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Title: Hybrid growlithe (HEX E5) in Pokémon Yellow
Post by: kevin! on April 27, 2019, 06:39:32 am
Hello, first of all I introduce myself, I'm Kevin, this is my first post, and I want to share this curiosity that I found in the game. Since the English version this hybrid is not, because in the English is a hybrid Persian.
A while ago in the glitched hall of fame, I was appear an orange Bulbasaur with a peculiar cry (I do not know if the English version is the same, I use a Spanish version in an original cartridge), (the hex is E5 and he has a number of pokedex 58 (hybrid of growlithe)) I want to show you this curious pokémon glitch :). The funny thing is that it is fire type xDDD.
Does anyone know where this scream comes from? I never heard it.
In addition, the hybrid HEX is different from the Spanish European version.