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Hello. I want to translate the spaceworld beta, I translated all the existing map texts starting from the charmap and the text font tileset, then I translated items and pokémon's names, but I have some issues also 'cause there are 5 chars limitations. I want to extend the limit for trainer's, rival's, mom's, Bill's BOXES, pokémon's names and nicknames, trainers classes, items and all the rest if I forgot something. And obviously also convert the PC boxes to the western versions, (and also currently in the spaceworld demo the boxes are buggy, if you deposit and release pokémons you could see wrong nicknames) from 10 BOXES able to store 30 pokémons fo BOX I want 14 BOXES able to store 20 pokémons for each BOX.

I think that the solution is in the WRAM file:

But I don't know exactly how adapt it to avoid messed up ram addresses. And if this could be enough to fix all the char limitations. Could you please help me for this?

But I don't know how adapt it to do exactly what I want...
Emulation & ROM Hacking / Re: Link via script to the Shuckle.asm?
« on: July 17, 2019, 04:15:35 pm »
Yep... But thank you, your idea of look at the daycare was helpful. Now I have to made the same also in G/S. I made a Mew legit event that you can transfer with the bank! :D
Emulation & ROM Hacking / Re: Link via script to the Shuckle.asm?
« on: July 17, 2019, 03:00:23 pm »
Ok, I did it, I linked via script to the asm in move_mon.asm, after .room_in_party there is a .okay part, I linked to half sub routine when the 3 calls have to start, "call CopyBytes
   call GetBaseData
   call GetLastPartyMon" and then worked finally.
Emulation & ROM Hacking / Re: Link via script to the Shuckle.asm?
« on: July 17, 2019, 01:38:53 pm »
Nope, didn't work unfortunately... :(
Emulation & ROM Hacking / Re: Link via script to the Shuckle.asm?
« on: July 16, 2019, 10:03:50 am »
UP nobody know how update the party pokémon stats after the change?
Emulation & ROM Hacking / Re: Link via script to the Shuckle.asm?
« on: July 12, 2019, 08:06:08 am »
Simply if the Mew DVs aren't updated you can see that it have 25 HP instead of 26 and stats like 15 instead of 16... And this is wrong... there isn't nothing to update immediately the visible stats?
Emulation & ROM Hacking / Re: Link via script to the Shuckle.asm?
« on: July 11, 2019, 05:08:10 pm »
I added a new routine to add a party pokémon from the Shuckle ASM and I found the script command to use it that is 3callasm.

I have only an issue, I reached to add GF OT name and ID and the all 15 DVS but when obtained the stats are wrong 'til I put it in the PC and come back. However the PkHex mark it as legit GF Mew, I have only the issue that the current stats are wrong when just obtained.

The ASM code I wrote is this:

; Adding to the party.
   xor a
   ld [wMonType], a

; Level 5 Mew.
   ld a, MEW
   ld [wCurPartySpecies], a
   ld a, 5
   ld [wCurPartyLevel], a

   predef TryAddMonToParty
   jr nc, .NotGiven

; Caught data.
   ld b, 0
   farcall SetGiftPartyMonCaughtData

; SetDVs.
   ld a, [wPartyCount]
   dec a
   push af
   push bc
   ld hl, wPartyMon1DVs
   call AddNTimes
   ld [hl], HIGH(DV_MAX_)
   ld [hli], a
   ld [hl], LOW(DV_MAX)
   pop bc
   pop af

; OT ID.
   ld hl, wPartyMon1ID
   call AddNTimes
   ld a, HIGH(GF_OT_ID)
   ld [hli], a
   ld [hl], LOW(GF_OT_ID)

; Nickname.
   ld a, [wPartyCount]
   dec a
   ld hl, wPartyMonNicknames
   call SkipNames
   ld de, SpecialMewNick
   call CopyName2

; OT.
   ld a, [wPartyCount]
   dec a
   ld hl, wPartyMonOT
   call SkipNames
   ld de, SpecialMewOT
   call CopyName2

   xor a
   ld [wScriptVar], a

   db "GF@"

   db "MEW@"

The code is however wrote in binary mode.

To add the DVs I added two FF bytes in the right position and if I save also according to PkHex the DVs are all 15. But seems that when just obtained the current stats aren't updated.

Can I add some code to fix it?
Emulation & ROM Hacking / Link via script to the Shuckle.asm?
« on: July 10, 2019, 07:05:41 am »
Hi. I want to link to an asm part via script. Should be possible, after a givepokemon script command I want to link to these ASM:

starting from the "ld bc, PARTYMON_STRUCT_LENGTH" line, I know the binary address in the rom of that line.

