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Thx guys for your very detailed answers. Even if I didnt understand everything I will try your suggestions and post the results :)
Thx for the answer, so Ive got the 8F Item :)
It seems that I used the wrong one:

1. Pidgey with 233 hp
2. Parasect
3. Onix
4. Tentacool
5. Kanghaskan

I will try the other one on page 4, thx!

PS: Ive used this video as a guide for the people that are interested.
Hello guys,
Ive got a problem in getting the 8F Item. I tried the item undeflow glitch (dry version without an item event giveaway) several times but every time Im searching for it, I only find an Item called 7S in the place of 8F shown in several YT Videos. So I thought thats the german version of the 8F Item (Playing German version of pokemon Red on the VC). I tried the item morphing glitch but nothing happened, I even tried to change my TID to get the ideal TID for exchanging my mew to pokemonbank but still no effects. Did I get something wrong or are there other methods for obtaining the 8F Item? Thanks in advance for the help guys :)

Edit: Its S7 not 7S sorry!
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