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Generation II Glitch Discussion / Friend Ball glitch
« on: October 04, 2017, 12:35:14 am »
Someone on Twitter pointed out to me a bug documented in the Crystal disassembly that I had not heard of before involving the Friend Ball.

Apparently, when a Pokémon is caught in a Friend Ball and sent to the PC, the game overwrites the friendship of the first Pokémon in the box, rather than the friendship of the caught Pokémon.

Is this something that was known (outside of the disassembly)? It sounds like another one of the Apricorn Balls has a bug in Generation II.
In the Japanese versions of the Generation II games, there are several characters that you can now enter in nicknames/OTs that you couldn't before (the kana を / ヲ, small vowel katakana, question mark, and exclamation mark).

If you put these characters in a Pokémon's nickname or OT, you can trade it back to Gen I and send it to Bank using Transporter. However, Game Freak forgot to support all of them.

を / ヲ are handled properly and appear in the nickname in Gen VII as well. However, it turns out that ! and ? are instead just ignored and converted to spaces. This is not an issue in the European language games, where the question and exclamation mark characters can normally be entered in Generation I and II, so they convert properly.
Generation II Glitch Discussion / Spanish OTs in other language games
« on: September 23, 2017, 12:57:29 am »
In the Spanish versions of Gold, Silver, and Crystal, there are two trade/gift Pokémon with diacritic characters in their OT names that the player cannot normally enter. The in-game trade Voltorb has the OT FALCÁN, while the gift Shuckle has the OT MANÍA.

Notably, these characters are not encoded in the English games. Apparently they're 0xBF (Á) and 0xC9 (Í), which has no documented equivalent in the English Generation II games; in the English Generation I games, 0xBF encodes 'v.

So, I have a few questions. If you trade these Pokémon to non-Spanish games, how does it display in each language and generation?  (I would speculate that FALCÁN is displayed as FALC'vN in English Generation I.) And now that Generation II is available on Virtual Console, what happens if you trade Voltorb back to Generation I and send it through Poké Transporter?

It's worth noting that a similar quirk occurred in Generation III and IV, where diacritic characters from in-game trades got converted to Japanese characters by Pal Park.
Apparently, HP bars are not hidden during move animations, which can have some strange side-effects.
I haven't tried it yet, but according to theSlayer, you can't soft reset using the button combination while the game is saving.
(It assumes that the Pokémon available using the Egg Ticket were the same ones, with the same probabilities, as in the English version’s Odd Egg event; I don’t know for sure that this assumption is correct.)
From (ECCH) Bulbapedia:
In the Japanese version of Pokémon Crystal, there is a 50% chance the hatched Pokémon will be Shiny (IVs 2/10/10/10) and a 50% chance it will not (IVs 0/0/0/0).
In the international versions of Pokémon Crystal, there is a 14% chance the hatched Pokémon will be Shiny (IVs 2/10/10/10) and an 86% chance it will not (IVs 0/0/0/0), but the chance of any particular Pokémon species hatching from the Egg and the chance of any given species being Shiny are not uniform.

Bulbapedia originally said that the Odd Egg had a 50% chance of being shiny in all versions, then that it was 50% for the Japanese event but 12.5% in the English version, then reverted back to 50% for all versions until someone finally came up with the correct 14% figure from the localizations. I have no reason to believe that the 50% figure is anything more than someone’s guess that’s been propagated as fact.
To the best of my knowledge, the 50% figure was originally determined by Meowth346 of Pokémon Forever. Since he did have the exact properties of the Odd Egg in 2001, I don't think it was purely guesswork. (That page also appears to be the basis for the UPC page, unless it's the other way around.)

I have been in contact with Meowth lately, so I'll see if he can remember anything about how he came to that conclusion (but since it was 15 years ago, I imagine it's going to be difficult).
The latest Poké Transporter patch apparently fixes the Shiny check to match Gen II, and also makes gender dependent on DVs in the same way as Gen II.

It would be worthwhile double-checking that the issue for unnicknamed Mr. Mime and French Pokémon with diacritics or ligatures in their names are still present.
Generation VII Glitch Discussion / Re: Bugs fixed in v1.2
« on: September 08, 2017, 11:56:02 pm »
So regarding Scatterbug Egg Moves, my assumption is that whether the bug occurs depends on the pattern of Vivillon it corresponds to. In my game, I was able to replicate the bug; my Scatterbug correspond to River Pattern.

I would appreciate if people who have not updated their games could test this with their own Vivillon patterns and provide their results. Be aware that Stun Spore is both a level up and Egg Move for Scatterbug, so it is not a good move to test for.
Apparently Mewtwo can now be transferred with Pay Day. I don't know when this change occurred.
Korean Gold and Silver were just announced for 3DS Virtual Console in Korean, so now you have that as an option too.
Generation IV Glitch Discussion / Trading with Korean games
« on: July 10, 2017, 12:17:53 am »
It's my understanding that there are compatibility issues between Korean and non-Korean games in Generation IV due to the non-Korean games not including Hangul. However, I'm not completely sure of how they are incompatible, so I was hoping someone who does know the specifics could help out here.

