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Yeah in hindsight it kinda was. Oh well, I got a shiny glitch Pokemon now. Probably won't actually matter if I can't find a way to transfer it but its the thought that counts. Yay
Oh of course the 3rd item rule! I was so used to following list setups exactly that I forgot that was a thing. Thank you.
I don't know if this was known, but here's a shinyzer code created by PRAMA board's member thelinekioubeur. It changes your first stored Pokémon so it will be shiny when traded to 2G games.

Code: [Select]
ld hl, $DAB1
ld a, $EA
ld (hl), a
sub a, $40
inc hl
ld c, a
inc b
ld (hl), c

Code: [Select]
ThunderStone x177
TM18 x62
TM34 x119
TM14 x64
Hp Up x79
Poké Ball x113
TM01 x[whatever]

ThunderStone quantity goes -1 in US Yellow, +5 in european R/B, +4 in european Yellow.

This turned my 62 TM18s into 35 "ws m "s. Is that normal? I've double checked to make sure I'm using the right items. If it matters, I'm on US Blue  using 1 TM01 and the only Pokemon in box 1 is "'M 'N g" I haven't checked what gen 2 views it as yet. I did try leveling it up to see if the possibly changed DVs made a ddifference stats, but the game crashes when 'M 'N g levels up.
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