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Was gonna try this; Platinum save got completely wiped by me trying to tweak lolwut
As far as I know, there currently isn't a method to get Arceus in Platinum, so you kinda lost your save file for nothing. RIP.
Generation VII Glitch Discussion / Re: Stuck in a wall
« on: March 28, 2017, 07:04:13 am »
This has been going around for a while, it only happens if you use PkHex apparently. I'm not sure how it relates though.
Due to this GameFAQs thread, I tried out some other things and found that this glitch applies to far more than just the Red Card.

If the user of Sky Drop faints or switches out upon inflicting damage while Battle Effects are off, the target remains invisible. I managed to reproduce this with Iron Barbs, the Life Orb, and the Rocky Helmet.

Also, it's worth noting that if there are 2 wild Pokemon (due to an SOS call), the Red Card switches your Pokemon rather than forcing you to flee.

EDIT: Also, I should point out that this also occurs in Generation VI. This is not new to Generation VII.

Dang, Sky Drop is the glitchiest move since TMTRAINER.
Generation IV Glitch Discussion / Arceus Plate Glitch Discoveries
« on: March 21, 2017, 07:43:52 am »
I know that there's a thread already on this glitch, but considering it's 7 years old I wasn't sure if I should have bumped it or not. You can merge this with that thread if that would be better.

For a refresher, the Arceus Plate Glitch is a glitch where having an Arceus holding a plate in the first slot of your party will freeze the game upon encountering a Pokemon in the Safari Zone/Great Marsh and Pal Park.

This glitch was quite hard to test before due to how difficult Arceus was to obtain without hacking, but thanks to the Pal Park Retire glitch it is much easier to get an Arceus. So I slapped a plate on my Arceus obtained via the glitch and headed off to the Great Marsh in my US version of Pearl. Sure enough, the game froze with that wonderful nightmare inducing screech.
One trade later, I then tested the glitch in my US Platinum. The glitch didn't work, I was able to catch Pokemon in the Marsh with 100% less crashing. And yes, my Arceus did have a plate and was in the first slot of my party. This surprised me, as the lack of this glitch working is in contrast to its entry on Bulbapedia, which lists it under glitches that work in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

- The glitch does work with the Arceus obtained via Pal Park Retire.
- Because of this, it's likely that any Arceus will cause this glitch, how it's obtained is irrelevant.
- Contrary to some sources, I was unable to get the glitch to work on an American copy of Platinum.
- It can be assumed that this glitch does not work on any version of HGSS, backed up by research from the old thread.

- Does the glitch work in Japanese versions of Platinum?
- Does it work in other languages versions of Diamond and Pearl?
- Why does this glitch happen at all? What part of Arceus holding a plate cause the game to crash in these areas where you don't even send out a Pokemon?
Question, how does leveling up Arceus to 100 make it transferable? Unless I'm not in the loop, current methods cause Arceus to be shown as caught in the Mystery Zone and not the Hall of Origin. Wouldn't that discrepancy make it impossible to transfer at all?
Huh, that's really odd! The game must not expect you to save while Rotomdex is talking on the bottom screen. I don't know why that would cause a freeze though. Maybe a conflict between the scripts?
They said it would be impossible to obtain Arceus. They said it would be impossible to quickly get Shaymin and Darkrai.
The glitch community always finds a way.

This is because the Hall of Origin area is only 1 tile large. Yes, saving in the Hall of Origin would cause other Hall of Origin areas to appear in RAM, but they'd be many dozens of thousands of steps away thanks to the newly-updated 1x1 matrix.

It is possible to save during the 1792 S downwards trek for the purposes of shiny hunting though, as others have had success with this. You just have to make sure it's a safe Jubilife City area that you're saving in, otherwise you'll have to start from square 1.

If only it were one square larger, then the Arceus would be registered as being caught in the HoO instead of the Mystery Zone and would count as legal. Argh!!
Generation VII Glitch Discussion / Dissapearing Mimikyu Minor Glitch
« on: January 27, 2017, 09:23:11 am »
So this is a minor glitch I've seen several people bring up on /r/Pokemon, but there hasn't been too much research into it. There is one video showing the bug, which is actually how I first learned of it.
It appears that this glitch is replicatable as several other people have reported encountering it.
I haven't been able to test this glitch myself due to only having one copy of the game, but if someone would want to test it over Wifi battle I'd be more than happy.

I'll list the steps of this bug even though it's very easy, I may not be 100% correct on what you must do.

1. Your Pokemon should be a Mimikyu with an intact disguise, and your opponent needs a Pokemon with Sky Drop.

2. It appears that battle animations need to be off, but this needs to be tested.

3. Your opponent uses Sky Drop, and when it drops Mimikyu its disguse needs to break.

4. Your Mimikyu will be invisible!

Note: In the video the Mimikyu is holding a Red Card, but I am not sure if this factors into the glitch.


1. Do battle animations need to be off?

2. Does your opponent see (or I guess in this case, doesn't see) anything?

3. Can this be done with any other Pokemon?

4. Does switching out cause things to return to normal?

5. Is the Red Card needed?

One thing I do know is that between the Gen 5 Sky Drop glitch and this is that Sky Drop is one glitchy move!
For years they said it was impossible... But the glitch community found a way.

I decided to try this on my old copy of Pearl, but every time I reach the point where you're supposed to load into the Hall of Origin and hit retire my game refuses to load it, thus I'm stuck in the mystery zone. Every other step has worked fine including triggering Oak's conversation and starting Pal Park mode, and I'm pretty dang sure I've done every step correctly, I wrote down each one and checked it off as I went and was meticulous about not messing up steps. So I don't know if my copy of the game isn't cooperating or if I'm just an idiot.

Edit: Got it this time. Not sure what I did wrong before.

Edit 2: I transferred my Arceus to SoulSilver, and I was unable to access the event. I'm assuming it is because that the location obtained is Mystery Zone, and not the Hall of Origin.

But anyway, in a half attempt to vainly try and somehow find the Hall of Origin and half to make my long void trek worth it, I decided to just explore the void and see what events I could trigger with the Retire option.

First Attempt:
- Found a Jubilife City, but Retire did nothing so it was probably a phantom. Or whatever you call that.
 - Entered an area that I don't remember, I could have sworn it was a Route but it was probably the Fight area since Retire activated Barry's (Or in my case, Sonic's) Fight area pre battle text. I guess he didn't actually want to fight though, because the game froze after the text finished.

Second Attempt:
- Entered Jubilife TV, Retire activated the Lotto script. Funnily enough the Lotto matched the Staravia I had in my party as an emergency flier, and I got a PP up.
- The area claimed to be Jubilife city but it was the Jubilife Pokemart. Retire triggered the "Potions are what I need the most!" text. This happened twice.
- Another Jubilife City, this time the game decided that it did not need Potions because the game froze upon hitting Retire.

Honestly if it wasn't such a pain to get to this point I'd go all over the void to see what scripts I could trigger with Retire. I may not be able to get Arceus, but no one is going to stop me from having fun in this endless twilight zone!
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