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Site Announcements / Re: Clarification on Recent Events
« on: December 31, 2019, 12:52:12 am »
Nintendo has a comprehensive and thorough Q&A process, and they presumably keep versions of the code and/or binaries for historical purposes (e.g. verifying bug fixes, etc.) as well as for analysis and localization/legal purposes. They may very well have moved to completely offline tape drives after this event.

The front sprites underwent individual analysis to see which ones used up more memory and less memory compared to the previous versions of the front sprites. The back sprites and trainer sprites didn't undergo this analysis. That's about all I can say about it; any other answers would have to come from GAME FREAK themselves.

Thank you answering  :)

That last one seems...pretty weird considering it's not like they're updating them or anything. Unless they were prepping them for a reveal like they did with Omega or print like the manga or something.
Site Announcements / Re: Clarification on Recent Events
« on: December 28, 2019, 09:58:58 pm »
Okay, so I haven't exactly been up-front or honest with everyone, and I want to explain the situation and clear up any confusion and ambiguity behind things. I'll only post the immediately relevant information to keep this post as concise as possible, and I'm open to talking about anything that requires additional explanation or clarification.


Back in March of 2018, an individual hacked into Nintendo's internal network, and Nintendo found out about the intrusion in May 2018. That individual goes by multiple names online, but the one relevant here is the name Wack0. This is the only name aside from my own that I will be specifically mentioning.

In May of 2018, Wack0 assumed the mantle of the anonymous figure known as "__" and uploaded a mysterious ROM to the PRET Discord server with only 20 available downloads. This ROM happened to be the Space World 1997 prototype of Pokemon Gold and Silver ("SW97"). Those who were known to have downloaded the ROM were quickly added to a private team called Team Spaceworld ("TSW"), which was the same team that was planning on making a translation of the SW97 ROM.

I was part of TSW too, as was Wack0 -- from this point forward, any further mention of "Wack0" will be referring to his anonymous persona known as "__".

There were many Pokemon-related things that Wack0 had come into possession of, including tools used to make the games, development versions of the games, and even source code for the games. He entrusted some of what he had with certain individuals, whether that be knowledge, tools, or data. Many believed that he wanted some of that to get out publicly at some point; I personally believe that he wanted a lot of it to get out, but certainly not _all_ of it, although nobody can really know for sure. I was one of those people he entrusted things with.


In February of 2019, a group named Helix Chamber, which is a group dedicated to preserving and analyzing Pokemon history and media, announced that the ROM that was played at Pokethon by RacieB was created using prototype assets left over from development of Pokemon Red and Green, which was given to them by an anonymous donor, and that only the backsprites of scrapped Pokemon were given to them without the accompanying front sprites.

The truth is that I was the one who gave them those prototype assets. I was careful not to include any actual data from the game or any game assets, but rather interpretations of those assets, such as including the backsprites as PNG files instead of the actual files that the game uses for backsprites.

Unfortunately, GAME FREAK developed a newer, more efficient method to store front sprites (it was probably just raw data instead of encoded data originally), so the front sprites for those Pokemon literally just did not exist after the front sprites underwent optimization. The only reason the backsprites survived was because they didn't undergo the same optimization. If anyone was hoping for the front sprites for those Pokemon, then the only viable option would be to ask GAME FREAK what they looked like.


In December of 2019, the early sprites for a lot of Gen IV Pokemon were leaked online. I was the anonymous source of the sprites, and again I only transmitted them in an interpreted form instead of any actual data from the game or any game assets. These sprites are from January 2006, approximately 8 months before Pokemon Diamond and Pearl released in Japan. The only reason I can guess as to why Shellos and Gastrodon weren't in the list is because they probably weren't in the game yet.


In summary, the Pokemon Red and Green assets are real, and the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl sprites are real as well. I have nothing else in my possession, and I've shown everything I did have.

I deeply apologize for letting this go on for as long as it has; I haven't felt right about this from the very beginning, and it's a burden I'm finally glad to rid myself of. I've withdrawn from the dev/proto scene entirely, and I've recused myself from the actively participating in the Pokemon Gen 1-7 glitching scene. Additionally, both Wack0 and myself will be stripped of any and all ranks on GCL following this announcement, although I still plan to remain active and participate however I can.

