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Polls / Re: Moon leaked. Should I use it?
« on: November 14, 2016, 06:29:06 am »
Well, thank you. I might start playing today, I might.
But, if it's in two parts, what do I need to do?

Just download both, make sure both are in the same folder, and then extract the first one (it'll find the second one automatically.
Polls / Re: Moon leaked. Should I use it?
« on: November 13, 2016, 07:48:55 pm »
Ummm could anyone maybe PM me a GDrive link for Sun? Not sure if that would be rule-breaking, but... please?
I looked all over the GbaTemp thread and couldn't find it.
If no, then at least say which page it was.

PM'd. Also, GBATemp doesn't condone piracy, and even hinting it can cause a massive shitstorm and drama due to its immature userbase, so be extra careful and don't look for this there. Idk if I'm allowed to say names here, but usually CIAs especially from leaked games and very early launched games are easier to find on 3DSISO (it's generally a good site for CIAs but most officially released stuff get on FreeShop pretty quick and you should download from it whenever possible). You gotta use pretty strong adblock extensions and scripts though, because a lot of uploaders use Adfly or Linkbucks s**t.
Polls / Re: Moon leaked. Should I use it?
« on: November 13, 2016, 08:37:07 am »
Just play it. Even if you're still buying a cartridge, you can copy your save over to it using JKSM. There's not much reason not to play and you'll be way more prone to be spoiled if you keep delaying.

I've been playing it since the 8th (when it leaked). Good games so far.
Yeah. It's thanks to that we'd be able to enter Hall of Origin without walk-through-walls cheat in case we found it in the void. I don't remember if this is the exact coordinates but going something like 65536 steps east, 65536 north and then 65536 east again you should enter a Fake HoO in an HoO area, assuming you're starting from its initial area (the steps would vary according from where you'd start from).

But does said Hall of Origin area play the same theme as the actual real Hall (map ID 0x01FE or 510)? Or is it the Spear Pillar theme that the other Hall (map ID 0x01FF or 511) also uses?

That's an hypothetical real Hall of Origin, if we found it. So the real one. But the 511 should work like the other one anyway, you'd get trapped if you managed to enter it though, because it has no exit warp.
Yeah. It's thanks to that we'd be able to enter Hall of Origin without walk-through-walls cheat in case we found it in the void. I don't remember if this is the exact coordinates but going something like 65536 steps east, 65536 north and then 65536 east again you should enter a Fake HoO in an HoO area, assuming you're starting from its initial area (the steps would vary according from where you'd start from).
Well, I asked for clarification because I have already reached a real Hall of Origin void (I posted about it earlier). But the voids surrounding it are the same ones bordering the Hall of Origin itself.

EDIT: Here's yet another real Hall of Origin void which may or may not be the same one I found earlier. I only went west and south of 319W this time around.

If you're on the Hall of Origin void, the areas are just repeating diagonally. It's explained on the doc.
The Contest Hall's map ID in Diamond and Pearl is 0x022E (558)

Oh ok, so we should have 64977 placeholder Jubilifes.

By "static", you mean that the location never changes, correct?

Its void, actually. If you try to explore Pokétch's void, Jubi TV, Pokémart void, etc, without saving at 430N (which would take you to Sinnoh void like I said before) they should have the exact same areas except for the SS. They also don't seem to be affected by flags at all, different savefiles at different points on the game always had the same areas.
I have vague memories of a theory that Jubilife City places are all over the void because you start exploring from there, so I thought I'd try starting somewhere else... but it didn't make any difference to the locations that show up. So that's that rumour proven wrong, and also some evidence (perhaps not conclusive proof) that the void has the same layout regardless of the entry point.

Any void is full of Jubilifes because there's almost 65,000 Jubilife areas in the game (don't remember the exact number but I think the last valid area in DP which is Contest Hall is something like ID 554, so 555~65535 would be Jubilifes, that's an approximation, don't quote those numbers), because it was the first city programmed in the game. I also remember something about many Jubilifes in the void actually being negative map IDs that underflow and becomes Jubilifes.

About the void variance, it's something like this:

The Jubilife/430N void we know is actually the "Sinnoh void". Any overworld area should have the same void, which mean outdoors cities/routes as well, Jubilifes are just more common. It's the void with the most variety of areas so it's usually the target of exploration. Some areas are also subject to being affected by flags.

Small indoors areas voids are static except for the area between the two first Floaroma Meadow areas, known as 'second secion' (SS).

And there's bigger indoors areas, which I don't know much about or if they're actually that different from the small indoors ones, but I remember they have some interesting areas around them, but I don't know about far. Take Hearthome Gym (tweakable into) and some caves as examples.

(well sorry for some lack of certainty, most of this is 2010 knowledge and my memory is kinda bad)
Generation III Glitch Discussion / Re: Battle Tower Lati@s glitch
« on: September 22, 2015, 06:19:02 pm »
3) How far can Pokémon caught with the Lati@s glitch be transferred through the generations?

The stolen Trainer Tower Pokemon, they can at least be transferred to 6th gen (I don't know the main checks done during Pokétransfer), as they're Pokémon coming from 3rd gen who only happen to have weird IVs (they're all equal), and as 3rd->4th and 4th->5th transfers don't check things like that on Pokemon coming from 3rd gen.

I'm pretty sure in most cases they can reach Gen 6 except if it's a special case like event legendaries. Info like breed status and location are lost upon being transferred to Gen 4 and their met level is lost upon being transferred to Gen 5 (it's replaced by the level it was transferred at*), so all that's really up to be checked is ball legality, which isn't really a big deal.

