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Title: Pokécheck is back!!
Post by: Sherkel on November 29, 2018, 09:03:55 pm
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Pokécheck is a site used for storing Pokémon as files without the need for an external device by uploading them to the GTS from whatever game they're stationed in. Type in the DNS server indicated on the front page, and thanks to the recent Wi-Fi exploit (, you'll be good to go!

As a gift to you all, I've exported a handful of Pokémon I had stored there (!HBMkXQpQ!NmvvAPLw3B-WX4pEGi5pd81v8Ewk2vV9QdC7OF4BYXA), which you're free to upload back to there and send to your games. Some of these are quite rare, or at least used to be (never did find out for sure if 3rd Gen move tutors were obsoleted). This is just a few, but my folders there were very disorganized and it'll take a bit of time to sort out what's worth sharing. I have them stored in other places too, most obviously the save files they came from, but the site coming back up saves me the time of hunting all of those down.

A quick word of warning: the site used to attach a ribbon to anything downloaded from its GTS server, for reasons I never quite understood, which in short is an illegitimate modification. They might still do this. So, if you need any of these to appear in the exact form they should be in (everything I posted was captured or hatched by hand, in other words fully legit), either inject the .PKM directly into your save or ask me to trade them to you in Gen 7 Wi-Fi. It's just a ribbon, though, so there's not necessarily much reason to worry.
Title: Re: Pokécheck is back!!
Post by: Parzival on November 29, 2018, 10:49:20 pm
Wait, what gens?
Title: Re: Pokécheck is back!!
Post by: Sherkel on December 01, 2018, 11:39:59 am
4 and 5. The site's heyday was before the idea to use file extensions like .pk1, .pk4, .pk5, and the like, so I can't say which of those are for Gen 4 and which are for Gen 5 without checking manually. However, if you use the site to transfer them, you can send any Gen 4 file to Gen 5 and it'll treat it as if it was transferred using the Pokéshifter...while also throwing on the ribbon, of course. Any that originated in Gen 5 can't be sent back, as far as I know.