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I know  :P I didn't originally see he was using that one though. Posted only the Max Revive code. Then noticed it was the Lemonade Pokéball Fresh Water version So I editted.

Also TM01 can be easily bought in Celadon dept store. So this also works  8)

Lemonade xx
X Accuracy xx
Carboss xx
Pokéball 119
TM01 x Any
@Skreef That worked; thanks.

What would my pack setup be to modify a Pokémon's DVs to a number of my choice (not necessarily max)?

As for any other thing you may want to do with 8F, you can just use the single-address value memory changing code multiple times, using the addresses that match the DV of the given Pokémon :)

from 2nd link:
DAB1 - Attack/Defense IV
DAB2 - Speed/Special IV

Let's say I want to set my Chansey's DVs to 8/15/15/15.  (That's a legal R/B/Y spread for that Pokémon that doesn't compromise Defense, Speed, or Special.)  My code for the Attack and Defense DVs would be:

Item 1: any item
Item 2: 8F
Item 3: Lemonade x143 (8 Attack, F [15] Defense)
Item 4: X Accuracy x177 (decimal equivalent of B1)
Item 5: Carbos x218 (decimal equivalent of DA)
Item 6: Poké Ball x119
Item 7: Fresh Water x201

Is this correct?  Would I just set this up and use 8F once?

Provided that your game is an english R/B (otherwise, addresses would be $DAB6 and $DAB7 in european non-english R/B, $DAB0 and $DAB1 in english yellow, and $DAB5 and $DAB6 in european non-english yellow) then yes this would be exactly what you have to do. Change the values to 255/178/218 and use 8F a second time for the Speed/Special IVs :) (don't forget your Pokémon setup though)

Probably easyer to run the Speed/Special code first, then drop 1 X Accuracy and drop Lemonade to 143. Saves you the trouble of multiplying those 2 back. Since you can't just withdraw or buy more if the quantities are over 99.

Lemonade x255 / 143
X Accuracy x178 / 177
Carbos x218
Poké Ball x119
Fresh Water x201

This is the same code, just less items really:
X Accuracy x178 / 177
Carbos x218
Max Revive x255 / 143
TM01 xAny
The mail might be stored in SRAM, but can't you make a setup that copies mail data into WRAM and executes it ?
For extra easiness, copy backwards.
Code: [Select]
ld de, MailDataEnd
ld hl, TempStorage
ld c, length
ld a, [de]
dec de
ld [hld], a
dec c
jr nz, .loop
inc hl
jp [hl]

Need to unlock SRAM and find mail data there first, but should be possible.
You'd also need a large enough space of temp data to store your code without destroying everything.
Had the same idea, but didn't bother to code it so far. Might look into it a bit more.

Daycare memory? In gen 1 it does not reset when you turn off the game, not sure if it does so in gen 2 though.
Nice!  O_o Never even reaslised that the memory only used the quantities in the TM pocket.
Thats not an issue since you go to your item pack before unlocking SRAM.


What the code does:
Self-mods. A lot.
Unlocks SRAM
Switches to SRAM bank 1
Loads $?? Into $ADCD

$ADCD is the third pokémon first HP EV adress. I hope thats just a typo.
You need to store 8F in the pc before fixing your pack actually.
Thanks for the explanation. It's all making more sence now. And its working nicely on a rom to. Should make a bootstrap on my silver cart.
SRAM probably can be unlocked manually, but how this would be accomplished is beyond me.
If you could make the game corrupt itself with ace that would be cool but there would be a risk of also corrupting your save file

The risk wouldn't be that great, the game would have to miraculously unlock SRAM before any save corruption would take place.

Nothing too terribly intresting would occur, the game would probably Glitch Dimension before anything noticable happened.

Can you unlock SRAM maunually? Wondering if you can use TM25 to edit pokémon in the box.
Write 0Ah or anything else ending in A to ROM addresses 0000-1FFF to unlock SRAM.

I thought ROM was read only.  O_o Anyways, I found this online and apparently the memory in range 0000-7FFF is used for both reading from ROM, and for writing to the MBCs Control Registers. So how does that work? Reading it is always ROM and writing to it is always RAM?
If you could make the game corrupt itself with ace that would be cool but there would be a risk of also corrupting your save file

The risk wouldn't be that great, the game would have to miraculously unlock SRAM before any save corruption would take place.

Nothing too terribly intresting would occur, the game would probably Glitch Dimension before anything noticable happened.

Can you unlock SRAM maunually? Wondering if you can use TM25 to edit pokémon in the box.
Over 99 glitch blocks for items:
They don't seem to change based on location or anything it seems.

Speaking of videos, is it possible to use this code but with PP Ups instead? I just want to know if there is a easier way to get PP Ups instead of the slow cloning method.

This should give you 255 of the first item in your item pack.

Box1: A p 0 9 é z 't x
Box2: 'd

Thank you!

Regarding the levels, they are based on the route you used this exploit in. Regarding the moves, the Celebi I tried this with used Confusion and Heal Bell agianst me, but I only had time to test out 3 attacks (it used heal bell twice).

