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Title: 4 h r'm'dRx'dPRY (0xAF)'s Master Ball is obtainable after all
Post by: Torchickens on February 12, 2018, 09:09:33 pm
If you somehow register glitch contact 0xAF (01AFC6D9) and call them in the morning (not during the day or at night), it's possible to contact them without getting a message that they are out of the area, and will give you a Master Ball.

In the past it was reported that you'd get a Glitch Dimension after the message. However the game will actually execute F7CD (D7CD; somewhere in the event flags). This may actually be reachable from the expanded Balls pack. If there is a 0xC9 around here (I placed mine at D7CE) then you can actually get a Master Ball with no freeze. A whopping 52 in fact!

It's a shame glitch contacts are arbitrary code execution only for now, but maybe in the future we can put this to use without arbitrary code execution (even though Balls pocket corruption allows for those many Master Balls already).

Title: Re: 4 h r'm'dRx'dPRY (0xAF)'s Master Ball is obtainable after all
Post by: Krys3000 on February 13, 2018, 07:09:19 am
Very cool!

I've tried all glitches contact (either as the caller of receiver) in french games lately. hex:AF was among those who didn't answer and never called, but I don't think I tried it in the morning so maybe it's possible to get the Master Ball x42 in other localizations too. There are however differences between localizations for at least some glitch contacts, as I wasn't able to replicate some known english results of glitch contacts in my french game.

That being said, in french games (and possibly english?) hex:46 and hex:C6 in G/S, as well as hex:D3 and hex:E9 (when called) and hex:69 (when calls) in Crystal, give TMs to the player before freezing. Although I wouldn't probably be very helpful, I wonder if there's also a way to get them without freeze.

Since we're talking about it, some glitch contacts in french games have very unlikely effects.
- Hex:3E (G/S, called) displays a "you don't have enough space in party" message (I did not try with less than 6 Pokémon)
- Hex:38 (C, called) displays a message that could translate into "no window for apparition" with a weird music. Then freezes.
- Hex:84 (G/S, called) starts the Team Rocket theme, but then freezes.
- Hex:E0 (G/S, when calls) asks you to choose between YES and NO, but whatever your answer is, hangs up. Lol.
- Hex:5F and hex:DB (C, when calls) asks you to choose a Pokémon, but nothing happens.
- Hex:9B (G/S, when calls) and hex:AC (C, when calls) asks you to choose a Pokémon, but then freezes suddently.
- Hex:B0 and hex:BD (C, called) asks you to choose a Pokémon, then displays a glitched map. If you exit, it will ask you again to choose, but this time it will freeze.
- Hex:2A (C, called) gives a Forretress for some reason, but then it freezes the game.
- Hex:2A and hex:E2 (G/S, called) start the game credits (but doesn't finish the game).
- However, hex:B8 (G/S, when calls) does indeed finish the game instantly, registering you to the HoF, but when the game restarts, it freezes after a few steps.
- Interestingly, this works well with hex:54 and hex:E8 (C, when calls) as it will register you to HoO and finish the game, and then you will be able to continue it.
- Also very interestingly, hex:57, hex:D8 and hex:FB (G/S, when calls) triggers a fight against Glitch Pokémon hex:00.

If we were able to stabilize the side-effects from these, preventing the freezes, it could be cool :)
Title: Re: 4 h r'm'dRx'dPRY (0xAF)'s Master Ball is obtainable after all
Post by: Torchickens on February 13, 2018, 09:14:50 am
Thanks Krys3000.

That is awesome :). Had no idea there were so many interesting effects.

In English versions 0xFF finishes the Hall of Fame when called in the morning as well. Love that you can fight ????? (0x00) in French versions this way so may try that too.

I've found that even if the data at F7CD is safe, the game can still freeze after receiving the Master Balls, but not always. Curiously when I called the 0xAF number again following a non-freeze I received a TM, and when called a third time a Nugget if I remember rightly.

Some of the glitch contacts also have variable names. I wonder if it's possible to give them custom names like how Crystal_ got a call from Rick Astley for an April Fool's joke?