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I'm playing yellow on the gbasp and this same thing happened to me. I'd transferred an Abra I caught from gold so I could use teleport as early as possible in yellow and start working trainers to see wut cool glitchmon I could generate. Got some cool ones in the process and thought that I could do it with the supernerd and team rocket but it would not allow me to. In any case, it appears that if u use that glitch in Mt.moon the helix fossil will not be available for u to pick up, yet when u beat the supernerd, he still gives u the choice to grab it as if it is still there...I mean, for HIM it's there because once u grab the dome fossil he walks to the space right before where the helix should be and claims his invisible fossil. ::shrug:: #kabutoiscooleranyway but it's still a weird thing for the game to do, totally threw me off.

I never knew u could make (a) snorlax disappear either... that'll make things interesting...
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