According to Háčky in this thread, Korean games can migrate Pokémon from any language of Generation III game. This means it is possible to get non-Korean Pokémon (with non-Hangul name and OT) on a Korean game without trading. Korean text entry does allow using only non-Hangul characters anyway, however.

According the UPC, Pokémon that are Korean in origin cannot be traded from a Korean game to a non-Korean game in the Union Room. The sentence about the Classic Ribbon seems to imply that other methods of trading (GTS and Wi-Fi Club) are not prevented from trading Korean Pokémon under these circumstances (although they are no longer available, unfortunately, but there are fan-made workarounds to allow them). Additionally, the wording implies that Korean and non-Korean games can communicate in the Union Room, but Korean language Pokémon cannot be traded to the non-Korean game (so they could still battle, chat, etc. in the Union Room, which should result in the Korean player's name not displaying properly).

Additionally, I've seen several sources describe what happens to Pokémon with Hangul names/OTs in non-Korean games. According to  Bulbapedia, Hangul names/OTs are displayed as blank spaces in DP, whereas in PtHGSS they show up as dashes. However, other sources (UPC, this GameFAQs user) state that they are rendered as question marks in PtHGSS.

In Generation VI onward (at least), Eggs traded from games of different languages display the name of "Egg" in the Egg's language of origin (for example, I have an Egg named "Œuf" in my English Y; it remains French in origin when hatched, but I can nickname it). I'm not sure whether this occurs in previous generations. If it does, you might be able to send Korean Eggs to a non-Korean Gen IV game using Spin Trade.

So, my main questions are:
  • In what way are Korean and non-Korean Generation IV games incompatible? Which communication features can and can't they use (of all kinds, not just trading)?
  • If a Pokémon that legitimately has a Hangul name/OT is (legitimately) traded to a non-Korean Generation IV game, how is it displayed?
  • In which games did "Egg" start displaying as the Egg's language of origin? Does this go all the way back to Gen II?
Apparently, some Generation IV in-game trade Pokémon end up with the wrong language of origin when transferred to Pokémon Bank by Poké Transporter. I have not verified this myself, but I've seen multiple reports of it. Specifically, they end up with a Japanese language of origin despite being obtained in an English language game.

In 2014, I claim to have seen a report of Charap being marked as Japanese in origin. I cannot remember where I saw this, but I do remember seeing it.

A few days ago, Bethany Lieflijk (one of my Twitter followers) reported that her Gaspar had become Japanese in origin after being transferred.

I also found this GameFAQs thread where several users report the same thing happening to Kazza and Gaspar.

My hypothesis is that the bug has something to do with in-game trade Pokémon having special language flags due to Foppa being specifically German.

EDIT: Apparently this issue also occurs in Generation V, so it's not a bug in Poké Transporter. It's much harder to notice in Generation V though.

EDIT 2: theSlayer checked, and apparently Charap, Kazza, and Gaspar are all flagged as Japanese in origin in English Diamond and Pearl. This seems to be fixed in other languages (Japanese is clearly fine, French and Korean were checked) as well as in Platinum (despite one of the sources I found claiming they had the same issue with in-game trades originating in Platinum).
Generation VII Glitch Discussion / Egg hatching NPC freeze
« on: June 25, 2017, 10:28:46 am »
SirbutteralotIIi added a glitch to the Bulbapedia list which he described as
Sometimes after hatching an Egg Npc's stop moving and enter there basic position. The glitch ends however when the character moves.
Apparently this only occurs in v1.2. I haven't updated to v1.2 yet, so I haven't seen it. Has anyone else experienced this?
Generation IV Glitch Discussion / Route 224 tile error
« on: June 25, 2017, 02:02:30 am »
On Route 224, there is a row of cliff tiles at the water's edge that act as water tiles. They only act as water tiles if Seabreak Path is open.

I've only tested this in Platinum, although you can't officially open Seabreak Path in Diamond and Pearl anyway.

Discovered by Jimiscol on Bulbagarden forums
Generation VI Glitch Discussion / Re: Gender determination bug
« on: June 22, 2017, 08:47:47 am »
Bulbapedia has it wrong, Pokemon.wikia has it wrong, SERIBII didn't even update all of them... We've got it all wrong... 11.9, not 12.5. It's pretty fucking stupid how we've taken this long to find out just a little bit of shitty coding. We've found so much about the red/blue code but sun/moon? We fucked up big time. There's apparently only one dataminer who even fucking cares about genders and we got this... That's bullshit
I don't necessarily think this is a fair complaint. The nominal ratios are the ones worth noting in general, since they apply across generations. The skewing in Gen III-V (that also applies to Gen VI-VII) has been long documented, although noone noticed the new bug introduced in Gen VI.

For example, on Bulbapedia, the Pokemon pages list the nominal ratios (the only sensible thing to list), but the PID page explains how gender is actually calculated.
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