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I think it should be 122 not 128. Correct me if i'm wrong, im not used to non-english versions. I think you could replace the steel type with the gen 1 corresponding glitch type. Also, you're lucky you can actually view the name of sacred fire without superglitch effects. Moves with index between sketch and perish song are the superglitch moves.
Two more things to note, the bootstrap for 8F is written in party pokemon, so your party has to be one of the few that actually work. Also, some gen 2 moves correspond to superglitch moves, so do not view the moves of pokemon you give gen-2 moves to.
Thank you, that was really helpful. I‘ll look deeper into that tomorrow. Did I understand it right that I have to have certain Pokémon in my party or do I just need to have these Items in my bag?

Edit: since all of the Pokémon I would want to have have two types except for Phanpy being a Ground-only Pokémon, what do I do to „remove“ a second type?

By scrolling through the list you linked, I came across the „Move“ section to modify attacks. How does this work, especially for Gen2 Moves, like Sacred Fire for Ho-Oh or Extreme Speed/Curse Dratini? Is there a list of move Indexes or something like that?

The big hex list provides a translation from hex to certain moves shown here: Gen-2 specific moves can be put on pokemon prior to trade (tested this with a hidden power alakazam from blue). For single types, the game stores a copy of the type in the second slot, so a ground type looks like  Ground/Ground in terms of bytes. if you want 0 of an item, just point your memory loader into the quantity of lemonades, then insert an escape rope x 175 right after the carbos.
No matter what I try, I keep getting a glitch dimension instead of box name code. My slide pokemon is the hatched togepi and I'm using a wooper holding sweet scent. It's a bit of a pain, but I can get headbutt, but I tried that once already.
What happens to the type bytes when glitch pokemon evolve? If I make a …… (E2) / squirtle hybrid evolve into missingno, does it keep the water type, or does it become normal & bird?
Is there a list of each glitch pokemon's catch rate and glitch pokemon evolutions?
Does time capsule trading work?
Putting a 0xF (15) is the ID of Nidoran female. He means 0x15 (21) which is Mew's ID.
Generation II Glitch Discussion / Re: G/S/C glitch discussion
« on: September 21, 2017, 02:22:41 pm »
Thanks, I was wondering if I could get 2 lugias by trading one to blue and having a wild ghost missingno copy its type.
Generation II Glitch Discussion / Re: G/S/C glitch discussion
« on: September 20, 2017, 02:01:37 pm »
when trading from gen 2 to 1 using johto guard, do the type bytes of the pokemon stay the same, or are they set to whatever type the gen 1 equivalent is?

ie: use johto guard to trade lugia to gen 1, is it still psychic/flying type?
What is that for?
Debate Wars / Re: Riots
« on: September 13, 2017, 07:51:48 pm »
When Neo-Nazis and white supremacists are demonstrating like that, I feel as if riots and violence to stop them is justified. Yes, everyone is entitled to their own free-speech and the right to demonstrate, but, when those viewpoints are hateful, discriminatory, and as toxic as a Nazi ideology is, then yes, "punching a Nazi" is justified.

The issue with this is that you cannot objectively categorize viewpoints like this without lumping in other ideas that you would consider fine.

"Hateful" - expressing hate towards something is free speech. Calling for violence is incitement, which is an actual crime.

"Discriminatory" - the definition of discrimination means taking note of differences. You discriminate between friends and aquaintences. Discrimination is only illegal when it is done arbitrarily in hiring or pricing, or generally in economic relationships.

"Toxic" - a poison produced by biological processes. This probably isn't the word you're looking for.
In yellow, many addresses are shifted one over. by the looks of it, you are trying to get the game freak mew id. try this: replace your setup with one that doesn't use e. Then toss 1 x accuracy, use wsm, buy another x accuracy, toss 77 lemonade, and use wsm again.
Never mind. I figured out the script on my own. here:
any item x any
Lemonade x 0
X Accuracy x 0
Carbos x 0
Poké Ball x 119
Escape Rope x 175
Carbos x 211
X Accuracy x 35
Super Potion x 34
Rare Candy x 5
HP Up x 34
HP Up x 34
TM01 x 35
Full Heal x 47
Fire Stone x 5
Potion x 35
HP Up x 52
Fresh Water x 201
Burn Heal x 13

By default, it edits bytes sequentially, resetting lemonades to 0 after each use. Swapping Burn Heal x 13 for Rare Candy x 5 turns it into that reusable ram editor.
I didn't see that post so I rewrote the ram writer in the mean time, but with a slightly different setup.

Lemonade x ??
Carbos x ??
X Accuracy x ??
Poké Ball x 119
Thunderstone x 35
TM10 x 36
Escape Rope x 175
Great Ball x 119
HP Up x 35
Elixer x 119
Antidote x 44
Super Potion x 44
Ice Heal x 119
TM01 x 1

It would be helpful if there was a way to switch between using it like this and using it as a sequential editor. As if the X accuracy is incremented each use, and incrementing carbos when it reaches 0.
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