and goggles; it is bug/fairy type, named The Fly. The other is a green Crustle, but its mostly brown shell is now coated entirely in scales. It is a grass/dragon type Hybridmon, named Crusty. Bert had no idea what to name it, and it’s not one of his stronger nicknames, he admits.

Amber took in WGd, the shapeshifter, and a green-and-blue Glitchmon named 8B48, a reaper-like creature with a thick, horse-like head that’s horned and has two jaws home to 8 inch long fangs. 8B48 has a long body like a worm and tendrils are based around its neck. The tendrils can shoot various sorts of projectile attacks, and walks on twelve mantis-like legs.

Dicks only has one Glitchmon, named ‘M, which looks like a cross between a ghost, an Aerodactyl Fossil, and a Kabutops fossil. Its body is the Kabutops fossil, with the ghost form covering it like a robe, but has the Aerodactyl fossil’s noggin and wings. Yes, it has those curved blade hands, but the ghost's hands are there too. ‘M’s form is the most natural looking of the bunch, and there is not a pixel on him.

As mentioned earlier, Travis took in the most Glitchmon, counting Firehead. He took in the more unusual-looking Glitches; the most notable of the bunch is named, according to the PokéDex, "?????". It has a unique Steel/Glitch typing, is gold, and has the appearance of a mammoth, but its tail looks like a dragon head. A living dragon head. Both ends have tusks, but the most baffling aspect about QuintoMarks is its method of movement. See, QuintoMarks lacks legs. Instead, it has wheels. Yes, it can drive fifty five. And that’s the slowest QuintoMarks goes. The wheels can turn so QuintoMarks looks like he’s driving sideways, but since both ends can attack with beams, they prefer to move so both heads can see what’s coming. Frighteningly, QuintoMarks makes no vocal noises. Unlike us, who will stand and fight if necessary, QuintoMarks has a pessimist attitude and refuses to combat something unless it’s a last resort.

Other than QuintoMarks, Travis is also the Trainer of 44hy, the pink demonic critter with a crescent head. 44hy, we later learned, can decapitate itself and use its noggin as a projectile and stay alive, even if the head doesn’t return to it for days. Or ever, actually. There is also Dotty, named "......" according to the PokéDex. Dotty has the alien ‘L’ type, which is strange even by most Glitchmon typing standards. This black Glitchmon does not have a predetermined shape other than the two saw blades it has for hands, which are hosted on bended arms. Despite being able to transform like WGd and H4to89, it cannot use any attacks it does not already have. Even if it can turn into a dragon, its wings will not be able to harm a foe, since Dotty can’t learn techniques like Wing Attack or Steel Wing. He has an arsenal of attacks that can benefit from certain forms, like Double Kick if it sprouts legs, or Bone Club if it launches an arm at a foe.

There are several teammates we haven’t seen since that adventure. None of us have seen H4to89 in a while, but we know he’s still out there somewhere. LM4, too, has disappeared.

As for the people and Pokémon... not everything turned out so well. Tens of thousands of people are without homes, Pokémon and Hybridmon are without Trainers, and an innumerable amount of both perished while Glitch City had its way with the world. We have lost many who were close to us, and some of them, like Bert and Dicks, will likely never recover from bereavement. Large parts of them died when they found out.

(Music: Mystery (

"So, are we heading home?" Dicks asked.

"Yup, I suppose so," Bert replied. "Guess I’ll see you guys tomorrow?"

"Smell ya later!" Dicks said.

"Man, I’m beat. I can’t wait to crash," Amber commented. "Well, g’night, everyone!"

"I s’pose we should get going," Travis said. "Hang on, what time should we meet up here tomorrow?"

"Oh, good question!" Bert said. "Is 10am okay with everyone?"

Amber replied, "Sounds good to me."

As we started to leave, B óË ÁN said to me, "Hey, ya guys have a good night. I’mma stay here and keep workin’."

"Are you sure, B óË ÁN? Bzzt."

"Yeah, I’m sure. Y’all need yer rest without worryin’ if there’ll be more of this stuff tomorrow."

I replied, "Well, all right. Bzzt. You take care of yourself, B óË ÁN! Bzzt."

"I will, Glitchy. Have a good one."

Bert returned Purpganium, Thunderupt, and FemSym to their Poké Balls, and then crawled onto my back for the flight home. Charizard M hates the Master Ball with a passion, and even tried to eat it once.

As we went our separate ways, Bert said to me, "And to think, this all started the day we first met."

"It makes you think, doesn’t it? Bzzt. How one little incident can set off a wave of experiences. Bzzt."

We soared for Coumarine City, a port city in the Kalos region. There isn’t anything resembling a port anymore, but it’s still one of the comfiest places to live, in my opinion. The churning waves are great for recovering from sickness and falling asleep, and the city’s markets still bustle. The flight was about an hour and a half, but the sea breeze was amazing. Not only that, but the air was always crisp, which is one of the reasons so many flocked to it. Coumarine and Verdanturf Town, a town in Hoenn neighboring Rustboro, had seen a population increase due to the living conditions, although Verdanturf is more famous for its incredibly clean air.

The others live in separate cities, except Dicks, who is more of a drifter. Amber moved to Rustboro City in the Hoenn region, a somewhat industrial town and one of the few places not completely destroyed by the glitch catastrophe. Travis lives in Cherrygrove City, located in Johto. None of these places are permanent. Over the last few years, we’ve moved on numerous occasions to make getting to destinations easier, and none of us have had a real home in quite a while. This is far from simple and, unfortunately, our current residencies are the easiest paths, despite the colossal distance.

Bert and I ventured into one of the residential shelters set up on the east end of the city; he reached into his pants’ pocket, and pulled out the key to our ‘apartment.’ The buildings were designed so people could live like they had a home still, even if they weren’t much: just a living room with beds, a kitchen that hosted an oven, a fridge, and cupboards, and a bathroom. As expected, there was no rent since these shelters were government-funded. You could bring in luxuries if you desired, but the only things Bert ever brought were the coffee maker and his MP3 player.

Later that night, at around 2:40am, I awoke to find Bert was not in his bed. He was sitting on the cliff, his legs hanging over the edge, and staring at the sky. Bert had done this multiple times before, and his Hybridmon were with him. They watched the stars twinkle, listened to the waves of the sea twist and turn, wondering what awaited them.

I didn’t say anything, but he knew I was standing in the doorway. He turned and smiled at me; you could tell he’d been through hell and back. We all have. And then I joined them, sitting beside him, watching the sky, waiting for a new day to welcome the world.

The End
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I want to see a ROM Hack of sorts of this... maybe a video with actual GB/C/A graphics?
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I'm all right with the bump personally because the post contributed a request (not just something like "this is cool"), and the forums aren't that active anymore.
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-.- i don't appreciate your sarcasm
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