If linked correctly should as example give the Berry to the obtained pokémon and the Mania OT and ID and the nickname.

There is a way to link to that line?

I want to write a similar ASM with a different ID and trainer name, but I don't want to write a new special command, only add the routine to set the ID and the trainer name, is possible?

My target is of give a legit GF Mew that could pass trough the pokétransfer, I need only of own the link to the asm. :)
Emulation & ROM Hacking / Re: G/S/C/B wireless VC patches?
« on: July 08, 2019, 04:59:05 pm »
Thank you very much Parzival.

The tool isn't helpful to add the patches but however have a function to extract the existing official CIAS and repack them, I replaced the roms and them work perfectly, can link with the clean VC apps too. Wonderful.

I made also italian Pokémon Green over italian Blue without erase it, changing also the internal ID, the tool when repack the CIA recalculate also the checksum then I have a full working italian Green too together with the other games in my 3DS.
Emulation & ROM Hacking / G/S/C/B wireless VC patches?
« on: July 06, 2019, 09:10:04 am »
Hi. I'm searching the wireless patches to create the cias with my hack roms. I'm using "Ultimate GBC VC injector for 3DS" but ask me a .PATCH file to create a CIA that could communicate.

Someone have these patches? Unfortunately the old archive in GBAtemp is offline...

I need of:

Blue ('cause I made also a pokémon Green hack on Blue)

I need of them for the italian versions, but I think could work also for the U versions, maybe I'll have only to fix the checksum in the PATCH files?
Thank you. Someone reported me grammar errors, I'm not a native english, if you're instead and you want to suggest me corrections for the texts please help me, I'll appreciate it. :)
Mhh, to be specific:

In Pallet Town you have the Oak's script after defeating Red

In Viridian City you have an improved gym with trainers instead of only the gym leader

In route 2 you have access to the Viridian Forest

In Pweter city you have the access to the museum

In Cerulean city you have the HG/SS GB classic music (in clean roms you had again a copy of the Saffron theme as placeholder), the accessible bike shop and access to the Cerulean cave

In Route 24 and 25 you have the HG/SS GB classic music (in clean you had a copy of the most Kanto routes)

In Route 10 you have Zapdos (after the Silver License by Oak)

In Fuchsia city you have the same Cerulean music like in HG/SS (in the clean roms you had the same Celadon instead) the all texts fixed to the reopened Safari Zone and the access to the Safari zone, more a Safari zone little shop where you can buy evolutionary stones after Bill's grandpa given all to you

In route 20 you have the access to the huge Seafom islands and an improved Blaine's cave gym, in the clean roms was only 1 entrance to the Seafom islands and was only a little cave where you fight Blaine and stop. Was ugly!

In Silver Cave into a hidden grotto you can find Moltres.

Emulation & ROM Hacking / Re: Hex Editing Questions
« on: March 28, 2019, 04:24:50 am »
Trough a hex editor + GBasmEditor and the PokéCrystal repository I made G/S/C 2.0.

But just in binary mode, without use the assembler, 'cause couldn't work with Silver and really with Gold (the disassembly isn't complete yet) and especially with italian roms, I made the hack also for international roms to release it to a larger audience, but I made it especially for me, and I'm italian. Was impossible with the pokécrystal disassembly create the 3 roms I wished when I was a kid without create fake Gold and Silver over PokéCrystal and without re-translate all. And to be honest, I released Crystal together with the other 5 roms, but I re-made it in only 3 days before the release, copying all the work from italia Crystal with the hex editor.

For me was very helpful.

The disassembly can make more easy add routines without be worried about free space (simply move the next bytes after your added) but have other issues, for me Cygwin worked very bad, crashed for graphic files broken (but just downloaded from the repository and untouched) and then, when fixed, compiled however bad roms. And I should had to translate them. No thanks. :P

I preferred repoint some routines to free space to add the safari battle type in all 6 the roms. :P
That GSC hack of yours looks awesome. Like, really, really good. I've got it ready to play, but I'm just wondering, will I have to play through vanilla GSC first in order to get a taste for the new features in action?
If you never played G/S/C maybe yes, but replay again the game will be boring I think. Play directly mine and you have only to know that VIRIDIAN FOREST, CERULEAN CAVE, SEAFOM ISLANDS, POKéMON MANSION and SAFARI ZONE were missing, like the safari battle type. And the events improved like all the Kanto legendaries (in original GSC you couldn't find legendaries) and the Kanto starters from Oak and the Poké Flute. ^^
Sorry. I removed the bump post and I'll remove this, to let you to got why, when you'll remove your I'll remove this, sorry again.  :-X
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