*you may need to level up your poké to a legit level if it would be otherwise underleveled, like a lv 50 Tyranitar, otherwise its met level will be wrong forever after being transferred. Anything over level 70 should be legit iirc.
Some of you may already know this but in the Japanese Diamond/Pearl v1.0, you can open the menu in a Mystery Zone, which means you're not limited to using a registered item like the Town Map to refresh the graphics.


Yup, that's actually the reason the coordinates to Shaymin/Darkrai are WAAAAAY shorter on jp version: you can save on MZ and they also take you to real Sinnoh
Generation VI Glitch Discussion / Re: Invalid Pokémon in Gen 6
« on: September 06, 2015, 07:08:08 pm »
I'll see if I can edit out the glitches from my party this way. It's worth a shot.

EDIT: might take a while? Not sure.

You can edit your party with this indeed. Not sure if it could make your game boot right way, but you definitively can replace your entire savefile to make it boot. Also, you can convert your last ramsav with this.
Generation VI Glitch Discussion / Re: Invalid Pokémon in Gen 6
« on: September 02, 2015, 08:09:36 pm »
Since the thread is bumped, I confirmed the game start up normally with the glitchmons on the box. Although this isn't as convenient as the browser exploit for quick checking, you can fill your box(es) with glitchmons to check a batch.

0x7c5 - Snubbull
0x7c6 - Arceus-Electric

0x7c4 and below should have more interesting hybrids is anyone is willing to check.

Also I confirmed 100% that there's no "old save restoring protection" or anything on physical carts so you can play around with savefiles back and forth. But be extra careful with digital copies: only edit your latest save and if you ever save in-game, re-dump.

EDIT: well since I decided to test harder with more unstable mons to make sure the game does always start, I ended up testing more of those hybrids in the process:

0x7c4 - Tangrowth
0x7c3 - Bulbasaur
0x7c2 - Mega Lopunny
0x7c1 - Bulbasaur
0x7c0 - Shinx
0x7bf - Bulbasaur
0x7be - Dodrio
0x7bd - nothing/freezes
0x7bc - Golem
0x7bb - Ivysaur
0x7ba - Kadabra
Video Games Discussion / Re: 3DS Homebrew Launcher
« on: September 01, 2015, 08:09:27 am »
Pawny, is there a tutorial or anything like that that you used in order to install/create a custom theme? I'd love to do something like that and get rid of my stock theme, but I haven't had much success.

There are videos around, but they almost all use 3ds_extdata_tool which I find harder to use. This video uses CHMM which is VERY easy.

People upload custom themes here:

Custom Home Menu Manager (CHMM): This is my favorite tool to install themes since it's extremely straightforward and you can hold as many themes as you want

YATA+: great theme maker/editor

Easy instructions:
1. Download CHMM and put it in the '3ds" folder (the CHMM folder must be named 'CHMM', should look like ..\3ds\CHMM\CHMM.3dsx, feel free to ignore/remove the .cia and .3ds files and the empty 'Themes' folder).
2. Download a theme (or themes) you like from the site and extract it/them.
3. Create a folder named 'Themes' on your 3DS' sdcard root and put your theme(s) in subfolders (eg. ..\Themes\themeA\body_LZ.bin and bgm.bcstm, etc, don't be confused by the 'Themes' folder that came in the CHMM package).
4. Every time before applying a theme, put a plain color theme (I'm not entirely sure if this is necessary, but the second time I was going to install a theme I got an error, and when I do this I never got any errors).
5. Open CHMM in the Launcher, select your theme on the list and press A. After it's done installing press start to leave and then you can restart your 3DS with start+A)

As for making your own themes, try your luck on YATA+ I guess, I never edited/made any theme myself. I also don't know how to deal with bcstm files and loops, but someone recommended to download premade ones from here, though they can't exceed 3.3MBs so you'd need to edit them somehow if they do.

I also recommend opening the themes you download on YATA+ before installing them just to preview or make sure it's not corrupted since anyone can upload stuff there.
Video Games Discussion / Re: 3DS Homebrew Launcher
« on: August 31, 2015, 11:40:06 pm »
Someone actually released a tool to backup/restore savefiles this Saturday on 4chan, but it's only starting to spread now, not sure if Smea if aware of it.

Here's a tutorial made recently on reddit. If your game is digital (not 100% sure that it doesn't apply to physical as well), never try to restore an old save or else your game will refuse to load it. If you ever save in-game, re-dump if you want to edit stuff.
Video Games Discussion / Re: 3DS Homebrew Launcher
« on: August 27, 2015, 07:30:56 am »
It sounds cool and all, but it seems pretty rude that lots of people keep pestering him about it. Is waiting such a big deal? The Homebrew Launcher isn't going anywhere. Well, unless you update your 3DS.

(Why am I still awake...)

I personally am not rushed about it (I don't even play pokémon actively anymore), but the communities I go at are just rushed to pokégen again (the ones that updated). But the main thing is that Smea got kinda infamous for constantly delaying stuff so people call him attention-whore, etc. But yeah I don't agree with bashing him, people should be more grateful.

A question, can't they force a game update?

Technically they can't force, but they can "force" like they did with pokémon X/Y and OR/AS releasing an nearly empty update just to force you to download it in order to play online, and since you can't download anything from eShop unless you're with the latest firmware (you can't spoof if you're above 9.2), you'll be locked out from online until you update everything. But if you don't really care about playing online (there's also other games, but I think only Smash is constantly updated to this day), you don't have to worry.
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