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Title: Kojima tried to warn us
Post by: Yeniaul on January 21, 2017, 02:16:45 am
So... I've just seen the Metal Gear Survive trailer. I'm probably the last one the news reached, but that's beside the point. To try not to flip the f**k out, I decided to play some MGSV:GZ. I fired up one of the special missions,  I think it was called Deja Vu or something of that sort. the one where you go around and erase the logos and the graphics looked like the PS1. I noticed something... peculiar. All the logos that were erasable... were Kojima's Metal Gear games, and the ones that you couldn't erase were Metal Gear games that Kojima had no part in. This probably sounds sketchy, but there's more. The line about the logos "living inside you" also alludes to the Konami-Kojima brand-removal. This is fairly creepy, especially when figuring all this out myself in a flash of epiphany at 2:00 AM.