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Title: What do you think about organization here?
Post by: Sherkel on September 09, 2019, 01:08:34 pm
Thanks to sustained interest in the field from various parties over time, this wiki has never stopped growing. However, on a higher level, there's a consensus that the way the pages are organized is still on the wrong side of history, in addition to other site-wide elements. Is there too much of a mix of technical information, procedural outlines, and the cool results that all originally brought us here, without the three being clearly separated enough? Would new templates aid future edits? What about the current manual of style? Would a TVTropes-inspired system make the wealth of pages easier to navigate?

Collectively, we don't know, other than that we could do with something along those lines. Any visitor is free to suggest what that might be.

An excellent discussion was opened here on this subject. If you have anything to say or are curious what proposals have been made, come check it out! (