Again, I didn't plan for things to get this out of hand or cause negativity of any kind -- I wanted to give people a glimpse of "what could have been" and the amount of work and detail that went into some of these in any way that I could, but even acknowledging their existence may have been saying too much, and I sincerely apologize for all of this.
On one hand I'm kinda morally torn by how they got the beta stuff, but on another I'm grateful that we got to see them anyway; it was the first time in a long while I was excited over content since BW/2. And how often do we even get to see this type of content from Pokemon? Never because of how secretive they are.
I don't really blame you for feeling that way about holding on to that information though, I would've felt the same. But given how GF's been acting lately I hope we get to see more proto/beta stuff of theirs from better times someday.

I'm curious if you can answer this, but why did GF keep their beta content on an internal network in Nintendo? I mostly assumed betas, demos and other scrapped data are usually held on a flash drive or some other device somewhere in storage and away from anyone else's eyes that can only be accessed presently and physically rather than a hack.
I also don't understand what you mean by what was going on with the proto front sprites; did Wack0 not have them because they couldn't get ahold of them after optimization, or did they but they couldn't see them because of how they were optimized on the network?
Pokémon Glitch Discussion / Re: General Pokemon Glitchiness
« on: August 19, 2019, 12:27:54 am »
I just remembered some other unusual glitch that happened to me years ago after watching chuggaaconroy's Earthbound LP and hearing him talk about a strange glitch that happened to him in that game possibly due to gamma rays affecting bits (whether that's an actual thing or not, it's interesting regardless.)

When I was younger I had gotten a Japanese, female Glameow at lv. 60 off the GTS in Diamond and was excited to play around with it. I taught it a few TMs, mainly Aerial Ace, Thunderbolt and Shadow Claw. I went to play with it on Route 202 and defeated about 2 or 3 mons(?) before encountering a Bidoof. Here's where things get strange:

I recall using Shadow Claw against it for some reason (possibly a misclick?) and it actually hit Bidoof and one shot it. The game then froze (I think the sound just stopped suddenly too) once Bidoof's HP bar was empty and the text box stayed on "A critical hit!"
A part of my memory is vague, but at the same time I recall trying to use Shadow Claw on the first turn and getting the "no effect" message before trying again. I remember it being the strangest thing to thing to ever happen to me at the time because it confused the hell out of me on why it froze like that. I still have that Glameow too, but since that day I never used it again.
Also, I had quite a few GameCube and PS2 discs crap out on me over the years. Somehow, though, whenever I used a toothpaste and toothbrush on the discs, they'd work good-as-new. Surprising to me considering the bristles in the brush.
I tried that method on my SSX Tricky disk a few years ago but it didn't work :(
Other than my PMD Red Rescue Team being slightly damaged, I have a few other games with some odd quirks.

1. My Explorers of Sky game, when played on my DSi, seems to have trouble bringing up the main menu when you start up the game:
Sometimes it loads and other times it just refuses to and takes forever. The game hasn't crashed or anything, the music still plays like normal. I thought this was because I used an AR to make my hero Psyduck, but putting it in my 3DS makes it work fine. It's still interesting nonetheless.

2. I have a copy of Colosseum that iirc was bought used at GameStop years ago when I was younger, and unfortunately they never told me that the disk has a scratch on it that permanently prevents me from ever trading. Everything else works, I just can't ever trade, it throws out a "Save Failed" every time:
Been looking to find a new copy recently so I can finally trade off some old mons.

3. My Pokemon Gold's battery died around the same time Gold came out on VC, but I remember my file had a very unusually glitched Trainer House. Never used Mystery Gift at all or glitched much other than cloning (no bad clones either.) First glitch trainer was nameless and had either a lv. 0 Koffing or Growlithe that froze the game. At some point it changed the name to something else and I had it send out a lv. 0 Primeape that froze the game. Before the battery died, all the trainer would do now is crash/reset the game the second the battle starts. I do know it gave me a ton of glitched mail and 6 Old Rods though. It's a strange case of random corruption.

4. And this other one is either an issue with my AR or my Platinum version; having the latter in it causes the AR's text colors to flash and not let any codes work or even freeze. Doesn't always happen. Platinum still works as far as I know.