As for the other Pokemon you mentioned, I will make them as soon as I return to my computer. :)

This seems the best way to get Celebi with it's start moves then. Other methods to obtain Celebi then have to do another glitch to teach it's start moves which takes a longer time. The only other way to get a Celebi with its start moves using one method is using the bad clone method to get a Celebi at level 0 then give it a Rare Candy to level 1 and it will learn it's start moves, but the bad clone method is more complicated, risky and time consuming, so your discovery is definitely the best method.

You could run TM25 in a more 8F way. Setting up the item pack. This is a gen 2 version of the change any byte in ram code. The box code above can help you get items over 99.

Any <- I actually have TM25 here :D
Fresh Water - ld l
Full Heal - ld h xx
PP Up - ld a xx
Focus Band x201 - ld (hl) a / Ret

So 44 Fresh Water and 218 Full Heal would point to your fist party pokémon. With PP Up quantity determining the move learned. Jumping to item 3 requires a slide pokémon and Quagsire with music mail and Attract as move 1.
Say, does anyone know how to enable walk through walls in gen 2? Or know what adress to edit for it?
Odd that having a TM in the ball pocket has such... usefull effects ;D But what happens if its in another pocket? Like items or key items?
what letters in the box code are the address and the value it changes i want to use it like a memory editor

Have a look at this post from torchickens
To construct the memory adress using Box names use the big hex list (doesn't contain GSC characters) linked Pastebin or sth. similar.

The first party address that the code starts to run is at FA98 (DA98). This is the second byte of the Attack stat experience of Pokémon 3 (the slide Pokémon).

Following this is Defense, Speed, Special stat experience as well as DVs, PPs, happiness, Pokérus, level, status, stats. You can probably predict whether the Pokémon will work by looking at the stats but I don't know the details sadly.
Since most of them are naturally hidden (statXP, happiness, etc.) prediction would be difficult I guess. At least statXP and happiness should be fixed at the start though, but I guess trial and error is good enough for now.

Was tired of trial and error so I constructed a method to create a working slide-Pokémon. You basically get the right amount of stat-Exp to pass the atk-stat and use jr $1F in the Def-stat to jump right to your fourth Pokémon which should be the well-known Quagsire holding TM02 with Return as its first move.

To do this take one newly caught Pokémon and defeat exactly the following Pokémon:
  • 1 Magicarp (use Old Rod anywhere)
  • 7 Geodude (most common Route 46)
  • 10 Sunkern (National Park, day time)
  • Give 2 Iron to your Pokémon
This leaves your Pokémon at 870 ($0366) Atk stat-Exp and 6175 ($181F) Def stat-Exp (rest is skipped).

Starting at the second byte of the Atk stat-Exp this produces the following code:
Code: [Select]
ld h,(hl)
jr $1F
Which then continues at Pokémon 4 to jump to wherever you want.

Hope this helps anyone having trouble catching a working slide Pokémon. This way, as long as you don't defeat any Pokémon afterwards (Exp. Share counts) your Slide-Pokémon will continue working, regardless of Happiness, moves, or anything else.
Disadvantage obviously is the time it takes to set up, but this could in theory be improved (use always-available Pokémon instead of Sunkern, use Pokémon with higher Stat-Exp/Base stats in defence).
You could use 10 Geodude, 1 Magicarp and 2 Irons to achieve the same Def-Stat-Exp (and therefore the same jump), but it would produce a ld (hl), a in the executed Atk-byte so I would advice against it.

I was looking into this aswell coincidently. My conclusion was 3 irons and 7 Exeggcutes.

Thats 280 att xp and 8240 def xp. Or $0118 att and $2030 def. Since the first byte of att doesnt matter that makes jr 20

4 slowpoke and 2 shuckle should also work.
Yup, that was the case. I put it into the daycare and got it back, it was a Missigno afterwards. By entering the TimeCapsule, it was shown as a shiny HoOh with Sacred Fire on Slot 3, with Fire/Flying Type. As I tried to trade there still was the Message that there seems to be something wrong with that Pokémon...

Edit: I re-read the topic in the forum where I first read about all this, the author of this thread stated that he was able to trade his generated Ho-Oh to his Silver but not his Lugia. Could this be a thing perhaps, as I am trying it with a Ho-Oh to a Gold Version?

Hmm, for some reason it did not work... I set everything up properly:
Pidgey Level 94 with 233 HP (Max)

Missigno (52) in the First Slot of my current Box,

Lemonade *20 for Fire
X Acc * 117
Carbos * 209
Pokéball *199
Fresh Water * 201

I used 8F in my Bag and nothing happend. When I checked Missigno‘s Status in the box, it was still shown as a 99/Normal Pokémon... any ideas?

Did you manage to get to the bottom of this? I noticed that the code you used for changing the types points to the first Pokémon in your party. That may be the reason the time capsule rejects the missingno. Don't be fooled about what the status screen says on gen 2 either. Missingno with the wrong types will still show as fire/flying on the gen 2 trade screen.
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