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Title: The "RegF**k" thread... (original name, isn't it?)
Post by: Charmy on January 31, 2017, 12:20:00 pm
Well, Leurak is back! But this time it's not any malware related to memes, it's a corrupter, a registry corrupter, actually, it's name is RegFuck. Yes I'm serious.
I tried it out on a Windows XP virtual machine, because Wynaut and...
The results are great, such as FreeCell being named "FreeCekG" (as names for most of the system things are stored in registry) or My Documents that I have renamed to "meh dukumentz" is now "m9h dusument<"
Also, nothing beats RegFuck's GUI.

As I do not want distribute semi-malware (it obviously warns you that it's harmful), I'll just give a taste of how this looks like.
If you REALLY want this, and you REALLY know what to do with it. I might give you a link to Leurak's YT video on this (you know you can just look it up on YouTube?)
I'm not responsible for any damage done to your main PC or any other Windows installs you care about. So ALWAYS use a virtual machine, or installations that you don't care about.It also requires NET Framework (at least 3.5) to work.
I love that gif that shows up when you corrupt stuff :).
I really hope I won't be banned for making this thread.
Title: Re: The "RegF**k" thread... (original name, isn't it?)
Post by: Yeniaul on January 31, 2017, 09:08:59 pm
Haha, once again Leurak delivers.
Title: Re: The "RegF**k" thread... (original name, isn't it?)
Post by: Charmy on February 01, 2017, 04:29:16 am
The best thing is that gif that plays while corrupting.
EDIT:Now that gif is in my signature.

EDIT2:Well, Now onto Vista, what could go wrong?
Well, everything...
"This operation returned because the timeout period expired."
I couldn't even download .NET Framework 3.5 because the page doesn't load properly, AND NO VISTA I DO NOT WANT TO PRINT!!
Now Windows 7's turn, It installed itself on a VM with 2GB of RAM faster than Vista failed installing .NET Framework 3.5.
Let's see what happens.


After this amazing GIF, we see, that... Explorer.EXE says, that "Application not found" and Explorer keeps crashing...
then this...
*attachment 1*
and then Startup Repair