5. Non-Pokemon related: I have SSX Tricky bought used from GameStop as well, and a scratch on it has made it impossible to ever play. Used to work for a time, but now it never does.
This scratch damage is really odd: whenever you try to do freeplay, race or do trick competitions, the second the game loads it up, it throws up a blue box saying it can't read the disk. On a GC you can kinda bypass this by opening the disk tray and closing it, but you'd have to do it repeatedly to even play and it's not worth it. What is notable is that on races or trick competitions there is no music and no announcer for the event. Only the crowd cheers, your character's voice, sound effects and the Tricky meter voice are heard.
There are rare instances that it can read the disk and you can freeplay, but there's just no music. I can only guess that the scratch has damaged sound files to a degree, but somehow it's enough to make the game unreadable if you try to play.
Pokémon Glitch Discussion / Re: General Pokemon Glitchiness
« on: June 27, 2019, 08:28:37 pm »
If you have a DS with a GBA port and a DS flashcart you can dump the save. Might help if you wanna replace it, switch to a GBA flashcart, emulate it, preserve it, etc.
Wouldn't really know how to do that unfortunately.  :-\

Yeah, my money's on "crooked cartidge" too, but of the permanent variety. Luckily as was pointed out preserving the save is an easy matter (provided the SRAM chip's still being accessed properly), and you can get the ROM at the same time.
I've never heard of that term before, seems fascinating. Though I don't recall ever having done anything like that myself recently while the game was on. Maybe in the past when I was younger, but I know it worked just fine back then.

That's very interesting. Maybe your cartridge has suffered damage, which sometimes may happen.

I'm so sorry to hear about your save file though. :( <3

The game still works, like I can still fight, explore, recruit, etc. It's just really difficult to pull up the menu in a dungeon, which makes simple tasks such as using items or even quick saving near impossible since the B button not only opens the menu but it closes it too.

I'm not sure what kind of damage it could've suffered from, because I've kept it in a clean area and never really played much of it for a time.
Pokémon Glitch Discussion / Re: General Pokemon Glitchiness
« on: June 26, 2019, 05:55:44 pm »
I don't think this deserves its own topic and I don't know where else to post it so I'll put it here.

I have Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team, owned it for 14 years and beaten it, but haven't 100% it yet but it's close. I figured I'd try getting Celebi since I never did years ago with the Alakazam route.
So my cartridge was working just fine aside from some very odd lagging issues that happen; this is very noticeable if I bring up which mon in the Friend Areas listing to visit, and whenever I progress through the floors of a dungeon. This isn't an issue since they're not super impeding to gameplay and I figured the former is because I have a lot of mons recruited.

Recently this month however, I've had some odd glitching; right after I entered a Kecleon shop, I've noticed that I'm having extreme difficulty in bringing up the menu. I have to literally mash the B button a lot and hope that it'll pop up. What happens when it does pop up though is this:

If I enter any option and back out, then the menu returns to normal (this is how it should be appearing when brought up in general):
I know the image quality is bad, but I really don't want to mash the B button too much just to bring up the menu again on another handheld

I thought it was an issue with my GBA, but it's happening on my GBA SP too which is in better condition and my other games work just fine on them all. It's just this game having issues with pulling up and displaying the menu properly.
Only thing I can guess is that there's something internally wrong in the cartridge itself. The game works, but this issue makes playing in dungeons hard. Thankfully I have Blue Rescue Team if I ever want to play again, but this is also a heart-breaker for me since RT still has my years-old, first playthrough save file. :'(
Generation III Glitch Discussion / Re: Battle Tower Lati@s glitch
« on: April 28, 2019, 03:13:11 pm »
I wouldn't count on it. The same function that checks for Mean Look and Block is the same one that checks for Shadow Tag. You're welcome to try, though, and it would be interesting if it does work. I don't have this glitch set up anywhere so I can't test it anytime soon.
I'd check myself if encountering Latias wasn't such a pain for me every time. I'll take your word for it since my experiment is pretty much the same as setting up another can't flee status. I'm just more curious as to why it happens really.
Generation III Glitch Discussion / Re: Battle Tower Lati@s glitch
« on: April 27, 2019, 03:38:36 pm »
doesn't Scary Face prevent fleeing when used by Ghost mons?
You're thinking of Mean Look and yeah. There's also Block and Spider Web. Those might work, but I'd have to have a strong and speedy mon like (for example) Crobat to try it out. Not to mention the difficulty in trying to encounter Latias without accidentally encountering another mon before it (on my part.)
Generation III Glitch Discussion / Re: Battle Tower Lati@s glitch
« on: April 27, 2019, 01:18:19 am »
I did an experiment, and also to show off this oddity here's a recording of the trainer's mon fleeing:

