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Thank you for your thorough answers :)

I think I understand:
A shifting needs to occur when taking Pokemon out of the box. Everything is shifted above the Cancel button since Cancel should be at the end of the list. However, when we have a Pokemon in the box like Charizard 'M, he's read as the Cancel button, so glitchy things happen to the Pokemon below him. It's as if the game is trying to shift the Pokemon found below Cancel, but it doesn't know how to do it properly, so they become partially shifted and merged together.

We plan to cover the merge glitch at our Pokemon Glitches panel, so I think this is how I'll explain the gist of why the glitch works, and I'll refer them here if anyone wants more detailed explantions.
Do we know why the merge glitch works? ( Does it have to do with how glitch pokemon with an index number of 255 (e.g. Charizard 'M) are read as a "stop" command? ( see section "Charizard 'M")
Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
I love the story about the 190 Pokemon! (I first read about it on Smogon If there are no “insiders” that participate in the glitch community, I suppose interviews like these (assuming we can get past the language barrier) are the next best thing.
Thanks for your comments! I can see Nintendo as a company discouraging/ignoring glitches. What about individuals, though? I can imagine, for example, a programmer who used to work for Nintendo joining the glitching community, especially because he would have insight into how the game was made. Do we know if we've ever had an “insider” join in glitch hunting?
Hello everyone! A friend and I are working on a Red/Blue Glitch Pokemon panel that we plan to host at a local anime convention.

I would like to ask: have we ever (as far as we've known) had a developer who works for (or used to work for) Nintendo/Game Freak who has ever given us insight behind-the-scenes into Pokemon glitches? It seems like glitch hunting is primarily fans experimenting, discovering, and theorizing, so I was wondering if there were any “official” sources other than Nintendo's official statement about Missingno on their troubleshooting website

Thanks for your input!
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