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I want to do 8f in bgb, and I tried starting a new game, changing all the memory adresses required for the bootstrap code, to find that it did not work. Crash. Viewing my pokemon screen ended in a white screen. Please, starting from my number of pokemon, what adresses do I need to change? The reason I cannot use torchickens saves in bgb is because bgb cannot load .sav files...
oh ok, thanks a lot :P
although imo getting over 100 of an item is less of a pain than getting a glitch item
i still dont get it :(
why would you use ld b,b?
what would its effect be?
People keep doing things like

ld b,b

in their 8f codes
and using b and a and hl and stuff before they have even set the values.
Any explanation as to why?
Or are these things predefined, and if so, which values?
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