I wrote down some stuff in the description of the video, but to get to the point: I tried to see if I could prevent the trainer's mon from fleeing by sending out another Wobbuffet and see if Shadow Tag will take effect (since if I attack with the 1st Wobbuffet it'll run.) It didn't work. :P
Generation III Glitch Discussion / Re: Battle Tower Lati@s glitch
« on: April 19, 2019, 06:45:55 pm »
Sorry to hear about this. :(

I'm unsure, and think the "third Pokémon" detail might not be correct and if wonder if losing the the first may have given your Breloom.  It might be in the need of additional research.

Thanks for your post pointing this out, and happy you managed to get what you wanted in the end. :)

I'll look into this.
If it helps, with the trainer's Gyarados fleeing I didn't just switch into Wobbuffet; I had Wobbuffet out since the beginning of the Latias encounter because encountering Latias without encountering another mon before it was extremely difficult without the Repel trick.

I opted for a lv.39 Wobbuffet and Max Repel so that I could find it easier (did this on route 110.) Shadow Tag was a bonus, and Mirror Coat+Psychic typing made killing Latias easier.

I can replicate the fleeing trainer mon, I tried again and had a trainer Mightyena also run away when I clicked Fight and had Wobbuffet out. I expect this kind of behavior from Mean Look/Block/Spider Web, but maybe the glitch temporarily forgets Shadow Tag is in play?

I actually changed my target mon from Gyarados to Bellossom :D got lucky with a trainer whose 1st mon I lost to had Bellossom as their 2nd mon.
Generation III Glitch Discussion / Re: Battle Tower Lati@s glitch
« on: April 16, 2019, 11:33:49 am »
I'm glad there's a topic on this because I recently decided to try this glitch out on my Sapphire version (US) and it works! However, I've been having a few issues with it that I'm kinda hoping someone can explain to me why this happens.

So I found a Tower trainer whose mon I want; this mon was the 2nd one sent out, a Breloom (their 1st was a Wailmer and I killed it.) After losing to it and searching for a couple a minutes, I found Latias, killed it and the glitch triggered.
But instead of a Breloom the glitched trainer sent out a Mawile. Now I'm assuming this Mawile was the trainer's 3rd mon, but I lost to the 2nd which was Breloom so I should've gotten that one instead. I've had this happen twice, why did I not get Breloom? This confuses me since in Chickasaurus' video they lost to Dustox and after killing Latios they had it get sent out.

In another instance, I lost to another trainer's mon, this one being their 3rd, a Gyarados. When I did the glitch, I got what I wanted this time and yet I clicked Fight by accident. This is what gets weird: I had a Wobbuffet out (thus Shadow Tag is in effect) and yet the Gyarados somehow fled. Why did this happen?

I did manage to find it again though and catch it; kinda weird how it'll appear like any other wild mon:

I'm just kinda confused on why I had these strange instances happen with this glitch.  :-\
I'd question the validity of whether a cheating device was used or not; anyone can claim they didn't use a cheating device and discover this, especially back then like 2006. Of course you can't tell by the video alone.

The only clue on how it was done is that they used the vs. seeker, not the trainer having 1 less mon and the original mon being a Machoke (that's the result). And unfortunately they don't elaborate on what else they did before using the vs. seeker other than they were simply training.
Are you able to Move Pokemon w/o Mail? See if that works, I read that someone had a similar issue and fixed it that way:
The only distinguishable marker between Incomplete and Full BCs is the Pokédex number in the profile. The fact that it is lvl 0, female and stuff is not sufficient - if the Pokédex number is not 0, the Pokémon won't turn into a Glitch Pokémon hex:00  :)

So since my Totodile still has no. 158 in its summary, it should stay a Totodile even if I put it in the Daycare right? And still be able to breed with a Ditto and make a non-glitched Totodile?

I do want to throw in that you might be able to have Totodile be sent up to Bank instead of releasing.  Of course, this still causes the problem of getting a second Totodile without using other glitches.

I have no intention of sending it through Bank, the purpose is getting all the starters on a Crystal save file and whether this glitched Totodile can be kept and bred at the Daycare for a non-glitched one instead, then released to prevent future issues. I'm not planning on using a glitched clone for anything.
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